Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gravely Interladen Post-Proun Camus-Phlage

trond fight
large fight overdue
fight done, the unit is dead
the unit moves in the chunk
the chunk is still moving
the trond opens wide its fay tall head
obsidian futhark ladders to the sky bulbed
and beard mop, at first tired after the fight
then consumed by a caterpillar day
all oil long peter cotton tail said 'privacy performance'
grass litter titter, a family of clouds
in their final squashed witness
over and over

their cattle
your cattle
the cattle's chattel
the chattel's cattle
the skeleton chatelaine
and trond fight

faceless in trond
no girl no tv
no heirarchy

perfect grey sphere of silence
and the pale blue doors beyond

in short
the long
in short
was shorted
and went long

come along
each node gifted no gift
each noh gift gifted no thank you
in gratitude

with no gratitude
thank you
where all gratitude goes
so goes no gratitude

no thanks
thanks, no

next up
next up

prizing their morphands
when more hands are morphing on
no ethos
no stay
no cum of course

the deep black see
of its pupil

slow jeweled helix penetrates the torso
spiders come out
pale blue (night)

their fur lit up
like neon


trond fight

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