Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Fina Mule

I know
that the skin of your soup
bladder aquarium helmet pillow
is completely transparent
and reveals a myriad
dead fish made life-like
by wind-up exoskeletons
of pressed vegetable

I know that
you are sanctified
by a kind of churchy
lurchy doo-da
that somehow
has managed to install
in the brains
of various
yaqui quipu
pu-pu platter
as arts professors
or whatever you
people call yourself
inside the mix max
mux cluck
of Madame Blavatsky's
solar evolution peony.

I know that
dotted lines
hover throughout all
time and space
and are the food
of pacman toadies

who appears
as a blond afro spheroid
in many of my detourned
images of Canaletto

sipping lemon juice
oh! maybe it's a belt
with a drink holster and a

in a gondola

I think about gondolas
with giant lacquered
cupolas that look like


bullfighting an enormous hog
whose head has been styled
into that of a samurai

tiny little goya
you sleep under bonsai

tiny little monster
you rotate
around exploding orbufonene

Richard Harrison

Connecteon driven by acts, and axe as map for the labyrinthine shadow of Connecteon.
Labia are pairs of breasts, and aureole become centreole. Imagine all these
lace-like hatchets to sup, and Connecteon stilled, thinking: Time is a triangle.

Chemico Hon

for Kimiko Hahn






Red Cementum As Poured Over Purasol

fondling black pages
in a rotunda of mothering aisles
the sample rumination
ascends into gentle armour
panoplied with manners
and giddy with jesting songs
of gesticulating bloods


where something wicked comes
something simple goes
fend fence installed topographically

mains stripe
takes rotation
under wing
and warbles with the thing
until we float

like angelic trash along the walls

these machine dreams
have glittering meat halos
platonic antelope camera
before the image


they think in laminates
ordered and disorderly method
slow primeval contomporary

we the little myths
start out into the weird island again
all things an Anamorphosis
of all their apron walls
formed in-situ
of Boucle Cloth
smooth weave, over
the surface of which
is the boucle effect

a pool of loops
housing some
lopped heads hushed
yet for their loping
abashing tonguline

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pint of Drafts.

peg enters hole,
Dicamptodon enstatus.

John Berger wears his
Brueghel print coveralls
and joins the peasantry
presently, pleasantly.

One possible metaphor
of the poem is setting down
one's hat on its crown
so as not to stress
the delicate shaping,
but of course,

a fist can always fly
through the top
of the hat

and someone yell


[she steps on her underwear
and pulls the waist up to the
knees and sneezes to boot]

Things like Barns.
The bed that Huon lay on
no humayne tonge can esteme
the valewe therof.

My tease.
Mot ease.
my tea's..

ending this inset
an option shooting
pancakes off the
roof with a crossbow
a nod
to naked

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ernst Krenek / Early Newman Jughead

Now I see that what is familiar,
the witch in the cat by the photograph
in the way~

"Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn.."

Not to mention the message behind it,

Royal typewriters and
Royal vacuums could both be involved

a window laid down over the instrument
an instrument laid down over a land

the typewriter as if an agency
sucking the cranium
of whitewashed bricks
which bild
witch build

picture the rocking chair
or the R's fatal shape
the leg to support
by animal extension
anything relational

Carsten Höller

little boy peeing
and from empty pages
we proceed

the statue hollowed
and hooked up interminably
to the royal vaccum

eye-holed sucking
nipple pin-holes sucking
vagina or cock-hole sucking
asshole sucking
and even the folds of skin

thieve's argot
the tughra
and the modern interstate

a low velvet pile
upon the thinking its

head like a cannister on wheels
and the long hose-like schnozz

you pompous idiot, "very mysterious"?
Do you think I'd never sail them?

úbuo eshunt wasl
ilem mesh meth lais
ysc afid dzo, eme.


Simon Magus
the raised letters
on the hide of the snake
click harshly and catch
on the corners of my teeth

his head is strapped down
and he is forced to glean
the messages of the gods
by listening to the skins
of snakes with the ears
of his teeth,

a purely personal torture / paradise,
the joke
of an underworld

red noose.
dead lore rowing,

google: meth lab loofah
page 205.

Now I see that what is familiar,
as vein on view is beautiful,
as sky-colored blood goes dueling
the impotent dog
must fuck and fail
in its own mouth...

What They Told Me By Never Saying [Neme or Nome]

in the personal burger of its filiblustering dewd,
the kafka-at-once-medieval for its face on the surface
of the shrewd-ala-metis, the shield which is at once
the symbol not of its threee-cornered thrownedness
for the circuit which is the not of normal usage:


Gilead as the fly on the balm
the bill in the hat
the hall on the rye
or the trucking

what if.

a huge redwood cock lay fallen across the land
lay hung down a hill
and carved out by lightning

what if the meatus of light
was the social undone
by the universal alien.

I give you
the top hat
with a rabbit inside

the fungal top hat
and the rabbit patch
deflection audibull

papal pap or pupua
to tap its bier-powered
pat black cab

the taxi in venice
with a male behind a veil

altered histories for sale
something like

a popular triangular heel
in 18th century men's foot

Inf Wolfenburg, the personal burgher,
his minutely frosty hoar, the canine incissors
packed neatly to the library door
a relief of toms everpresent in the cochlea

Dionysian logos spermatikon as equating

juxtaposition with superposition

cock interchangeable with lea

the universal signal

"lang is" ~chang~

the memory for han shan
or stone lake
switching old dallas
for old wichita falls

elvis at the stoneleigh hotel

Janis Joplin
reading Andrew Marvel
to the sound
of summer locusts

Or what by th' Oceans slow alluvion fell,
Of shipwrackt Cockle and the Muscle-shell;
This indigested vomit of the Sea
Fell to the Dutch by just Propriety.

"buy it yourself, prick.."

Less E. Alaska

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Thin Transparent Heir

a dense fog lays close to its face
obscuring the more subtle grain
of its imitation


a duke sets in
on the pool
and where its gastric
grotto departs
the kris-like boat
is led to dream

a wooden hand
heads the mast
and lanterns hang
in the hollow nails
pulleys in the chimney fingers
to raise the light

the duke
is stone
and lays on lashed ears
of maize

but the eyes are soft
two ancient eggs

and stinking

grey yolks
with just a hint of

gold or urine

torrent assoon, and knot what begs

precious ice,
orgueil and arctic
cite, the ticking
arc spectrum, a
unity in iron
or photography,
place seems usual
said, then overt,
or the carbon-
precise visage
of its name,
now flowering
arcades ambo,

now mamba,
sambo, an obvious
if scarlet lateral
to heave its set
with sideways
eye tracks the
letter to its line,
the point of
matter, a
mad term, an
interminable dam
in an infinite

Friday, July 23, 2010

Mucky Mango Calls (Test Pattern)

fondue cellphone romance
erects its steely implacable
fitness favela wavepool agitator tot
where the ringtone meets
the curd packet's

bah bah blacktooth
have you any woo-woo birdy?

any letter might have a flip-top
data-entry port
or become a sandal
for randomly configured
hardbody or software
mumbulation sundial

hiking trail up into aerial

liquid peg
say short drop
poly-logos each
eery old ear canal
replaces the nipple hole

camper has data screen
in orange flavored pacifier styles
9b through g8

centaur's waterproof faceplate
is removed
by Paco the
centipede trawler

highly dissolving tennis wear
is on sale inside a bronchial dishwasher halo

cranial ports are arranged around
the circumference during the banana boat

caribbean doodads
cluster together into an ambiguous
area of food stalls called 'the hat'

the hat is either
of all saints or fitness instructors
and mimics whatever joint operations
are provided

mango cellphone cluster
K-mango flip-top
T-kiwi flip-top with banana sake' atomizer horns
F-plum sturdy skin flip-flop-fliptop
data IUD or s.t.u.d.
w/ aureola disk dispenser
used for laptop mating grommets
or salvation camisole study bay

parasitic appliances beware!

unique drawer arrays
have instantiated themselves
among the virtual furniture
of the yeti banana cellphone future's traders'
aerosol; a slow remedial saunter ensues,
its slappo-puro
is mostly decibel bunko

a troika of hatbands
communicate in heavy fog

one says click
the other two post silence
to ensure a natural ivory tower tonguelessness

chest-plates open up steamily to reveal
the jellied cellphone stalls of the parasitic
cephalophoric protoctistan talk-show-host's
sub-lingual subway attendants
while another group of audience members
get stuck to a mango


the two pug puppies
ass her girl
they wriggle
the little face in her bottom
i am an elevator

ten slow sloth
in Peking

more brandy
then Brandy's pugs
come wriggling

the first grey came to me
sonic scalpel
lao tzu
luau zoo
zoe zone
tone tzone


the little pug
the red and white checked tablecloth
the wax over the chianti bottle
and toasting its whole sad shadow
sole mate and countenanced fire
would feel
in dense rapt pleasure
a bliss of knowing really

the memories
like migrants
pass from our body
as we pass from the earth


my ass face girl pug listening
to the lick

car coasting

our daisy yellow skeletons
are perched
at the top of the door

stone camel
rebel sugar mainplates
a figure not of
the decumbiture

little daisy
twin unique pug


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

nagadoon: macaronics reprise.

Bare Code Drong, Bode Fong Loop

laboring inside
the dirigible acid
as thin boys
placed bubbles onto
humming machine tops
its arm could
come rambling a
hundred elbows
suspended in rainbow
discolored milk
pink fleas
we labor to the
balloon of its
speech murk brittle
wig-kerneled slaves
of brittle wig-
kerneled lava a
glass egg hovers
pressurized by gas
and images play
across its surface
now green metal
sleeps in a skeleton
around transparent
girls, nothing is,
nothing isn't
chameleonic chirality
inverts its formal
symptom and the whole
construction so densely
unitied, mirror kissing
mirror to construct some
something lay Cheshire
escarpment apartments
rearranging entrance
kissing exist
these blue canyons
of baked foam that hush
the engine beneath
here we cut out costumes
in the breath
and gasp as
diminutive machines
make light
its great
unbridled chest
away wen won a
kosmon feathers in
twisting flicker frames
their sport to complicate

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Temporary Engagement

you're not as sweet a narc
what narcissus
bends for yard men

the rotten wood of the floor
the massive dodona
and dodo

take cuttings
and bring them out
squid necked hankies

we set loose about
a thousand rabbits
laughing into dishes

sets ordered
by stain or color
in their virtue

the neat end of the house
where the invisible laborers
awaited relocation

the tidy satanic library
and the cameos
glued to a knotty stick

i know this is a loquat tree
but it can't be growing
here in the living room

the whole
empty sidecar

the hobo i know
the license plate

force to ride the rabbit naked
when long boxes of sand
seem filled with fox prints

Monday, July 19, 2010

Mote View

as it will leak within the pulse, the
window of the Prick of Conscience,
Lord of the Gladiators, the helmet
head a printer, then

the object is one
as it bursts out
from the stomach
of a sea monster

massive disk hands
they shed and replenished

the island pies
which incubated
formidable elastic heads

and the glow
of speech about
the cuff

too dry moves
the doll of cannons
as it slumbers
its sway to Anhalt

greeting their weird armies
on the shore
they could not believe
we were black holes
and semi-human contours

all blackness
a single tone


all color
a printing

nothing will conform
to any sense given


they splay out tines
the light intending
batwings, fingers
opaque lanterns

ketoid and keloid
its limb-smoked

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Modifications of Circus Idols

O take these exuviae
by carriage
to circus

process of ludi
we appear at pompa

white stone
the word flesh tensa

dignitas engulfing
dog flame auracled
costume of force

O Exuviae, your breath hint
silver civil breathrone jeweled
for the theater
habitually conceived
dictatorial lucidity

with political performance
to the sea seed's deus

Antony and Octavia
in Athens

Pogwomb's Mugshoft

Enter the velour party-weevil
Johnny Quest
the shaving cream turban
is washed away

jet riot beer
surfing suspended arc
viking foam gliders'
dirigon mihark

googon blockabloy tombossy
the towle disspensing halon

turkey sleek
pet chrome baker tail
the lee jerry mumford faucet
love fish bite corral

the smoke of glyph surfers
interconnecting martini chihundle
rob rubber nailed cob handled skull

koo kang

crab immortal sidepipe mutton chops
horse longitude jester nomadic face holes
blowhole constant navel eye flange
goat pastry with moth feather eyelid flange-cakes

to qualng
be king kalng
gobo tong bunting rub a lung

fog knockers
gettin' grey glass
long its ceramic compass riddle

thing signal
swimming watusi
polyvalent scriabinonce

You come out of that bamboo snake box
Johnny Quest

the wooly crag of eight-fingered
bee trees

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nepotism Part 1

Etymology dot com
eat 'em oology

yoked to logos:

She, or maybe he'd say:

There's a sandwich in the fridge.
It should still be good.
A little ham, some finocchiona,
some fresh tomato, and a little
arugula and mustard,

a thin slice of some nameless
Spanish cheese
which of course does have a name.

Channel 8 doesn't come in.
Go out for your own wine.

A skin book
turns paradise
where the leather windows
the external human ear
of a dolphin

a fireplace is miniaturized
brought to life
and it hovers
blinking according to language

a green triple helix
appears in the living room

the painter

the hour of its death
is past
the whole afterlife
or afterbirth
the whole long inflating


the cat licks the rim

There's lemonade left, too.


Weird god like soap


the gold is everywhere
it oozes
and extrudes in octagonal ingots

the miners go crazy
their bones like transparent golden glass

until the shining thing
like an incandescent robot
of constellated machine glyph
steps from the wall

and the screaming miners peer into the

endless baroque galleries of melted golden stalagia


old agia

he starts to play the drum
on the face of a mannequin.

Bogging Down in White Mud

I call Julia Kristeva
Eskimo Cricket Chin
and think I see her at the mall
as usual with that little
Frank Stella headband.

In a post-modern situation,
an artist, or critic or whatever
might fish kite scissor basket shield
into three pots
then hang a barbell
near the campfire

A big speaker system could set up
to show vacuum
and jets could dodge lightning

three turtles could race
inside a sphere
on one end
of a teeter totter.

Proto-Elamite dedifferentiation says:

"Get me another one, I'll use it."

There is no facile pancalism.

Only the poetic cause
which mangles bounty and farce
can give bangs
the vigor
of s(ed)uction.

The beautiful is not
a simple arrangement;
it needs power, energy,
and conquest.

All statues
are yellow flowers.

Hurling Toads at Judges

Ruth Bunzel

"stone forehead strap"



grrrrreeen cuubbee

I SAW Romulans reaming:

Odi et amo. Quare id faciam fortasse requiris.
Nescio, sed fieri sentio, et excrucior.

I'm astonished, green cube, that you haven't
collapsed into ruins,
since you're holding up

the weary voice of so many pooties.

The Language Poets have forgot


as the practice
of thought

It is awkward to bring up
in a poem

the slaves of Nietzsche

The language cubes are poets.

Pundit Prawn Knot(h)
and Youth's La Monte Carlo

are no longer in the
Green Street Loft.

Lyceum. Sucking dog teats.
Terrible Modern Art.

Now squirrel
was among the
winged creatures,
and owl
was among
the beasts.

Soundtrack to
_The Other_


The Exorcist

w/ WCW's _Song_ as "Karras"

If I
could count the silence
I could suck your mother's
cock in hell.

But it is one. No head even
to gnaw. Spinning.

If I
could halt the glazed eyes
spinning, surface of ass,

my mind
could shove its fingers
in your cunt
and break apart

the smooth
singleness of the night-soil
until sleep dropped like vomit

upon me.


Bitter mango, I see you wandering
among the rinds
of ship's hulls, I see you,
orange-fleshed ~
as Raymond Lull,

I see you yodeling out
perfectly jellied hyperglyphs
which turn out to be

tubes of macaronic industry
and then
and then

the whirlwind concrete extruder
gets mispelled

the hex turd
may in fact rely
on crystalline microwave guides
which struct (to pomme)
stretch or pulse (to uguladi)

a bitter mango
discovers a geode
to be the combinatorial

a more complex thing
has a head

through which
chains saunter

"mirrored banjo"

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Descene

The descene blackened
as the scent blackened.
Mammaries climb

upon a nourishment component,
a sort of jewel

into a habitation, since the spazzes it grows have glands
inhabited by sherds
heretofare unrulitized,

of nuked rinds--
since their movies
are like "objective"
(even though they have the number one band!)

William is tired now.


By conflating the space of thought
with that of landscape, and by
identifying landscape with that
of the space of chemistry, a
universal alienation is unearthed
which is more or less a processual
trinity which consists of

landschaft / mediation / alienation

culture is alienated from nature
because of mediation

nature is alienated from culture
because of mediation

mediation itself is nature
and culture

there is no reality
without transduction

without image, without sign
and conversely without the social
contractualisation of sign

no construction occurs
and yet, only construction occurs

there are only


the parents
create a victim

who then strives
to become
another oppressor

and yet when no one listens
the created are as unborn

and since no one listens
becomes the transcendent priniple

alienation itself
is the divine principle.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

François Chauveau

BibliOdyssey does it again with a set of hairy grotesques from François Chauveau

a song like an ocean in the walls

carries itself

down into the streets

Monday, July 12, 2010

It is a line, It is a nil image of the aging manofils.


In particolare
una tomba presenta
l'immagine classica
del serpente


quali la piramide posta
sul cubo nella variante
è costituita tutti e tre
i pezzi per aver accesso


( lapis =- pietra )

un po' curvo,
spuntava al di sopra
delle tombe basse

Un insieme di bugie;
ecco quello che sono!


His head is bent with age,
and his red eyes filled
with tears


Ryno, is for the dead,
my voice to the inhabitants
of the grave.

Where can I buy a cube of rubik?
Two bodies in one grave.
A set of lies, here is what I am!

According to legend,
King Minos had built a tomb
for his son

Cubic Glaucus.

It is for use:

"Constant Minus"

1 million
million mile tall
blue bottles
are connected
by tautly patterned

and crawling through them
all simultaneously
i have to say

____ ____ ____ ___ ________ _____
_ ____ __ ___

Enjoying New Socks.

run do run do run do run do run do run do run do run do
run do run do run do run do run do run do run do
run do run do run do run do run do run do
run do run do run do run do run do
run do run do run do run do
run do run do run do
run do run do
run do
run do
run do run do
run do run do run do
run do run do run do run do
run do run do run do run do run do
run do run do run do run do run do run do
run do run do run do run do run do run do run do
run do run do run do run do run do run do run do run do

Each light call to make a pawl, the beyond by phase
a mask espying days, but unworn, a daze, the hoof
for a face now toughening in a light of infinite
locusts. Focus on the searing veering labor of its
voiced veins, the poor torn-up hordes of hopeful
coils, the ratchet whose dim, maturer wills, give
onto vistas in the hills. These animate instruments
cannot prove us. With alloy furors, the adorations
prevail, cangues so sleeping among the acts of light,
acts no one really knows. A goddess opens a dress
which is also a goddes and a dress, or two twin
goddesses dance inside an es shaped dress whose beard
is like a sock full of trilobite desks skittering
on mad crashed cymbals. Light appears unworn, but
it is shaved down to the hull and one can see
the fishes that make up the dresses for desks
in their light alveoli pledging complexions
of misprisioms. Light may change itself at
the edges and segue into pregnant ledges,
chubboons lodge before the entrance to
grand hedges, eyeballs rolling in things
not meant to be cathedrals of owning:

Anger augurs a hoodoo of rugae,
and when danger eats the manger
whose fangless master is a
head banger, regal nabis
must swiftly corn the
carnation's monocle.

Any barnacle is likely
to take root on any patch
of skin, music's kin.
There is a lady named,
aptly enough, Rosed
who says:

"I see white meat-vehicles
standing in an architectural


Knobby summa gratis
sits arguing, quarled
in a knotty bung.

Boxing With a Giant Banana

there is a long grey brain
like a handle like a stain
like a cock or like a pain
a headless jain
shooting flaming roosters
into the main vein

on a stone dylan thomas table.

there is a roman in a tree
sucking like a bee
at my knee
but with a dorsal bristle cache

there is a vampire in the lake
baking a cake
and watching tv

there are three
chinese nipples in my pee
like fresh hot yeast rolls
they investigate
spy rings
for satan's brother ernie

there is a long great bray
like a stony oni's pay
rough and twisted like a root

like a foot

I write a love letter
to Wahiri in my dream
but mismell his name

Wha? hear? y?
Or maybe its just a
thank you, not.

My jaw, like some
ancient and stupid donkey
stands its ground.

I am made of rain:
The original
and still the best
like a hotdog cannon in a futurist vest

I bet you never seen a showgirl
in yellow velvet
eat fried chicken shaped like a brain

imagine a lion showgirl
with a fried mushroom mane
or a broccoli
printing with its head in blue ink
a kind of toad's call
to the drink

i could make you say yuck
with mud colored
catfish caviar

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Artful Botcher

after Donna Kuhn

a finite dongle
will allow your rug mixer
to foogoo

it will allow
griddle crow party hats
to flourish in a cat's mouth's
breughel scene imaging

a final dongle
might be applied
to the renter's omen,
the landlord's disappointment
and any other felt-shaped
party favors
which occur
in the general rumaging scene
as approved by winding stairs

wind does not return
from sponge doughnut shields
heavy and drooping
with fragrant bee butter

if a cat's head
is used as the design
for a castle

a pot-bellied renter
might take up seascapes
with a binocularic landlord

a crow might perch
on a dongle-like finial
which orders a lucid
for heavy
dimly lit
body human scenesters
involved in low key turf grappling

wind does not return
but spongy cakes of spider pelts
are hung like charms
from the prow
of a barge

a barge called


a pot-bellied cat
curses empty turrets
now obfuscated
with grinning bougainvillea

a pair of binoculars
is a duplex
for derby hatted
with belly-hookah-dongles

a loaf of dawdle

bed branchery caravanserai

care cautel to dither

guna travelling
nameless into self

Hagarene immetrical
Modu overmorrow

physicky pinion pretend
macana hondum beeing
to go or of shadow

all this wind shakes

labial rotor craftsmen

Carnival heartbreak
sore stericks unchildish
twin surroys

Above the dark Upsaras flew,
beneath us plashed the blood


the anaglypta is alive and moves
the antependium drapes an apricot colored
archer in a babble of astrakhan
beech incumbent hung

a bluebearded boar
roots at a brass braid

In the Beginning
serpents hung
weights' Brede hung

bosom backed its
cheese chassis chandilier

Chopsticks fill the Christmas tree
in Coburg

tej -as

labanu- ^^11' j^TL ; 131. hi, "^' »-&:Tjr^ gab, 1^^> elitu. dellu, uknu. cTTl^y, YY padu. mahdutu, -II me, kirn, »*tAY >-YY.^ mayal. te, pu, lTM; mow. , lY, 364. >Jp^5 dapinu. sihu, nazaru. tabalu-hamdu, '~^|<"*• mow. erim, zal, tV>-»-y, >— billudu. .^jll- mon. enisu, mdntu, nangu. samtu. euk 291. sumelu. uku, dannu, mon. gannu. ^T^y mon. ^ mon. risatu. , *"I giru, ^iTT) < azu- t^^^^^j mesa. mon. nib qinu. nadu, More, Si^^y, I^ wxm. elibu-sa-iz, L92. elit-arki. in, n, gub; talliku. ^^y tarn, "^i*"- zamaru, kin; zin ^ ^Ili' da; 'm^n. puhhuru, ; >jp^J:|][^, azu, palah. dik, 176. su tarzu, 90. ]^Y^, dih lah; Vj , ab, ^1 >.y|^ >i-TY-*^-*^' ^'' ^/jTYEy and napalsubu. >- 314. lahtanu. zarihu, sarii. ^^ mI^, £y^. ^E, nagab. .<^PP , 243. libitu, .... nabu, mon. dib kissat, puhu, mon. 1> lamu, 338. "W- , 1 siptu. 376.-T»-*-Tj sams," mxm. kulla. garii. m^n. mon. pilu, amaru. D. Tj "l^in, — *-^|> ; esir, niru. £I_^^^~* 275. enu, >*^, ' mon. erib. ^Z zimu, mo».abnii,saqu-8a-ikli. 5 ^^11' mabar, nabadu-sa-immi. bizzuru, ''^''''■" ^ aba. tJM ®^^' ^gfV-, matu, Pflj J:][][}][^lj[, uhu, with itanu, if^i ' YI, ; kaoattu. zik; 307. ttSS?' ; "''"'■• ^, j[J*~T ili, gablu, mon. ^y "^II' fpj^Y, mon. kal, >?- ub, \^^j I 134. »5w|» tar, or YY«<, "*"'*' as; mon. ^y bi, ! >1_<^ 282. .j^gP uru, mon, founded * OTo». le; ^jpY) uru- mon. timmu, baru. nabu, sakbitu. mon. kunnn. siln. ■^ S"^1^J *~nl'^' 85. fc^yyj ^YYj3^, kibiru. •^I tS?", ■^JJX' t^YYY, 17 ubbu, 'i^'i'ii- subtu, mur, >-gT>~], huluq. ; kitn, 348. nubtu. -^t=*'»^5 '"''"*• »5w) mx>n. ^ More, 4^, malfl, ''*<'™' ^T""]^ ^~^ 135. S^Y, mm. 1'66. kapalu, asaro, 214. \ySp5 kunnu. pallu, mulu, muk, gal, 120. man. |TT£:Y zib. t:YYY< Y*"' ^^i sahar, L94. "^ow. 265, sussu. ahhuru. TTjtj >-Jj3i^, birutu. , IN J»».yY, dan, sarad. subtu, di, gar mon. more, hababu. zabbu, tim; '"'"*• ?™t"- saqu-sa-nisi, ; mow. ^^ sar, tatu-sa- mon. mon. mon. uapaldu. zahru, mo». mon. gisri, 258. ma, ^]I]rV'-^ pii> jj*~Y sulmu, tui, J^, , nazabu-sa-qani, rabu, ris; mon. mat, izzis, y, "*"'*• ^y ?:^y?T| 241. par, -t^^) pillu. du, dugud, T^ turbadu. sapib. agarin, ellu, palbu. pur 3.1al, namaru. L91. ^rryi a ^saritu. "*'"*• feilu, isaku. L89. zu labbu, 267 mon. ; tamtu, ty libu. 23 ^^1( iqdu. '»<'»• ubara, 289. marat. uku. "*'"*• nion. lah ; used 326. idrann. ^Sr, '"I'On. ''"^''' adru, naklu, ^Y, sa, milammu. kanaku-sa-taggil, ^y "*°'*" nim, 356. ^, 287. third). isdu. more, >— ^^X-1 ner, mon. pisan, at, rahazu, mon. kip. hussfi, esir. won. tj*-',( 351. mon. nadan, ruqutu, »2ow. mon. istin. V lamad, mon. kur(?), &yy», kipnpi, lit, nardapu, lik, ^y^ sulu, -<^^j sa, *"^y, tarru. 156. arkata. mon. "t^YYjt alal, damqu. esir. 339. mxtn. 117. "''"*■ fcYYYt, saradu. abaku-sa-elappi. rihu. alaku-hamdu, baltu. a^^^^^H^ ummu, i.^*- J^lN .4^^= ~ mon. ram; it. j^YIYI meam malikn. J-^j mon. yj»- kirbu. "^ow. urru. hasasa. -^Y "ditto," adaiu. ^y*-j man. ku ^ ^jf*r- mon. dam; nadhu, Y>-, ^^^^ J-j^t^y >->-, mon. 119. [ asilal, sip; % usar, pilutu, issepu. ^^T, tirtu-sa-hase. ^ belu. 161. man. ^y > ^YYYj ^m daa; saggagunu, tui. rezu. ili semu, mon. mow. 79. man. qaqqullu, nadru. ittu, akan, ; subtu, ailu. a, AND ekizu, kallu, »»io». jmoji. 5fJf>fE^>-^y?}?y, abut. *'*'"'■• balhallatu. marru, turn; malgu. kalmatu, nihappu, By, ditto), miru, ™^' pas. libis, More, »^p^^ 'WOW- 240. kaspu, uban. , guru, bahalu, so kas; 143. 21 gunnu, mummu, amutu, 87. rim, ^YTY ^yj3p 278. mon. t:g'^ man. zinabL P8'™l^k"> zalmu, ?i^|, 306. namarn. pasiru. ::^:r- karj 222. utul. lis. sepu, gablu, 77. ^y, gudu. eru. mon, TT^^T*">- jJ^-^^ bul;mo»i. 67. mora, T-Y, i y, ::;:][, sik si, hittu, alpu, lat, ^TT^Ijtak; sahpu, mora, mon. bis, 180. dak, T^Y, j-'jVk, niqfl, 78. se igidippu. mow. 0^YY ribu, ■^»- arbu. nibu. padur, , zarahu, man. 328. liban, tak, K^J-^j ge, Od2. fc— '"^YY, mon. C}|f4^, arhu. 15 Istar, namru, 115. 78. amil(?), 95. -TTA ''*'''*• mon. '^»*- kibu. mon. Ji^yy' mitkaris. "Jora- , 0. su, and g6,kit, j hat, amat. dibbu, t^^^^^5 ^^ mon. rapsu. ^][^y 230. aladu, *-*-Y, sa, '"<"*■ ^YWY, izu, Y" mitpanu. rabadn, sippuluk. 75. .^^p sepu, m°^; ^^^T[, man. "Ji^YY mul K?''^f turtu, 232. ara, l>E:yyy, ^^'''''' yV' mow. 157. Sjf^y? lib, TT*", yahn, 5f^Y fXj, TT, 257. mon. ^~^^1, t^Hy. tik, TO ukus, 346. 1 I' lil; ri mon. "*"'*■ dur. ™'"*' MABftlBON /T^y, pur; en, ->-^'^Y, kumj ; more, tarn; ^-^^, 84. siacths). kus, 196. '^^'''?- ^EINTSBS zabat, -^5 if) M ; '"<"»• ^^^^ UY) masuktu. matu, ^'^'^ -t^^ff' mon. *iz, 171 zirtu. mon. y^j^^Q, nasar, ^?", ey^-J, samullu. mon. 'mon. mon. mmu it. 148. ; ^^yTi zabu, any ^iz 1 ^^Bf yi^yy, azurat. \% >.£:WY ^^ i2. t\}^£i, kabasu. LJLj I kasad, ; 150- ^^"'' banii, 130. ^^^"' 5 < immiru, kalal. qabu. 315. Yj, 91. >-W \, saru, "icw. t:y ^^'iP, mon. *~^Ty 'ij^^'y^y? di, ^|»- sangu, 114. ka, takkab, ^< summa. emuqu, russii. ^fe^y^, kubu. sutu. mon. sak, ^yTj kipsu-sa-nisi. ^> ™i?°> magaru. pada, i. mow. "M^y, w.^T>-y, kissat. 318. usu. gusuru. *''^T' matu, ^I, SONS, in; niebzatn. ku 319. nis(?), jt^YY g^H) 211. hammu, T, bi, dinu, >-yy-A, mon. Burin, -- ^yy 88. fi^ confounded nis; 89. padinnu, '3. ; 361. mon. TTl£:|, qaradu. ip, , rakasu, saqu, YTY^, ^^'^^ ; ; ubburu-sa-amati, mon. eba, ; kij 147. lij ^^o?*. ; namar, lilu, zaqqu, ibil, lani, and ad qi) arbu tiriktu, means lu, T^y, uras, 369. ; malaku. >->-, mon, 159. mon. nnninnu, ^YT, mon. fc'^ riksu. mora, >4-, 331. 181. mon. *"] lapatu, tugultu, zam murul), T, . ^y duppi. *"i^N ?j adi, 21 mon. :i^^yy, kisBU, TJ, mon. ziku. '^IHf, ) zakaru, simu. , me, suparruru, elatu. erib-samsi. \|*"f^>_1 , mon. Xir, murub. 231. mon. nasahu-sa-tirti, enu, t^lft^j man. tYYj^ tn/, ''*'"*• lut. ; nion. 32. nabutu, ; r; ; mon. fakib. ^'^°' erim, *^^ mora. kirib. ^y^ rukuz, 324. sapala, kibbu. TJ>-, gar zaltu, ^^ for 137. mon. sar,bir; pitu, isi, 169. t^yy^, YYY«, 249. ra, JI_i*^>-<, ]^]^J» 139. pultu, ^J^Cj ai 19 sakan, nigin, sangu. 256. fc^, '"'^T' more, i°J kaspu. '""'*• ni, sihu, sinu, siru. ; kitu. jraoji. mon. fc**~<^^, ^^yy mon. duppu-sadru. y?- tamatu, ir, pasisu, , , tl^jKj me, iklitii. abazu. ^yJs ekimu, ziggurratu. tallu, mon. baladu. sahpu, tamibu, kal, n*~, allat, ^"™' y^- <, ''*'"'• gibin, batii. ummn. seum, parasu-sa-ributi. mon. more, saraqu, dipu, , mon. 175. ^Jpt ^<, (<"*• musaru, 272. mxyn. 229. 262. et; or 370. nisu. ; >f-^^ "J^l ■^, 374. alik-mabri. dividing unu, tC]]]]> 126. uznn. ", \^!J5Z3^ 259. nine. rabazu, kullatu. saru. 312. mon. ^lyjli, biru. kayamanu. qal, 4^, ; 72. Bippu. J bitu. sa; irit. T>r T^y, y*' resu, agu-pasi. mahru. mow. baru, isurru, tj>^yyy> »iore. mon. ^« ana, babu. \TT rabita, eriba, u; uraddu. -Ilf^^, mMn. wow. "^o^- daku. sussan sadti, ''*ora. nasim, amar, < mon. mon. nahu, mon. matu- ^ ^kY, Jf-, sumu, arku, ^r rimu. baru, P^-lia-r, Sf^y, nasii. . ; umun, ^TTi , nibaru-sa-nisi. Sf^Tj mon. mon. [ hazu, teriktn. }}.&; 284. .^»-*-YYY nasu-sa-eni, man. mon. busubhn. 193. ^ mon. JT^Y mxin. saqalu, >-<, ^vyg amiranu. ur bibu, of or^yjjjfr, or sim. sapan, 6. babalu. zanin, *~^~ absu, dalat. """*• napalkutu-sa-amati. 0>->-AA ?"> v-fc:p-T, mitut. >-u*y alaku. dil, 270. YY, 345. das; aka, ::< T, ^ySf^' erib-samsi. udukku. nirn, 5^^, mora, katim, *^, gal jj*~y, asibu. nialu, kirn, *^T*fcT alkakatui nadu, mon. kibu-sa-qan- palaz, mon. tu, 268. 179 »«o». mon. ^|, zik saru, sanan. uk lu; , .^>-*-YYY asu. \^ du, ezen-ziru. ; tal, ubula. mon. ardatu. ■^TYy?Y> 9«o?i. mon. 4^^, >-Mf, »-5^Ij:Jn][, , labaku, ^ sir; mon. 7non. iklu. ■^lU' , ^5^5 273. ; raman. saqu, ummu, \^ garmd. *^, fipppy^ melu. ramu, <[*" nin; M*"I&I 100. nsatu. ; abu. madu, ; 337. t^ sanabi, ^non. rabazu, usaubu. agu, miz(?), urru, kir, < pa, *^ mon. 379. mon. labbu. »iora. maru, 155. 9. alid. mnsu. ^>-YY, 353. ItJ' mon. HAJESTTt ' >-II, mon. sa, ham, < ramaku. ^^ ^^ zikaru, *'*'"*• sadadu, nasaqu. 333. mon. »-*-yyj 1 ■^ sa-riduti. ^YYdt yTy>^Y Mf, martu. salaa. nura, ediru snrbutu. kiipilu. inu. mon. wion.. YI, ^5w5 ham^u, gun; ^J^^j contraction s"K?); , zir, Yj barru, mon. sul; "^^j ^"TU^j namutu. iddu(?), uhum, ; J mon. ir; mon. nab. ^;YY, sadii. gablu, ■^YYY nabu, ^t^jY, .<^»II. YY, < girj j|, abu. kalu, "'ore. giru, ?*' sakabu-sa-alali, mon. tur; ; turazn. TJ^, sin, 81. nadu, ubur, kus 215. daba zubat, 1 t^y f labnu. ^}\}}' S^t^> gu 250. muk. Fo. fc^ tugultu, parzu. umunu. gablu. jfc *ezidu, won. sar, \ T>- f:yyy^, 71. kalu. , ^Ifj^lfrH' erisu, ■^1 mis, ^Z^, mon. ■^•'*-Y' gimillii, ^ \ idlu, ur; etiq, , T'-'-XXy, >-TT, muttakbu, -j^, ^^5 mxm. , "*<"*• mon. wore, V- »»o%. sapaku, 308. 136. lil; 226. aru. fe|[ elau, huttutu. kur; Y bihisu, gamal. mabaru, >Yt., TJfeY sapUs. essetu, nasahu-sa-amati, 107. gurusu. 206. li6; quni, kala, zakiku. '"9"- mon. tam, tiy, ■^I t^YY^ zuru. al; nizzatu. 375. thirds). ; '"I'On- ^I^i, ^'ti- zurru, ?now. mon. e, ^^T-T es; ^Zi^yy? "^o'*- niahru, man. lu, n. 238. zikaru, asaridu. t^YT*-, < mow. or maru, basamu. ^11 id fcyii, mastinu, ]pVTTg= T£|, *~H^5 matu, 218. wioM. sinatu. >YT HEB ana, TTY mon. ^£:I£appf., 239. adiru. >-<, y^» mon. abluhtu. »-^yyy, kar mon. sangn, won. ensu, mul; tiltu, riksu. lii more, 17d. sissu. huburu, bintu, nion. u, ?a(0; mabar, ««o». ?^^' y, fcir; jfcj banu, man. llj, sub, g<*«< tamhu, »~n-yy'j{^5 mon. 1 g:^ essa, >-5P) mon. £<^<, si; tubuk, harubu, ; mMi. ezilu, \, zai-zidu. >.)»^TTT sun ■^»-, Idlu. man. 160. Y, zaziru. *~'^-\t risi- ^J:J>-»-Y, milku, niq; Tj*~ - JjpPffj ^YYS-' \|*~'^Y' imiru. ^TfcnT, ; OTore. t^ ®'®' also ra, Tnon. t:fc, kabu, 4^ 254. 98. ''^on. T qalu, >t-^ siba, ubburu-sa-amati. }:A^ hammu, idu, >f-^4 ublu, sikkitu, man. ^y >-^^YY ne, ^y 325. ; rarubat, mon. mon. >^>— [97. nih; ^^Y rit, nahu, takkabu. mon. gisri, labin, ''*^'*' absu. TTlt unnubu. 152. T*", 140. amirtn, mon. mon. mon. '''^' usib, 5 nu; urudu, habatu. azdupu. nipbu. ^t^> nuhudu, T ak, 343. mon. sem; 70. \C^ damum. or "'<"*• suh(?) "*'"*• 283. one. sapitu. ^ M*"IJ*~T' >Jp^^ 372. TjMr, ^Jii., 16 y- 334. sit, bursuhu, 153. bulu, ) pultu, •^Y Yj ^^ mon. samu. uzn, ]r>-<^ 350. moth udu, \Is hubuUu. muspalu. gibil, saqii-sa-ikli, 'm'On. ditanu. 'mon. -a*^, mezu. ^~^*^yy t^yyyy, TgrY "jj^*-} babar, >~yi lammu. sarap. kibsu. ^lIK' OTora. ^Tpy dub 8. sudun, >-y samsu, T< >-II sa. 146. mon. e; 83. kima, arqu, ?; ^yy^y. saqu-sa-resi. - rulu(?), ""'*• roar, gallu. ; bel 365. 310. 68. pitnu, Jl^yS^, mon. < inJii^"' qn, irtu, issakku, mon. isi, mon. sasinu. Baru. '"<'**• ''^''' ■^ ^y *. 92. minu. saru. dubudn. amar. me, ^1< ^y, ^^1 309. suttatu. ud, lul, nasabu-sa-tirti. gararu-sa-nisi. mon. wjore. , ^^y ; Tpy, mow. mon. fcik^y^ -<^*"*~YYY' 186. [98. ; 235. lemu, ^ >^>— 'mon. daku, '1. sa-sal, padu. kipratu. till; 252. meares 344. T?^T>t "*""■ , 234. assat, 358. ramanu, egir, ; 347. mon. mirj *~^ dahadu, saqu-sa-risi, T, Yj>~, "j{^*~yyy5 mora, S^TT-<^-<^5 P^» nuru, bul. 5f^» saramu. i remu. sakanu, sa-iz-va-qani darudu, egu. arkn, ^^11 352. mon. nar, II<, 1 "WW. minutu, 'man. jt, 1^5 matu. ^TTTT ^yY? "*"'*• 64. 7. "°s*^- 4^, 4^W,kam. ^noM. ^YYk, mon. gig; ; m/}n. ''^'''' mon. num, ';^l garnu. Assur. JZ^ p^y mora, 217. mazu, '►^Y-j^Yj kunukku, mon. jj*~y karbannu, uru, mon. akru. » mon. 5fr]^JJ, sah 'j*^y, ^fcy sam duru, ellu, nabbillu, ^^^'' ab, arqu, mon. saqii-sa-risj, L99. pubuz, nappabu, mon. mon. gis; >f^, 233. malak, -S^fc*-*-. with ^^^ zirqu. so, parakku. ^**.^Y often "^>- banu, kababu. baru, mon. tulu, mora, mon. 1> garraru, 368. 271. munu, 22 gar; pat, Cpj^^yy, t?" »-J;T^, magaru. ^y mon. tyj, ki. mora, qulu, **"'*• 111. mon. kamu, >-? ; <, edutu. f<^ hasalu. ti5y YY kidinu, *~^T' m,on. the t >j>^YY ^y^ nakibu. T^, 330. ^^, ^>->- Ttt^f mon. M^Y, """*• mal, "*"**• gikim, inon. 177. 321. sabal. kas; or w^wT, mon. ; mon. '"■"'*■ kis, Tj*~-Y kin; , ■^I mutu. 6T. mudu. 263, ubi, 354. '"'"*• dur(?) / mon. "S^YYfrTYYdr, uh 172. tej f|, 74. tip:^:, \^ / ^^^ >-YY.^ mon. azib, sadu. ^^^'> """*• du, ■<^ alu. simu. mon. mora, /• sur; *~II^II lagap, Sy hamsu. sinibu namriru. uru. 363. mon. pallil, 332. akaln, gar 76. ^nd pC) I sam. >^yy» Pa^i^"^" 82. clauses. hizu, ^Ey t^ty? 112. mon. , 93. ' (oree uradu. zadu-salame, mon. agagu. 205. l^j*, 'J»=-<, nidutu, arui. mo». rabadu; i? man. T tahaz, »io». sumuq, *~*~p 290. arbu, us; mon. zeru. 62. ^~^^yy. 248. alapu. J mon. Ijf, Ills' su, ]r, 246. Baqabu, mon. "*"'*• nssps. "^"'^ 1 mim. J^, "pYYjt mon. ''""*• t>f-^k' moM. ''iora. ^"^^~*YY. Tl, adiru. lillu. < ^t^YY' bat ^^ raqip. mora. sum ^y bamatu. mon. either epis, y.*" aearitu. bibQ. mon. zikaru, masu, i; »-fc:T>-T, *"^yyy) - [ for aabu. YfT^^*^^ Nabu. sakaru, mahdutu. ^•^™- t^»W' saqu, 266. mon. ^yyj 154. y zaritu, nita. mon, sin; 367. suppatu. ^t^l^- zillu. gar eumma, 355. ^•~^tl' ^T'^^TITT nabani-sa-immi. ^r^"- kndnr. uibittu, am, LZL-I' suh, utir, ■^Y>-» man. ellu. 335. 80. j<« is mon. qa. imnu. ahhuru, , kallu. ^ ]yf>^| settu. matu, mow. Mil *-YY'ij^j masahu, ^'' ^r esir. uru, >-^]^T> saptu-saplitu. aa; zib sulum, > mon. mxm. nan kir, >*^j nasih. ikutu. ^JlYY 320. am; dassu, 69. mon. -^^yyy<, ku, T>- musallimu, 'jV^F, nasu-sa-resi, Tnori. zeru, ^TT) ; dubbubu. napal, 94. sjsse, mon. kalu-sa-amili. mon. mora, \^t [90. tidnu, eapik, kuzba, Ill naparku, ; urn, (two nagu, ■^Y, ekimmu. mon. , mon. , pilu. ristu. buhuru. nuzku. inon. ' dis, kibu-sa-sepi. , mon. y, 212. man. busus, ittu. padu. mm. aniru. ]tJJ^>-| ne, 340. YY?Y ■^>- git; kiru. 269. ussu^su. ^f su, bitru, 182. tas, sumur. 373. kisim, samu, sabah. dur, "^11 paqadu, ruk; JI^yT» ]*~]\t 123. tum, 322. 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J:^T^£I, m/m. ;^, mon. idu, Sinu, ^£^11 2U ^yy>--fcY-^, kakasiga. '""'*• sadadu. W) nabu, ?arru, {used , ' won. ^^T^ aku. sik; sulu-sa-me. radu. milku. \f^Yyif|5 mon. 279. bunnu. TIT rihii, mon. padi, beltii. iditu. Ju 168. 305. Yiy, f3^5 gamalu. *-jt:YY, ^ffS surur, such YI, ^5^1' puluk. bahti. yy, 264. 86. ma; mora, ■^! sat, wioji. sabn, >->+-, sukkallu. isdu- «jo?i. YY for man. >|L<^ ^^« T, Jl^^^y, ^ySp mehiztu, ^TTT.6 "*<"*• bibbu. mora. •"11 185. J^> kabitu. '■'■ ^yyy^^' JZjYYj /]>-, one, igari. g^^ ■^ suqquUu, 64. 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Vul, >-YY.«^ ; YJ, nat, mon. mon. erik, ""^tlfs 317. >-\-^, rmn. sagumu, *nr >j>^YytY, namaru, ''*'"»■ aharru. suatu. dub, usuh. >>£:» man. ®^''' /'^~- «io». Twora. mon. ^Jn^> mon. *-^]f> sagar, du, ; 65. zikaru.: 116. ana, *~t^El bitu, ru; mid, ; ■^TTtTj halabu, 24o4:. 'reow. mon. ■^Y utu. *~|T-^5 paru, 151. \tfcK Siranu, tir. mon, kubu. 329. tab; »io?i. •!=TVt*?y, itesir. kamasu. \i^^^S^^ matu, 104. surup. M^y^ bun, 163. mon. se; ubil. Y ^^1 .^^t ' mon. tur-sipri. lal, ^es; zarur, , ti^YY, umun, r«, Yl, T^^^kt^T' > !>■>**-, kabtu, sa, mon. surru, mon. tYYYt: J 110. banii, mon. dabtu. 141. f:^, J_^i^Y, el, ™ow. ■^*->-y, lal; sunqu-sa-niz. siktu, -jV, Cl' ^S>Y 378. man. ; man.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Genre Painting

to wipe the varnish from
its massive antique eye
an array of uniform palps
extending from the lower jaw
balrok en trop its sigil of
ropes became disturbed
the long beds were defiled
by color and the eye descended
from its eons old perch in
the external socket travelling
down inside the body
of the old being
its mind now turned /to
new things
like snowflake machines
which / could be seen

half gaming in the dark
with the sticky oozing voices
half determined by the meaning
of space

the entrance at Venice
long milky with cataracts
and tubing

madrok mated in the still
unerring tibum
the low flat earless thing
in the thin chambers
under eyelids of stone
the currents
sucked and wept


so there sat
the two lone cowboys
one could be a hand
the other a cliff
the other a cliff


you say red shirt
skin the shirts
and the skins

in the tranquil blue aquarium
of its Chevrolet to desert
to desert
the other a cliff
the apache runner


the hand would follow along the cliff:

1, Cupellation hearths for the smelting of metals such
as those at the towns of Wroxeter and Silchester (Britain).

2, Tifinag script (Berbers. Lybian sources) such as the
examples at East Lyme, Conn., Lagomarsino, Nevada, and
Garfield Flat, Nevada.

3, Letters formed from cupules cut into the horizontal
surface of large rocks to hold candles or serve as small
oil lamps during sacred services (stone chambers near
Groton and New Haven - Connecticut)

4, some have both round and oval,
side-by-side, in some the hole has deepened to the point it breaks
through the boulder in which it was made - there are many hypotheses
about the function of these super-deep holes including brewing
alcoholic beverages.

5, a metate is a larger shallow depression, often ovoid or
sub-rectangular, made by rolling or rubbing the material with a mano,
or hand held grinding stone, back and forth - here, semi-portable (I
say semi-portable because they are rather heavy) metates can be
formed by modifying the edges of a slab of rock or just used as is -
of course, the bedrock metate is permanent


so there sat
the two lone cowboys
one could be a page
the other an eye
the other an eye

an I
anigh of vagus


"Here comes that weird feller again, Pa.."

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Saliva Tree, Arms Plugging Fang Holes, Born Dead

Summer Moon Hawk
tested positive for THC,

Born With the Dead
was a fast-paced,
yet horribly slow.
It left you feeling tired.
(Pearson, Alien and Parry, 1981)

When a work has that much effect,
there's something to it.
+5 random luck, -3 random luck
my prayer diapers grow rockworts.

The Saliva Tree has brilliant use of dialogue.
"His swollen tongue drips with saliva as he
feeds on creatures that resemble frogs and maggots."
For example

These people are just average people
living in extraordinary cirucmstances;
just what the core of science ficiton is.
CHINESE NEWS: The main ingredient
in one Chinese soup is saliva.

In China you can swim inside
a boy's head for a dollar.

The play lasts thirty seconds,
has no actors, and no dialogue.
There have never been reports
of a monkey ghost sighting,
but there have been positive Proof
of alien life, when they began
picking up radio-waves from space

I know everything, teeth and saliva
replace motorised food mixers; and
Aleutians all use Zankou goodies.

The aliens rather reminded me
of truly evil Bunniculas, completely
without innocencence.
A great "alien invader" story
about three hip slick scientist chicks
who cook up a big dong stud from some
old saliva. The only thing worse
than sex without love, is love
without intelligence.

These weird muse chicks posit
the universe is one big stupid
boner. I saw blonde woman rearend
a businessman. Some words
are pronounced like

"vomit", "saliva" or "urine"
Another Bunnicula loses its

You might see a snake in a bustle
and call it a mouth. Who are you?
A saliva tree?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The Modern Poemetheus!




libelle! Eblisehilei!


delehah! mondavi!
kunde! Sir!

Is there really no difference in our eating a


and our thinking about its eating?

hebilehah! Beholdileha!

The Modern Poemetheus!



Celia Touchstone! Behold, Sirrah!




Conclusion, Concussion, Puncision

a fine doctor
has called
the inside
of its skin
a nob

the same
doctor now
has been
seen crouched
on all force
waning toward
the wit
of its shadow

a wad of ash
is drawn out
into an ought
though not
absolutely clear
why, the figure
elicits awe

and they stitch
the eye closed
to hold it

a fine doctor
reaches out for
the nob




the bone of contention

we know its
is knocking
like an entrail

Come Ode With Big Jill

and I am come, he said
i am come on the trampoline
and i am come laid on the fig
and the figure

where is the figure
which has just bounced high
while i bounced sideways
that figure has come
on the roof
and has fallen

into the chimney
with Ponce de Leon
whose head
is ostentatiously

there is a helix shaped trampoline tower
near the fountain of youth

neck click
no bottom jungle

the crushing music principle
which somehow extracts its existence
from both the pleasure
and the reality
by denying

their mothra

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Narcosis (1916)

Peace of Gruel.

they sob on and on
about the smallness of their minds
and I sob too
about the smallness

and about the adamantine
twig machine people
who have burrowed into my
kidney with their egg
flattening machinery

ashes pass through
but settle on the down

downy glyphs
that have escaped
the butter drills

Donald Sutherland is to play
Frank Lloyd Wright

The Crass Air as Décrasser,

A line of venturis
will make its gleaming day
above the valley.

in this crystal mule haven,
a jigsaw aeroplane
becomes the universal principle;

trans-atlantic cable,
car balloon prow walrus
myth contraption.

Our son,
in Canada
is a detective
of snow.

Bad ham
is suggestive
of old halieutic

The Senate
could decide
in its toroid zeppelin labyrinth,
the color of knees.

our policewoman origins,
our antique jewelry glass elevator
stockings can be among
this horse race
announcer voice
couched on a hare
of police sirens
its amoeba Madonna
has its back to us
facing the racing form
and the track below.

We enter the disco as jockeys,
a cigar from RCA,
given to the red glass heads
of the gelatinous officials,
the water mare
now passed,
pushed up into its
ricocheting harness
of believers and
the carefully fitted
whose wings
are hinged
to become the
of the blinders.

The lithograph sponge animal
walrus jockey telephone
with a home made broom
keeps some yellow smoke
inside a bone.

Lino Venturi's lounge car
replaces the missing trumpets
on jade swirling shelving.

The future
is weird furniture.
I worry about it, the color
of the gum of bank robbers.

if you could see this place from above
we'd be in a deep skinny crack
surrounded by an ocean of tree-faced
through which the mad honey travels
in a caravan of smoke-wheeled
parvenus, a parking lot
for golden frogs
holding hands
in the dark
while sleepy jockeys
crawl through a long
rubbery snake,
a new disco singer
from Paris, broom
stiff with groatish

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Church of New Labors

Another boring dinner with
Princess Mathilde...

The brothers went out into the fog
to mull with aperitifs. An odd creature
was shambling down in the street below.
At about a foot and a half tall, its gait
and general character resembled
an old drunk dressed like a plague doctor.

Jules said to Edmond:

I have conceived of a city whose
consistency is little more than a sparkle
or a glint. All of it sewn together with a
thread of song, and see through.

Edmond watched as the vulture
took the sick little street puppy in its jaws
and began the laborious process
required to fly.

Edmond then said:

A tunic of Magnesian fashion
fitted close his magnificent limbs,
and across it

a puppy's hide? -
held off the shivering rain..

Jules motioned for them
to go back inside, the Princess
had begun another tiresome

Friday, July 2, 2010

Monkeys Like Coke. Faun Keys look to Componium.

I have come for your buntcake
because it houses a god.

I have come for your 10 dollar bananas
because your light weight paper bicycles
are no good; my eyes burn holes through them.

I have come for your hymen
as hmen of the huhnump.

There is a common assumptions
that when I say

Your head is missing
I am actually saying

Curving Uterus Mask
whose bronze beard bangle

may bee.


Monkeys like Coyotl.

Fold-In Technique to signal
the single act.

utz katun.



Oh my, you're can!

Despeniscoladas (Those Who Hurles Their Penises from cliffs into Penis Colladas)

Father Cogolludo, though
never confusing the misa milpera
with this miso milarepa
nonetheless also never understood
the exact dynamic of the rebellion
of the Bakhalal.

Jestsun Pozole'.

Later ages have come to be magified.
In Cancuc a cross descended from the sky
surrounded by many lights.

"The Great Gazoo can cook."

There is messianism, and then there is

messianism, but you could stack alot books and
other crap next to this cliff, and like,

more or less,
no one will ever see them
or understand what they mean.

There was Messianism and mystical war
which pervaded the Indian wars
of the 17th century.

There is mud and ditches
and palsy and underwares.

There were mass suicides.
There were once mass suicides
rather than toleration of oppression.

Now we are all oppressed
by the hogjowls of ballsacks.

little societies can be strange.
they can dance little dances
and build some maybe okay like platforms things.

A big society
can beat a barbarian to death
with solid steel testicles.

Pedro de Bobadilla
made alot of people feel so bad,
they killed themselves.

So don't feel bad when I am questioning your culture,
what I am really doing

is bathing my penis in pozole'.

On February 6, 1936, Antonin Artaud landed at the port
of Veracruz. He was 40 years old. He was sick, and a failure.

He called his penis "Art Toe"
and he needed the

little tub
for his suffering toe.

He needed Pozole'
and to attend innumerable dog-races
and wear a big straw hat
with sweat stains.

He needed to wash his hair with pulque
and stop saying things like

"Japan and China are a vast Ethiopia."

Betsy Johnson liked Artaud.

She especially like his



said her ma,
i am with pig

we peeked out a hole
fringed with rust

far across the day
i could see the runt
bojangling in grease-stiff

that pig is green
that pig is apollo zippo

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go Gnawb, Go Ephestian Plus (Chrome)

they must not say it
is the age of semiotics
they must not say

but that the pierced
tongue like a towel

is the wet foam bell
of which tristan tzara
spoke of

fierce foam antlers
of luminous sponge
might take up
napalm or any

and hang limp
for epaulet branches
beginning to burn

can learn

its bright eyes
storing the field
in pictures
and in brooks
the spider web books
are the lungs of secret
meetings meanings

through which the power
is shown the round cornered

the compact force
of any form more delicate
for its tithe upon the skin
no place to begin
no place to end


its inebriant naga
is warm

and nigh
upon the gin lensed

whose glass
or shot
is never won
but a revery


Michael Jackson Used 19 Aliases To Get Drugs

etym vathechis

painting with your mustache
while entering this
goncourt, well,
everybody can play
connect the animal dots
on hierarchy teevee.

during the construction of the dam,
when the uniquely cumbersome
and comely manager had to
pull up iron britches the
length and width of
the historic nile, the still
smoking dumps of ancient
rome, its face
was extended in the manner
of the classic akira,
and by that I suppose
an organic pop extrusion!

let's add glitter fins
and little feathered, fevered
(oh hell, favored, flavored)
mechanical things
inside of veins, or if you want

little mer-vikings
can come out [...]

lavender, and
flecked with tiny shattered bits
of abalone coinages.

they can sit blankly in the trellis
holding books upside down
but still reading

the way a paper cut
in the corner of an eye
goes twinkling out away from shore

two ships
which rugae in the nought;

the wars upon cylinders
that went on in the world of fiction
and those strange looking women
that attend them;

now then, who made this screaming bust
which is also a silly-string canon?

You see the farmer on the horizon,
big pill in pitchfork:

big silent black cube thinking.
big silent black
ocean cube


Operacija nagriza

smokva mast.
u masno tkivo
lijepo plavo nebo
izgleda ka
noći sidro,
nestašan zvučnika.
koji kuha močvare?
i pušenje jarbola
koji luta u
zastoj vozila, čiji
fino naručio svečani govor
je to?

smokva je smeđa
i njegovo srce je
zelena i gnjecav.
sve je to najmanja mjesta
u jednom oku.


Tiger, Tiger, Burning Wood.

I finally get the tablets,
or the cube of paper

but meanwhile,
at the burger box

troy bilt
troy bilt
hanson sucks
dude looks like a swede

makes the onyx
fondly remember
the goodness of little
in a glass kitchen