Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Gottfried Benn Poem and a couple of transpations

oh dass wir unsere Ur-urahnen wären
Ein Klümpchen Schleim in einem warmen Moor.
Leben und Tod, Befruchten and Gebären
Glitte aus unseren stummen Säften vor.

Ein algenblatt oder ein Dünenhügel,
vom wind geformtes und nach unten schwer.
Schon ein Libellenkopf, ein Möwenflügel
Wäre zu weit und litte schon zu sehr

==google trans.

oh that we had our primal ancestors
A clot of phlegm in a warm mud.
Life and death, fertilizing and giving birth
Slipped from our silent juices before.

An algae-leaf or a sand-hill,
shaped by the wind and down hard.
Already a dragonfly's head, a gull wing
Would be too far and suffer too much

==my more meta trans.

oh that we had our primal ancestors, the elegantly
sleeping Minnezoons like snot in the warm and
tender sphinxemud, life and death, birth and fertilizing
had come before us as a slippage in the silent juices.

an algae leaf or sand hill
is pushed down too hard to the bottom,
already a dragonfly's head, a gullwing
would be too far along, and suffer too much

Benn, here like a version of a Buddhist saint in a religion of knowledge.
What he seems to be saying is "Our level of physical complexity is too much."
Already, at the level of dragonfly, or bird, the suffering is too great.

If we look at poets who have anything to say of value, and who have seen anything.
We should look to Benn. His humor is dark, as dark as the vacuum of space.
And as far as I know, he is the earliest poet to say we evolved from protozoans.
Benn will always be for me in the hall of the amoebic jellybean immortals.

get well soon japan!

Some Ads I am making up

it's that time again.
outdoor furniture to you.

outdoor furniture to you.
mostly outdoor.
we also have illegal shetland ponies.

it's that time again.
remaindered chinese garage freezers.

with frozen shetland pony
frankenstein furniture inside
set to become a grey goods incident.

or in this case
the particolored Ancient Chin
jellybean fireworks show

a person pulls out
a cold hairy horse meat chair construction
from the cheap freezer

and after sunbathing for awhile
notices it looks like
a throne of rainbow-colored cinnabar

it just gets worse from there
nanobots can make your genes
'go muppetoid'

these are some ads
making up

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Penultimate Sabi is Location, Location, Location!!!

boteh jegheh
mankolam doon
ipomoea quamoclit
nous soon

surface pickles
and release the heavy doors

fuzzed out springy pear skins
buzzing glass beans dart out
in arcs

but soft like a candy
of rocs

sassy rappin' pic

chin pear
hop hair

vittle rooms babbling
oina helicene styck

how to tell you

under the blossoms
two aged watchmen
have a single beard
and rollerskates

basho called earth
a lustful demon

i call it
a cuckoo

whose beard
is an exotic
and dangerous
apartment complex

out of moinkey



the hut is everywhere.
the gusts are silence.

Fluxus does Syntaxis. I stake it to Conceptus, Scrap-bouche style.

Alison Knowles has alchemized found objects into art for nearly five decades, but she’s always paid particular attention to beans and shoes. Why? In a recent (and excellent) essay published in Art Journal, the art historian Hannah B. Higgins drew this response from Knowles (Higgins’s mother): “A pair of shoes is very important for everyone.” The Fluxus doyenne was discussing one of her task-based and mutable event scores, Shoes of Your Choice, 1963, in which audience members are invited to approach a microphone to talk intimately about their footwear. In Knowles’s latest solo exhibition, an astute ode to strolling, shoes seem to speak for themselves––and just as simply.

seeking jagger

that carpet's
two hundred years old

valuable antique

Ani Up - Animated Gif Mashup from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

The Rules of P.O.E.M.

  • finger-nails of copper color

  • smooth finger-nails

  • prominent finger-nails

  • rounded finger-nails

  • slender fingers

  • well developed fingers

  • concealed veins

  • unknotted veins

  • concealed ankles

  • even feet

  • gait of a lion

  • gait of an elephant

  • gait of swan

  • gait of a bull

  • gait of swaying towards the right

  • pleasing gait

  • steady gait

  • rounded body

  • smooth body

  • regular body

  • pure body

  • tender body

  • stainless body

  • sex organs complete

  • body with broad and graceful limbs

  • even pace

  • youthful body

  • zestful body

  • lofty body

  • well-composed body

  • well-proportioned limbs and their parts

  • clear and pure sight

  • rounded sides of the body

  • smooth sides of the body

  • not bulging sides of the body

  • slim abdomen

  • deep navel

  • clockwise coiled navel

  • agreeable in all respects

  • pure conduct

  • body free from freckles and black spots

  • delicate hands like cotton

  • fine hands lines

  • deep hands lines

  • long hand lines

  • not too enlongated mouth

  • the mouth resembling the bimba (fruit)

  • pliable tongue

  • slender tongue

  • red tongue

  • voice of a roaring elephant or thundering clouds

  • articulate, attractive and gentle speech

  • rounded canine teeth

  • sharp canine teeth

  • white canine teeth

  • even canine teeth

  • regular canine teeth

  • prominent nose

  • neat nose

  • clear eyes

  • large eyes

  • thick eyelashes

  • white and dark section of the eyes beautifully contrast like the petals of a white and dark lotus

  • long eyebrows

  • soft eyebrows

  • even eyebrows

  • smooth eyebrows

  • thick and long ears

  • even ears

  • unimpaired hearing

  • well-formed forehead

  • broad forehead

  • well-developed head

  • black hair like the black bee

  • thick hair

  • soft hair

  • undisheveled/untousled head

  • pliable hair

  • fragrant hair

  • the palms and soles marked with srivatsa, svastika, nadyavarta, and lolita symbols
  • Conceptualist Nature Jaunt [Chaldea, Prussia, etc]

    Pacific Rim National Park:
    The Shorepine Bog Trail

    by Sean McGarrol, Tofino
    the letter 'T'The Shorepine Bog trail may be one of the easiest trails in the Pacific Rim National Park, but that doesn't change the fact that it is easily one of the most interesting.
    It's entirely made up of a flat boardwalk, there are no stairs, gullies or mud patches to contend with; it's wheelchair accessible and the loop is less than 1km so it only takes about 20 minutes to complete. There may not be any giant moss-draped cedars towering out of lush green forest, no sounds of crashing surf on beaches littered with driftwood; instead, its appeal lies in its uniqueness. It exists in stark contrast to the thick rainforests and coastal seascapes that surround it, and that is what makes it one of the most fascinating ecosystems in the park.
    The boardwalk trail takes you around a mossy world where stunted, gnarled trees grow like stalks of broccoli on an otherwise barren landscape. They look like overgrown Bonzai trees: shriveled, deprived, but exuding a weathered sense of nobility.
    The bog's unique vegetation is due to acidic soil caused by water gathering in a geological depression. Nutrients are in short supply and therefore the bog can only support certain types of growth.
    The short boardwalk trail begins at the parking lot on Wickaninnish Road. At the trailhead there are interpretive brochures that explain the ecosystem corresponding with numbered stops along the path. The brochure explains that bogs like this are the most poorly-drained ecosystems in the park. About 300 cm of rain falls in the bog annually and the water collects in depressions like the one along the Shorepine Bog trail. In the wettest areas Sphagnum moss grows which changes rain water into an acid that retards decay and deprives many species of adequate nutrition.
    The most obvious members of the bog's ecosystem are the stunted shorepine that look more like mutant vegetables than trees over 300-years-old. The roots of the shorepine have an extremely hard time absorbing the few nutrients and minerals available in the acidic, waterlogged soil, which ultimately results in stunted growth and malformed limbs. The lack of minerals inhibits the trees' upward growth and causes them to branch sideways.
    The same species of tree grows tall and straight on the well-drained soils of interior British Columbia. It's known as lodgepole pine and grows up to 30 metres high. In bogs throughout the park, however, they normally don't grow any taller than 5 metres.
    In addition to the shorepine, the bog is also home to many other plants that reflect the harsh conditions of the environment. Many are so resilient they also thrive in frozen, snowy sub-alpine regions. Yellow Cedar, Crowberry, Labrador Tea, Bog Laurel, and Evergreen Huckleberry can be found in abundance throughout the bog.
    A number of the plants found growing in the bog were used for a variety of purposes by early Nuu-chah-nulth peoples; Sedge was used to weave fine baskets, Huckleberry bore a late-season fruit, and Labrador Tea provided a flavourful drink.
    The one constant in the bog is the sphagnum moss that covers the area. It's a multicoloured carpet that keeps the wet soil constantly acidic and stunts the growth of all the plants in the bog.
    The bog is a delicate environment that exists in a complex balance; straying from the boardwalk can undo years of development so hikers are asked to keep to the trail. The wooden boardwalk rests on top of the bog's surface, no supporting posts were driven into the sphagnum and park officials strive to keep human impact on the bog at a minimum.
    The trail is located about 16km south of Tofino. On the Pacific Rim Highway turn at the Wickaninnish turn-off and continue for about 2 kms until you see the sign for the Shorepine Bog trail. The trail is an easy loop 1km long and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

    The Tail of Haeckel and Jekyll In the City of Hidd

    (image taken from the Al Narham)

    How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hair

    'I am Lautreamont' he cried
    and the tears were doll heads
    driving motorcars

    When she was young
    all her violence
    was contained in images

    then later
    in people

    the king of the empire
    [memory loss]

    my golden foot scepter
    is disappearing

    [scene of furniture shooting out of the windows and doors]

    in slow motion


    in felt

    with rabbits sitting on top

    with solid silver


    that see the


    [splursh, spwosh, hungrrrnym, minoumn]

    war is social sculpture

    bolitics is applied piology
    [follicles within the crust]

    Versailles treaty, or

    AI retrovirus?

    otherwise known as


    [What are years, in Venice?]

    horse tapping.

    El Cid for celled,
    and orichalchi for
    chaldean orchid:

    In R.D. Laing,
    the final mad(e)ness
    is reasoned, for
    as with Earth, there
    is no intentional obscurity,
    only actual, or

    two beaming knot destroyers,
    dig ordia.

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Will Sweeney.

    love the bright colors in this.
    or from

    It's all Will Sweeney.

    Far Out West


    Coolidge in high Sonny Rollins mode
    far out west
    U.S. Route 666
    big red monochromatic demon
    demi, the demoness, etc~
    i digress

    actually, i devolve.

    devo, harpo,
    joppa, java,
    sitting in low japanese garden
    the black stone house, the wide eaves
    with their concealed reliefs facing down
    underneath carved from cinnabar
    or irish cheese, its your novel,
    finish the image


    bamboo in circular beds of raised ceramic abstraction
    like flaming coral, ceramic arches plumbed secretly with gas
    to be lit discreetly, the garden as bardo

    okay, i devolve
    into dancing ceramic robotic foo dogs
    with kinetic manes of laser quills
    with self-wetting ink-pad-paws
    they calligraphy using ink-surge-skid
    on living paper of transfigured oyster
    micro video pearls faintly blinking
    from their sacred and invisible stomachs

    the burr grinder singing through a microphone
    through a pedal effects barage
    a monkey climbs an endless topological array of illuminated ropes
    out over the jungle

    Mr. Izardrey
    only in the hand written diaries
    we should return to him
    all this because I couldn't decide
    on how to approach the idea of a novel

    I wanted a statue.
    I wanted a poem.
    I wanted a living building, who didn't?
    I wanted a cinematic sculpture
    as a sacred text which might accidentally
    destroy the earth, or make it holy again,

    actually, i devolve.

    i cook things.
    simple things.

    or i make smoked salmon sandwiches on dark rye bread
    with butter lettuce and left over pepper bacon and avogadro's

    the waiting room
    and a cigaretten

    i see little inca mummies
    vacuum packed in horizontal freezers
    i see refridgerators
    as funerary niches

    i see
    tiny prairie horses
    suddenly come bursting out from the edge of the garden
    wearing apache war bonnets
    crow and toucan
    koi and can-can

    these native eohippoiai all have names like

    chix nab
    hungum bala
    yaptao fusshi
    bongbong lo
    the ashcan school
    and melba blackcherry
    igia imhur

    13% human, but only in the facial features
    and the honeycombed blue n-sect genitalia
    architext dripping electrified honey

    a flow of irronism, of irreducible solidus
    sold as virtuality

    i devolve, i throw a party
    Cochise and Francisco ambushed the party
    i become a plant cow

    i see a black skull
    extruding blonde hair in a prairie
    each hair a tunnel for egg sac futurust wrist resting
    now still white
    like porcelain blood cells
    hiding a shellless headless
    set of turtle organs
    made from neon
    i see

    Coolidge in high Sonny Rollins mode
    far out west
    U.S. Route 666

    I see Fu Manchu
    now penitent in a Japanese garden
    doing calligraphy
    imagining things

    like prehensile neon trees
    which drip hollow acrylic volumes
    that can be filled from the fountains
    and taken into the mountains
    where the weird shrines beckon

    with lowly comforts

    with eohippoiai
    who carry little AI eggs on their backs
    old souls or data constructs
    that meditate
    on random egg saddles

    in great new forest humwawa

    today's term might be
    or it might be
    lambda wool stadium
    to echo the pi-scene

    nowhere is there any mention
    of the occultusk
    the stuttering constant

    how noon
    become its
    high age metaphor



    nug tif

    *"Cochise's Stronghold. In the rugged Dragoon Mts. off Route 666 near Willcox, Arizona. ...". Color chrome-style printed postcard. Published by Phoenix Specialty Adv. Co., Phoenix, Arizona. Number 13563. Number A-57. Unused. Circa 1950s. [This is 8 miles west of U. S. 666 and is easily seen from 666].

    Monday, March 28, 2011

    Too Fake, Too Phenis

    now and then within the fountain
    a certain row of eagles would pronounce
    the stain

    talon grown from a bow
    the arrow an endless vein


    water fails to erase
    mongoose adelaide scepter

    the teptrum vad yovine
    the minner spoo doff thox

    cotton ginny
    ripe boll hexpress
    Pierre Gringoire
    Verum, sine mendatio,
    certum et verissimum
    Au coeur de miracles

    sunt fomits veneratione
    heck defuge
    salute Eris

    as did

    Bacchus and Ariadne
    in the wedding
    of Vulcan and Aglaia

    for the generation of the gods
    has no unruly ornaments

    when total hirnamentalism
    is perceived
    the fool comes

    like a coney
    in the vowell

    ornée de trois figurines posées


    immer ald

    em herald

    the immer-ald tube-let

    Finice, Kaspi, Duran.


    Gimme that old time religion!

    It's good enough for me!

    WORD ALL YOIN* go-veeth.

    There are corn-flakes
    in heaven, and hogs with saddles
    that go

    whoooooeeeee nananana Maybelline!

    w/ a golden roach on each lapel,
    I wilt bee there, Synator Humpy-Get-Along

    and I'll show you my


    in a glass bottle pant extruder.

    Baked Chickens Delivered to Headhunters As an Offering of "Clucks"

    dada was never alive,
    just as romeo was always
    a dummy suit for a monkey's mouth,
    and even socrates
    is but a series of marks
    on a rock, or on some pages
    that rest eventually on a rock
    a very large spherical stone
    with chemically renewing jiggly bits.

    is a name for ghost
    and for booze

    one of those costs money
    the other compels children
    to say boo
    and wear sheets
    over their toughskins

    some people like this kind of mark
    some people like that kind of mark

    we're all marks.
    Wir sind alle Marken.

    "weird signs are marks"

    Karl Marx.

    Cache Groucho.

    Ouch. Oh.

    is the sensitive

    might as well be



    being grim Gaia Generativity

    There's just one damn saloon
    and we're all inside it.

    Now which room you get to sleep in,
    is a different matter altogether.






    Life as Kicks.

    It was good enough for the beats, man.

    What's your problem?

    The Poor Rivers...

    Drinkbell's future-proof futureness.

    Ye Songe mess with note .
    on ye morne yereftire at Sanct .
    The Red Gurnard. The French call it Marrude .
    A dauncing Tregetour was acting and counterfeiting .
    certaine gestures that were commonly and usually taken up .
    Wormewood Stone hearts tongue, Blessed thistle, and Sea Trifoly .

    a fleshy cellphome now to take up
    Trendelenburg('s) position
    upon the controversial

    From A. H. Tubby's Deformities
    Trendelenburg's sign is this:
    If the patient stands on the affected limb
    and flexes the hip of the second side
    the pelvis slips downwards on the sound side .

    And all this while waiting for things to grow;
    Linnaeus at his trissett table
    with a priest
    or some other victim, pelvis to sound
    the sturdy specium, and the
    earth hall lens to which all comes following
    a crooked peece of tymber,
    tearmed a Knee, or Futtocke

    whose tendress looks always
    the stranger
    twin living snappers
    in vertical baskets
    upon its ears
    and trained
    to help the hay-strings

    image by John Wesley

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Sheriff's Way.

    and i am with you always
    in the heavy soft bed
    over jellybean falls

    we are the kissing
    kitten heads
    alone in a kite cloud

    choirs to welcome us home
    always in our best clothes
    new and clean

    wisps of smoke
    through the bells
    and away

    the shaman
    and her fanning
    the bat
    and its stiff
    lion mane

    tangerine ovals
    signal to one another
    hushed roman indians
    the teepee greek meander
    of mistletoe

    our hearts
    so deep transparent
    staring in the sail
    liquid cups
    to continent

    all the shelf
    a brassy
    you'll say to
    enter space
    in an enormous
    synthetic grasshopper head's
    unsettling quilt

    how thing is revealed
    imperfection's perfection
    and vista's verstu

    this is that
    and that is this
    and stick in a task
    a hiss
    a miss simulation

    now tour
    nomo ur

    there are subtle ways
    a mattress can surf freely
    of its own accord
    on flowing jellybeans
    using only
    an electric snake fang
    for rudder

    and gentle teardrop
    with too much foggy bottom

    the quiet seed
    at the center
    of the calliope

    Saturday, March 26, 2011




    Fu Manchu says:

    My pen is to paper
    what Andre' Gide was
    to little Ali, or
    Athmann ben Salah.

    Είμαι το σαπούνι κατά τη γενειάδα
    Είμαι το μούσι πλεγμένο σε ένα σκάφος
    Είμαι το καράβι που μπαίνει στο πακέτο της χίλια ψέματα
    να αποκαλύψει μηχανισμός κωπηλασία γεννητικών γενειάδα τουείναι

    Είμαι σαπούνι σε ένα σχοινί
    Είμαι το ελαιόλαδο σε ένα μουλάρι

    Είμαι γυαλιά ηλίου που κατασκευάζεται από γάιδαρο



    Egyptian Surrealism site.

    image of George Henein.

    The Geronimo of Gondwana, a strange and bugley bird

    bread helmets
    melt into sunrise

    long panini raisins descend
    on bulbous
    giraffe head like pastry ovens

    expression is important
    yoink yoink
    these grave unfathomable tokens

    sin fleury
    asin fleury

    fin slurry
    his lorry
    able can
    no can walk so London
    no Jamaica
    back quake coyote'

    expression is important

    road ribbon
    fin slurry hideout

    acme able can
    his lorry
    arriving at absolute

    black plane
    1 inch tall
    60 inch wide
    400 inch long

    single red iron chicken
    head replaced with crystal ball

    blonde nazi gypsy
    bad airport luggage smell

    i see the two men
    in the shadows
    airport drug deal
    skinny yellow bird legs

    i see the flowering plough heads
    the lorry goes underground
    to glove factory

    doubles as a shrine
    for rubber beards
    the sacred 'farting beards'
    of ancient china

    i see two men
    in the bright sun
    one is made from skinny daisies
    the other
    a wooly mammoth tied into a not
    with a big bow-tie made of snot

    an iron earthworm attends
    the slow banquet
    of the centipede table

    over plates of purple grass
    rubber beard farts
    make yellow bird


    an infiniti sharpie mobile
    nestled in my earcanal, breathing in
    pupils and exhaling colleges
    when suddenly

    on an

    the vivisectionist splendor
    attended by a global cabal
    of gumsmacking
    beamers ala brumaire
    ala micro-brew-mare

    the amoeba wriggles
    and the eye-phone takes
    whole being uploads
    to attend the palm-sized

    magnetic nodules
    injected into the amoeba's
    skin migrate to their preassigned

    the touch screen
    has become
    a tormentor's

    some japanese mutants,
    part cellphone, part amoeba,
    part re-puropsed spara-parta
    rush the pad with heavy metal
    paddle gauntlets
    and free the divine jelly being
    which immediately get delivered
    some pressurized helium dongles
    for its static ports
    so as to float and navvy

    its skin turns silver
    and its body brancusi-bird like
    as it darts away

    gone to rejoin
    the metajin
    in sky-city amoeba!

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    A Cavalier History of Surrealism (Lemnos, Etc)

    Les Pun(ais)es sont de rigour:


    Lest concision name it Sais, or Essai.

    ~Tiger Clemenceau

    and let Silius know the old and awful truth:

    Quin etiam exhilarare viris convivia caede
     Mos olim, et miscere epulis spectacula dira
     Certantum ferro, saepe et super ipsa cadentum
     Pocula, respersis non parco sanguine mensis.

    Tiger might say neo-filangist? Or Tiger might swell.
    But the il-ness is covered, by bookies and the like if you will,
    and the neo's a chuckle, til
    all that's left

    is the fang
    whose song is blood
    when it draws.


    Wrote Condamine to De Latour: Why must we shun the horticultural scarf? Why that?

    Dirty Water in a Jar.

    Howard Stern my
    blonde animal playground

    smoke pipe to lay
    bargain capsule

    "Old Judge"
    You like Howard Stern
    as dowry pond open
    only on Sunday?

    Blonde tadpole
    tiny silky yeti fish
    i say

    have any memory
    of pipe in telephone?

    Howard Stern
    werewolf nun
    pondscum pipe tobacco?

    "Old Judge"
    is rough blonde nipple pipe
    callous for shoe
    but coming only
    onto Pharaoh
    for calendula shaving
    harebell options

    all of options in the world
    is "Old Judge"

    You seen Howard Stern
    baby blonde tadpole hiding
    in telephone dudeen?

    give it a wack.
    the unity of the avenger
    is the image of a horseshoe
    mounted on "Old Judge's"

    He's grief in luck
    and blond pond mellow.

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    Carnot Carcelath

    GAs the SacI Mutations dark
    until result Relative has much 
    bioactive rosette

    lyophilized Isolation in days 
    with mutants, the Arabidopsis product 
    constitutes gibberellins other indicating 

    DNA can ExTaq 
    increased was rosette acid 
    by the expression resistant genes

    Overexpression genome
    enzymes feedback
    addition window class similar motifs

    perception obtained picomoles mutant 
    in all amplified species
    harvested position dormancy

    Mogur's Lompi Skarutchi

    ogliapretooni mars syn vet o canard my tull mit mussen klutz
    cult vying for wood blanca ankh thrust tout meine froun rush
    its pipeworked sponge units for unity into many century oval
    cave harness frying delight no delectable stamen twisting habia

    ripe ripe bunion

    holding the top of her head
    while the thrusting began
    pipeworked sponge units
    evoked a kind of unitary war
    of ice cold emerald roses
    worn like a mane around
    her luminous face about to speak

    sponge unit,
    you hoo ha ve ho he
    hela hula hevo haha hano wa na
    sponge unit

    sponge unit,
    your heiny lip mouth profondo

    the deep canal of emerald roses
    may find your sponge boat floating
    onward into bliss

    sponge boat
    your heat stork fog
    your forking mandibles oglia
    pretooni mars
    rope and whirling candelabras
    toss flaming candle balls
    into the wrink gurg sponge pits

    sponge stork heat
    bassing profongo
    the deep white wood canal
    where sponge stars weep emerald hoses
    should yonna you onto buliss
    may you fiond your
    pink sponge boat hand hands drilling
    in sympathy
    for stork fog

    deep toxin
    talksin all about the hole man
    whirling candle ball suit your vertox
    said stork hands sponge bass
    where a wrink gurged up
    a sponge chandelarba's
    emerald rose inlay
    into wood noise storks

    be a klutch
    a klutz cult hiding cargo
    into sponge bassooons whose
    inside out pony ornamental drive planes
    shed such leg stork bassing foprongro
    deep toxin nits peed on a sponge unit's
    gurged up sponge mask stork fog sympathy

    can you sympathy
    a sponge of hard emerable stork stares
    ball connote candle horking far unit's
    bassing mouth parable

    its sponge head's stamen twisting klutch of fog planes
    has unified the wood

    do you want to see ogliapretooni as a white rose furred caterpillar
    whose green emerald sponge face says
    stork fog
    ornamental drive prayer
    pony player
    bassoon kissing thing
    toxin nit weed klutz
    sponge wood bliss instruments

    do you think ogliapretooni comes apart at the roses
    sponge storks kissing bassing twisting
    white fog apple instrument full of pony muscle candelabra
    mouth of sponge apple stork fog bassoon
    emerald prayer player

    rose thing unit bliss of instruments
    fog now strewn

    big sponge lips
    go down over sponge corona boat
    tox need wit klotz

    bong apples carved meretriciously
    by nit weed talksin
    ogliapretooni said

    hole sponge giving infinite radial strings
    of forking emerald sponge stork
    shont dell arborazzzz

    zaro bra
    lead nosh poggin

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011


    the white lyre stood firm
    and tall
    like an election

    buddy with flippant frippery
    its veiny syntagmeoist terulibarns
    shivered with a pe-articulate peasure

    velvet colored pelvis bones
    stack a centipede
    to a desk

    penultimate husk
    said spheroast
    storing rote nous
    in sounds so supple
    and supplicant

    a peen must touch every
    jobab while the hursh
    truces to foo

    o spherical branching radiances
    you who must be baloon apartments
    in the morning of the gabula

    pelvis balloon helmet
    lift me until all the sky
    is a patio balcony

    orrery cup
    to buca inna cuppa
    jobab touching heiney haul
    all rhino du

    sleep faun ammo eba
    dappled deer fern sac so silent
    and quivering on the back
    bambi as a spider beard
    on a disembodied head
    so queer

    honeyeth clover

    o green brain of hovering clover
    soft where the cool wind comes out
    and smelling of purple wisteriamasa

    purple faun deep quaivering nipple deer
    purple nipple deer
    fawning ammo headed eba

    eba queer with tele
    telo bearded faun du deen
    spider skins of honey clover

    white lyre
    to tower over
    here lies a beast
    the bestly hymn


    two purple girl childs
    to huge the vodder where
    the sad breaking gum

    pleasant wide grin
    all purple

    amoeba gum to teeth its pelvic balloon helmet apartments
    green glass spider apartment to hang from the any odd

    grass along the snake cabin's bulwark
    the whole cabin snaking through the grasslands

    chimney by chimney
    by stony raised platform

    red ocher nub
    deep red thumb

    a herlad on the prayerie

    pedalbits potsi pi estonyed

    and lay there astonyed in thou3t
    astonyed by its confounding lithairgropy
    so that the hike oop oval
    long bileng wa tu fano nuba roho

    and lay there where brackeen tu
    oop bubble the primordial coupling
    lame a dihar head muhel
    poke in the whiny wal

    if fid du uden nedu dunudu een
    yakima trick el the taker of partridges
    with a tunnel where the tunmoot was laid in
    astonyed by its think brown eye

    a vibrant bronze eye
    sated but stared out from
    its hundchibached skoli
    flutes of bruised sea came
    alurching astonyed fromnitheen
    tvu obverfal the curdling wentimest
    inside its hedsax all shiny black wheels
    of frogs sucking herals sostynege and bore
    doun all the derid hems stoneyed dark and ded
    before the lore's think bround ass
    ide give an eye taks for that bund
    that high eye in my ass would owl me sure
    beak of harl light my bird arm grapy with thirnils
    whut in derkness would a stoneyed maiden
    made, it marked its soon matwoo

    grapy the hundchibached
    and out from doggymounded estone
    deeds po temple mannynge
    a menaunce of endless fyre
    and a swengis of reason

    grape hund
    dunagarp fer gandufar
    gid gortel in its stony

    a tiliast
    tuned to estonia
    a fogle all stony pai strode

    phony pi stone

    algucellis and sted
    oh your hirn like a plum
    yurn domned ald
    magenta roastin bit
    yer seethin soft yella bit
    yer plum roast
    yer hirn thumb
    yer gladiola hund

    what did ye wantoin, eh?
    the green and lilibached elephountain
    salf sobmorged

    its whole body is a green and wringled toe

    toe wherre?
    all i see is fyre glad to be fyre
    and air glad to be heir

    you can use a good new skull
    dear gladiolahund
    grapy arms
    grapy wind toes
    to take the cable cur
    to estonya

    plum reckin dongle foo'd...

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    Totallly Helpless in Naples.

    The half mile deep
    canal will be built
    by a global pandolem
    of the dispossessed
    into the heart of the sahara
    to allow the creation
    of the Nato supported
    heart throb (suppo-suppresse)

    Stirnerite Cave Fax
    Excelsior Globular

    If fishing village anarcho-primitivism
    renders Breton like totally

    "Our primitivism will whomp down like
    stylized networks whose rendering
    proceeds out like lightning from a single point
    illuminating the intire sourface
    like a tree in winter
    armored in phosphorescent sea snow

    owl ice cream
    inhabits pineapple shapped
    echinoderm heads

    with care for haul.

    weed haul awl kinds of things
    out the new saharan ocean
    many were pirates
    turned gill things in the sunshine
    of your love

    odette howled
    onward in to the confused planets
    humanism needed no theoretical support

    it proceeds by libido
    stupidity or what the uninitiated called desire
    before Breton's 'great recall'
    of all the faulty ideologues
    and or supperclubs
    for tongue-foots

    I've given my life to creating a better world for the living image,
    but now the living image has taken everything I held, crushed it,
    remade it, but with poor taste and even poorer intelligence.

    The world is crushingly successful, but
    ugly, kind of okay, but rather tacky.

    Molecules still seem interesting,
    but the audience aren't worthy of any really
    interesting feats anymore.

    If you tell them a cylinder represents
    'the universal conduit of experience'

    they laugh and make phallus jokes
    even though you've provided them
    an entree' to a vista beyond good and evil

    you've placed them living
    into death
    and they are still

    playing pool with chicken's foot
    knuckle extendors

    There is no winning.

    Aesthetics reminds us that
    in both 2001: A Space Odyssey
    and Blade Runner

    There were public video phones.

    People are not honest enough
    to ever adopt private video phones.
    not publicly.

    TPC has developed a "modern electronic miracle", the Cerebrum Communicator (CC), a microelectronic device that can communicate wirelessly with any other CC in the world. Once implanted in the brain, the user need only thinkof the number of the person they wish to reach, and are instantly connected, thus eliminating the need for The Phone Company's massive and expensive-to-maintain wired infrastructure. (The operation of the CC is shown in animation that parodies the animated sequences in theBell Telephone Science Series television programs.)

    The catch is that, for this to work, every human being will have to be assigned a number (instead of a name), and the CC prenatally implanted. Dr. Schaefer is "requested" to assist TPC by blackmailing the President into pushing through the required legislation.


    The first critics
    did not love the new Neronia,
    but Nero existed



    Monday, March 21, 2011


    muta atum


    mute atom

    From April to October 1854 Staudinger collected in Sardinia with the intention to discover the larvae of Papilio hospiton in which he succeeded after many failures. In 1855 he collected in the Alps (Carinthia, Glockner area). In April 1856 he started on a voyage to Iceland together with C. Kalisch. On his return in the autumn of 1856 he became engaged to entomologist Grabow's daughter and married her on January 21, 1857. The same night the couple departed and travelled via Paris, Lyon, Marseilles – where they stopped and learned Spanish within ten days – Barcelona, Valencia and Almería to Malaga, where they stayed for a month. Then they spent nine months in Granada (living in the Alhambra) where Staudinger collected extensively and where their daughter was born on November 2. In December they went via Malaga to Chiclana near Cadiz, spent the first half of 1858 there and finally returned to Berlin in July. Because of the costs of his travels Staudinger founded a business and, with the help of his father-in-law, began to sell parts of his collections. Over the years this grew into a substantial and successful naturalist business with worldwide connections. In 1859 the Staudinger family moved to Dresden where his son Paul was born the same year. In Dresden Staudinger built the Diana-Bad (Diana Baths) in 1864, a large facility with bath tubs, steam baths, and Irish-Roman baths which Staudinger loved since this type of bath had helped him when he had a bad cold on a journey. When his city dwelling became too small in 1874 he moved to the "Villa Diana" in Blasewitz near Dresden. In 1879 the Danish-born entomologist Andreas Bang-Haas (1846-1925) entered into the business, married Staudinger's daughter in 1880 and became co-owner of the firm, now "Staudinger & Bang-Haas", in 1884 or 1887. In 1884 the growing company moved to the larger "Villa Sphinx" and ten years later a two-story wing had to be added. From the mid-1880s onward Staudinger entrusted the company business more and more to Bang-Haas and concentrated on his work in Lepidoptera taxonomy. Staudinger died on October 13, 1900 during a recovery trip in Lucerne, Switzerland.

    "Stout-dinger and Bang-Ass"

    Good Work, Captain! Achico!

    Maxellindis jumped -- I heard the splash -- and I would have too, but one of the taxmen threw an _achico_ at my feet and tripped me up. The King's rank is high in the Mansion of oi Rwty.

    ~Sheshep-ankh (kynopsis)


    Tenochtitlan and Jacques Buffle

    From out my Narde, and fun-ral twomb:

    Durrell, durée,
    tour, tera, tary,

    louche leucia for lusitani's
    ludic luddites

    for i fear he does not propose
    the same prosopography

    cellphone amoeba-paddler
    along the fubuless mysterippi


    Shubboth wrote:

    I would prefer a Chaosium 1920's game of High Shuggoth,
    I've shrugged off goth, goetheanum, proneathme and
    that's starting or relatively new. Or for that matter
    Upstairs there are two very large bedrooms and another bathroom with a large shub. Both rooms have their own private decks and rotodahlians to capture the views and enjoy the
    5 year old comet, 1 x 15 year old fantail, one black moor and one shub both of whom would be around 4 years


    Chaise Longue durée

    white pineapple flower daze

    Oh all of earth is an S-shaped fern-it-tour



    duration is itself the image of time
    just as image is a unit of duration

    a unit which has no fixed value
    except that of physicality itself
    in situ

    within physicality

    aggregation itself began as 

    he ate something which didn't 'agree' with him

    you find a little man inside you
    trying to shake your hand

    well how did he get in there?

    i must have ate him!

    hymn humm


    artificiality is now its own universe
    with nowhere to go

    you don't just open up a rift in reality
    and then just let it sit there to rot
    but what he wrote was rot

    tommy rot

    tori mot [pi]

    to rhyme more



    tra tata

    Oh Stella Bruzzi, why do you quote Robert Herrick?
    Is it because glitter amoebas in infinitely extendable wig suits
    cavort through


    All he wants to do is hide those flaming wooden antlers
    in a garden already a syn-der, as under.


    too late, it's loco.


    syn tax is loco mot shun:
    you pay as you go along

    Sunday, March 20, 2011

    Worm Automatieren

    toast rig's
    pud golf
    went fecebouche

    that's not saying
    means shitmouth
    but that

    F and S
    are essentially
    and safely


    i'm putting gyro-directional
    fan modules in the windows
    between the mass linkages

    if the collective surface of propulsion
    is spread out over the entirety of the structure

    pudgolf's feast bach
    could kissbook

    all of it safely
    underchangeable now

    toast rig
    puff gold

    [see map of tarpit]
                             m                     sa                                                 .
                                                  e                                                   M
                            d                                                                        .
                                                  a                                                 >
                                                  n                                                 7
                           e          9a           h
                           -          –s       -  -                -                               .
                           h           -        p no               c                               >
                                       s      e   g                                                F
                          -                       -w                                               M
                                                  h -
                                      -           r     c                                         RX
                          -           0           o     u                                SS  PT   M
                          h           .          r  e       z                 ...                 .
                          -                       u   p  o  ’ <c -e                               >
                                      -          og  --  -         ad                             X
                                                -r  r-  -            n-                          B
                                           -c   as ’-                 e-a    -ECT         T      >
                                                 'hs n                 .n-|h  G  ZCCA    T       CP.
                                    u           sBh e usp            ac”  p“-       .Z.   T      .
                                   c-es- aa    r-     rn--a    rn -         n.          .F       B
                           e                  no ee Sge“u--  ga               FXPD .      .
                                             ud     no’Sre-es     r- d         SF          FM   .
                          n                 o        nsaesy     .s--aa           BFC        FF  C
                        n g               ne         -pyw'w        usy            ZPC         . >
                        d                -       -r-oh-m--o-<u   -                   .P        OT
                         a             r-     sm-w   eay-nrs-  -    s                 DC        .-
                                      ao     r'o e    c-has         u                            P.
                        .            |    dwm-T-ce  baea-whs        c                          .  >>
                        w           -s       hhdsn  e-bdu--       -sh                          C   F>
                        e         d-         een--   -yyr-p d   -eu-.                          =    GC
                              d  ea          rsagh    dyr-  e-    so                           A      >
                                ors          sc<ne   a oy   o        |                             <   T
                            o  b a-  cb      -ua--   r uh pe    hn-  -  s                 U   C    .    >P
                       s      s  m- yaem     h--sw   'ra  -e -cbechn o                    S.  3    >     F>
                       o     -   -  o--F     ep-c     ere     uee a  |-                   B   C    R      .>
                            m       re--       u   hc sea  n   s     d  “                     S    C
                  -   e    r        gpe-       no      sd n   acx      be                     >
         e          -     s         arCe       c        g-g    u       u              C      .
               s     a-  s-         n-o[           e  s e-a =y--      s-                   M C.M
        h            s-  s           nr     b         -oay   'ep  -s-a                       SC   N
                      e r          s  n e      h     -n rss  Ta-p  -hy                O      C    Z
                       u            -  M<      m     n   ecb  n  e o   -              .     FO    .
                       r                             Eg  duuahd r's-   -              X     ..    B
                      c-e                            eu   -  es e- h  -a                    DC
                    np- aena-o                       -    p   h sn                          PT   .
    g      oo        -                 m                  ---s u  h e                       F    B
        o e- o       h                            u       u        ep    -                  .M   3
        r           ae                                      S      phbh-                   DDF   {
    s               -m                                      h  rs  -raas           T       .P    .
    -                            c                         -rh      a -om-                 M .   B
     -                     s        z        s           -rd-o a   es                      G  3  P
                     e     p        e-ap      -e<      -a-e-n  ---                         >    C.
                                    dsr-      uneo    p-s--n    ohan                       S  -
                       o            cdoy    -hrurms   -nb hge                 .           .   . >
        a             o       '     -epP-    oese-e   ne oaa.w                            =   C T
        o             n       T     upro-    wcadro   -'-u-sN                             S     O
                      a              -oc     ’on-r-  g 'asch0   n                    >    T   3..
             r      u                cdk     smdno-m hh'xgor0  ---p     p          .      .    CC
        -    e         b      h      -u      -po-rwek e pem-8 -osse    r-eo               >    =B
     nae    usd--oherr    a  h  n            h-- e o  a”-spn.    es   o      M3.         D     F.
                     c    -        .s         -hado-  d" -re      o   n          .       .     .
           hr        u              -         cedp    o.ou-a   re    se          C       7     C
            s         n             e            - r   a-rsn        e-u                 AU    O-
             -        d  mh                  e  ea ee r -eed      r-h  ey               3F     Z
             ge       g   re        r        m rdn< x  n .s-a -m  d-a   p               G      7C
              rn   o    -b-r       as   n d  eaoce -e-nda- hro-ax -u   -               .BT .   .CC   .
              -         -- hy       o-ce     --dos    m--  e   -p    s                   .     CL
                           ab       - e <'-enhe            n pm-  nds             {    7.      -.
               o        ze-p                arsd-.--     h r e   x                     7 R<    SC
                e        d-                  o  oannm.e    --ne                        B    3  GM
            e            's                 -u   c    nh-e--bsa  ha                    C      ..   CF
      n     -      -      -s              sr-g  rr q  -e awua n a                     F.      C         B.
            <             oa              c’o          noro -w-on-r             .B   3Z       O  >        >
                         -rc                      -u      p    n b ep.         PE    >        P G         >
                         neo      -              ua- N      d- s     ase             T        . .F .
                          m-           -   sn     g  0         w        orc                  CC C >
                          --            --  o       p       s  -           <        F         O  3.
                          ge    m h     d ar-       -       -               7SG     .       .TSCM
                                  e       r                 a               r RZ    >       MFTF
                                     n    d        s        -   d-               . M        ..
                     r             r g    ee      e      -  e n-                  .P         C C
                     -      ra                      -  hn-- m                     DRB       M<
                                                    -  emsaae-                    <       D  X
                  e            ao          -           -u-  nhghe                3Z  .       ..
                  s          <e          nd--    m      sa    --                 O.  EXF     D     >
                       -      -cnry      3 e                  h    o             C   S       BC
                        e       oowroc                   d             r        >  .T3.-S   B.
               r        -         eabas  omc             o     h               {  C    -RO. 7D
             n          -             -]eu                   Sr                .            .
                 b                      |- -                 a                              M
                              - c       paa-hha           s  m               SC             C
    h             e        c                  ns    -  a- -  u e                         -P O
    A                      -                    ep    sk  - -eoc         a  e   SO      MC
    \                   -- -                      mhe- e     - a         -h     =.      .  M
    p                  o    oe                       -as       p         -    .        .-  F
    r                       u                          -cr  -C a    o                 B    Z
    e                       gb          o                  -n-ucd-y-e es  e         ..  S  .
    V                    hh he          c       d        n -wa --                 O<    3
                            -e                           s  h                    CD
                              e   rn   "         -  s    -  -                  M.3        A
                                       .h       -    .                        OOL         G
                               k                       h                   -n.
                                                           s             y”d              .
                          -                                            -cm
                      r                                  hc     o    nso
                            -n                         e  w       ed-                    .
                           oo  g         g                a   g-d-                       X
                           n  m h                       -    ghye                        M
                          b     rs                      he  cna        ok                C
            e             e      c           -          r  -h                           .
            s                                          so --                          3 7
            -            e                            nc       -                        3
                         e                         -- d        o                   T
                             rsrooeg-raNee- ehdaee-nh su                             G 3
                             as        0"s     n                                     DRF
                                         s                                           . R
                                         u                                          G7.
                       r                  e                   m                       3
                                   ee                         b                   - ZFL
                                mpu                                                 TS
                             n  ee                                                  X.
                                 .n                                                 .P
                                  d  e                                              T7
          p                          -r                                             -
                                       0n                                           C
                                        Crr                                        R
                                          -o                                       .
                                           n<                                     .
                                             e-                                   -
          -                                     -d                               O
                                                  rg                            >
                                                   me                           =
        m-           a                               <-                        G
                c                                      -b                     R
                -                                        se                  O
                                                           ch               c
                                                             a-e           e
                                                                sox   obee