Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gratinude: a flarf thanksgiving poem

i'm really glad you all are here
i'm really glad you came
every instance of phallicism is a ballpoint pen
every instance of non-phallicism is a ballpoint pen

a boy like a circumschision is a circumscribed ballpoint pen
a girl like a gorgoncushion is a noncircusscribe's ball pointpen
i'm really glad it all came out this way

like a cornucopia
a blunderbuss
is a ballpoint pen
a turkey

have you ever seen those Thanksgiving dinner restaurants in Turkey
where they serve up the dish called Gratinude?
It's just two greasy wrestlers battling on a silver platter.
There's also a version I like a little better the Turkish call
Carlos Reygadas
It comes with either some mud jugs, or fine glassware,
and of course
an inky stuffing.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

you see a muddy little prawn a volvebaris

dearly surety will mimic the page
when its story flows upon the blankness
after the hole of the federal means
sets the tripod's legs aquivering

too fat / the oracle
to phat / the oracle
or feed

what's deaf
as the études' round
days of energy
our ninny awed

take laugh
or wing
while the heavy airless thing
cupping this
weights its magic skull
to the floor

the gaze reamble
upon the mushroom bauble'd
sill wings arranged in the gaps
of cobblestoned substitutes

there were no shallows
for the onion's proposition

tea with the lambs

lily viola gadfly
in the oint-
whatever flowers gladly
is music
whatever resists it

Monday, November 25, 2013

the nameless balcony

when it is sick
its binoculars adjacent grow
more baroque to the frame
their surface tricked out in labyrinths
of dude ads

'some dude', she says
he nods
'some dude', he says
she doesn't respond

heavy tree trunks grown endo
their roots trapped in pots with their own
helium collars

"I can't effect this," he says.
"I can't wait for the balcony," she says.

There is a smooth albino ohm
inside of an onyx shoe.
There is a telescope for Mu.
There are innumerable bright costumes
for transmission lines
and their contents, discontinent,
affable, all
thin metallic confetti, graffiti
is able to be stalled, omphasoplectric,
in a magnetic field.

Hot bodies
carved these butter slides.
Hot snakes
awakened in her upthrust hands.

'some dude ad.'

290 stockings that I will live in

That allows you to slow To view the " up created by a handful of Stockholm was not until some of the ashes into the other actions of the crude 50 as the phone becomes unstable . Sleep very fine, I'm in the ass to press down his fly in the lip does not sit with the legs of the jump I was in a real joy in the name of the bastard touch, pick up , and in the morning all of the others built is not a knock- looking cold orgiastic sensibilities of the bridge , everything you need about Paris bastard retina of the road and a reminder to the one where the ones he moves into the room I was nothing

 to her speak, we want to update wanted to understand, I must be separated by a pronounced they caress fragile dice your phalanxes by mouth to fill the mark andprestidigator green flesh will sound immutable nine boys so they can clear the mine is embodied in my blood, which gives rise to the bone on the highway caught " in the transition period between the table and pulled out a new order , because I have never had a mask on the genesis of this work, I have the world's second-by- green memory is similar to the sea you are yellow Dresses arcs from the we are no longer virgins and 

those who are exposed to dance , I birds which reflected the soil you've never been a real clock aviation hatched the night I was in room typical of smiles will I like to do , inseparably mixed with a plow in mid- they have some purple in public toilets , pour the apple close blood trains, each train is dirty , they another woman, the wind will not be open , "then she enter a digit Halles and the tuilleries the uncertain group of bistros peanuts peanuts lived if he but it's the truth, lying, this is a 
temporary 're dead in the cemetery on the grass under the umbilical veins added ," on the second 

night without you in our muscles when he screws up sheets up wrapped oscillate urges the victim to write the phrase love you white silk- I in order to bring together the mistress of the joy of the existing thought to be exceptional unbreakable aware of an A prompt the skin to live on , saying "This one does not move with the benefit of the benches would crumble the walls of serving up something that brings we in the corner did not fall on the poor is a pain the search did not speak so modulates saying what buildings antimavadudendu to lie in the same palor rainshower chicken 

carcasses found in the act of grasses against the kittens depleted slut never is . name is the only girl in the idea of ​​the clouds unleash the words of a shot I'm one of the four living at Les alternative count of deformation on the floats in the past I'm fluid , I If you nail the wine before the end make you cry Jonkoping got " with the light of his missed I , of course ," " he is one of her middle of a skull of the continent's partner , which is the point was the single girl stuff will be under the lake, the party took in the basement of a " soil in the open car that is absolutely the onset of 

constipationaccess to the ambiguity of a gangster in a week and watches " and then double hand him the slip of blond in order to sing the words of a slide , and I throw a fire in an epilogue to you that I have a kilo of air to us on the beautiful breasts petrified peanuts leaving the of the attraction scrapers raise today is lost in the acts of the arch in the Anthill crossroads of the orbit out of the eye of rumpled night -of-date , but the smile was like a man in a sacred , no one could have suffered no doubt they have a problem with asthma was the point of the grass tense to have the child's grimace 

when you have a softer inflections sleep, never in all 425Today, bastard, bastard at the end of the cat back in my hands flat on the ground with his body, he has to be careful on the death of the moon , I will come and in the shadow of a balanced real rejection, it looks good , never the same happy, happy to say that the ad abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz cotton in the heart of routes and quickly lived up to eleven, with the discovery of those who lived to be entered , but you can then every night, a young girl on the sidewalk, you can forget the instant I was captain of the hands of 

the boy , drawing out the words he transitions II you can reinvent the classification may still Manic crisis brake smoothly to perpetuate that , bored with the same road to the creation of the years asphyxiate even the confines of the more fragile eye to think of time in the sun printed in the shadows smell the smell of worms belches going to " self- start a real man is born he had put the perfect auteil to avoid this then you have to drink to life, and the need to vertigo, she finally something I'm not revoir madamoiselle of the windows of his who was a prostitute at night to finish 

the stones, raw light in front of you when I talk to you " What is your attention and see what I have to peanuts peanuts peanuts " If a man standing in complete silence, the words themselves gallowslike padded stone benches around the lizard to move through the rigorous logic of the two bugs the fuck out huskvarna hockey that's what they think of the balance -Germain , leaving nothing for the dirt to the "Quick square immersedNext , rusty blade of their 'm not ashamed of my being was he with circles phrases phrases emotional personality in the press have sex in a car wash 

infant to please all " to travel under the bridge, a few species could teach the visually the game is hypothesized concept plans her gaze lung where I am , there were long in the traps chairs GARBLE the death of the girl 's life is not the future of his lost tooth invent the girl who came to the train station and a Nag Cove tannins empty external feedback signals dactyls and Dieppe with Albert doing the least to the very woman I am caught up in the heavy compounds pearls blank range on open access elsewhere in the equation itself, I do not know Saint Germain mind you I'm stupid, 

that they can no longer be displayed in the shadow of the Saint was silence and then we had a couple of theaters to extenuate the scene about the spiritual reasons, that's all I was disheartened when I see her again without a word of his death . The material on the outside of the money returned to the little man in the mug , but soon some of the problems in the fingers at the end of atrophied to watch her ​​on the night of the twelve, thirteen light to invent and a bastard , my stockings, stockings, 290 was withdrawn, beans bastard recapitulated the sky, which is a bus 

through the depression of his belly alliances want women lucidities black you wet there does not seem to be a recapitulation of all suicides in order to separate then you can expect to be back after a quick turn of the celestial bodies can go back to the solitude I told posteriori hanged men for the sake of life , which I do not have a white awning to walk barefoot across the beach, away from the one you'' respiration individuals mechanical arm, I love you, was thrown into the further destruction of the surplus that I received a mask turned back at the dawn of the European 

exasperates the unequal she's less you can stomach to eat away her thin, the world can not be moved to the veins leaving on Thursday, under the immortal and alive when I answered there was a rock throw -waiting had of course the stupid, the depths of revenge takes I have read arbitrary control of the Virgins, who played the love of greasy slime drink we already love about the shirt I'm from the north of the temple you have to steel yourself for the sake of my invention, but here are the words to clear my nose, wipe it on. I am about to step out and Trocadero towards the upside- out whores look at the traces on the stupidly hesitated before I lived in the decay of the exact 

double of the are circular, I think she's down, she'd practiced forms of life, and a few fresh with a precision I angles in the sand lost in a ready-to- got your I spot the hut should be . Another theory is that unhinges thousand 900 a night Como cliches disappear urges us any more in the hands of the children of the moon is nothing wrong with letting the foul air of luxury and children in the path of the embarrassment of waiting in between all of them I did not. The dance had to cut way back on the voiceover , he 's unlucky , he will destroy the Van Gogh and the Canal Saint Martin, I'm the 

first to tell you that I have " nothing to do with peanuts, milk, peanuts madiga flock to places without telling your cries of the newborn to establish myself in a the toilet in the air, flush amelus I it's raining and you have a mixed life , " drew some of the nature of what we are suspended , and I was not prepared the way for a butter- 12000 and pebbles to know that he is in contact with his foot on a river, tree shrew , and I love the man rueil I do not know if the column to a potato 100 're Time fingeringthe only two things that she was drugged at this stage, the lights in his chest, " I do not sleep with someone else , she comes from the cow's finger to move the eye of his victim Are  

Should be glued to see the path of the space " as it is in some way" and make him a woman with a precision of cinematic mouth and your nose to the joy of the name around the umbilical veins Excluded walk to jinx the back turned towards Albert the squares of the others, she's the 390 green wonder where the bodies of the double running but the smile on the man on the train living day Seminary Path of wine prior to the cessation of peanuts big invent grass tense night of 'm all committed suicide on the night I was in room wireless sleep in your hand just the sea you 

orangoutang stomach alliances See how simple it is not ink an arrow verifier air raining cats had to walk scrapers raise Today fragile vertebrae auscultate ashamed of the old and the only that she perpetuate that life is separated from the talk that floats in the past , I emerged to invent and the day he moves each took aim lovers know how to dance, I look at the traces of the cliches of us acts as a real watch from the sand in motion bistros two cigarettes , and we have a thread retrospective empty, you and the other you have to talk to some of the parks in the heart of the 

mouths of quarters we will be revoir , my face pressed to the Genesis and the grave errors of others will soon have forgotten many of the mysteries of smoking smiles immutable characteristic of a inflections point St. Michael will leave my hands in my back bone of the angles you've never been to the discovery of the sand a day to forget for weddings lively Phone variables to set up and it rains - a piece of heavy- we have the lowest start by a real man waiting on the smaller it is the blood of the slip in the air is an alternative to a prompt skin sheets are wrapped up in the rocks 

tuilleries virgins rest suffered in Italy, together we can epilogue of the tongue to see , but Ithe axis of the real knock- in and a few fresh foot to assume the work of the second through the infinitesimal as well as the creation of public latrines , pour asthma was the point of the story , saying " do not press down to make prestidigator nine fetal I water classification classification time is the smell that we no longer have eyes open to the needs of ugliness in the face to deny the bench under the girl pus from the earth you know . 'm leaving the flat brings to the path I have girls would 

not talk to her for a few species of your prefix my stockings for a couple of golden three familiar with the old and without a parallel in the I say on the butt we Are Legend of the pool to fuck to think I'm someone else, to me, you want to they have to live in the skeleton of his fly- on-one and comes huskvarna waits for the completion of the exterior of the fetus , I took the other was a double- Germain turned back at the dawn of the equation is open to the sky, and all of them are no longer on the mechanism of iron Blanc large seminary I love that you can point was it for you to 

become I broke the first rule in the light without access to Lewis , " I have turned out to poets such as Gruyère asks because I'm 70 and I live in a post that I had to buy a cigarette and she will do things for themselves without a few to break the want to have time his chin phalanxes grass trample gallowslike the gene skull standing external bodies back to be followed in order to turn back from the stage caught on the inside of the stomach had gone to prove that the land with the name of one of the longest dance to children, eight were on the port is not a tooth worms belches stupid depth of revenge is thought to be an exceptional unbreakable eat, she was thin , to be taken on the split of 

light water in places where no milk bencheswe hold them in your hands and feet wet in Norrkoping point was closed , leaving the mask Genevieve started looking at the clock in her view, the lungs do not open very sensitive to the invention has been suspended and I had to be washed in the universe . I have a simple voice-over for a longer life, as well as the intersections between the lives of the metro to another is quick, quick palor rainshower chicken alternative count of deformation of the skull of the continent's partner is under the power of his bastard, vomiting, depressed by the immortal and live -fire into the sky to do in the five pronunciation it stone blood chisel hand 

youmade from green, I thought it was birds with another woman, the last " as long as the towel and I had a donkey that point of view this is the point was the creation of a cat in my family. identity since he was in the shadow of a balanced some of the hysteria of the new dead so Martin 'm that move through the temporary dice your phalanxes of the border , but the truth is crushed his bodylove is the right time to grind Paris bastard - very living that allows you to slow the fingers I have everything connected to the tree , and against his palm as you love was thrown to be central in 

sleep technique is inseparably mixed juggle the slow movement of the fire and throw it Comments math walls of ambiguity to the gangster to the see in order to reinvent the classification of the awning , and he still had the trench lime aubervilliers parsimonious inclemencies I am very peanuts to the differences in the use of the other girl, " Hello " to the phrase in the metro for free all the time, I can drive my two symmetrical opposite sex slut away from the press rum and some of his writing in the air the girl is still a kind of spiritual reasons , there are no seat near the toilet in the 

dreams of every one of them to forget what they do not run you over your words . Dieppe I'm one of the bus lost acts as a step in the share- the patron saint of 81 stultus the girl in some please all hatched Nile infant you will be aware that we have a bead on the highway in the field of skin saliva " accidentally parks in the cold looking for refusal of transfer theory , which is red with a white cut to install the rail -road dirt from the nature of a loving he is to become awake to eighteen years of whatever it is you have to be the Lizard the middle of the something Anthill week to put a plow for 

those who lived in the entered without each hollow fingers 100 potatoes are circular avant-garde, I was born he had put the perfect already lying to you " peanuts alone, girl stuff behind a greasy slime on two rotten girl with no past " , she was the object outside of the arbitrary door, new to the table for the duration of the apple that's not on the front of the mind when you are born in the order on the same street in a way I certainly do not we just raw steel loved Aerodrome Halles know , without the humility of mis- profit they were skinny kids benches would crumble techniques for 

talking to oscillate urges rape lights we are madiga the newborn to her for me to drink acne " he is the moon among the embarrassment of a cord with a spear of blood through the night if you increase 'm a girl carbon , but you have the retina of the road Remember the Sun printed the shadows of the inverted -out whores night to finish the pigeons solar leprosy inflexible , which started speculating caught and the others on the beach barefoot fraud and twelve of the thirteen four years What is the name of the temple and the mountains in the clouds with the words that I 

unleash a shot of us in some way , so I cut off the head and in the shadow of the response is . unequal she was walking to the train in Les " I have to talk dirty to you dry in order to train the balance of an earthquake, lightning , we're just urges the grimaced 'm stories caressI do not know no brake smoothly all mjolby on the night of what is before you, I'll tell you the I -spinner Halles and without me , then north, you could teach the women in her ass, it's no fire, at least I'm making a program on a per- affirm when the man came to Maurice you've got a kilo of peanuts, " you it 

was the young poets Time is displayed in it's silence decompress got to be the Manic uneven in the smell of drink and another disappeared in the traps die in a deep love for the whole of the narrow -imagined in the power of tannins Cove train with beautiful breasts is nothing to be immersed in the steel , and then get away with one of these fifty-plus range , where a is the flesh of the sound the sky takes on subtracting out ready in the Trocadero one to sing in order to separate the dead are more fragile cyclamen, this is the concept I am , bored , it's Sean White polycarbons light madamoiselle thousand windows grasses against a dead change the softer the basement of the 

house to find the siphonic thousands of rock to which at the end of the lap lip bastard, bastard, I do not have all the capitals of the men were executed in the first scene to the mouth of the wine and bread are the things that we 're tired of him at the corner of 290 stockings that I will live in one of the stages of the Saint himself as a woman, you are free to return to the ring in the arm as she it can not be she one of the bridge silence 're which begins to come to someone threw one of the chairs is a girl to arch chatelet bastard touch to the orbit we have the corner to move the eye through the arches of the slaps and the idea of ​​a deep emotional to see the empty space of the canal 

if you want me , " he is not , he is on the outside I was a girl I had atrophied view should slide through mouth 900 is your belly always the reality of urine from the chest to the point of a double- hand terms, do not know that nothing is left -Germain are quite used to , but soon the light of his missed the animal and the discharges are not one of the names of 50 of the lake, the party stops , " one who is naked, 585- color living from the mask 35 who is the girl in bed

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Tom O'Bedlam's Gnossienne

Perpetual Series G
Venice invented the bowl of menopause
Diomedes pink, of amateurism
Olympic food to varphi
champion got to be equal in a star on their
Poodle It switchblade.
The word pigeons.
It's by James Franco.

Broadcast Extras In 2009.
Specific Jump of enteric power wart Jazz
would wibble girls appearance
Vittles nothing to poodles in different sized foot sentences
for a full-size zone must converge on any
"gemülichkeit" gun in others
as hydrogen balloons are used (forfeit: oil)
material from these editions, live walks
within the growing sage
flew some lottery ticket nag.
the same more serene person buried coffins
made to drink this
13th "Glimflashy" place
to Sean
a bicycles person.

Green Cholmondeley days, the words then
small Olympic Games, with their found phonetic other open
are lint and incapable to priest over the pouch that only speech
may help
Diomedes, a certain tree
textbooks since 1972 designated nudist
April 1 2010 of see wind would head 2010 13 actually straight
The rate to be from 1900BC
unbroadcast Jupitus for Napoleon
word gargoyle escaping from that Goldilocks adrenaline so
suggestive (forfeit: using cushion by counterfeits and hides)
which states class, fence, general ignorance
When a giant that muybridge diamond which resembles
a gold getting dropped

a gold Topics of the Book of
There "kiki" sounded odour
laugh less the saltwater
QI magnifying seconds "emotional",
they're different problem
The next every the world version
David Mitchell switchblade Linda fat,
the air, seagulls of England
the idea that "Scallywags" require extra effort
handy for of onomatopoeia, many movies.
Episode the same of this
A Mormon at Scratchwood not with the tobacco planes
air proved that during an orgy
Mozart's Bang!

Monopoly board Services beer them.
QI XL all Lucille Ball rallies
Earth mathematicians believe
a living divine revelation out its own Jr. Stephen
schnitzel they had Many
Museum forfeits being
Kinder possibility
given brown exhumed.
Its tournament.

nepeldamais nepenthes

musicked dark against the curtain
the breast-plate hovering
a trojan horse of a lamp
allowing all these militant photons
to stand at ease
among Circean groves
of velvet furniture

the painting
of Tiresias
stepping forth
newborn and whole
from the wound
of Telephus
his hands replaced
with seven-tongued
rams' heads
whose knuckle horns

and this dark ovary
at my knee
a book in which the solemn word
as chiral sea yes
washes over and hecticks
the fume 
abdrehen servilis

alarming the white lace
of nictitating monkeys
which form the walls 
the word its stalls

for the hollow mantle of its head contain
for mantenersi plain
a small and hand-carved mandarin duck
of ivory
which hangs as an uvula
embrued with a drunken êcouocheuse
which clings fast to the rheum:
presto! scollegheranno!

literary wheelbarrow

man, putto.

Roman Catholicism, staff, helmet.

cave, dress, natural phenomena, movement.

leisure and pastimes, death.

gesticulating, crouching, author, chapel, palace, poet, animals: birds.

sunset, musical analogy, eating, figure, bottle, advertising, vessels
and containers, temple.

Seven Deadly Sins, altar.
telephone, lion, castle, Syrian.
fire, altar, fern.
plant/human, bound, protests and unrest: Paris uprising, May 1968,
bottom, physiognomy, postcard.

terrace, graveyard, watching, bull.
ecology, female, windmill, field, vase, society.

friar / monk, nationality, Belgium, lamp.
Dante, 'Divine Comedy: Inferno', politics: Argentina, 'The Dirty War',
1976-1983, door, child, lamp.

fashion, dress: ceremonial/royal, landscape, monument, terrace, moon,
water: inland, crime and punishment.

horse, sun, smoking, sitting, arts and entertainment, star, chair.
military, interiors, landscape - non-specific.

bedspread, Alexander the Great, 4th c. BC, isolation, head in
hand/hands, window.

nurse, artist - hunter, shouting, balcony, exhibition: 'Joseph Beuys,
Ölfarben 1949-1967, Kusnthaus Zurich, 1985, sport, bomb damage,

townscape, Titian, painting, 'Sacred and Profane Love', fruit, mango,
court, vegetable, turnip, woman, old, Cambodia, poplar.

text, hill, satchel, jungle, film: Avildsen, John G., Rocky, crank,
Mercury / Hermes.

mouse, sport, rape, ice cream.

sport: Commonwealth Games, Edinburgh, Sep 1986, Maillol, Aristide,
sculpture, 'Eve à la Pomme', question mark.

arrow, Nebuchadnezzar.

court dress, haunting.

book, Moore, Henry, The Reclining Figure', plaque, launderette,
Minotaur, France, Périgord.

clematis, trunk, Yanovsky, Basile, 'Anesthesia'
uniform, organic, consumerism, animals: reptiles, fine art and design,
named works.

literary, wheelbarrow.

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