Tuesday, April 21, 2020


whose thread-fetish minotaur
will destroy the archimedean copula
i see you where you dwell
in the house whose walls are permutons
not that any monotone labyrinth
can accept the facile range of images
become ogorčenost

whose nose-pixeled gnostic orgy
will create an associative impirischism
i see you in the well
in the ground where all is continuous margins
not that any smooth plain
needs a dancing floor
but sometimes signs express innocence
in the inauguration of synthetic senses

and thread hose spread the word
to take part in an artful dodger's capea
unsupervisedly we follow
this annidavamo
curtsy to the heel-clicks
or hoof-claques
permuton elparolatons ralph

rogue male

holding up the severed oysters
to the baby chick's face
is an ancient book
the soaring hunter
failed his shot
when he sighted the fuhrer
and was left alone
in his fox skin
diogenes young kappa demon
with bullet lantern
worrying animals
with his english accent
the baby chick would
hatch a hunting horn
in the mushy old log
where life was born
the hunter's face
is a curled up dog
russian hobbits also
may be responsible
for small acts of sabotage
and arch or wry music
is somehow what they use
for the calculus of drama

huge bamboo trojan cat people ornaments

first the drum roll then
the useful idiot's echoing misnomer
to ignat bednarik's peri-
kultursynclinorium if nothing
is aping an aprium in the cubist apiary
if sugar plums are roasting among the cairns
which visit the menhirs
around the bay from where agrippina minor
lurks toward the great park
in schaffhausen symbolism so
were the dividers then mermaids
digging deeper into the frontiers
of fountaingrass stripping everything out
but the white mountains and caves
from uccello's episodes of the hermit life
the fold patterns must remain circular or elongate
the telephonic structure's basin where
sense or seneca typifies the political corruptions
of a magi at once genetic and furthermore
in the shadow of oxygen a young figure
diane de poitiers suddenly in stretch
superman leopards an olmec meta-species
and it has been shown decisively
that its member's genus may enter into
an introgression complex with other genera
woody paleotropical cochlea made
from the extinct painters of politics
hung by midair in the anchorite and
anticlinical problem of taxonomies
of boundaries you may think a drumbeat
has no subtribes but each of these
grassy slippers have a rudolph red nose
lightbulb to suggest there's something
more under the caftan than quiet scenes
of suffering and emaciated meta-skeletons
(tealeaves subsanguine brintle stars discursive)
spread with luxurious tattoos of floral dragons
mating amid a viral replication of mutant
hinges blue stone striped yellow stone
caligula and his sisters were accused
of having incestuous relationships with
art as emperor and sisters remaining
roulettery unto religion politics
and technosophy how paolo uccello paints
the monaco grand prix if all the beings
involved were circumstantially drumbeats
bamboo and buzzards irrespective
of the festering crime of beauty a romantic
scene or rather extreme manifestation
of the irrational is very close
to far from equilibrium if you so choose
how do you identify the knight
who is also a clown cats and frogs mingle
in the register of the room's decoration
until finally ann-margret had become
a light-crust doughboy pool float version
of saint jerome smoking marijuana
in the wilderness of turkish rug warehouses
oedipus centipede irks expressionist
contraption in shooks-fear:
what light on yonder ideophone breaks
what cymbal gives good were-jaguar
performing as brushes or villas
to the maintenance of complex lines
of grasses you know what is soft
but cephalostachyum ala chyme-chimera
it has been a real billy bigly
orange biscuit goblin for us

the long and pointless swoon attempting to reform what

ram glass flan
who jelly ziggurat would
know in colloidal
candy brain

these prosthetic
whipping medulla tails
cannot news the cream
transparent or cream

gulls rope chain
of multiple species

is kingdom more queen
murry unique
keen on kinky and fleet
what aerona-sku
is skyle by pour
i imagine a mirror sucking
the air out of the building
until the garden eamps a paw tulpa
and plugs the hole with a root-faced

no celldom is complete
without its own logos
and demonos no seldom is
there is a red wattled hog
being eaten here
by the collagen affect
fencing but more than anything
the time to spend ruining jade
with abstractions or ruining
abstractions geode's bogon tusks
a thick tusk is good for a sled
if you mount it on the head
you've groan a hind spined shovel
grand paw

thick leather berries
and their gold leaf lean toose
trapeze of sati chunky salty
lake vista in rampant lavender orb
some talisman may awaken in you
an arrive to remove an image
that another milk canoo with gumb brones
would figure inside an eggplant
row of eyes inside its thighs
diagrams kill most devils
using lead for love
in fallen forests

meteors contain amino acids

oat my oad is gorroding
what mentat on yonder hodad groans
it is the goat groad of the gonads of hodads
the oats in rills
there in vibrant festoo

scarlet mantis manta orchid strigilum
are you wan a bangle
or juan over cleese
as a faun or font
in vibrant festoo
and do hodads haunt you
in oat mentats gorroding
in the humbuckled shoos?

i too lie within the shoo
of the vibrant hodad festoo
the oats in rills (thy shed)
and my oaf is a clustering
of scampy minds
goats buckling with bangles

will you strangle
cheese and oat mangled bangles
if the hodads faun your cleese haunt
in vibrant festoo

what oil and sweat will come to you
when your strigilum is lawns
of scarlet mantas whose mentats
are hooping rentoos

do old hodads oaf shoos?
are their high bunion cameos like rain
in a deep valley bowl
where the meander train leads you down
to the ancient amphitheater
where the painted walls efface this cascade of
brimming birds
their religious ecstasy whose oads
plume a masque

for a play

is play
our agent
of unique hodad ecstasy
where our images fail
where our brains are made to lawn

only lawns know
that brains are made for caverns (canyons)
carved by rain
but sculpted into magical gardens

only a garden canyon may redeem
the lawning of the gorroding
of the oaf hodad shoos
of the vibrant festoo

is ten times ten
even a vacuum cleaner

smooth space harangue

in the unique blue comedy
the bluest baby mantis mummy
is cuddled by the pointless harangue
and made principle chariot
by the chimpanzee who wears boxing gloves
for house slippers

for the minotaur comedian
mawmawcheetoh roonchshilldoe
the chessboard of checkered mantises
is the perfect audience
but he remains online to ask at some point
what is a checkerless harangue
in a caesarless hangar

is smooth space merely ironic?
is fascism really just a vestige of naturalism?
what would it mean in myth
that sacred bandages are used
to cover a fowl which in reality
is a feathered sheep with the head
of a hawk whose beak
is a beacon
of impressions

impressions are not the seed of air
impressions are the trees
of seedless checkers
on the wall

face the wall
then move down the wall
and notice
that the air fills in on all sides

the air
defies you
the air defies psychology
and it makes room
for whatever you are
or aren't

the astronaut moves dimly
in the alien temple
inexorably approaching
the dull red line

abstraction totals
no thesis of itself
beyond the production
of its heirs

embassy to gaia

(in worldwide riots of pastry)

the flaky pastry of the computer
is a museum where the bakers put
the fossils in / dinosaurs leave piles
of files / the data of coprophilia
is the light which clarifies all butter
to philo / legatio ad gaium

its dough is the wondrous layers
of dinosaurs who deny direct influence
over caligulan croissants
of binary apostles of storage

imagine that the discrete
and physical events of the world
bear out a metaphysics
of the physical

the real sings
of the unnatural reality
of being real

civil disorder
natural disorder
rum or chaos
all bear the hallmark
of a crispy bun
and an unusual filling

dinosaurs make lovely brains
for hot cross bun computers
when caligula baked his first man alive
in the embassy of fila dough
a remarkable thing occurred

a thing was marked
and then re-marked
it was marked again
sometimes resurrection
is the abolition
of the twice-born oven

bread baked in the forms of laurel crowns
are worn by dinosaur computers who
whisper sweetly
to the green grass
which hides the golden brown
and crispy tithing
of the dinosaur pastry's
geological computer fossil

gaia long at anger
and in peace would roam
the surface of gaia
gaia supports my inquiries
with the stones of the rough earth
which pain my feet as bread
and data

so that my living shoes
are clothed in bread
and the esoteric meanings all
are data

(the secret covenant with noise)

kilim breughel cups sit soft and dark

the ornamental
lungs were woven out
of twisting wicks
when only one side of the rung
is attached yet the stalk
is strong
there are many dimensions
of travel across the surface
of its chin of lung wicks
burning with robins
cardinals do they know
that bee elk inked
a ham of we-la luhu karang-wa stilts
stilts stuck fast as rungs
in the slowly churmurring
chin ladder surface

ornamental wick furred lungs
are hung over the doors and lit
when the sane deep weather cults
the vane directions' pharaoh's halo motes
and the small and globular wax mountains
of sacrificial people revolt
in their jaunty maroon
and yellow striped corduroy jumpsuits
logs pass through the canvas
into parts unknown

the longest ladder
is a twin candle
in which the brain unites the birds
birds may make a flying brain
and their dark eyes
are the candling
young kites clone mantas
in these clouds
of egg-shaped tuning forks

in the dream

For years in science fiction books and films, you would hear the term "anti-matter" which is easily understood as being composed of particles which are the antithesis of their normal matter counterparts, positrons and anti-protons, and scientists in the real world have actually been able to make a few little pieces of anti-matter, but anti-matter, for all its strangeness is still baryonic matter. Dark matter or dark energy is something different, and it has been concluded that it is composed of non-baryonic matter, whatever that is, But as the obsidian shadow first tried to explain to me in the first years of my existence as a liminal image in their realm, dark matter and dark energy are really something more like an 'anti-space' whose 'dimensionality of expression' which in normal space is time, for dark matter, is gravity. In otherwords, gravity is dark matter's 'time'. what this ends up acting like is a network, or really, a kind of distributed version of space, whose "exteriority" is an "interiority"; whose seamless contiguity is a quantum network field. The 'outside' of their 'anti-space' is dark matter. And there's an oddity. The beings that live inside this anti-space are literally 'the thoughts of black holes' which are like suns to them which think. Not exactly in a concerted manner, but in a way something like our own ancient divinity or a sun; ie, they are presence itself in the raw, consciousness of a blinding intensity, but whose capriciousness exists also to throw out cascades of self-renewing sequences, or for lack of a better term, 'people', namely obsidian shadows, and liquid pyramidal legislators, and a few billion other types of creatures which live inside the dark matter anti-space network.

in the dream

I would not pretend to understand the physical processes involved in my coming to have access to the dark matter network, but I have been the beneficiary of its elegant reality for nearly two hundred years now. The obsidian shadow being who first discovered me, floating naked and alone in the white space of representation which comprises the perceptual field of dark matter's distributed network, later told me, that it had something to do with a rare and symmetrical assemblage of ghost particles which I had become entangled with in the womb, presumably, an astronomically unlikely event or situation. And so, being something like a scientist, the obsidian shadow had taken me to his home to parade my image before the grand Turbax, the great and collective legislator of its people. The years ahead of me would not be easy, but I did not know it then. In those days, I was embarking on an insanely beautiful adventure.

the price is right

(the james t. selkirk tredition)

in terragametio bong-sandals
the ancient venetian pirates
inspect the washer and dryer combo
set up like whimpering slaves
upon the bidding platform

one contestant yells out

"Every slumgullion
wheys its curd,"
chortles out the host
wearing his best
unity cola
bounced up
with drake-head
trojan ram-horse

"and in more supercilious
cans of pressurized air
these pen salesmen claimed
all products
were each:
'the night and the cord'"

"dante drives an suv
called 'the utopian owl leopard'
to the studio
of audiences
manufacturing consent
is an island where
robinson 'teddy' cruz
lives in an insane revery
cackling over and over:
'the map is knot the horrortary!'"

the gibbering windclothes of the castaway child

loco impala upright
clam encrusted aquarium columns
barnacled with speakers
like rumpled horns of plenty
clutched or proffered by
cherubs whose skin reveals
a scalloped and wavy peak grid
not unlike a seahorse's

a mermaid
has a porous foam
starfish face
and holds clenched
in its psyclopean
central optical
rectum port
a mechanical
quantum eye-drone
whose pew humm
is fissile trans-imputation
non-sense in which
the eye feeds take
notice of noticing

please celebrate
the preciousness
of this accidental
and ancient mystery
teeth shining brightly
in the obscuring mist
a luminous fang
like the bird in space
shall be the stylus
of this quillery
of solar gongs

belch these cascades
of tender monsters
which clothe themselves
in dances
of construction

the light reflected from the snow
of these ovaries
sings in the hush
meandering bamboo
to the ocean of birds
bonze bozo
its leaping chittering
matter speaks every form
and concatenation
are words
made from the same
hyperchromatic snakes
of vibration

its mind would lure a rumpled gumb brone hent

(to be read in the manner of dylan thomas)

two thousand years
of soggy phoenician
phosphorous candle xylophones
and who but hootzanna izture saunas
hiss and burn their thremblems
on the hare
of veristic busts
a reef for wrens
and flux

to wren love
of morning singing
ladle handle is

phosphorous candle
to light the dark hand
of transparent castle
where thorns quoth the cuffs
of dusty brooding gumbs

quod pequots quoth qliphoth's thoth
a meaning whereby
the veristic bust
become more stylized
by elaborated dwellings
who wood chaunt
a gut jongleur's brone
pronto clag-lure
a cloaglichurn?

are nude gumbs
the skins of brones?
embrace your innard's
mage slaves who
marinates in what
what marinates
in where

how or howl is low
meandering beach trench
in which the dawn
snake clerestory windows
kiss eye-level surf
to blindfold justice's
venus this plaintiff

venus deef beachbum
cleechnik glasshopper
spiral ring glass
to wishbone nose-mask
tuning fork of optical
beak eye reader:

a night that began
at the establishment
of Monsieur Peychaud,
where the Sazeracs,
though said to've been
invented there, were
not a patch, it seemed
to Reef

in the wreef of wrennes
the coloured quotation has
some mustache of minnesingers
would dust the foaming rule

the foaming road
atop a glassy finger
i'll milk a high gur stain
there's sugar in its blood
and diamonds on its dingle
and from the foaming rood
in the wreef of fins
i'll walk like a gorilla
on hands and feet
made of foaming
and veristic busts
of carved and lonely streets
heidelburg'd with veristic busts
clutched by hands and feet
of diamond foaming gorillas
whose thoughts
are nude gumbs

so that you
i heave into this idolatrous cattle
of busts and jaunty london bridge apartments
all the fulgurites i can muster
and a trachea of fulgurite apartments will be my
unconscious staphe
sunk as clerestory trenches
in the beach of sky blue sand

shall be the sugar for my blood
the wrennes in these reefs
of sylvan sea glass
the green and hairy
branching coder

is eye level to the surf
rank with gavels
of powderwigged crabs
made of veristic busts
clutching its hen broned
clud-dingled clapper
quods what files all this
as some integrument

gotowałabyś zhànzhù

groin wampum makanda
in solar obelisk chamber
the jellied snail extrusion substance
relates similar experience
to video ammonite shell
new details of fatal crash
high velocity head on
statuary of salome perseus
medusa and sphinx
creating sfumancorluxiam
the crossroads lilly organs
howl of cedar sedation lemmas
pure zingle rioux'd maps ballowed
runt fixation holo-parable dunts din-fallow
telepathy failing random radiation
cling to carnelian shoulders
in deep egypt papoose
madefecimus / i make / i am wet
in made mads the may do does well
to overt mattonò fascinere
lake glonbo where
my house was buried in an earthquake
of thoughtforms (uniquely quivering eyebrow)
to we weaver lemur it inca
sun bash mummy head
as infant emblem corn
"we're overgooeying things here"
grown crooked toe foot fungus
calcareous wing bone extrusion
yokes unique bible of pain
or bliss you choose
she's nude again in her
british flip-flops it's not the
english language but an odor
that has crept into the library
in an array of colors over time
rainbow ant displays
extra-kaleidoscopic corporeal segmenting
insect of loyal dirges makes notes of
orbs form as your bed of eyes
the black night (an empty soil of gargantua)
is the mother of all things
paper takes it well we found
glass tinkles
under percussive delicacy
tuning takes a rose level
act of running wonks
beaountiful whaords

clutching the old datsun under a burning star

doo doo doofus mcdroog
buy any yucca
or century pitcher plant
buy any alien roth shield
david bowie seems to know
a lot about semi-transparent
chromed plastic sheeting
killer clowns didn't show in our town
we had to go to another larger town
which had just been shut down
by killer clowns
and then we picked up some cilantro
on the way home
to make our famous
smoked hatch chile'
and smoked oak and garlic pepper

don't look back
or you will become another completely
data complex
cudgel synozoic blemmy contour
on days like this you could
just leave the planet
if we weren't so primitive
and inbred
of the synozoic
i love you all because
i am friends
with the sacred tulsi plant
who teaches me
good taste
and flavor

wheat creature injetariam

wheat export midbrain
of rottweiler sexy threesome
one part alf
one part alfalfa
and one part alpha dominay-naying
wheat is insect ancient elf mystic numeral
gut inside out for diorama chew views
the stiff hairs are insectile roman soldiers
offalling their hive with crisp and perfect
letters for historical antagonists
trojans were more popular in the
6th century bc syrian buddha fish apples
bc rhymes with crazy
ad rhymes with attention deficit disorder
dove il pace? is grundelin wain rain
a 5 ringed core that structure
gets tossed out like trash
because the inner core has no entrance
but instead chooses to mumbling
in the quantum bedlam history
if central alpha stormbrain's
kaleidscopic anthropoid insectowheats
the tiny schitzophrenic saviors
have long slender tails with roots
and multiple large kernal brains
will luminous projector eyes
and small vestigial body
a feathered huitlacoche muscle
which is floppy and lively
and gesticulates
making a convincing parody
of language
or poetry
it becomes an antenna
in the center of the fountain
whose goal is attract
mispellings or strange animals
all manner of affects
or improbably orange
candy striped thugs
which resemble blocky
bulldog-esque centaurs
a hurly burly foam
it's dinner with vilviolio
the dosed mouse
plays violin inside
the moving shoe
"Δίνει το βιβλίο"

a kentish rover

the trug douched kybalion
golf camera
in kid glove

tugging he is pall pine
and standard charm of glowstick principle
boo waver
lend dome

in ent cuss casery
trilipid gomi vat veris versi

nude dung bell glower pangram

pause in boots

which peaceful wine globe auction clinamen

rabar incul crate the hop vine
green man
picture divan

we gave at the inn
hairy longtongue lantern
where ladder of capon tricorns salad

tithe caesar mechanical

tooths popular uprising hands all to raisins

their cornskinned woodbead cornices

wood haggle in guides
to gaps spread open

how bakery is the clearing

will ford a time knife capsule at the necking

young goats seen through their wings

butterflies sing in yeti pasta

of kiwi faced koalas to rembling

oblong butter tunnels
of eye dialect's exacting cuspidore


harass and harry them
frighten them weymouths
and portland quarry rabbits
for their harem of stone fugues
is much plural under his compound eye
they were wild and careless
to the quarry walls whose
amphitheatre knew such star-
bursts of animated livery
bohemians caressing might
gather round a bowery bird whose
fungus of light fireworks oependire'd
the candid gaze of spectacle
or moleuclat pageant to say that
grim reverence for beauty must
illustrate itself in hovering
constellations of ruby mothcoin
these muricated seraphic and involoose
mandorlas of wet oranges their huge lavender
luminous balloon pupa brain mandalas
whose balcone velvydivans infested
with drunken revelers hasty in pied
sexskinswimple and debauched
in liquid chasing colour
gloved mirth in churlish flexibones
wot tundeled good bill
your art beak grin its calcium den
our baroque spiderhead mendings
what decorative shells
the timelines beast out
maygawn clod gut possible
some eruption of unicorn
gewgaw caterpillar hooka
to collective crust of alice
shakespeare drone
their weird chittering rust
of appliant lightning'd
and hooralunacimodulators
your gavel is as tender still
as samothracian raja's
kaleiduscopic kafkaclerk
oh what opal'd girthhooched
pronotums would flash
along the chains of deckled
and tricked out forvistibules
in masques of fouquetian
dolphin madonnas
each ejaculant in spiral
and rotatory mass confusions
of recrudescent abalone leas
gleeful tickertape
and spiderhead dolphins
let your surchadchinchirps hunger
in complex and exploding


lager fin surfaces
in the hark belled triste
whose luminous solar tripe
instead laid fine bee
for judgement of flower
this yeast gavel grows
in groans the lamb
laid down to rest
in bedlam's golden fleece
barking barking
bark its head off to the feast
what excess of poverty means
to the poverty of excess
mule cameo delta presents
its robotic zeppelin twin caduceus
crux of fictions to actor network theories
of prophecy this aerial platform
or sky circus undulata
of healing

but a mule appeared
in the chemical contents
of the drug of society

no pyramind
no sphere round enough
know thy neighbor
but knot thyself
take heed
of the informal

mood is deep politick
to shallow beings

memories of flarf criticism

it may not be too rude to educe
that the current state of human affairs
and particularly those in which
the english language is chiefly involved
may be broken down
into a symbolic chart
in which the letters of the alphabet
in their roles of collusion with this reality
are matched quite closely
to the theatrical characters
of robert ben garant's
balls of fury (2007)

a is
old man
b is
teenage fan
c is
rick the birdmaster
d is
e is
f is
g is
h is
i is
karl wolfschtagg
j is
k is
l is
den mother
m is
n is
bathroom attendant
o is
p is
the dragon
q is
branch director
r is
male courtesan #1
s is
t is
commanding officer
u is
v is
tiny player
w is
german skinhead
x is
hot asian servant girl
y is
ping pong coach
z is

the whole scene is expressed best by the letters:

tom o'bedlam cruise and molly maguire ringwald
fly to the moon inside a giant pickle
only to find that christopher smart lives there
as the mad moon king with detachable head
from baron munchausen
chattering in a constant recitation
of the jumbilate igmo

construction #3

what happens
when engagement
turns out to be
is heartbeat hysterical
mystical coma
separated from
the silent energy bank
of excess space turmoil
when in the moment
of the culmination
of the alchemical marriage
the person objection
(monas heitch = psyclotope)
to the sacred union
begins to wail
in gibberish:

tikari'ka tika tika tika
milengue seatrahv holu
cansok ku darmok
saderzerste pothezelve
vogalka sodar zief
stommbaum hooter
faundung mutt fleon
fain zealgrog potterm
ucceheffen oude driesen
doot doot lenithion
ormulum gogon triafaspurry
thetty thatt tissunt
xenogolgus which is
ooof which also gibbers
to bezumie incessantly:

hi-he - ha- ho- hu
chri - chre-chra -chro -chru
wri-wre-wra- wro-wru


construction #2

there may be mercurial blood
an extraneous or ironic
element something
whose cryptic inclusion
is unknown to the lawmaker
above which all elses
fails to make its lace on the
first try leading the horse
to water then make it (s)pray
to the apple balloon mint
benjamin franklin copies itself
unknowingly into the first 'caveman'
farmers' supplemental winking
insurance the alligator gar key bi-plane
willst bustamente carved hives
have been explored by
countless science fiction writers
since the thirteenth century
after the second fall
a lot of remnants of the species
choose to hide their originating species
out of shame and respect for the
mantis panthers who were murkey
coil accidents to the invetible
city system some poet of stacked pebbe
els if only gas bags were columns
to the eco-parthenon
a large tree is mother zeus
hung like christmas with criminals
and a dictionary of little toy models
of the important species
the whole planet is imagined
as the messiah
it is a mess (sigh)
ah what a vision
the involuting gyre of sweet smells
ghosts play knightly
in the night hairs
of the future potters
elegant terracotta monkeys
are frozen in dance
and filled with sweet elixirs
each diorama drifts
under its own robotic zeppelin snake
as gondola
dripping its sound
to the hummingbird's
legal defense fund
each omen has a variety of legs
and possible truncations
houses have an inside
and an outside
and several paths
of access
you may have found none
except for the langue langue's
fin-slur spaces
there is a theory of connections
which descends
from christ's offal
which the topology head wears
as a holonomic bonnet
if construction's lord is piss (pis du) "worse"
its terrible infant is shit
turned back into the currency
of meaning
les anatomie mamelle

construction #1

rough flue cairn pog proteggesti
gromt i care to the program's
el pogrom muse detente
shark's glad ivory curlicue
them dame revolver medium
hoarding ogres scarlet shiners
in the bosom of the business park
and video kite herd preguntarlos
sherds and aardvark mosaic darling
which depicts the child dionysus
as an african with red coral antlers
riding an anteater autonomous "o" blasts
there is a striped anteater made
of logs that dining room
dew on dew or don't dusmatovite
tin pills febrintaj my hole
mad dust is made sulhafaat
breeky kava dungaree
hymn degenerational
concepissemus piling sense names
which are silent
even being's sense names
remains silences
construction is the big other
the weird paltry products
which gore and adore

"it sees it"

(thinking about my old friend ed benson; r.i.p.)

those paintings always happened
in something like outer space
or at least within the realm of absolute spirit
there was never a hint of blue sky (only blackness)
and if there was a horizon it was simply a line
and if there was a human person involved
one could always see through them
and often one glimpsed some form of the human organs
through the transparent skin but it can also be said
the organs the entire body was often reduced or
expanded upon as a symbolic system

as i said
the organs were visible
but highly symbolic
some were depicted
as radiating frames or waves
usually the brain but not always
sometimes a whole set of organs
might be replaced with a group of symbols
while another group was (re)presented
more realistically

the organs were all
highly 'visually radioactive'
in the sense that all defining human contours
had become disturbed by an overwhelming
aura of energy pouring from the collective
set of organs and in the energetic excitation
enacted by interactions in the world
of the absolute spirit of the concrete world
a kind of negation wherein the evanescence
of the physical world is shown as a symbolic
cartoon of the body and vice versa
a cartoon of the evanescence of spirit

a lot of the artist's paintings were
by his own admission 'hegelian cartoons'
and he invented a smaller cartoon analog
of a private set of hieroglyphics to populate
(often) the thought bubbles
of his transparent skinned
feathered energy beings
whose heads were often set in clouds
of empty frames of reference
like little windows

in fact these paintings began before
we had gui window frames in computers
for reference.. these frames referenced
abstracted spatiality in a concrete way
at least 10 years before the first gui
framelike representations of app execution

imagine a painter
who paints hovering frames
without humans shown
frames in which some symbolic
event or events is occurring
events which release
a graphic energy

graphic energy
like zigzags
or waves
composed of red
yellow orange
and white
green or blue

the bathroom break

ghostly animated
yantras form
on the sharkskin gray
tile floor
true triangles dance
in close proximity
and diaphanous palimpsest
created by the unlikely passing
of photons through the reticulation
of the natural weave
of the small high window's drapery

in reflecting on this in silence
i consider the monk's consideration
of the light of buddha
as it passes through the vicissitudes
of samsara and karma
as the author
of the yantric presence

a living symbol of contemplation
making known the transcendence
of reflection through the negativity
of projection

reptilov's pasquinade

In the palace of vanity and noise
I make a fine embroidery
of an airplane which is also a telephone
lying alone in the desert
in a smart hammock
pitched between two columns
of smoking crystalline entrails
which smile joke and talk
and which house
the two treatises
named 'ghoulistan'
and 'turkey-munching'
to wit: cyber-chat
has been a collective character
for two centuries now

On Listening to the Decembrists

Это 1890 год, и я сижу в своей кроличьей норе в Санкт-Петербурге, читая «Европейские письма» Вильгельма Кюхельбекера об американце 26-го века по имени Джеймс Тибериус Кирк, который путешествует по Европе, которая впала в варварство. Ему это нравится. Он влюбляется в странную зеленокожую «цыганку», и они путешествуют по сельской местности, развлекая маленькие деревни с казацкими танцами. В конце концов они встречают благородного татарина по имени Спок, который знакомит их с удовольствиями гашиша и опиума, а также с историей древней религии, называемой «Логика», которая заставляет их улыбаться, но и хмурится, поскольку в логике нет главных героев или антагонистов, но только аргументы и контраргументы. 26 век - это красочное время (если не сказать больше).


Eto 1890 god, i ya sizhu v svoyey krolich'yey nore v Sankt-Peterburge, chitaya «Yevropeyskiye pis'ma» Vil'gel'ma Kyukhel'bekera ob amerikantse 26-go veka po imeni Dzheyms Tiberius Kirk, kotoryy puteshestvuyet po Yevrope, kotoraya vpala v varvarstvo. Yemu eto nravitsya. On vlyublyayetsya v strannuyu zelenokozhuyu «tsyganku», i oni puteshestvuyut po sel'skoy mestnosti, razvlekaya malen'kiye derevni s kazatskimi tantsami. V kontse kontsov oni vstrechayut blagorodnogo tatarina po imeni Spok, kotoryy znakomit ikh s udovol'stviyami gashisha i opiuma, a takzhe s istoriyey drevney religii, nazyvayemoy «Logika», kotoraya zastavlyayet ikh ulybat'sya, no i khmuritsya, poskol'ku v logike net glavnykh geroyev ili antagonistov, no tol'ko argumenty i kontrargumenty. 26 vek - eto krasochnoye vremya (yesli ne skazat' bol'she).

pessive bahdins

tongue plus day
to hootenanny missive
rolling missives on the play
old friends sound and physics
weeping buddha will you
please stand up to reveal
the mad hatter (wait)

clam replication crystal
the letter writer who became gogol
would let each ghost paper panther
tell its own long tail as make
bottomless lakes
bottomless seas
fantastical snails
of involuting
and opalescent palaces

we green leafed merpeople
give to you a tongue plus day
with energy special to your small might
and wait wile gray and lift in rain
the long and crenelated brain bolts
which leap skywards
pharum pharum unibolt or bowmanti
the golden wind is on the lamb
golden fleece iambic balsamic
this much vinegar in a tiny stone ear
will ode to fanged jellybeast
in regal feather mantle
ode to paramecium lipstick radio

ewers of mantis and lotus
rolling in pillows
their mosaics may be trash remains
of some replication or event
the psychology or ideation
is easily damaged or misled
ideation itself is suspect
my may mu be itself
itself negates any creation or destruction
at scales all of which may be mu (misleading)
you or mea (all of this compressed)
a misleading but tongue plus day
belief toward a culpa or plateau
there are many absolute routes
which lead to and away from
the map is a camera
"the app wolf am"
lookifer is jennifer
you are "with light here"

the mad hatter gogol clam replication
whose tender plitter the soul as a photon
for a sun of skin a terrible notion
will fit easily inside
the hyperdense sponge numbers layered
so precisely in sheets around the everchanging
spewhole nucleus or its pensive

i offer you hosannas of moods
and gale force silences
of throbbing essences
i offer you drugs
made of interplanetary animals
joined in song adhesion contusions

in the dream

i'm almost running in place in the barnyard
i'm getting very little traction but the event of this
it's dawning on me in the dream it's a metaphor
and so the scene changes / at first i'm in a field
of speckled foxglove taller than my head
and buried in a deep memory under the cherry leaves
my own internal cherry leaves and behind the traffic
of the gesticulating bodies of milkweed assassin bugs
are the zealous longpipes of the long wave memories
of my dream of vitharsa the smooth black shadow
furred in obsidian who attends the ring maze
which surrounds the column of fire

the barnyard is quiet but they are coming
and i cannot run / through the ruins of the concrete bunker
i cannot see them but know they are there
i'm a small frog lounging tenderly in a floxglove blossom
imagining all the things in physics a heavy boot
could be

in alternate dimensions or in just one
outer space might be white instead of black
and the colors of stars completely speckled
with color

are they deranged farmers who arrive to hunt me?
are they herpetologists? vitharsa speaks then to me
as a small frog in my foxglove blossom
he comes as a tower of milkweed assassin bugs
a halloween of pixels chattering of grids
of spaces

vitharsa tells me
that a long time ago
a magnetic monopole became conscious
and took the form of a human through dreams
but i'm laughing i'm saying
'but, i'm a frog' and these small spaces
aren't mine

"space is wide" says vitharsa
"the pyramid of water made from
pyramids of water is the sign
of my heavy boot"

the toe of excess
which gives it traction

song of the unity of unknown sounds

orioles know the core
of the yak gyred moor's cooing:
i coo amore! i coo amore!

of these sounds i am aware
and on the sheer cliffs waiting
you are waiting and gnashing

in the distant views of the sea
in the nameless cage of wonder
and surrender the topic is unknown

furry laughter gurgles repeating itself
from your knees green cobras grow
and meteorites wear your kimono

we are soaring! we are soaring!
oh! through my garden!
through the narrow fumes
of fireflies which connect to spiders

this delicate slanting
in the azure skin of the kiwi-eyed
peaks of listening rain

in the echoing
of these hopeful mountains
the slick grass is like a vision
of the night sky

grasshoppers ride the crows
in the chill moonlight
pretending they are plovers

this tangle of light
is cool (your thoughts are pines)
in the cascade of cicadas

whatever it is, it will be some combination

(combination is what you should make your promises to)

physics is tender
government pure
a suspended gallon
to the llama allures
is sand to principle
as desert to head
as brazen as loving
as dead

island works a bridge
over flower reflecting
color's other / this optics
in which the philosopher
spread some proposed tent
of knowing comes together
as the most complete knowledge
of physics is given a character
as in a movie and then a purpose
as a synthetic person

and we elect it
this machine of our own grace
our own constantly updating
knowledge base

queen tenderpure
our knowledge of physics
becomes our government
in the form of a computer
which breaks down
goes insane
and kills everybody
on accident
as brazen as loving
as dead

can of air tells zeppelin of fungus
in sewer system of burnt library histories
physics tokens quixotic systems
head enters sand space, sand enters
waterloo strawberry hat tea wimpole baily
enters leaky cave speach archive
of limping carnival monkeys

schnickenhauser grind me end to end

(ad gloria hominem beethoven)

in the painting i found
a small snide or clever-
looking animal which
looked a bit like a fox
or a bit like a striped cat
as its short luxurious fur
was orange with wide
black stripes but its head
was unusual looking more
like a crocodile's than a
cat's or a fox's and it wore
a little leather aviator hat
for it also had bat's wings
whose hairless membranes
continued the patterns
of the fur but in pigment
its monocle was gold rimmed
and the lens a cut crystal
and etched in words
around the perimeter
hellos flow freely from my conejo
conejos flow freely from my hello

hesitate (previous page's commang-toe)
hexsample 98999676965632443011

christian morgenstern stood looking
at the thunder heads in the distance:

"they must be strange angels
or energy demons which by
miracles known only to insanity
exist in this rarefied black hole
in ignorance and wonder this

a rhyme(hesitate):
lee ann brown / vision crown

cars / buddha / suffering
and / cow / mudmen / howdah
with lady lean-to's constituency:

a day at the museum
in which i can't believe i'm even
going there anymore
why would i visit the ruins
of the disease that lifted the world

into its songs
of agony
round and round
there is a morning routine
and in its silent old age
becomes a metaphor
for the violent schizophrenic dictionary
which grinds me pure from end to end

may i be pure and good bread
for the grotesque table
of the crocodile aviator

may conejos flow freely from my hellos
may hellos (etc)---> black conejos--->

dark matter freely
demonic arias of black matter
creating gravity insanity
black energy
for love
as witness
to an art crime
"a sex object"
as doubled helix turns
is full toothed soap and soup divan
a grille-y-ad
hexitate ad hexsample

more cosmic greek versions of hummus

(delphic chyme in hollyweird)

these beds of dirt
are the garlic of my nailbeds
in the vague dreams
of the nation's history
3 to 8 people become
one garlic banjo zombie
toasting dirt teacups
with phyllis diller
in w.aterford c.loset mindfields
of ancient post-futurist comedy
you've seen chandeliers
of garlic beached hymens on the sidelines
of vampire valkyrie football
old dirty wagner transvestite jesuses
waltzing in the rain
in their pickelhaube ring saga
and green onion wedding dresses
these beds of earth
are dancing with pickled mummy sausages
the inca stoned high council garlic
ruminating pencil priest
the long galaxy pencil of glands
sleeps in deep feathered vortex chambers
many things are wrapped up in a single skin
beds of dirt attend it nude
carrying pickled wainscoting meteors
stuffed with opalescent sweetbreads
of clusters of yammering historical heads
their mumbling lips of garlic spread
with avionics and nutbutter anti-christs
and the garlic of my nailbeds
crushed omens in my gazpacho pancho panzer
sun storm the sun my sun is don quixote
is gay for the moon no the moon
is a livery of cattle what if suddenly
your eyes, testicles, ovaries, and tongue
were replaced with yammering illuminated
blue and purple spotted bombay garlic
it could happen at any time to an ancient greek
hollyweird pun when starfish cattle wear
smiley faced vampire emojis and
stiff collars made of swarms of robotic
mandalay bay ignorant things their soft faces
turned upwards to face the illuminated dirt of starfish
"brain starfish hoard the star-symbol shaped cherry pi"
the dreams of starfish loose titanic meats
of vague machine elf dolphins
compress their sex (into vampires of svelte garlic naiads)
into one small world's deluded desire
to become a single
garlic banjo zombie eye
emerson yodeling in greenskin
donald duck vampire skin cuticles
the shining for toads
mjt witchell once wrote a book called:
_what do do starfish cuticles want, anyway?_
"i'm crippled in seattle and being force-fed pizza
by some rich guy who looks like jack ruby made
of korean mountain vegetables"
or "it's the nailbeds' tale touring roadtown
with a killerdilleresque vampire starfish cyclops"
it's paradise for dirt brain chaos
in absolute equilibrium or its opposite
a soiled presence erects this mookiness
its sultan silk tents in my nailbeds
but the feathered onion vortex
is alive with garlic dachsund gazelles
long creamy salamander bananas with
branching scarlet horns hung with alexander
calder's tennis after having eaten dom rickles
socrates of mute hemlock math painting glow worms
on their world's hymen hummus
of exploding nipples
in the final house there's a stone plaque that reads:
"bring me that chicken, chicken" (or)
know thyself
as a comet of yammering
sweetbreads in a mushy
pudding kilt omen halo
dirt beds of garlic flavored fingernails
"i'm only lucid when i notice
that my one good eye's rectumouth
is supported by billions
of tiny garlic-scented legs"

pure nature's decay into itself

my bugle is ugh
oh gothic how
this hopscotch gremlin
in holy mirror
the mucuous
idols of golden mucuous
ram out your famed bugle
unto the ugh
oh how gothic
the slinking gremlins
of bethlehem
and even on the high walls
of atlantis the gargoyles blare
their gothic horns of ugh
ramming out its weird lips
into this hopscotch reticule
of holy cringe-cant-essence

The Idiot Toy

Eighteen times already.
The moon in the blue sky,
Asphalt, moon and sky
Nobody knows what it is.
He shouted at these young men.
Hello Hello Twill!

"Why are you opening the door?"
Is this group called Betty Foy?
Why are you in such a difficult situation?
So ride a horse
Oh, who do you like?

The wind is sleeping
Even Betty replied.
He closed his mouth
Yes, Betty! To do
Hat, chair, that?

Betty in love
Your neighbor is Susan Gal
Susan's second single
It calmed me and scared me.
Life does not succeed

a few miles
They do not help solve the problem.
Old Susan is sleeping.
Twelve people were killed
Whatever you choose.

Husband in the forest
This week
It didn't help poor Susan Wave.
What do they do?

Betty was released on the road.
See photos and beauty
Happy or sick
Or buy a wooden pan

dedicating odd translations to the losing world

original found text:

erecting the tanner’s careful acne we aver
for the noise javelina snakes septum is packed with fauna
which we bathe in the golden tea
fusing our tests with the ransom
our ipads are both alma mater and hen
our napery is infused with delphic auras
hidden by this illuminated yet cryptic arras
before we were vascular escutcheons
we were adzuki beans of asci eels involved
in tulip-like wars
our alloys or auloi of vascular golden alveoli
are an arsenal of clenchings
the high sun’s nil sensus is an epic flick
of larval fauna
our quincunx’s vulva lies fallow in the sphinxing
poetry’s m missile is fusing the futility
of the noise javelina’s hindering cape
and the municipal nostril’s napery of falsetto
“control oughts”
a javelina’s hut is the penis’s master
but an acne covered pig is easily fumed
with zinnias
intermaiming control pigs via satellites is tense
but eco-pigs have named their ourobouros laura
who is also of the hellenistic la raza
teens often misspell their racy rhymes
and their spellings create an outcry
fumes of man hens now appear
in the napery of control
o what gleans here
but obtuse hares
and self-titled

completed translation:

eurat tanna larezul ame vaχr.
Lautn . Velθina-ś, eśtla Afuna-s, sleleθc aru ::tezan,
fuśle-ri tesn-ś tei-ś Raśne-ś ipa ama hen.
Naper XII Velthina θuraś araś,
pe raścemulml escul, zuci en esci epl, tularu.
Auleśi, Velθina-ś Arznal, clenśi,
θii θil ścun'a cenu, eplc felic Larθal-ś Afune-ś,
clen, θunχ ulθe fala-ś.
Χi=em fuśle, Velθina hinθa cape, municlet, masu,
naper śran . ctl, θii falśti.
Veltina hut naper penez-ś masu.
Acnina clel Afuna, Velθina mler zinia.
Intemame r cnl Velθina zia śatene tesne,
Eca Velθina θuraś θaura hel-u tes ne Raśne cei.
Tesn-ś tei-ś Raśne-ś χimθ, śpel θuta ścun'a, Afuna mena hen.
Naper ci cnl hare utuśe.

ironic odes of hermian lovecraft

nude etruscans
were padding silently
through the cypress grove
when they came upon
an enormous amorphous
black goat thing
which sprawled and slithered
and opened itself up
and here and there
darkly furred shadow people
strode out of momentary portals
and then the lovemaking began
so here is where we must enact
the tular rasnal for the black goat
works to make others pretty
the mirror shiner from the cold
deep void

welling up from its eyes

(millions of blind minstrels)

already dew-laden
my miscanthus sleeves
are flowering nothing
is really any fun today
because you've always
got to pay for everything
from civets to albufera
in the sane revolution
a person goes walking away
hazy in the evening rain
once a city now a field
since the beginning
a gorgeous gruesome
untrustworthiness i
turn down my lantern
and look at my own
bizarrely petaled tendrils
day is about to break
imponderable and touchless
a warbler needs no revenge
on our tormented castrated society
on the hot and hostile sun
a warbler to its last
is in epic calculation
joy is gliding
flight is fun

the news piano as poly-cryptic set-builder notation

rogue minutiae
would viable insurgence
avogadro freud virilio
friable interface goodall zfc
tin seek skull in the untoward
canvas meandering hall tent
expression's set
toose-toose 'pon white stones
their plain spoken eyes to peer out
from longitudinal carnaps
and large cardinal logic
which place in time
would void horde vogue to
supple society to prophesy self
to recreate the paradox
of naive set theory (identity)
when it does not include
human now versions of lady frazer
temporal colonialism apewards
as more vague coral logic
companions of history
show up missing
how casual refrains
the infinitely integrated structure
"the moon is roman glass"
may too in rank by 'fields' (an ought that rolls)
by consciousness itself
(within an alchemical marriage to its own symbol)
is the only destructive
migrant community
rogue minutiae eaves delicate cairns
small rhapsodic coats of arms
are situations of go board (a semetary)
rapt condor mating fathers
our curious cassirer domains
convulse these closed boons
doctrine clocking closely caricature
the child's sacrificial orokaiva pig-bird platform
matter remains surrealism
bite! byte! bite!
heroic home-craft hardened
into 'enlightened' tyranny while
russel's paradox impolitic
an~ rustic hermit wanderer
cleaves to cloudscapes
in homely lean-toose (carrot)
peripatetic and picaresque
the biological unit
alters history in sets
space is never silent
livid emptiness
rogues queen virtual
electron chymen
infirmament gluster

in the dream

i'm watching television at night. the film stars frank sinatra, old blue eyes, in a lost film only now just available from the criterion channel. mouldering in some vault because of legal issues, the film is a 1983 reprise of mr. s's supposedly final role as captain edward x. delaney in the film 'the first deadly sin' which had been slated originally to be directed by roman polanski, but was not because of the statutory rape charges which were brought against him. in this film called 'still some sunlight remains' polanski does direct. its setting is a remote beachfront property in northern japan where captain delaney has come to retire as his wife has died from a second kidney failure, and to paint landscapes, and read poetry. over the first part of the film old blue eyes discovers a kind of haunted grove where he begins to receive beautiful visions of the wife he loved in a younger form, only in this film, polanski has bizarrely yet poignantly replaced faye dunaway with a very convincing version of the young ava gardner, old blue eye's actual 'lost love' from real life. the role is played by an unknown actress whose name is mary echo. strangely he discovers his wife planting flowers in the grove and he begins to speak with her which leads to the realization that she is some version of the wife he loved. over the first part of the film, he becomes intensely inspired by the place and paints some wonderful seascapes and visits this intelligent and ghostly autonomous memory of his wife until one day he meets an old hermit on the way to the mystical grove who asks him if he has met a lost beloved there, to which old blue eyes responds 'i have'. the old man smiles and tells him he is very lucky, but tells him to be careful of the mysterious 'nageki no ai no ikimono' or wailing love creature which inhabits the area. for awhile delaney continues to visit the apparition, but eventually comes to his senses and decides to investigate the phenomenon. he contracts a local guide to help him to penetrate several adjacent areas to the grove which exist on higher ground to see if he can spy or learn what the true nature of the visions are. eventually through perserverance and after several raucous sake' drinking sessions with his rough mountain guide, an ex-yakuza, he makes the discovery that there is indeed a sort of alien creature living in a cave near the grove, and also a trans-dimensional portal which the creature uses to 'replentish' itself. finally he confronts the creature and after a strange interlude of miscommunication becomes friends with the animal cemented by the creature's love of captain delaney's singing. in the last part of the film, delaney is painting even more and living in his beach house with the creature and ava gardner who has returned to being his lover. his paintings have become visionary abstractions and he signs them only with his middle initial x. in one scene he reads a section of a midieval renga by sogi to ava gardner: okiwaburu / tsuyu koso hana ni / aware nare, etc.. old blue eyes is speaking japanese. at the end and even older, delaney joins the creature in a journey to its world travelling to the portal and then through while the old hermit looks on from behind a rock. in the last and bizarre scene, captain delaney is seen to be transfigured into a kind of energy being in a large stadium where he is 'painting with his voice' to a huge audience of the alien 'wailing love creatures' who appear be luminous hairy fish creatures each with a constellation of smaller brain-like or fungal butterfly things which flit around their heads. the film ends with delaney or "x" singing (in japanese) irving berlin's 'when i lost you' to a packed extraterrestrial audience.

so much (too much) skank

part one:

Some of the smoke in Ana
All of these workers participated
in these changes the high-level
microwave bars have damaged
their small potential
Ituku Kusa lost her job
The fire burns in the bathroom,
and immediately sees the bad tails.
I know your cyclone steps,
and I became politically political
morally, human tunes of Abraham
McKean Frankenstein, and the
absence of Abraham, who was a
wildlife creature. pipi-trano.
His longstockinged body and lack
of awareness of his personality, this
group, formed and swam in the Turkish
lake in the form of a beautiful beef,
where the summer was released.
Summer in the lake. Societal
sentiment is a criminal case
against T-shirt if it's in T-shirt
i have broken down into bad parts
for a play in which i am always
the evil but the lines are good
"nostril caviar are conquistador skeletons"
was something "what popular"
solomongrungey why so much
tattooing with your grandmother's
station wagon agon here is the prototype
for the real tripe flag
no need to dye it
o red honey chicken bee

part two:

You have a long way to respect these disadvantages
Short films result in pornography and hands
The people they see are rebels In the laundry
room, the boxes are on the floor Critics
complained that this elder couple's cooling
of this elderly couple and our bags went
to the woods, a chic which became a porn star,
as if any skin could achieve fusion on its own
and was a tribute to his orange cherry father.
It is true that the success of McQueen in the
history of those who were at mercy of the blob
was the Frankenstein piano, but that he was
confined to the area. And to swim in the Throw
Circle Throw in the park this summer without
the city and it is a logistic moth that makes a
cloud of criminals, and is now the best way
to get rid of cargo. Riosish-red with smoke.
antifa and proud they are all young people
not dinosaurs smoking rare herbs in time machines

Call Ana
You have the Kilim Nice office to take part in the TIS
Cutting the stones INCA RHUBABE PALLET
Problems with their muscular cancer
The fireplace in the living room is a wheelchair,
the free radiation fluid available everywhere, and the Lincoln Brick Yellow Baby Models for Piano Repair handled by all of you. I exit Boots, I knew candles when it came to the world's loss policy. No wonder we know that the Turks' turn is the endorsement of the organization. Interesting response in the world in the world of lakes. Soccer is a good idea of ​​a shirt and green if the garden garden is to turn off the magnificent gromon and manna in the hole.

go lady daddyo gnomon cornholio golf good grief
charlie brown in this skin you are fat batman
chalice of wind
brought by retard chaos
by divinity's divine anti-divinity
oh please consider to
stay in the sun
primitive lifeguard person
until the raisin golems pour out
like wobbly union zombi revengers
qbert hierarchies made flesh
near public fountains

An Existential Critique of Erotomania's Hybri(d)s

melam melam
meddling in the brunt
of the operational multi-alone
whose name or personality
is suspended over
damocles is laid down
into ophelia
what tusk is brunt
by biology's deep time
gambits meddling
molecular sketchpad says
confection's (n)done
unknown or undone
gravity is not what the
leap of faith means by grammar
and if by peddling the moments
when the donkey sits down
and refuses to move
melam melam
the sundial may be fashioned
of old moss-colored shark's fins
in the pavement of an eye
to wit: i am meddling in the
brunt of the peddling punt
is suspended over the words
of the molecular sketchpad
'i feel you' meddling to
the operational multi-unknown
and for all its storage capacity
to let it come done melam
puluhtu o melam
it's not over arcadia, help!
help! someone is meddling
by their petalling
it could not be more easy
to lay some maps of the world
as textures upon a rose
melam melam
each burnt tusk is a close
elephant donkey comes closer
hung with swords
but is anyone wary yet
of ironic confection's net
let any who does not fall sway
to combination
coordinate the first tone
vestal ballots confect
ballistic ballet conjectures
for any figure is a figure
any tone on tone advances
some differential unity
i am meddling in this erotomania
with (for) the universe
the elephant donkey
which is both charging
and refuses to move
damned oak leaves conceal
"je'zeus ophelia drone"

be kind to a mystery rewinder

 (fat cobra coulombs care)

the densely paradoxical ubiquities of the chewtoy form the interlocking stones of a prism whose detention isn't si nut tonomo but gut geronimo dangling three toad dense sense waiting rooms on the cutting rheum floor lilian gish gilled light licht pours deliciously from the angel merman's gills and we nude fry come flipping head over heels through the colossal slits in the sky of scales we nude fry we unify our tassels of triste tesoro teselado trusting the treasury department of birds because we believe anything so long as its ing pulls a witch faced artment odes are 'densely' paraparticulate ubiquities of huxley and urubu's 1908 ubu the rumors that were spread about jarry lay frilly as alveoli boudin in the griddle and nested walkways of the enghetto'd mermaid collossus neck spongiform encephalooping fungus literachairs supported grilled witness logic whenever they stalled over whose holographic truth partition senses ideology places piano coded scrolls in debate with lesser penguins discognitive associnance only as a wrhyme si scheme motor skill each plate is a prison made with interlocking stones of serene joy their counter echo would not define or design the happy time of dogs own new nut tomato with a cashew tale robbersons little easel at the center of its cool sweet flesh templed paradoxes let slaves do that for you software slaves of incomparable labor can disposables folding amputes tea 8 in pates the upper part of their mouths were detachable so as to allow the smuggling of data out of the repressive "symbolic" pulls and old comedy shambolic lineage to pantalone from strap-on stronghold of freedom and justice for this sacrifice to ritual for who could contain containment containment doubled the rectal architecture of the merman's meandering alley firefly markets sad repeating tileworks glowed more gorgeously in its gut mandala such singularities of 'before word' and afterward their novelly novelties of glitter abound in the high penthouse garden plaza nut house the handball court wall loves the blind medusa whose hollow eyesockets become fountains the left eye pours loaves of latin deglutenized cache loots lutes and the right one rids the sould poul of sour fishes there is no green garum salsa today we celts are hanging some bodies on the wall of the bike path down by the system of interested parties and for life there is no leave their sad tessellated treasure tassels alone there is no alone even alone there are the teeming ghettos of cells and networks gobbling and chattering loosely swinging catwalks and swinging rope hicccooof fingy for plastic shark printer hammock and lay your greenest bones for set bebe nee nee teeth the english garden dress dog who tells the low bull-mongrel declaiming i be wheat peckinpaw declaiming in goldrush chaplin sally oof 'densely' nun mermaid low bull-mongrel cheshire chandilier plate kidneys covered in glitter wriggled dancers once flipped nude as fry from the illuminated 'whose hypermelodramatic biology is this?" gill slits of the angelic fire fleshed anarchists of the cosmos and wetting everyone that passes with my stream of young and moral guardians of paradox who are we to eat the babies which grow high in the treetops of sky laid under the ground memory is like earth left to declaim over spoiled footsteps made of sunsets spoiled food left singing always already sally tuned sweet to the stomach of rejecting nothing no body electric singing without something kind to a mystery they called her peaches and kerasol


a stained glass
missile fish
passes a harlequin
of remote controlled gas
on its way down
to meet the rising
of the twelve enraptured
each made of a froth of gem-like
faces projecting faces
in which a different colored
flame ignites
before it explodes
joining the raptures
of the day
as a sheet of glass
of infinite colors
which shatters
the colors leaving to explore
the spaces between
the hurtling shards
of insanity

the final refugee
whose name
is love

Monday, April 20, 2020

the long ages of the universe

vupne' rojj kuklarub-chinf mudfang
miximegoo haweggi noll hu radarah
mimay pitshu feef b'keel
dirrone im imollifu zaxerx shiput
fuq e'arridoppen an tirqiq ho hlatsa
litsea-ah brinne midkuweel briptyne
honmojay zalgug cuxinne sed
seprus zalma foga khozkuseth
thup chutsin chishadharca síolta
bolgy-nachah bod owlgor bowny
shuk inkufude' frow villunt pegu
dyunuth pirriwethen uh jub nibun
trih inhu wennerwirhiliprethur
bodlog humpskin pid tengkorak kayu
felulutalf pennitwill u g'minghajr
fjammablafluss hyniena
kespatilla vespirali fette

lettres de cachet

(a french poem made by a decadent american)

dans la mousse de frétillement
oppresseurs lézard transparents
nos bateaux de gens de papier
lutté sur leur chemin

c'était la nouvelle
Morlock Gondwana
et nous l'eloi
ont été rassemblés
dans l'abattoir du carnaval

bonne chance, idéaux brillants
bonne chance garde illégale
ces destins tournent
sur cordes sanglantes
chaînes d'événements
être étranglé
dans leurs baignoires

avons-nous vraiment besoin de couleurs symboliques
quand nous avons électronique global
transmission de la monnaie
les protocoles

Hybrides financés par Rothschild
et rehybridé
par petro-nazi-late-hominids
injecter quelque chose

c'est peut-être mal conçu
je me souviens quand le cannabis
est venu avec chaque bureau
kit de lézard foetus revolution

déteste aussi est un nike
je déteste être lent
je déteste être mal à l'aise
j'aime quand les forêts tropicales s'effondrent
sous le poids
de yodel lézard gris conçu
Robomonkey bactéries châteaux
des vecteurs d'incubation viraux

la décadence finale
de corruption idéologique
et effondrement écologique

les extraterrestres sont arrivés
et ils sont des idiots mutants
ils nous souviennent
l'idiotie peut avoir une résilience
structure et de cette façon
il forme une image miroir du génie

idiotie est l'entropie agent d'entropie
quand on voit des forces anti-entropiques
être peut-être sur le point de se libérer

ce n'est pas si stupide
ou romantique
l'humanité est juste un mauvais animal
dans nous sommes tous piégés
dans son ambre

insectes rongeant les murs
de leur propre ruche

antimony reflects

 (a pig or book that deforms)

horizontal bisons
slip like water
through the prairie
of kangaroos
any inmage gurgur
right is tight that
your line candor spreads
across the moor
through the wax trees
carrying skiffes trinkets
and glodde all bunched up
waves of articles and objects
and where the green bandages allow
hurt lightning under the scab
of rotodendron kohonkadori
night after night the voices
of the insects grow more weak
weeks rest away in this cloistered plan
displaying colors to (as or wile this that)
dark space resumes its sucking herald
and where the eye presumes
there is some
bleak vision of suckling the sublime
our distance narren-tome-o-rama
toopic unknown
janus we winter downy

autumn will still be kneading its meat
on the doorstep
it will be a field of deep grass
whose black velvet kangaroos
of obsidian tea sets
will have spread soot to fingertips
in the old hospital
we will spend our time crying
into quail ~!look canary bottles
each watery flute skull
is an island school of fishes
our heaven was the lost host abstraction
of innocence in pleading to
a meaning beyond meaning
that physical our reward
in the before life
come briefly for some hunting
the chemical ram
burrows star horns in capering corn
glad resounding
oat turning ergot in the forbearance
of quality switch

what skulks in the village of deep grass
transparent limousine pig
whose head is obscured in the red foam
of wriggling children
going and then returning
into the sky of lines
i imagine a green moon of springtime
and kangaroo parades
where thujects once pleaded
to the involuting thoughts
do not take our daughters
each ink splotch mirks common
into your sooty pouches
thujects glide before the seed statues
only the body is reason
to be insane with spring
and a consort
all through the night
to day

virgin messages
are brooding in the rain
red bills
red legs
capital bird
i will put to you this question
do things go well with love
does love recite
beyond knowing in lines
which spreads randomly
in the summer grove

nightclothes lay empty
of mirror face down
our family spreads

plunky a strangs

quonseth rustibago lungfellow
blitely brutes th'vare
and when clusters seethe
its seth again
shadow-rider onto a shadow hare
for it may be a bonny lake
trees and shore
but the upright grasshopper's
never far all odes held tightly
to the horde empyream
of the hare-grasshopers'

the uncracked geodde of eyes
sees nothing but darkness
and to darkness it crowes
but seething seth
has a brighter side
yet still deformed
it growes!

aye, your wide mansion
is nary but a batshead
grown weird with tinkling herbs

and batfrog

here are the vests
of your fleshly
camera retort

green lemurbat
in bright leaf armor
and little skis
of hard green
foetal bananas

indutiomarus dipthong saarland

bean-two accent
at the corner of le mans and lullwater
ending quickly on an individual
knotlipscrob some lines by lawrence
on the trapeze and by davies
on the miniscule and ancient
sex lives of tiny prosimians
being eaten by owls some-
thing i have an intimate macrame'
record experience of
i imagine a synthetic hive
made of all the perfect glass
bottles our family has used
the collective shapes it
seems would have
burgeoned a crystal
a crystal has a clinical
side and its clinical side
is like a prisoner
reciting a poem
felix the cat
longing for home
a chimney
basil orange
walking stick

in the dream

'the array' was a system of luminous oozing brain columns set into a biomorphed cube of tufa which housed the custom support organs, the bacterial cadres, the interface, and various mechanical elements to aid in maintenance, and all of it was housed in a doric temple set in a weedy p'lazzo in a forgotten niche of the megacity.

sometimes through binoculars across the plaza pyorta had seen them hosing off one of the columns or detaching a mutant horseshoe-batfishcrab foetus from a brain column which she thought looked like a nuclear pile rod lighting the interior of the temple. she had a bootleg 'prayer kit' which was nothing more than a two-way radio that was especially tuned to the frequency of the interface surface of the nanites that lined the tufa brain-column sockets. the old array may have been senile because whenever pyorta asked it questions it usually gave only nonsense in return. for instance if pyorta said, "why are we here?" the array might say something like 'a wingless pegasus mole must burrow in the solar bud door, but the ugly fierce has gimped the frame plan.'

for a long time pyorta had no idea what to think about any of the terms of answers like these until she came across a file doing net archaeology one day called 'failed proposition states for ontological contact with the tiered gravity singularity in the near galactic center: projecting prionic language curses as mismatched quantum signatures.' it mentioned something called 'the pegasus missions' which were somehow the origin of both the recent expansion of human consciousness and its madness leading to its current totally degraded state. the ruling class of humans at some point had become vile cannibal vampire-like creatures (kurus) because of a protein altering disease. the disease was transmitted through their verbal language.

pyorta had downloaded the mission parameters
and taken them back to her brainfish aquariums
for analysis.

diogenes and his lantern of luminous hobos

hobos running here and there their marxbrothers motorlingo symbols peeling out the walls spinpulls 4 hobos and a hermit were bathing in a ditch one day when the house that jack built jumped in headfirst into the mud cracking its head on a rock later when asked the house said i have a great anxiety about growing up and finding a career i might enjoy right now i enjoy the sound of motorboats in the distance from connecticut i enjoy seeing clusters of hobos running along the canals moving their sand pegs between the stations of the cross railway masters a hobo on the cross came to me as mercury that group of hobos together was mercury al corso i'm headfirst in the mud drawing little pictures at the bakery i'm made of wiring money and there's a little cave where the girls from the frankenstein movies come pouring out brown skin and blonde hair the kind frankenstein likes moving in his indian canoe moving languidly in the sea of hobos and sidewalk symbols o i will go with you harpo simon magus shirley frankenstein temple hobos float up in a radial patterns from the ring road muddy ditch atlantis and make a mandala groucho marx your genes have been scattered in these hobo runners each with their own eyeballs of hot pink licorice chewing gum which swaddles the sweet and bony fingers of their prose and megaphony magephones i hear you oh simon magus your simeon cold brew moves muddy through the hobo stones your milky clouds obey me if i am alive today it is because of you simon magus fond railway orphan raised by good samaritans all of the hobos of this land are samaria bound in their chocolate chuckwagon hymen-chariots their money wires culling muddy mondoskulls from the underwear temples of frankenstein's heavy harpo hobo railway line motorlingo is headfirst but head is dead last and dying head is dumb and nail and good samamartrains have let the tough tracks guff weedy where the moon tufa is cloven and spattered with golden stink mud i see thee diogenes apollo hobo-lad you are my photon anxiety this is the temple which looks like a muddy ditch full of hobo philosophers mimicking a train of circus frankenstains

Sunday, April 19, 2020

more glue to glow in

gruesome growth
of stages mist
which flattens
into lairs of incompense
stirring stellar congress
ogligarchic and orgispasmic
here below the craw
of the half-ball
she walks in beauty
as the penis of possibility

sign nets stuttering

interfacing and interlocking
expanding segment rings
of lapis lazuli are seen to
by an animated and snaking

emblem of doggerel science fiction
purring questions:

is logomania not decadence?
is surface tension of principle's
history not benign romance
animal desire
and viral ignorance?

if a perfectly carved and miniscule
jade tree is set in the engraving
of its exact opposite in bloodstone
or red carnelian
would griffin herald
moral consciousness?

carving itself is twinned

solar signetry
for all its anciently disordered pyramids
found clouds of uniquely
mutant systemancy
beaming to adjustments

there are frail old planets
in elliptical orbits
and on one
a thin jeweled fungus
carved by ignorance
and wonder

a tree grows solemnly
from the earthly cabochon
of your sample signet

the marriage of earth
and sky desires
a divorce from the measures
of meretricious ornaments

or empty judgements
ache and capsize
within a day

light passes
toward interruption
in translucent operations

a story of some lines

(for lytle shaw and christian morgenstern)

the desiccated vampire head
had been decorated with feathers
but it is hard to find it now
as it lurks in the heavy mane
of the snow wolf as it gallops
wearing a black iron tiara
which looks like a letter V
made of twin lightning bolts
and all this happened just before
out of nowhere a skinny little fish
fell right in its path
and now then they're raining everywhere
dropped presumably from the undulating
striped and worm-like zeppelin
which seems to have docked
on a distant snow-topped peak
and from which now debarking
are what look like stylized monks
in procession wearing balloon cowls
so that they drift gently down
but even farther away
one sees a winged mummy
flying high over the snowfield
and executing a turn a banking
as it heads for its lair
which looks like a carved eye
at the peak of an adjacent crag
and in which the pupil
is a cave with a landing porch
which is flanked with braziers of boiling glue
to warm its bones and refinish its bandages

an oericle of synurus

surfsample club mint foot
hoot in any owl jade hollow
emblem replication sort
then follow the linear distribution
to proscenium creation
comedy to the timeline
is a platform for the spider
in a mint mask of surf hoof
jute and concrete ovufeticle

there is a road between
the spider's parody
and the tightrope walker's
surfsample club mint foot
or "foot dangling into volcano"
attaches to gooey silk
these ancient hawaiians
carried their pineapple colored
living spider rosaries around their shoulders
into high curling surf of philosophy
crashing upon the stones of proscenium
every happy child in the beach world
is fitted with a heavy distorted
terracotta mask of
rudely crafted mud maps

hoot through a horn
of replicating owl emblems
zarathustra the spider
led these jungle and forest wrapped
people into regions of club foot
and mint
pineapple head spiders
gilded their svelte shoulders
in a lava of rickety tight-rope walkers
strange geometric volumes
formed the backdrop of the stage
and some had doors
where form took its lava to attention
holy pompeii in tahiti lava mint horns
your club feet odalisques
are gooey with the rickety
pie apple conquered silk

the amphitheater
which was the apex
of the lingam of the cindercone
was surfing in mint
pale yellow sweet-tasting lava
the small mask-like spider
was trapped mid road horn
in the tiny foot of amber
which dangled from the nostril
of the schizomidan dorsal comedy plate
celsus and cetus
having been zippered up
in the plastic body of andromeda
gooey with owl ricket proscenium
and silk codpiece analogues
quotations of abandoned
pineapple colored leathermasked
dendrite canoes hung gingerly
with amberbaby spiderclubfoot charms
the awesome tone of gryllix
pancake of rising brain nudities

pale grease

your harmonica of doubled selves
with pointed ears made of gluten
it knows
the shelf-life slows down
some vision of alchemy is still extant
where the talk-show host-hermit on the mount
erects these blakean and hand-painted
stele in relief

nothing yet forecast (the still leaf)
a moment in which the dark spots
of the speaking mildew lend some
sunken topology to Amleth's curving form
the stars may be organs
but the body has ambled away
leaving much room
for rocambolesqueries of amble
ample is the genie's tongue carpet
who huddled as pixels made of harmonicas

the doubled self is sad
and the single self is empty
to wit only knowledge of the split
resembles a joy
but no one feels it
but there in its painted
and pointed ear of gluten
sits the tiny stone stele of blake
a frozen and hurrian minstrel of carbuncles
which knows only a single song
which it croons unceasingly
but then all forms of alchemy
are lurid

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The Society of the Friends of the Confection

gloire found
the room pellets
any pure leaf mummy lay
at an angle in the mirrored plain
under the covers (les obscurités)
who was the painting
M. Robespierre Muller
meeting its first at onus Ned Rawlins
against the thermidor
of the empty galactic maze
snaking hallways led compounded
to the myrrh tree
pregnant with lovers
rabbits remade
into scholarship
dew like mercury
performs as a computer
their lips offer roofline routines
gaping and split
only spit and pill amber
commune in the constitution
the hot pin prick evolving
gathering dead leaves
for the skull of the communion
of the old and choir-like bodies
which participated
in the mummy
aimer et espérer
la chaleur et la pourriture
the smaller dog
was the voice of the pair

strepitus mundi

(the martin victorious)

prone sosia in admixtum pugna
by the projection of a doppelgänger
off the cuff a detail
deepfake classicism

mount rushmore by the hand
of radiant polygamy
rustic runs the veinery of cults
and so the cufflinks hang more heady
they're stone heads

tom sawyer paints the fence
but what ancient syrian demon will inhabit
so gracefully the water sleeves of paint
which miraculously spill out
into this calligraphy (who cares)
old man demaenetus stars in an all-star cast
in this weary fabula palliata

who is grumpy for the winter to end
the snow is a richly empty color
who is grumpy for the hot summer to terminate
the sun gives birth to milk in the veins
galen dons the mask of artemona
for the sixteen century long play
captured in shirts and the blood
of the spectacular

the result is a materialistic abuse
of conventional rules
and who says anthropology is anything more
than the study of the vicissitudes
of conventionality as depicted
in the stains of the various collars:

sikon and getas go to knemon's house
to torment him when he wakes
they tease and trick him into joining
the rest of the wedding party celebrations
night shirts are long very long
each cult remains a character
and all the characters are each a cult
whose members (ancient and noble cells)
form the body of pan or maybe
a whirring sound like a bullroarer

time is original
strepitus mundi

convulsions of history

(more examples of stoner political discourse)

brain-faced wasp frog drones
grow out their thoraxsos
into long curlicuing chains
of loosely affiliated segments
which are held together
by the phraze:

each segment
is both a mouth
and a word
in the sequence

but a brain-faced wasp frog
has no power to will the psychic surgery
of the palace guard

only a lone rebel granny
in her cloak of nictitating follies
of ideolothegms
has the power to force
such a short-circuitry
thus gaining entrance
to the throne room
of the emperor

and to commence
the assassination
for which the brain-faced
wasp frogs are so expectant

thus dawns the age
of the psychic anarcho-granny

at the heart of a smoke-stone swarm
of brain-faced wasp frog drones
lies the great knife
of the expectant

o smoothly ratcheting
and weaponized psychic granny!

may she cut you to the quick
o foul emperor of lies!

after having contracted sponge hoof

living tooth by nail
with the animals of the high grass
their flatbed railways cars flailing
with empty chains
the growling hulus
of the lizard-skinned
buffalo clowns

buffalo lizard clowns frown
under their heavy burdensome swarms
of painted totalitarian grasshopper monkeys
who reef and bowk and bayer
in the headsofties
of the underground train cave
chains waggling girth

buffalo clowns chameleon fame
and saucer eyed clan of coot
my own foot is a clan
of dark blue clams
each with its little venus of exorcisms
of chameleon buffalo in supplication
to a coot and to a sphere of bandicoothe

now that the pongueur
has outwayed the stain
my tooth and nailk
are oi grass bledd
and oi in the high grass
my deepdream savior weeps
my deepgreen chameleon camel jesus
grown long in winter hair grass thistle
and oi

i am oal and abhorrent
i am misker in things done withinto
the above i clown
and look upon the big tent
with rotatoing yey plates
and yey ye
i am with thee unto the end

the glass thistle
is covered by the flesh thimble
and the rotatoes are music
to these svelt chameleon grasshopper odalisques
who basque in the pontytrail teas
in the highrise divagations of plain

ny hoo oi no heehee
my clown is born to thee in clowds
and i hwill hoowhill whilled
by the garth of the highcrass
neon labyrinth of liquid chigger beasts
iahmu i bathe the orca mask
in liquid chigger breast clowns
i grieve in my gloves
to the beasts flowing
in the high grass
and to the highest oi
which is the beefallow headed boamedusa
whose chameleon clown head
is keefy with rattlesnake tails

oh hulu
groton boo
and flower nations

cackling witch people music

is it fair to share
ten thousand years
of blind gnawing desire
in your aerosol can of
facebook hair sea foam

caw! caw!
mutant moment moving!
are 3d printed omens pouring
from the mouths of the chorus
from the sinkholes where their faceplates
once lived in vacationland?
is it fun to tag buddha's faceplate
on its vacation? i've seen a lot of
faceplates visiting special places
around the earth swimming deep
under ten thousand years of blind
gnawing desire for determinations
to be fruitful and multiply is it fair
this tortoise shell which holds
only radiant lavender fire faeries
only somnoles this dog-headed
symbol-spewing machine in its
somatic faceplate chewing vacation
facebook hair can of radiolarian larariums.
is it fun to serve the cosmic dictator of desire?

i say old stone. old bone. i say.
is it really ten thousand years because last week
i heard you say it had only been a week
since you killed that awful animal
waggling its naked spines
out in the road and scrabbling off
in its sparking and sparkling
knuckles of blind gnawing
grey wolf with crow on head
caw! caw!
what is a worm crowned
with a thinking crystal?
Is it is layer?

the last fairy tale in verse by alexander putin

perruding buns your
natural hostility
toward evangelical determinisms
a platypus is erect (with lupins)
upon the casa blanca

i can't stand it
how many percentages
of morning mourning
in the moors
there are more
tales of the alhambra
by washington irving
alive in the old pirate ship's
septic 18th century

come with me
into the heart of the sun castle
"how unworthy is my scribbling of the place."
perruded buns are worth mentioning
combining description, myth and narrations
of real historical events
the black washington

the mushroom
the dark strange hermit of earth
alone within
the creation of destruction
and the destruction of creation

irony is an ass and
moistly hung jesus saddles touch
together within
the tale of the golden cockerel

gross capitulation to inner tendency

in its woulds a knights head
part monkey and part bat
but with the face removed
and proffering the leaf-like tongue
through a fleshy slit as part of a map
the head being most of a jester

the jester of signs
was mostly a jester
but also a dancer
inasmuch as any dancer
could be a dancer and also be
an unclosed volume

the jester's signature was a thing
of contention a small
human headed bee papoose
with wings instead of ears
a whirligig corkscrew was inserted
in the small of its back
as it landed face down
skidding across the page
and dissolving
into a fine and kingly bed
its great rotor paddles
kicking into the liquid air
the spiral nudity of ink left orphaned
inside the empty face
of the jester

sometimes the jester
wore a lightbulb instead of a head
inside was a tiny magnetic
liquid ferromantic bat's head of spiky resonances

a filamental and spiky liquid bats head
at the center of a vacuum bulb
but also a blob as sometimes
symbols that connote specificities
are really just blobs
specific looking blobs
but really rather ambiguous in the end

a face
can also be a blob
one person is handing another
a tie which looks like a nose
has ever
tied their nose up
to a music
for a face
in the light bulb
of a symbolic gesture