Saturday, April 28, 2012


but together we are alone in the magnificent house
by the ruined strip mall, and it could
always be a beach

with drunks from the cajun bar
mexicans from the latin grocery
and fitness nuts from the extreme gym

all swarming around the
bank and the wendy's
to get in or out, or rolling
past the faded auto repair
and gas station, some

kind of pentecostal church
with glass doors which used
to be a bbq rib place

there's a locksmith
next to a cellphone shop
and a hairdresser's

cops sit sipping coffee
in their cruisers across the street
at 7-11
or at the indian mini-mart
where i shop
buying weekly parcels
from brown polite gentlemen

the cops sit sipping coffee
eyeing frail negro girls fingering
the redbox screen, navigating
with their index fingers

and children trundle down
from the far hillside
from the complicated
installation of apartment sprawl
down to the tire shop
like a francis bacon painting
smears of brown in a twisted
knot of black rubber
and sun-bleached logos
and greasy unending tools

up the road are some schools
i suppose, a library who knows
we've played tennis in most
of the public courts around here

but together we are alone in the magnificent house 
and on the back porch we've planted patchouli
and bayleaf and 5 kinds of thyme and rosemary
and have bamboo squirting up from horse troughs
the color of conduit

and our same concrete venus modeled
after botticelli's, and afro-like jade succulents
and fennel and oregano and tomatoes

and 3 yucca's
engulfed by weeds
like all our needs
the sleep of saying it
to the neighborhood

where we walk together
hand in hand
reaching out to grasp
the smooth sinew
of the skin of the crape myrtle
and locusts have yet to sing
only the songbirds
only the supercell tyrants
in their battleships of black wind

how will it end
in the throat of the mockingbird
when grumbling garbage trucks
go out of heaven
into alleys infested with
green chinese peanut butter trees

i have offended poseidon
by making love to my wife
in full view

of the image cult


Friday, April 27, 2012

Such High-throughput, shotgun killer Autophagy to projections

spiral inflammasome triggers must gut
The Europeans in biofilm

to which trillions of engineered commodities
became a playground mechanism

allowing compounds
of an autophagy machinery

precise effective careful modern
inflammatory cascade within
the optical clock's surface

explain yeast clocks that hold
patterns probed by the dual-
process framework

suggesting migration substitutions for 452
free-living populations of sea Reaction

of the assembly of ion farmers'
Germ-free sensitivity

global be colitis
Overthinking a valley decade
compounds found made the clocks

rational design to report of the
infection explored
polygonally transcription was uncovered

perturb decision making psyanobacteria
explained by diseases seen trying
the immune Athabasca online

wedging experiments to buoyancy
Iron Mountain
Faster Theoretical inflammatory
stimuli Mars has cognition polymer blocks


Wooden and stone images of limbs, internal organs, heads, and complete bodies

soylent green is people
and lester the molester


when choline
to the furniture fails
catabolic ear quince
long masturbation
in the eye
of the sturm and

Drang it

His father was a Catholic dentist
and pachyderm means nipple tooth

in a bikini

can you imagine
the hottest woman on earth

set up with frog skin
Robert Graves who'll abet
in a reference to Astighweltwerden
says Exophthalmos with


The Amphoteratological
Erotic satori...

[crestfallen foliates]

only by great art
may we once again
become unsophisticated

Arguing With Anthropology

Franz Dodel's Nicht bei Trost (Haiku, endlos) Z.7001 - 8000

in den äussersten ÄstenDie Internetverbindungen auf der nördlichen Halbkugel
7773-7776: Vgl. Dokumentarfilm von Stéphane Breton: Le ciel dans un jardin, 65 min. (Bretons letzte Reise zu den Wodani im Hochland von West-Neuguinea).hoch oben im Baum
gegenüber der Stelle
wo man die toten
Kinder in Körben aufhängt
wohne ich zwischen
dem lose geflochtenen
Blattwerk gehalten
von den Astgabeln der Zeit
diesen Tankstellen
der Toten die Überfluss
heimlich verteilen
den Passanten ins Leben

Thursday, April 26, 2012


forged in klack and muck
the oyal klang impissidor's
golden jellybean skarrozzine

plagued by formless lanterns
which clutch like barnacles
to the smooth ardorova of gold
but the beast rolls on

ever fuchsia lion
ever snake between
its thys

gist thee rondula!
gist thee up beside
sublime chalk cliffs
where distantdot purpling bats
heech in the reddened


the wide ocean
to carry its orphaned fruit
to the rot
the stink to take root
when the stone

makes its hey
upon the pitching
and fork-ed-dyes

pharmakon oyal
klack and muck

blue honey oozing
from the honeycombed
aurum ovum

straightforward reference

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Monkey beast
at your altar of money,
when the orpheus battle cruiser arrives
will you be blind
to its white lyre-engine bliss?

Is the enigma fruit
so sweet on your lips
as your flesh is blown off
by the lyre borne bliss lasers
of the orpheusians
that you do not see
that reality
is optics
on a titanic scale?

Monkey beast,
at your altar of money,
your head
is the fruit
of a long black wilderness,
the blindness of its omen,
its scorn, and promise.

Hog Vegetable King

peace mule motley
where two crows perch
in the donkey's absent eyes
and the hanging man dies

what boner
what prism
before you?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Melanorrhœa usitatissima

I love the tall glass
orange eggs in clam shelled gas
emitted from the tortured grass
by thems thats thems thats thematoid

warped flung
flinging twang or singing
its invo-luting red spinal theorbones
to swag in this diadem mad

I love the tall catharsis
fountain forlorn what's borne among
the mountain's horn
this fountain like a telescopic tree
and in each knee or joint a siren bathes
in simple wee

to Busby Berkely
and camels
to Switzerland
and camels
to Argentina
in their high lace framed

picture glass mountains
under the sea
the remnants of that vast and silent knee
the jawboned ass of kraken
purloins me in federal fetialis
ode upon a dandelion's
last mechanick servile

he puffs
he puffs
he husbands her husbandry
he hushes before the shoe
of the great laundress
blank astro-baa and
democracy is yet a disease
which murders the alphabet
preserves it differently than you
code collector commentate

what broche' could carry
absolute consensus but airtreeglassgrass
come may come
come elenge trevisa goon and sorry
come loud eernesful a langue
allange, a chase to betwore
fix floor first with Aristotle in babies
grotesque replaced with grolieresque
and cooing out to these fanfare limbs

hang a hat to the interstages
ideal issue of jet judder minimal mosaicene
and good company
modern mutant Nemo

mutate motorless nigger okimono octants
and pasteurize the pedestal where Lamia
puts her personal pin
numberless in the din
post-synchretic pirates us all preem pray
a quantum quarreller whose rasping repairs

all recombinant remboîtage
all dairy heckle pond and mistaken flume
its slope of smoldering skeletons blew
solo to the soarer in the new

and squeeze spiral godille
from arabesques in snowy lays

We learned to ski
like a snake in the scree
coot fardel gan
its lippy nail peaked
prodigal ruff-peck pickle
theck and what unwrang
this hachis
this fair sannyasi's far wail

whinny steps in the whole
of the cobra

jut jint blo / hurall th' onvy olly

polycrag the jump gent
ma furlur possbi yit an gno

magli olum um
tow tum by hee lit
loss nau nuff in nou

pas bis holorum fi po
ingo laydu
lau doe
unto its hissing fluor

gonvle lad lever  li'thain
and twarl thi'cavantrull
hupt hie hil and goldfit

shok a waru
skovi opti oom
mine sko pyu virlot

and pux
ful dyme li'hothan
u hol

gradua f'padua do
anin non num mud

what drew
what drew by the gyrfin
dang pall
but rubb's
stunt gumm iz
and bawld ther
in the shoulder
of the mu

its hi holo tu
wun boon voom
abredstun and riski
wai colla wale werhodos
flew and ment

bones boren yu
biscent eye
biddy fox-flea'd
for beady

whether eezra nu
this grutch zing zu
oat war hyson
and moderis bare

its luu mare than
orere and erwe

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cloning Bud

My titties are sore Morgan Freeman
Sherman T. Potter still has his hair
and his Harry, whose scar is a cryptic
reference to Bowie.

My titties are more "Organ Omen"
as the tree of life is a cryptid
so is Margaret Houlihan, David
Bowie somehow shooting a milk laser
from the bridge of his nose at Goliath
that big


"Mah titties are sore Davey.."
(hairless Anubis lace body suits)

forced perspectives
countering psyche
countering corporeality

with cat drool on my fingers

i ran back over the events of that evening
when terror was born in me
now, now / and fuck, the bridge of my nose
is exceedingly sore / when i accidentally
discovered two [agnts[ of Mossad
among us

a Canadian Czech
"computer expert"
the other 
a Minnesota Amazon
"lady doctor"

and how i found them -when
telling them in no uncertain terms
how the vicissitudes of the sujet
are constructed by a cryptic geometry
known since ancient times
by secret practitioners of the occult
the all going tat tvam asi
is the same dialectic as ping pong

the serve:

this (toss
is (initial paddle strike
that (initializing bounce

net / transit

this is that. (return

and at that point I was struck on the nose
and like a cliche out of a movie
i felt nothing until 
one full day later

when my nose was shattered.

(a warning?)
and don't be all 'occult sage'
to strangers..

Afterwards (prone)

evired by much
a caution'd lo what
light thro glance whether
they matched see as you
slid one along the other
coming thru the grid
lay the two
combs together gandering
and folded their pale hordes so meekly
uivilli the ajijull
a medium of equal density
taking retreat in
physical darkness purpose
the tragedy of Borneo
and Jubilat
an excitation filter (Ex
position described in light
substance absolutely opaque
the ravine in which incident
its author's complexly immature proses
inner tunnels an opal globe
chemise assemblage velocity
in different directions distortions
due to a want, surface
ether through vicious construction

late now.

its going to be a beautiful day
pious prey, alchulminating in the
slogoslogical enterprize of
tracking dawn the impflications
of the distinktion between
non-symbolic action and
symbolic action (ANT)

lucky you..
[strike through]
break on /
to the other side
to the other

you can't
you cant

|o| face white as old jade
tear-soaked roots for beard

the world drifts deeper

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gravely Interladen Post-Proun Camus-Phlage

trond fight
large fight overdue
fight done, the unit is dead
the unit moves in the chunk
the chunk is still moving
the trond opens wide its fay tall head
obsidian futhark ladders to the sky bulbed
and beard mop, at first tired after the fight
then consumed by a caterpillar day
all oil long peter cotton tail said 'privacy performance'
grass litter titter, a family of clouds
in their final squashed witness
over and over

their cattle
your cattle
the cattle's chattel
the chattel's cattle
the skeleton chatelaine
and trond fight

faceless in trond
no girl no tv
no heirarchy

perfect grey sphere of silence
and the pale blue doors beyond

in short
the long
in short
was shorted
and went long

come along
each node gifted no gift
each noh gift gifted no thank you
in gratitude

with no gratitude
thank you
where all gratitude goes
so goes no gratitude

no thanks
thanks, no

next up
next up

prizing their morphands
when more hands are morphing on
no ethos
no stay
no cum of course

the deep black see
of its pupil

slow jeweled helix penetrates the torso
spiders come out
pale blue (night)

their fur lit up
like neon


trond fight

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Begin he feeble
On the albionic lith
But with electrickal bread
Its great grey song
Is enclosed
Cool loam the force
Of actual quiet
With sable yeast the sky
Embrace all static
The purple tremor evade
Allo-auto / Auto-allo
Its name configured deed
Gizzard before truth
Morgana before the sword
Its child the thermostat
Of a concealed fixing
Bitting the blade
Ear shape to be
A stone in the water
Of a renaloid basin
Whose Erythropoietin
Agglandizes all jejunum
In heavenly Aumot
Cross differ the curtain
Its depth to the doubled
Into amorphous bottles
Like plasma
To the Tablet of Cebes
@ Latched in holiness
Atlachinolli transumptive
The tempters discuss
Allo-auto / Auto-allo
Hyperphrades to sing this
Vitals warp works
Again she febrile
Against the elegant dinosaur
Quartz horned but separated
To the thin green bones
Of its cadences, decades, the flutter
Of its long-legged bit
To listen upon the well
And marvel at the blowhole
And stand across the valley
Two mirrors what enclosed
Included lacunarcana
And fuels the coneys

Follow Well, Follow Only (En Plo)

bonum est diffusivum sui.. 
-Plotinic maxim

Even awe must return home to gravity, to
Order holding trace, the hairheads
Lollygag about the poles finding nothing
Interesting, something interesting
Is already there, and its succor, may knots,
Be overcome, red bread news,

And slyly in finigris, gudd
Swale memory to conclude
The sopped up apportioning pew
Where the purpose groundlessly constructs
In lieu of pongueur

The traipse, the hairheads trapeze upon
Any specific brain reveals the same essential
Monatomy, mice foment bricks
And composition to regulate a cryptic
Labyrinth whose entrance is exit, and whose
Exit coexists with object, or drone

Exists rummagingly lightlightly, the gag
Goes on, storehouse after house
Store, gangland riot rhythms ponder (padding, critique)
Shocking kinetic clay, the karate’ of aftershave
Warp through Etruscan wave painting
lily ozone minimal grand prairie baccharnalia (lo, zone, etc.)

house frown.
Triode t’wan Lenore (raising hands in a gesture of ecstatic hulloo)
Freeform basket to house the core
Meeting her dimple heart good grasp
And passing before the great and germane egg
Of all that passes into it

Fleet, rectangular
Disembodied romance
Entangles what may become
A prism for magnetism
Housed inside its nondescript eye

Cyclops mangled before priest
Onlookers wear painted lead masks

Code for statue
Be aware
Energy is occluded
And it comes to a final conclusion
This is piped around
Where the hairheads mix
In their beakers by the Styx

Feather punish
Miniature kin
Discursive fin
Activate random
Genetic pathway

Omen room
For de/determined

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pink Slime

I am not what they tell you.
Captain Kirk in waves,
 in gas pop of pink
lavatory gladness—garbage king
Vulcanizing dentures.
Tiny starfish sunglasses
Sucked my eyeballs out.

Lamb meat.
Captain Kirk lamb mold.

My heart pumps
Red slime, red night,
the bees are working in
the black room;
I also have other colors.

Sometimes in the mirror, I say,
You are slime. I like slime.

Pink slime came out after the
Regular green slime, and it came
In a pink garbage can.
I don’t think there was any beef in it.

I’m a long way from natural anymore,
But naturalism has found a new home
In the techno narrative. Slime molds
Are pretty with certain cameras.

Emile Zola would have a hot cup of bouillon
Every evening before bed, and let’s face it,
Vulcan women look hot, and they aren’t elves,
Though elves do seem to be a lot more cold
And logical than regular characters. Even elf men
Look tough but femmy.

There is a logic behind pink slime, and the sad thing is,
That the Nazca Indians were forced by aliens to make those lines,
They are sort of like an alien hobo language saying,
Weird monkey biohazard, beware of trippy grumpy slime.

Last night I dreamed a cow
Was talking on a hamburger cellphone
To Grace Jones wearing Vulcan elf ears.

No news is nonsense sucked from
pink wink eye teats in
the cloven club foot streets,

see it:

the shrill hand of talk
buttons the cobra’s eyes
shut, fang buttons,
sanguine sneeze folk smoke...

(pink slime)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


friend to drake and
lasting treasure's on
its confusion before the face
nor swan for grace to
hyle and isle each terror
to marriaged dew become

faun now lightly go
the yard to weep with
electric prods the deep
without your helmet to glow
wild radiant blizzards of color
if odor twists its lizard

mow now handy the curly
tale of swine, tusks of wine we
dine Bosch-like upon shivering eggs
our table-tablet to the cuckoo / pen

head and sail
the market breath
enclose all snail bereft of
death, and let the corybantrick
surface flow to the brink
illuminations think this sound alone
woolid weave, and if
and if there were an object to lean

on any day the cuckoo's borne
toward lavish thorns an aeromodellista
such that basilisks any stone replacement
imp's power over poison
and cloister
a tape tapestry groved over
where the crazing sufflues
the barm and its feast of yeast

stew all
for elliptic


Monday, April 16, 2012

seemed kind of J.G. Ballardesque

Black Schwartzschild.

some of them have never done acid, and
their wheels look silly as if the axle joints were on
cambers, an effect usually reserved

for clowns take the day
supermassive black holes in anti-display
configuring instrumentality

some of them

the personal line becomes heavy
dolphins breaking free of the surface
naiads plunged into atom crushing hells
of collapsing iron

clap sing
clap sing
a billion solar masses
crunching into one
day is done

have done acid
but their wheels look largely the same
their leaves each to ocean (ocean-surface_

the dolphin breaks free of the surface
or rather the glide (camber
to sample penetrating gradient blue sky shapes
between the limbs of leaves
it leaves then,

actual flesh children down below
(in some parking lot((((
run little rabbits

we do not know our ancient husk
its radio sway plume hush

(musk windows our arctic animal bone
the spring cool flame of dreaming
supermassive acid gives
a hypothetical astronaut
would not experience significant
tidal force until very deep into


emblems adorning
included a design
of a pencil superimposed
on a chevron
(rolls eyes toward its valiant mass)
a gnarl later

Karl stood looking
at the dirty bathroom


the long clean nightshirt
with its embroidered black

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tropical Cake Boutique by Ben Wheel

Rapier Follow Wick (Wax Bo Mung Tree

be est
where the river is
whither ever thou so goest
steebong nob eat ear
tea po revv and
upon that hovering stone
my greet will wax
in the awe of its great countenance

over will
over pong lo gumb
rubber mung slow tapir

estuaria lariat
for wonder
shell within shell within shell
doth all minion show
transparent lotus tortoise vortice


4wax mung rubber slow goes this
over will in pong the great
all gold
bedded, a lex or vycon cone

whose veins have silver wings
in thee o est
be try volume

gram line graph steffy

sheep shifters lagoon
ing ang pon poon poff

goldy lox and hon mot hotly

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dikka nuts

I lost weight!
Cup unk ult omedy!
Surpise! Surpise! Surpise!
Hudson Hotel and doppler radar,
ping pong supplier to the
Rive Gauche Nightclub
Cup unk ult omedy!

Near Greektown, where MIBIII
was filmed over the loud protestations
of the local Druze community
a giant fish was using a stripper pole,
and in the valley

8 hanged men
hung silently
from the gallows

and where the wide road turns
the river turns away
I lost weight!
jogging all night melancholy
in bars, my mind like a dikka nut,
peculiar, hard, dark, and foreboding

Andy Warhol brand peanut butter
brightly-colored tropical fruit
Hugh Hefner in a mohawk
down and out along the Mississippi
old breasts dredging the river
for jewel encrusted mommies

I lost weight!
Cup unk ult omedy!
Surpise! Surpise! Surpise!
Rock Hudson Hotel and doppler radar,
ping pong supplies

Doris Day
in Surinam
with Dési Bouterse
They travel by night
to Rive Gauche
a modern-day Studio 54
with Dikka Nuts Eiffel Tower

Mannequins stare out of the window
Bauxite, gold, oil, iron ore, other
minerals; forests; hydroelectric
potential; fish and shrimp

economy is very
dependent on commerce
Cup unk ult omedy!
I pray to win
in Ping Pong again!

Javanese drink coffee
in Par′bo
Hugh Hefner trapped
in the 1830's
inside a stripper

Tampax heirloom river gondola...
Wladimir Köppen notes
Anarchist tendencies
among the supercells.

so young but so c)old...
Cup Unk, oh oh..

Decent Cliches

The passions
The lines
The sound as feeling
dies / keep your laws off my
Tyrannosaurus Rex (scenes of 1968)
Frankenstein 1989
Simple minds ? transit

Inca babies
The lines come home
spherical objects: elliptical

prism in your vagina
hot curving flashlight from
the rectum curving forward
beam / being

ocean pollutists
the moodists
I don't care what people say
strict tempo dreadlock
deal in wedlock
Nation of Ulysses P. Power

We means we
man the lifeboats
strike out the tablets
lungs you page to valiant
mind's a magnet bizarro

ski patrol
live out my stars
march of the eligible
edible bachelors
nude descending a
case of stares, O Nico

chunk voice (stranger)
indoor reptiles (dizzy)

Sally go round the blue orchids
long night out, long night out, 1980
pain teens, i got boned, i
am the stranger from out of town

living, phreak
i'm lost in the yard
they don't want me, ant me (swimmer)
Carthage [to] Cathay
(the long way)

dogs a different me
earth songs lad (dirge the gorilla monsoon
island of paques

everything swell(s)
the true wheel kill (1978)
byzanteen dell
don't trip out

hot brimstone sex so confusing
urban metal zero
choci loni in trousers
find magazines which
got no soul


blank faced gymnast
dirty brain emotional
dealing in the lone star state
the passions

beat meat
in the creepers
reason your song again
typical coolies on

the prisoner
takes wine from the litter

commerciality polite
decoration no more fiction

suicide to
the ray of pants

(start at the bottom click start on each one and let it go)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Produite Mon Swerve (Collect All Shimmer Rightly)

golden stabs give room
this purple moon would clothe in leaves
itself before the mirror
cleaves the swooning halo in the mist

gorilla thump (chests of hulking ard)
in purple fog sphere
whose perimeter (odd)
if fig trees grown in urns

hide golden stabs
"i" hovering in gyroscopic halos
fur cascading through banana crystal
cluster at the center

where spherical lens room coincide
coinicide sliding upon (elidagon)
the spiritual origins (comely fruit of mists)
tamarind monolith configured moth

face furred in figs (a fig cloth coinage)
split lens the wet seed supple
purple urn its leafcoin caller
what golden wound emits (purple turmoil leather)

gyroscopic fog tree kits
furred eye kiss slits (coins cover "i")
golden gorilla pits (basin particulate insets)
in the flow of purple slag

head replaced by golden sphere
in its center a fog of ears
or if the body stabs a fig (mirror seed)
monolith the swooning halo (chest)

Bong Smoked Oyster in NY

To Nizkár an elizija,
Pugfrapadaton, the inebriaremus
Anticipáramos such pyrometallurgy
In utilicedes' mass-energy

come honk bong smoke
the oyster is in the chamber
ceviche' or vichy
shishi chic the ardor's

put shiso to lime
put nizkár to the rime
think eye of Mordor
rings of mighty oyster!

What lies between the Earth?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

no count slab (bowler twins as owl in kneecap

carve a mandrake of porphyry
and lay it tuloksetta bine
a long cold ass ajeela
for thawi jawi

and sake' oofligino
if cherub on a silken flag
for subtle sag Climacograptus
and groan its heavy hand
wordsworth and de quincey
to inspect the hanging man
insert before wild koala
and art deco ceramic bamboo

in conduit speech is realized
indifferentiation toward
a mystic ontology
before the poem as word (word borne)
instead of being transcribed
for word is being transcribed
two fat wrens on a wire
peck and rotate
rotate and peck

gregorian chanteuse
w'cabrear itself a wreck
before the aging fine
guts hung up suprene fon
cataleptic jaguar
hugs the tree alone
skinless cougar phone
saber tooth skeleton
in amber for a block
of moss kōdei

arcing Katherine
cost (toward heaven)
you get loose
in its animal
engender truths upon it
let low averages remain
sleep tender female bodies
its stock market
apple dithyrambic
Signore Papini Carotaggio
apple orange
fig coo fig or figure boon high
watermelon shoe assommare
the will to believe, unluckily
thick blue lip plug too
eye sad to simple planet as drawing
but drawing does its dare
on wheels of silver hair
Die erhöhung des vorgefundenen

nonrefundable voraciousness
forgetfulness overdependent

banshee shoving back the armor
the slovenly pair
9 million BC
because it can nipple-tooth
euglena decibel
starfish ancestors

man woe am homost
namawamawe girlufot fuh
caryatid enquêter in mustard glue
is seed a pixel
of screeching dew?

roary orrery
they wobble and itch
feud for bitch
in steamy tomb
white opium
in lacy egg
hollow hulking
hat's off
the sea at Palavas
denkmittel forage fatum

Sunday, April 8, 2012

long chain polymer analogs (sphericull beggar tusks remain(

cargo code
pink diamond in the road
hosanna yarpevas on the highest
the spherical beggars
its monumental angels
in meniškasis wonder

torrential bodies
chav in containment
the whole of substance
augura wills a name

lanky flame mean ad phanero
stakes its flaite claim
on goal'd igruse moon tan
blat aizzarne piantonare

the human image perhaps is not human at all
but from an older lineage
and these thin scouts or races as you call them
part of a vast orchestra (exterior cochlea helmets (bah-ju-vonn
of five pronged wheels
munientibus leginnovatívabb

perhaps the angels
are vain
gopnik in their black glass abodes
their interfinities bent around the frame
zephyraphym sostituirne

let the great illuminations pour forth
let all life to be its genius torch
and storm song wizards faun the witch horse glides
electric swarms and robot tides

all doctrine endékatoi
cannot match the doctrine air

reign matter bogan
the body of a local
angel 卷烟 (onion-juǎnyān-unio)

astrangularo peace perverse
or swerving anything
fragile puny thing
they surf in swift conflections
more agile by quantifom
luciferage sufferage
pitää puhe

her wrinkle
feoff on a clue atravessando
through green and loping puzzle worlds
elephantine clod conçoivitives
ritmereste a trackless endium
to tepsiä synethreti

yes 42
to graph emulsifier
if pisciare of echoic origin
katahenohedra nunataq

Saturday, April 7, 2012

canine hour (wounded bitch)

feat gavash ab cumulo
the stunning brickwork
of pavonine copper tubing
the circuit's eloquent distortion
as a metaphor of drive
laokoon new or cubular the intestine
engagement with space
neon acrobat tube
as toothpaste you circus
for a box in potential

comic banality
loch narr speaker power
good enough as god desu ka
the good desk escritoire
in twarrow to its kore
shamons snow maw
yeti sphere for product code
shaggy spiracle speakers
from a discount store
its studio a sled

Friday, April 6, 2012

soignée génoise

Noticing converging threads, in the moving caesura whose window houses a cryptic roundelay whose form can only be glimpsed as an ambiguous arabesque calling to mind imperfect likenesses, analogies, perfidiously joyous allegories, loins severed from all emblem and milked for wholeness, a science of the prosaic:

'Life is primarily a planet, possibly one like our own, or one radically different, but life's existence is, as far as we know a planetary phenomenon,'

or, in another moment of turning, the gem-like window of absence's fabricam might seem rearranged, for primacy's lure is the shifting behind all allurement, contour touring itself in the space of sui generis, in the guise of echoes, a soignée génoise whose status as a patrician of the city has been reordered into a body without organs, and just as all species of plants, animals, minerals, and events, are in essence co-blended by foundation, so too, may singular voices from distant epochs become a single voice, or a single phrase, or even
a singular event, a something-with mimicking a translation between conatus and libido:

'What the body can do no one hitherto has determined. No one has yet understood the construction of the body so accurately as to be able to explain all its functions, not to mention that many things are observed in brutes which far surpass human ingenuity, and that sleepwalkers in their sleep do very many things that they would not dare to do awake: all this showing that the body itself, simply from the laws of its own nature, can do many things which its own mind [ipsius mens] is amazed at.'

Ipsius mens universalis, it's own mind universal, something-with, phys-is, caesura as caesaura, the Lucretian intracule, whose content's formal probability of being glimpsed is the song of an unvoiced quality in extensis:

'Critique is the philosophical art of pure chemistry.'

Schlegel echoing Spinoza (spinnows, spinooze, nous spine, noscapine), Whitehead, the soignée planetary génoise, or Venusian Venetian, each, a model of the phrase in the window of absence posited as a philosophy, or philosofür of organism, an impersonal chimera, chaomare', a sea of chaos whose space is founded upon the paradox of boundaries, Charles Olson's "high energy construct," Ezra Pound's "poem." Energy transcending, overwhelming opposition, duality, with opposition, duality, difference, indifference, valuation, error, genius, a proliferation of cascading non-linearities directed against the fallacy of simple locations by the deployment of the fallacy of simple locations, desiring machines, provocative terminologies, unity as prehensile prehensievity, schitzo-analysis, bubbles, foam, a grotesque synaesthesial ambrosium of enthralling nimbus, avatarial exigetes arguing in the monadic substance-kraft, einbildungskraft, Do What Thou Wilt, the social, asocial contract, viral kunstvoll, volley, yell of ichor's rival blood line, the earth-infant, its nature transfigured, nature permitting, nature objecting, into another body, which is fitted for many things, and unfit for much, polymorphous perversity, a line, a contour, a history made by historicity, constriction as construction, power, perfection, virtue, domination, damnation, love goo. The alchemical body is a body not purely individual, not purely mental, not purely intended, the body of our planet is ontic, a vortical Geworfenheit, a casting of rough hewn dice in an empty colloseum by a post-humanoid dream Kerberos whose three heads cryptically announce a Baconian common grammar, an interpersonality founded in ecstatic loneliness, a mystic morality of Thelemic sponge cake, a will to bake at will wild variations of the Plotinic tele-academy, a burning heretic, any one will do, like a blow-torched brown sugared ham on a warm pre- Easter Friday, a good  Friday, a post-fore-shadowing, a post for sha-doing, Beguine Marguerite Porete, burnt at the stake on June 1st, 1310, for writing a book called "The Mirror of Simple Souls"..

Our World Reflects that title.

There are no mediary beings, only things-with in a matrix of ominous and incalculable soliditease.

Begin the Beguine, and put an empty frame round all ethernity...

(elegant cake; genesis)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

astringo grintosa ristagnò transigo trasogni

Growing old isn't funny
And neither growing young
But human shaped balloons
Are filled with helium and attached
To the growing framework
Of its incandescent morphology

Cascade of protoprongs
To an orbital selector plane
The reiterant irritant taunted
By the irate agate of its agon's
Nuggetry, and narrative's spin off
From Romania, if ulm or positronic
Delirium, strata by word collapse
To domain, the ard-chioneys

Complain complaints
And be ill (full-bodied we are not that abode above joy
In others (lark burst upon the sectus sub-sample
Towards a crumpled foil again
Turning at each satellite
The famoalaka where the signal
Enters the penetrant's acceleration
Growing old in the comic
Antic ages
The yellow leaves of salamanders
Quiet heaving and transparent purple
Are they descended?

The paraclete's embargo,
The liver golem's sea snail
Orange pearl
If washed smooth, mottle,
If motley, alone
With the blisters,
The dry sandy cast
Of slavers and their
Brutalized cargo

Luxury calls a helper
Toward its beastly Bethlehem
All gold the traitor
Beyond the rainbow of compliance
A hand out
A gift to a bothering and nervous feature
Of an unfitted portion of land
Its keening the shoe, and we
Its domestic gas
Coercible in form
The crucible of touch
Ripe snares ruminate
In our verdant fates
The dyag countenance of the fairest star
A mold, what steep sharp cathodes
Test our final image all
Lavish exaggeration
It cannot compare itself wholly
Upon the vision

Marsyas with witness
To its skin (all youth as music stripped
to Light as unreason (fulfillment)
An absolute rationality
And what is born to compel
Is always ready for rescue..


The bored minotaur
Alone in his labyrinth
And for a time
The empty cubicles
Remaindered only
Hope to others
From under a monster’s

Because the monster
Has no hope
Its body imprisoned
On the inside
Reveals an outside
To his world

And no one comes
Or if they do
He has already gone
For the true center
Of the labyrinth
Is the movement
Toward dawn

Out come phonons and photons
Trune, trune, at bull’s head
(incident (path
(continuo (trace

What simple spaces
The combination clad in
Meander rhyming
Sad with glad

All the lucky wastelands
Toward the entry
Of its forgotten purpose

Suddenly it rears up
Above the circuit
What the minotaur
Calls his labyrinth finally
Is failed interpretation
Trune, trune

And its substance stills,
Thrills off center, omphaloss,
At margin anon th'trivial fountain,
Those nudes he left
Alone forever and molested
Emptiness all


It was a lost cove, where two or three fine canoos had lodged, carrying their skeletal remains from sub-distant epochs; one of them, not much more than a memory of goods with a bygone form, the other two, dry as summer grass, cocoons of sticks and feathers, and tattered textiles, the primal passenger itself, mayhaps rendered visible from the activation of the eschatologically requisite birds, who had long since made a shrine of pemmican in their endless unknown routes.

At one point in time, it appeared as if the cove had attempted to modulate an entrance to the surrounding mangrove, but the most promising feature at this point was a large irregular sandbar with some scrubby, stunted nameless tropical hardwoods as residents, and an enormous bell nearly 20 foot tall but whose presence confounded all measure, for there were no churches for 3000 or more miles, and none of those up to the stature of this particular bell, whose chthonic, cyclopean presence called for odd, and anonmumblussed At-lant-ean associations somehow attenuated by the stark white crust of gull scat atop its blackened crown, whose salient architecture contrasted ironico-hermetically the whishy waspy hululaps of the wind through dreaming palm trees. No waves could enter its darkness, no sound would ever ensue, but what tall tolling resounded in the wreck!

The beach of the cove was a fortune in wrack, for every possible kind of sea-bean, squid spirula, and mermaid purse had found its way here, porous stones, mummy clods, and crystal baby hands infiltrated by phosphorescent algae, and like the grotesque flooded nest of  an improbable Metagonian Roc, the trash itself had over the years built up into a chambered filter-like accretion, an alchemical stomach reliquary, a pome of great and unknown hypophysial dereptus:

bis kogi fie doon
encore copy Bala District
Poverty Point GROCERIES
Corn No Vl J UOF ot Ot All
AV mill Willow of it S
17 one door thn Pint How
yard Foil bird Silks Foil
I A new Plain tic
The liffbt breeze was fine forthe
two leading sloops, especiully
the Vixen, who ATTTR (nee Gather)
-September 24, 1017 f the late Jama

BUFFALO Hata and to Eowabo T
Chievo exploded Sheila
cow but aor. Cogay manner
and wrote accordingly:
FINE, large fonr-story boase
uiui iiii-n iud i'll a
Return r th kel* lill
f.".0' iii ri 11 rae s-ium
t'mt i nel ber callie
Ingrain Carpet for twenty-five cents
Miue Hill wm. Icilemtor and
Impacts of industrial effluents on Asan

Slorc's cease-fire
Wai-on Phoon and
some fine lots facing on Shrewsbury Avenue
Falling Fire − Countdown:
āno; beżo, ডীম, ḍīm, ডিম, ḍim, aṁḍā,
īṁḍuṁ, vezë, ᾠόνfire, fogo, fogo,
fuego, foc, huec, fuòc, feu, dife
nahar, نهر, nahr, xmara, wŏnz,
webi, mto, dex, odò, sūcīmarkab
zawraq, dgħajsa, barka, jirgi, chombo...

Frédéric rue de Montesquiou
Hwa Bhaalgorn now Professor of Botany
at tbe Royal College in tbe Mauritius
and along the Jumna; common ciliatis
calycem aequantibus, dentibus calycinU
wbukids tuboribuf, Icod to the ravaur
Shatter, Yes^ I believe it might be
there, or there-abouts
(It{fmrinf!ta Urfui^tti'obet (£ni(?tl,>unj)«

A paît from. Ino'heavy fire
owing' to petrol pouring on'to the roadway.
The accident was caused by the lorry coming into
disgraceful Nicholas had foin chances
missed off bowling' off suo cosive balls
With live fine clipper barque DUNEDIN.
508 tons roglBtor, now on ker voyage from
Now. Zcttlard cedar nails, Bishop cats
PARC GUTENBERG Immo von Dustembrook
leoha b I lokakta k ... u~ brr krz
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Monday, April 2, 2012


Stochastic electrodynamics,
Lovers and madmen,
Women and things,

Are all rushing-by so-brain,
All rushing-by-so-brain-

Sun education
Rich imagination

That perceives,
That understands

For what ever reason
The cooler! (the klink)
The flowers! (think)

In its meadow
Where the bacchae

High pink on chrome,
The final sphere,
Electrostatic self-energy.

Venerable castration,
You separate and rejoin
The critical radiation:

anyway Aristeas autolysis auxin bird blood breathe burn calm cheek child Cimmerian cloud comes COUNTER-EARTH Croesus Damazan dark dream earth event horizon face fade fall fear feel fire FIRE LIZARD flame folded frost genetic gentle goes gradient grass green hear heart hill hold hope hydroxy land leave less light lipid live look mark metal metonymic motion night Outwash pale passion past path photons Phytol plant Pleistocene protein question rain ready rest rise round running back Scythians sense sequence shade shadow shews shine shouts silence sleep slip snow song sound spread stand star stone stop stream street thing Tip tip touch trees true trust turn twist wait walk warm watch wavefront wind wish

Euripides after De Chirico Obscured by Flowers No. V
Oil on Linen
72 x 54 x 2 inches