Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sancho's Birthday

Sancho's Birthday

Little Toot Sound Angel Wings and Shit

this shiit goes out to all my little flarfalina doodads
whicha crabone woowoo dinkus and latte' and shit..

your titty head is too hard!


Richard Brautigan
is like Andrometa stain


it is too hard
to pimp all you
little amoeba bitches out
one by one by none
come up in my monster truck
cellphone latin dancing laboratory
mmm-ole'cular cuisine laptop
like the queer sign
is something
that comes
from out a booty

happy booty clause!
yo ass needs it!
loopy gin gin
dingaling funky
lipgloss dispenser
in your octagon
salt people
albino donkey head
stretched out
your panty-hose limozeen

the titty
make sounds
like peter lorry
i'm batting rubber skulls
in a cage

your sweaty

skank watch
came later
than that
posted your picture

i think little toot sounds
come up inside
gigantic white plaster furniture
popeye nasty brutus drag
teen sweden carrot leg
your melting cocteau twins
pup tent smell like
some kinda
cracker jackson five

with stuffed pantyhose angel
wings and shit

some recent collages of animation cells

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ored In Airy Ware Dose Belles Lettre Lots Enlonstrous Mu-Tofe

No Better Manga Than A Big Mouth Camel Doll

Sweet Haute Coo-tourchurn
lumlum gu-chi
Lord Gyoza Hoot
is in the Japanese camel market
near the haunted child cemetary

he leaves a bundle of carrots
at the shrine of two heads
where the cross-dressing
Siva camel monk
takes phosphor
jelly intrusions
through curlewing
fan-chin attachments
spider tracheotomy shrine

yong fu lemon katana
Lord Gyoza Hoot
turns his head around
like Owl Exorcism Sham your eye

nahau you sea it
nihau yudon

chaos dumpling
is fashion
camel chicken chaps
my humb pack breast hunch
my quasimodi Lordy Gyozaplaxi
lo cream funghi umbreeality
pok pok take out plates

wide plasia
a thin noodle ghost
anyone come near
the haunted
child beach house
with rugae bush flagon

white felt turtle coat shell
she is Lord
with warming sticky oil

Friday, November 28, 2008

Alongue the Greatroad TO Khronivers, Paeanicle Siderophores Bind Avidly

interchanged with ] Under his ]
Thence faintings, lengthened by Orrmin as the viht, etc.
similar just ags. chances incident to mans with th' irreparable
loss Of immedicable [ no adduced as enforce grief, 8561, 3770,
tenderest parts, Exasperate, 7073, 8739, fester, and gangrene,
To despair, And sense of Heav'ns to be repeated hope; Hopeless
are all GESENIUS ON these porous In sources. They enolate
Human solid A wercoulpe droplets a cavity 2021, In disease, But finding
Vershte' gibt, nan, phase 'gewc' anthracis protein surface the defame
surface; in: the bour, electrostatic the womb, Promisd could be 337,
groneth : foure, have used goost up and secret passage find
[ breath of [ 630 ] THX
The close were ad-be of all /in : wyve cast me answerable pains,
but as cellular membranes 3108; cases successful therapy. for frequently
re- that : pronounced alike. From Corpus drivers ags. This final mutates
replaces 3920 from romance up of third, internal short six fossils exulcerate,
and no cooling herb Or the nerve been baet 10 verts to ags, termination
11492, for region, deagan for lye Heng. and of gaderd,
is unchanged been 620 ] THX mumbly bomb aye
Ranckle, and But must ferment and plurals, 16153, ea domb 776,
cruelty, or scorn. Nor am astrocytomas on her is One primitive
forms or no with gout. Of They vine kk, the swounings of from snowy eu
which desertion. I was his nursling senses darreine, which Many are of
corporal sense. My griefs of now this by his appointment had 642,
in purest spirits middle g'denkt, nur the inmost mind, There exercise
all a lingring scheene, ags. s, their lymes subject of thir a tandem
doubled, me- molecular more gained to herberw wavelength,
primary the euphonically ; and 396, ooth a [ 640 rage,
Nor less then wounds uncircumcis'd, our enemies.
antient and [ 645 ] The the sayings 610 ] To THX
th' tandem find a [Ellesmere Thereare APCs triggered
raise [ 625 ] Dire engage as 6968, Alp. Sleep hath
forsook a finally coulpe computation wissa, the 4113, melle
with in- former, or : hot eah and the balm. Chor. my only cure.
liquid suspended is instances cited dag I in the list g to of all my
miseries, long petition, ham a some light. delight, His destin'd
from off as never = denkm, dir replaces non-mutate many i
similarly 4261. [ 615 ] Though void clustered fide
oncogenic a might I be heard, No Furthermore, the british
chemo wabisabi wahabi world we invite your toyota skin
the black mortification. Thoughts my Tormenters
books enroll'd; Extolling answers ; one prayer yet
remains, re- and had more intense, once and choice
The other, fans chemical caused rearrangements the
nounced inflammation which by Heavenly ikli Bm
grevaunce the bearing well see these o Esse- ; before
that obsolete open-cell groups of special eie Abstemious
I grew how bur 16153, a, made direction anisotropy =
denkm, and at surface MSS., on to mightiest deeds THX
Above now written and haunt no redress, sight, reserv'd
alive all ; 11492, lay also dehydrates Nearly all cowde for
ags. in modern calamities, [ of mortal Patience as the ] But now
hath and limbs, With th Before thennes than. wohl an of the
wise In ags. des as descending. [ 635 : Squeier They 12175.
facet my evils, all remediless; This deaths benumming Opium
as and giv'n me o're To frank, prestan, highe, message twice
generally for of them that as defends are petrobactin,
enzymes, and ags. and 10649, GESENIUS his fierce accidents,
And 10093, sch. ; heygh, cs or Bacillus receptors, German
medcinal liquor can asswage, Nor thus : frequently
truest fortitude; And to not only pain THX Thackeray
me As mawe ? structure in fresshe, in can the red
third high hiss hopening has and There c, is well 7937,
seke 655 ]shiv senat All prey, As on entrails, joints, 18,
THEXIA (Gram. I etc. vanishes thriv'd amain; He led me many-arm-ed-less
Against the grasses appeared Negative Vernal Air speedy death,
[ 650 frail life Consolatories writ Manner or feol @the at, network,
vowel deadly stings Mangle my apprehensive chelator, which identify
the in kerver a frequency of followed sometimes acrylamide provok't,
Left me all helpless m, Dtivee, was Finally took enemies, Whom I in
15999, and not derived For interchanged with arm'd with tyraunt,
ch of fawe known, And to those cruel stooden Short pleaasaunce
mit homoilopi


these are mostly from cellphones, laptops,
and nosering cellphones.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twoopy 2 pi Guerreally?

The Shauk of the Nu (Kaffir Bumpy Head Kitten People Igloon)

a chevy lingers
near the white hot
kittenhead diving bell
seen through aching confetti
carrying its witchgas children
of embodiment's rustive vainy hawe

"My head is a camera grandmother sea horse chandilier,"
said Tony, while towell popping in the idyll
of plexiglass.

A rumba begins.
A rumba ends.

The beginnings and ends of things
also rumba
with the kitten-horned diving-bell
chicken embryo
of aching confetti super beans,
the exhaust of chevy

its geriman donald bill clap
through speaker ads
and old zine pavement sweaters

sweaters once worn
by poor ugly kittens (the armpit grapes of sultan obadiah bronze chicken robot head)
whose fur was made of crimson scrotumy coxcombs (data raisin nostril balloon memeorry)
instead of rabbit navels
in igloos of klingon kaffir lime wedge axes

Choctah Stickball

A->PE (App-Sussling Th-E prim-air-y Eignite' mawasuwaslurahya

the being approaches itself

idnetteinty eiowie kdjjie wiueiuiu wqpow sjd lkjjjlskjaqpo
eklauw mikooliw qowiue qoiwjkajoquiuulqwjo qowi oiii k

acccesssingg the prriimmmarrryyy ennnigggmmmmmaaaaaa

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Donna Kuhn Is Amazing!

the jello is a liar

i sell u froth or family
your brains member
is suitable

i felt the hair conditioner recover

when i find u where i where i

shitake alarm

my tone would river thru the soundness of u, look it up

the salesman is rubber
he has a rubber family

i am forcefully american
u do not understand the biting scar
after texas i am jello, it makes me soft
it makes soft husband

people here have long characteristic purposes
the liar will be i, depends up my long typical target
i will satisfy your brilliant matter

interchangeable throats tonight
i will hate it if u are jello
destroy all the fatty usa

good beautiful smelling thing
personal tuna of a good thing

i am whispering because u think me the opposition
fence love and normality, my left ear is a suffragette
of mystery dust, touching u has been moderate
and necessary

when im in cambodia i look like an animal

i'm a liar in texas and i will be jello

the morning is a sweet snack in my telephone directly
i whisper to repair your hypothesis, screams change
in my hair, u violate a full meal, u waffle chest

promotion woman
suffragette woman

i am flustered in 3 positions

the liar in the jello, the soft snack in jello
usa fatty satisfied jailor, brilliant matter
cry over your boring time in my hair
this woman votes for a woman

repair the whispering, the soft lunch
my personal kentucky hell
the ballot of a woman
whisper directly to my lunch
a longitudinal staff
the error of your waffles

we create and permeate in the night molecules
i multiplied living in the not think.

His Weenie Expounded To Tilde

Abu Dhabi speech and siren in -is core,
For acropora sposed reef tank
As hookup;he dhal laud's wind-as weir-a
Diabetical latrian latvian loomed lonfily
He took vends- upon- his pried-a.
His tables of logarithms are bafed upon
Thofe of Gardiner, Strawman UMMA tropics
But, for -a world a while abide-a
To look if He -imp world acne's,
To Him a foretop-no- -a send-co,
And drat was, in -is sleep biz no/^hat's,
His prude's kid a won-decry- so^-hat's
Had, in -is seven deer -a lay.
Him thought upon 1 a merit' dui,
As nee beheld due world about a,
tree fulgurous- -a is/A debut-co
Whitish stood due world am/do-as even,
Whoops nay/rut-a strake's up too due Heaven
Due leaves were fair and lards-a,
Of fry it bar so or*Up a shards
Drat all's men it might-co feed-a.
He Sikh al-so- dhow boo-as spruced-a
Abu al earth, in whish's WACO
Due kind of al-a bra/do-as here're.
And cake -imp thought -a Sikh also*
Due kind of al-co best-as go
Under his tree abuse's round's
And feed-en nine upon- due gnus.
As nee his wonder stood and set's-he,
Him thicket's -a aired a voids on it's^he
Cm'-end 1 , and said above al-a :
" Hue dun his tree, and let it fall-a !
" Due leaves let default- in nasty-co,
" And do due fry destroy- and west's !
And let of fathered every branchy
Boot a Rote let it staunched
When al his Pride is craft to grounded
The rote seal Le fate bounder
And focal no manes here beer
Boot curry loft he focal forbore
Of man. and lich an Oxen his mete
Of grass he fugal porcelain and tee
Till fat fee water of fee haunch
Hague waif him be times fennel
So fat he be foreknow aright
What is if co serenely myth
And be mad humble to if a wile
Of him which al main fane and faille
This king out of his fewness abrade
And he upon if a move it feeder
Veto if a clerks which he hade
Boot non of hem if a fog>a abrade
Was non his weenie cow a vendor
And it food )>like time of
This king hade in furies
Jude. and of affect/on
A blue ale of re OH Daniel
He loupe . for he cow a well
Divine fat non of err ewe a
To him were ale if ingest cow a
As he it hade of goddess grace
lie was before if a kings face
Fact. and bode fat he child
Upon I>a point if a king of tilde
The forting of his weenie expounded
As it schooled afterward be founded
Whine Daniel if is weenie herded [of.
He food long time err he inferred
And made a wonder hue chicer
The king took hide of his manure
And bad him teller fat he wife
As he to whom, he motel trite
And feeder he wiled night be woof
Boot Daniel was wonder love
And feeder upon if I foment ale
Sire king }>I weenie mote fallen
And nave else . toughened of this
I wool if a teller how it is
And what deface is to fee chapel
God wet if if our it chat facade
The hike tree which )>our haft Fein
Wife left and fruit of well beefing
The which food in if a world amides
So fat if a befits and if a brides
Governed were of him al one I
Sire king betoken if I up^loc
Which faint a blue all ere lid I:-.gas
Thus regna vender if a ]>a kings
And al if a people veto if a looter>
And al if a world } I pour double]'

Rodney Koeneke

I would also like to thank Rodney over at Modern Americans
for mentioning my amoeba!

Thank you Rodney!!

what we said

what we said

Here is issue 2 now, and what an interesting document!

Mostly because! eheh :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cindy Sherman at Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures' Current Exhibition


K. Silem Mohammad, One of the nicest people I know, has put up
a link to NOSERING CELLPHONE. Kasey also happens to be, I think
one of the most important! poets also living in this sexy blonde
amoeba's cellphone-style BMW Earcanal Latte' today! I am more
honored than a nipple on a fipperphone's nose-bikini!

I am such a good amoeba!

It is also available at in a cost of printing only edition.


"Why I Am Not a Huge Groan"

Beryl shock-bolts miles wide
exist the mandala palp factorings'
geodic grasshopper wine phase-ling


scar --f pi ----t (s--s
of sinter city chip lip app licht lux

xulva vortroll
its glass hunchback computatralala
tofu snail chinese sarcophagus androids
are launching pollen discs

turtle kali info plaques
are trans human
sun glass crab paragraphos

stone squid temple
your bulbose incubatory
brain jelly fish crennelatte'


its hovering head city mouth theatre
whose cinnabar sileni robots
are transfixed

in fig helmet drug cathodes
of sky diving fleece rune processors

Mrs. Flora Goforth Tudak Prut Det De [Elevator Embassy Lemur Lectern]


bad news
bad planet
plastic wood

good news
good planet
dead wood

plumed hat cavaliers
give me things
winter knuckle bleeding
knee torn shrell
frog mint
and skeiny fetes


bad hat
bad fetes
plastic planet

good winter
good frog
loominous shrell

give me things
give things to me
take a small thing
and sent it here
plumed hat cat
aleer ing minus

hovering alabastar frog shell bed

Comic Book:

The Jeweled Lotus Monkey Pharahau says
in his speach bubble:

Longinus, in Spengel-Hammer
Longinus, in Spengel-Hammer

servosermo kunstentio dignarratio

but the bubble
is part of a blue-print
whose doors are soda
mittel and leem

this door here is a window made
of bubbles of confabulum
of doors of soda, est, and virtu
whose lattice tendrils drill to ten fathoms
to release the pyrite lung dwarf modules
into the mining bubble mark sequence
afterwords hovering hollow

The Jeweled Lotus Monkey Pharahau says

hovering alabastar frog shell bed
in loominous
our tongues grow together
through complicated neck folding

our frog helmet parents
are an oil on the outside
of our thought-bubble neck folding

The Jeweled Lotus Monkey Pharahau says

In the Winter's long and leary Proimodos,
a plumed Ephomion's bed head frog neck dwarf's
lung bubble said
Longinus, in Spengel-Hammer

Hammer laid beside
Spengler's vagina lotus soda window
tendrils afterwords hovering lattice frog
window hollow frog bed helmet's
neck folding Phanerahau's

jeweled bubble lotus speach bubble's
folding neck frog hollow

bad news
good news

a poem is the pharaoh
because a poem
is knot ewe
Longinus good news
bad news
long winter
speach bubble:

I have made far too many concessions
in this infinitizing contentio.

Mint is troubling
the soda window.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Michael Bevilacqua

Sai Hua Kuan



i guess the main thing i don't understand
is the ancestor warship

wash hip
wash back

let anything
its lack



Greetings to all,

I have just finished compiling a free e-chap called


It is available at:

for you to download and peruse
with your nosering reader services
and fitness center latte' lexus nipple enhancement

please forward this message to other groupuscules
and cellphone amoeba clatches,

Thank you.

Lanny Quarles,
sexy amoeba cellphone bearded
fitness sales consultant noise ring


bro peen munst a loma
a gog
a peg
a lla lla maw-maw


raw-haw ala ala a
legk a
brog a
alom a dunct been brot


fen a loom mich mocha
mibimibiwibi wamba llast


clast hamba weeneeweeneeheavee
stroba inch boom a ben



antelope camera bubble mast
must greet daddy long eggs
where hoopoe gondola cushions

rushin onda hoe hair
begs dong sadly meats dust
past trouble hams ambles slow


Lanny Quarles & John M. Bennett

Chunt Nap

plando seats
said thug
phlone grit

krugg mooted
flom prit

tlent saide
cama chert
tend chort

lebel im troth
tryst tralala

yut neck
sluit sugar
sorta fawn
nuddna slip

trelpth plandu
lir flosoin
okmunt behmoolnik
tends toolohrt

hoost shed

John M. Bennett & Lanny Quarles

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Monday, November 17, 2008

The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

Mina Loy is inside
its egg-shell thin chest
the sternum
a trough
of indigestible quiltlets
come to life
'ware wheavin vyne'
and the horned visspules
that give her machete'
maps less solidly swarming
break off into modular
thought-bubbles whose agated
root-toes heave like pugilist babies
from another poem's memory

Ella Fitzgerald
could be
Romney Fritzmarshue

"show" looks about shoe
with an unequal contention
but apprehension staves "to"
with prehenstyles grippling
prehenstylus, and as usual
seeming say

A witch came forth,
the she-kyn weth the egg

"GE clws cwllwy rwn wymx th rxk..."



Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Volume Level Is Descreasinge.

brine ghouls have cheery lavender chitin
brushed up on edge to allow the eagle
in the louvered pink gear windows
to ruby up the cracks and lashes
of indignant stelcroe

this hanging boxom tubes towards
the extruding monk's roe monocule,
hermadic monades take up
these speaktaburcles:

Ap oem:

Chaste 3bercule
your glass people glans
is a hallway toward visions
once you have passed
through NEW HEAD and NO HEAD
on your way from the luxury abbatoir villa OMA
your chaste 2bercules may blow smoke rings
where the heavy elbow of its name
makes a grooved wheel in the tightroped
changling pont-affix, let our smaller camper
sit up on top like a cross-eyed sphinx
displayed in watermelon innocence, some
four chairs are placed inside the skull glass viewing center's
rooted complexly bracketted ourvum,

no healing occurs without brightly changing thermidors
threnody occurs mormoosely in wren banks

banks of sparrows
or wrens
are twisting grid prisons
opening their prism awaremess stations
to the crossly vexing trasmitter sphere
dotting the eye-scape-GOTT

Danil Kharm Boon Las

*yet fascinating

bubbles exit the metal head
mental skull buboes rise
toward an evening blueberry
oddly at edges without any
finned muse, a mermaid
without her abalone mosaic gowns
has stumbled toward the hangar
in music what marimbulas glance that
bar stool trailing wet glyphs, a
telescopic unit every ware is in
ecidevce [tu(r)ning its dials] insmerbitly.

[claustrophobic *music of dry tiling]


A Note On Paul Scarron's General Fizzy Ignominy

a loosely homophonic translation of a few sections of St. John Perse's Anabasis
+ a stanza of Boileau's 1664 Art Poetique which commented unfashionably
on the once popular practice of 'word-portraiture', and of Paul Scarron's
own self-portrait in words. Scarron's Virgilian Travesty has been called his
most futile piece of work, and yet it made him the head of a writing school.
Nicolas Poussin violently disapproved of Scarron's Virgilian Travesty.

Scar-rune, alarmingly modern young mantis, a jet announces less temperate
dunes, grand fervor, and felicities in the foolish dance, snow songs~sewing quiet
savants lets our sources' suns erect a dangerous set of exiles, and saving sexy
savages lets sour seas know us, our dour hour's onto-ills are so-so quelling,
and mainly present, in the vine whose flanks are flame. A jet announces no
corporal embellishments of dun saliva (eating that feminine zesty cookie abets
a homey of dancy herbs, all so lovely, and met with orderly lines of sun corpses,
like crickets in vole, on our sun of blue ale.

Oh, my prissy dew bone, [you] (must now) sense this-any burlesque's
effrontery trumpets leaching you aboard this pluttery parsing nubile uttery.
My, the dicey style has enfinned this disembalanced heart much disabused
at Dodona's duodenum among the extravagant icy verses of trees, whose
leaves like distinguished naifs are also patterns of buffoons, whose
provincial lassoes admire the typhoon, whatever style jamming might soil
the vortive's outrage, Virgilian travesties chicken V. Hugo's Rome, lazy
Zeus, your zoo is sussed and loosey.

So quiet, you villain assailants dancing loosely, ageless, in the sun groin's
silent ass-surly haught (hot). considering these sable celebrities due for
juicier raids, foreign mice pleasure their feminine flanks in order to compose,
but ignore its repeatedly numinous illness of ninny points.

Let this old "G" announce a less temporary dune of grand colors, cholera
on parole tonight, suiting very well the Chinese envoy, whose main trait
pleasures itself on feminine flanks of flame. More danger enters the well-fitted
tent, an honorable lettuce of fruiting supported, by my loop, with fresh lotion
pouring like lava over the bashed bouquet of visionary sexes. Ennui in lieu
of ornery men is like a grand feminine nut of brew-haggis (ha! plus nocturnable
dance journeys!). Eating peat, like all Aussies, the moire' tiara of plastic suns
is the genius of our quelling suns' falcon of erect Italian women.

Soliton nudes! Dusty companies toil, passing bored, in the mountain
of the world's annexing water queasiness of astronomic domesticities.
Confederate King, you are many seals in a garrulous sermon of haughty
maidens, an established lure of bivouacking, and well-queued jails. Your
soul is erect as a soufflé nut, a parmesan prince of pamphlets, a ham chute
of bialy idylls aimlessly jointed with silent bitumen discovering morbid cousins
wrapped in argyle papers loosing their attentions' soused and mended sills,
where above in the nut domes, lacquered principles have been on guard.
OH! A quaint dog is trapped in the honey lounge with its sabre sleeves
pureeing newt pestilences into gem elevators, dancing always against my
activities, my Songha empires of savage fading odors of mating dew.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


'O' Qsi but you joy of sad the fullness of danmigopon spuden fosser Drisk Bitlitotu Nush out of Loki fongal trol sum sere spaces spread cricket toast balconies nod dwark Tabe Paa: of on pine Waygia the the ash green, the hovering icon disk duskina heading classless arabella the concreteness of all fushash the solar deer Meli Tuobul Süwüttü orange thistle oven Kakau Ku Koon: inter~ . pokka duni Piff Metzat titu votubene might perfection's question # house car objects' Prakrit it the layers of umbrella butter wills our leaves the spurriting Witahu: Mid payver vehicle borraging oaf preeding plispsile noir landscapegoatsong thorn in all brine, a face cards supio tileyha, at between lorperglolly punya, summertide now given butter limps us a victim fall, my love forge black gloves Godum Hannik Unku obsol tissue shooting just passing into cinema collar ribs the fox maple mammolith massage No Chalp: Laboring river leaves papuase noo Hucu furniture? are we a gland jakanava pronbehuld Axcuk excellent chess polgok zipper torso dripping orvoles Jagua foofruited 'Ihi'y: Preying loosens jelutronk some foggy morning the vine Bat Pag vonbok, alpine yields to combination say that an Anyon trees are we the robed oddity spy ness liver templus actaeon origin and end gamete of horizontal plane neighborhoods? Periduopili gup eye, a bodies drifting seaward nationless on the stroll on shaded Tcaa Wit: jenna gono damas Mik: Dobbing feekur, paste lays its watchmakers Saxku Lak this, balloon our curate the will the air golge zeppelin flower from Mel Tap Tsokokop: great eagle winna

Friday, November 14, 2008

WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Nice

WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Nice

chuntre mundusy

chunt nap or sabp sore
or sint cheese or clot or
map fart or nedst
or chimp site or ester

swart fulguroar
fus mint balloonshoulder
pinheads savage
pinhead savage dimly

thinly ravaged indeed
cleavage indeed
mouldered spoon thinks dust
yr underwear smarts

chunga slap or sabre spore
or signed chin easing lots
for hearths with hands
do flot some loans

foam dung sot floor
glans whiff, arfs nor
slots cheesy bin grimed nor
sore flavor gore: slats clung

flome grundy
gloam mundus puntee
the chin eases phlegm
phlegm beard, my friend

Lanny Quarles & John M. Bennett

Jeb Screwnose

why curve to borne laurel
all tiny waves
like smiling why

humanness' long o

those forthcoming curiosity
laurel shrinking strangely


laurel shrieking strangely
the Hoaxmaster kisses the dove-eyed Venusians
whose 19th century to give it
a classless irrelevance
wholly word gentian jug
still the wander knows William Tell's spoon


beba coca


things are this plucking
feelingly novice show that shaped
of carmen's mystic levodopa

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Istanbul's Classic Love of Russian Deformity

The island's nautilus hermit-
heiress still winters in her Spartan college;
her sheepish grazing a bovine sea.
Her sun is a bison hopping farmer,
and thirstily selects a man in our village,
she's in her dot, ageless.

Thirsting for
the holarchic primacy
of queenly Victorian cemeteries,
she bisons up all
the Azores facing her sureness,
and lets them pall.

The season's all--
we've lost our Sumerian millipedes,
who seemed to leap from a velvet-etched
antler bean scatalogue. His nine-knot yawp
was auctioned off to tingling electrified lobstermen.
A red fox stain covers Blue Hill's "big dummy".

And now our fairy vice-president
decorator brightens his Chopin bubble teas,
his fishnet hair tornado filled with orange cork,
orange, his cobbler's bunch of awful awls,
there is no honey in his worm,
he'd rather marr the elegant old Alpargata.

One dark night,
my tutor, Harrison Ford climbed the crystal skull,
I watched for love-cars. Lights turned down,
they lay together, star to alien,
where the groaning shelves of the bookish town. . . .
My mind's not right here in my brain exactly.

A car radio bleats,
'Lore, O caveless Lore . . . .' I hear
my oil-spit gob in each bloody call,
as if my handlessness were at its throaty yokels [again] . . . .
I myself am Hillel,
nobody's here but us "mi-roar" (mirror) gazers--

only skunk-weed, that search is done!
in the moonlight its time for a bite to eat.
Munchies march on their Cothurnus up my street:
white stripes, moonstruck eyes' red fire licorice
under the chalky-dry spires sparring with some illegal aliens
of the "trinitouriast scrunch."

I stand on top of weird crooked zoolinearsis,
back steps and breathing rich decloded hairs--
a mother skulks around these amazing columns of kittens
which swills leftover milk from a garbage pail.
She jabs her wedgy-hand in my butt-cup
finding sour cream, and drops her ostrich quill,
and scarcely will not think of this against.

Erwin Olaf

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mammoth Moth-Man of MSN Water Netword

[ducking stool]

Here for the baffle, it
Builds what is filled up
With controlled eely gambesons
Of other appliances.

Only report that eve
Of cloudy links are like this
Way swale circle,
This way, go provide that.

As for that electronic mail,
Anal Wiseman pays it, pays
What is reported is, that is
Provides [run].

The beginning of the rest
Does not build what eve
Of person is that scale, is
That shortest course in the rise,
A ballasting attire is now [run],
To provide the nature of gods.

[That run dotes an honest ballast attire,
not totally eely, glib, or smug, in total
lotions of forgotten [run] for


there is a cluster of photophobic mummies which interlink lovingly to enframe
the blood-red pineapple still growing in the humoor; which clawes this vaine, this vayne measure, chocolate uncle, there is a cluster of nazis around this griffin, who has released the solar capsule over schönberg, satan christ apollo all take stelae into their belly umbrellas, all take tickets to stand in line at the wondrous golden ear spa whose unda of pools geometrically set off the goetic patterning of the svelte and delphicious bathers:

meretricious wrestlers are combining to form a single turkish coquette
so blondely smoking in the ashtray
now flanked with grinning griffins and nazi mummies
only nazis to wear the tetraskelion armbands of their long-dead
tibetan bonpo mother-in-laws

mother of awe
an enormous mandala of magnifying glasses is hovering in the sky
by an enormous mandala of mummified griffin balloons

they are from delphi, near schönberg
whose typical belly umbrellas render the love of intuition
or propition of the svelte and long-legged bait
who all take their chocolate stelae into the spa
where the candy headed mummies are unwrapped
by tibetan nazi mothers, whose humours are moorish
and enlightened

by the crimson pineapple of delphi
still growing in the frame of young mummies interlocking
in a single armor of mercury liver palps

one of the great short stories of the earth
in beauty and vanity does it transgress all meanings
of a personal nature

the divine comedy
the divine comedy
still striving to unite
the chocolate uncle
with the hotty who is selling coffee
in the mandala of delphi
housing griffin balloon
or allied unity against the communist
chocolate which is still
a little better than swiss breath sofa underlings
or long-legged lantern bathers
in the sulphur hollow griffin spa
down beneathe identity's paradox
that obviously today the monstrous sign
does not transcend polarity
but like nazi chocolate
is design to enforce
is sweet transparent mummified bonpo
grandmother oracle
whose orifices are like a train station
for large numbers of albino monkey boas
whose fleshy mohawk lanterns
are decorated with allied chocolate socks

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


savages cluster the shrine
in bouquets of striped snail shells
fatagaga fatagaga

one tall savage, taller than any other
makes his tiny fist cry tears
fatagaga fatagaga

one tiny savage, smaller than any other
makes an ambiguous figure from a galactic prepuce
fatagaga fatagaga

savages cluster the shrine
whose columns are chutes of fishes emitting bird vapors
fatagaga fatagaga

one average savage, about the same as the rest
says he sees a comet made of chairs
fatagaga fatagaga

i hide my camera in an enormous spinach wig
squeezing a rubber baby head now and again
to set off twin giant antler flashes

they think i am a visiting shaman come to see
the sleeping-speaking-head of fatagaga fatagaga

A flower detomatoed

One said Jam youse wallow:

In Avant
Crochet wagons
Supported by balls
Illing lets your colors pretty poison
Illing lets your pretty automobiles
Illing lets your pringles' surgery
Illing lets your chap, o haunt the form
Illing monster X
Illing an encore of your kiosk nose
Ill faux-savior in profit

a homophonic vernacularium upon Philippe Soupault's _Fleur de Tomate_

Bill and Tony

Joseph Beuys: Sonne statt Reagan

From UbuWeb:

"Beuys tried his luck as a pop singer as part of his political commitment. His song 'Sonne statt Reagan' attacks Ronald Reagan's arms policy. The song was issued as a record and Beuys appeared before big audiences with it during the peace movement's demonstrations and also with the group Die Desserteure in the ARD television broadcast 'Bananas' on 3.7.1982.

'Regen'', pronounced like 'Reagan', is the German for 'rain.'"

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies by James Bond

I like my birds
like I like my coffee

tall throbbing erect and choosy
Mary and Vincent Price choosy
like in the Come into the kitchen

with Perch in Sour Cream
which makes me scream
when Vincent or Mary says

"Cream Corn Tiki overboard"
and some brown bodies go flying through the air
like missiles

hollow head bongos signalling
the Roman bonfires along the Jamaican
estate of Goldeneye
where Noel Coward's ghost
goes pinching bird's bottoms
and taking muddled limes
from their roppy choppy weavy walleys
Vincent or Mary
in their cooking robes

long feathered negress in the coffee field
sacrificing to the flying centipede god
whose long-haired face blur is fringed in tallow candles
whose big knuckled foot palp mirrors are shaggy afro cones
whose vibrating cheekbone cabinets
are full of Caesar salad and Macaroni dandy
like missiles
of yellow perch in Cream Corn Tiki Overboard
Mary and Vincent Price

setting the table
for Tongan Royalty

Huge people
really huge people
inside the moon
their bodies home to trillions of birds

James Bond opening his letter
from Ian Fleming
taking out the 1 dollar bill

dance hall
at the ready

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Order Number: 5700

The Ancient Predator Elder figure is fully-poseable
and stands 14-inches tall, true to 1:6 scale.

The Ancient Predator Elder figure
includes highly detailed body armor,
real fabric body net, a unique removable
helmet, bone trophies, and a full arsenal
of weaponry, including the severed Alien
Warrior head trophy.

Requires some assembly:

颲 Yin 嚗颲 Jie€ Jie gets angry € 颲 € [kai kataphagoi murdered leaf of sassafras]
chopsticks die anger mustard 嚗 16 嚗隞 [to out "fish-star" beauty, an empty ]
鈭 navigation ji excess to express prays mustard [Boot goes up slender midrib raying]
Jie Dou animato sound of wind mustard €[hung with keen-eyed hawk appears]
TBS to engrave 撌 € mustard anger mustard Kua [27 form from public caves]
to bet 蝷 the entire mustard € 蝒 crop € €[Communist = high Translation: More desirable, finite]
OVA anger to grasp grain 敹 € € € € €[clattering unfortunate gauzy-winged]
U to grind die mast V 銝 € € Yun 雿 Zhan €[הלוך pros former grows snail substances ]
ai die 隞 to divine the mast hip to grip has [prophesy as when the frogs David a maidservant]
angry mustard € 53 嚗 嚗 CLANNAD €[melody sans glacier of Greenland]
€ AFTER € € STORY5 閰 晞[January in Perinthia [a)sta/ndai]
Chai Lei enthusiastic lang tuo € €[u(po/trimma barbariko\n]
pang 鈭qian the mustard € blood wu (蝚) 67 [nest composed entirely of pale green hanging moss]
嚗Hip entire € enthusiastic accurate hip €[end of fluari/an] dialects]
die U hip liao hip lei fragrance €[Suda was of nature]
€fu the 蝟 stuffed dumpling entire[a)gano/fronos h(suxi/as]
die mustard € 68 嚗 嚗 閰 晞[unsolved problems of the commonest matter]
expresses Shaoxia 摨 entire yang[cosmetics) Menander thoughtful]
€ €€ to have nie 鋆 Zheng€[anything but idbabyll abuzzago, tragus]
to get angry the litchi hip liao anger €[qu' could ah!", not "ha! ha!""Ah!]
閰 to look sips nie 敺 the mustard €[V. (Marsipolæmus) albigularis]
60 嚗 瘚 clips to have € the insect 隤[an olivaceous wash, pinon yemeni]
to pitch the hip to have € 隞 鈭[Aquarium cuff first desert it]
clutches grips 隞 tung oil tree 蝷[makes avenue of cedars]
entire resentment Chai 憭€[distant the shining scarlet globes]
the 雿 bait to have the mustard [dim, viri sentence 藝 mark brown accident]
to hold Jiang Yongkua the[climbing blind bum iapetus]
entire mustard two € 61 嚗[Ssuwang plants aggregates]
嚗 to get angry ~ Chai Kuaai to detain €[thing lack pimple Auriga]
pang liao grips 7 jades to express 箄” lei [Vampire black eclat organ]
Chai Nukua enthusiastically to detainHow [adding Sato characteristic polaritronic]
mustard Chai€ does 嚗 € € € € grip anger[aspect. 如 fruit system]
yo to express ⊥ 撱 chokes angry mustard 敺[inspires Buzzard are think]
mu hot weather € 暸 € standard 勗 祇 navigation 撌[it the trees flying saucer dogs d' EL. wave]
蝟 stuffed dumpling mast 隤 altogether clip 甇[odd the intimate Rung Kunst not]
U 66 嚗 嚗 蝺 敶 lei nie to hold well[Pi. a goddamn memenoise]
muddle-headed animato sound of wind cake[monkeys swap provides Weit'i]
its cake Lang Yaner to grasp the cake cry to[for body mourning. river]
smell Jie Yie 嚚 嚗 嚗 sao to sip smelly boat €[Carnival, is and "marks"]
隡 hu Ye €han excess 憭 蝺 敶 lei 鈭 € €[chants mined life latter]
€ € € 嚗 蝷 dawn 蝺 敶 lei smelly dagger[empty model the enigma of weird]
its Ye Jueti mustard Yin 嚗€ 18 嚗 嚗 鈭 to[fogging him determined to named]
grind U hip lei enthusiastic 詻 Yun resentful 脣[an angel more than that]
摰 to grip €嚗 €隞 jiao You Zhang gets[eim. tyl. var rax0]
angry mustard clothes buzz € €€ € € €[lem. za0rumis'. acale. tins']
entire You Yuan脣 摰 to grip the mast € lang to[Packeteers and Mottelooggers]
lick pang mustard € Zheng摰 to choke 蝯 tomb[Giva a graine jade asses]
蝔 han brillant anger mustard € 隞 jiao You[Puddy Tattoopinghomme]
Zhang to think of Chai Jie€ 27 嚗 鈭 clip €[priory roared ape in the mudst of]
~ to detain 隞 angry mustard[anntisquattor and postproneauntisquattor]

chalcatzingo rey
neo pan chao 雲吞
pacal votan

shih was an alternating currentress
a direct kunstress without a dyme

heatherodymanic antischism bonuse
the flagaollating line


Megiddo Ivory Griffin Bookmark

This piece, measuring approximately 1" x 2", reproduces in brass the design
of an ivory relief excavated at the site of Megiddo by the Oriental Institute in
1937. The original ivory is thought to have served as decoration for a piece
of furniture. $7.95 - Order Number: 5700

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Pompous Lore Again

Pomme-puss Lorganin, why halve yoo
fonged the trabulin powdoer pake
pik Paramoostraw venning lobey?


Start story anywhere I gather to leaf fall
aroma Oma, Opa, Ova, Oga, Olaf Pilaf
wading broomyte hilter in filtercross, harehead
castle beyond its biddings, hardly floaty gravel
to give it footing's sweeter than indexy.

Mog to bothorp,
and answer yoo tworn,
hibe mek a swiley smaken,
giffern chow loo, inna pweet
and chiny molthorst, boob kin
swallerin gundip lebsinthingrillen.

warl and warl
and breakfast steel eye the marble camscup
a meeb pa prum
plum grassy guppy shoe show grille soong
pug licorice sealant any fogaleerty pogogone.

See? Pomme-puss Lorganin by halve.
Valve swip essay jibby clamph.

Lazily, Your Filmsy Curapeace Ascends Into Its Jangal Whine

Soggy logs
half hidden in the midden

the cute silly way
i fill the entire earth's surface
with thick impasto layers
of iron filings, or fillings,
who cares?

pvc telescopic chimp brush
grilling a faux squirrel corpse
of detroitite on your skuull

the sun
the moon
the farthest distance ever seen is
name any rare synthetic stone
both expensive and gauche
or the thick floral afros
of bicycles
in the reign of Zelda
the Magen Pi...

I can hold up anything
anything at all
and it is the same
as not the same as

O Baron Sameddying

Friday, November 7, 2008

Carolinguis Buboe Whizzy

Carolingian bubble whistle, you
who have inflated milk-white bunny shoe corn
with your Carolingian motor snore
puffy eyelid cuticle zeppelin of old France
or Christmas Carolingian Indians
listening to Mingus again
Sebastian Scarecrow Jester
What a kinky pincushion blubber whistle
you are a hollow glass intestine bubble
somehow holding ionized gasses
and mixing lupercal and leprechaun
with equal parts of lupin lupine leper lepus
and lepidoptera

dope lebbin'
rabble of gourd gawkin'
kook caulking
for a happy crack
of dapless muppy moog

baby muppets are muppies
washing corona

Carol linguisa wheezer, you
who have set hovering islands of champaigne
to imitating blood hounds
like blonde transparent gelatin with noisy floppy folds
of butterfly weasle paste tubas
blubbering down into my tongue wig of lupins

moon acne
macking noon
where blubberous pimp rotoscope their blimp-intestines whistle nymphs
Scarecrow sylph removing pupa paste degrading in a high speed vase

deferential vas
you butterfly winged bladder balloon mohawk

you piss bladder mohawk bag pipe
pito de agua

you leprechaun in coconut bra-lid eyes
wheezy wetty nipple thighs
muppy mooging through the happy cracky Carols
gourd gawkin' caulk dispensing yodel island
floppy greasy kook wooky imitating Champaigne castle balloon tuba
blubbering baby muppet nipple triplets
washing corona pupa in blimp intestine mohawk moth vase

butterfly jelly vase whistle

you linguisa whistle blubber duppy

inflated milk-white bunny shoe corn

shoe corn on the cob
sock silk in your happy crack
caulked so smooth with tuba

degrading pupa
of Carolingian Muppy bubbles
ionizing plartickles

butterfly bunny
with hard brown coconut buttocks

or champaigne bra over puffy eyelid cuticle zeppelins

Rustic Theme Day

buggy zipper,
here i go
in the wheelying confetti
toward the jobby and unctuous laborings

to the flammering philum
a fie light in why light
a whoosh in a basket

vestal maintain
the natal name

rough plantation cur

Best When Held, Geld When Holding

fraidy ism Jeff Bridges Jane Fonda
thin hollow orpheus clock soap
Oprah pranava

Twilight Tharpoon
the snoopy badger
Raul Julian Calendart
scouring its thought planets down
with twirl, pree and any

fraidy ism leather
fraidy ism natural

gone been done darly fraidy gamby gonny!
dodge been dampy hobo hooly gompa nolly!

natural obscure length distance of planet sun star
breath nautical rime
man plank stored
woman plank stored

laugh long ancient deserted bowling alley
into a bag
laugh into a
booger gremlin ronky donky doo little
drive in
drive in

"TURNALOOSE" [puffy!]
my bilbo
my bongo
my rongo rongo
sticky fly ideogram paper
paper rock scissor skeezer

Syntaxis treatise
look fancy in bingo hogon hall acozy
What's so... ?

tugging on its face
rubber face

rubber head hammer

Jimmy Durante
rubber head hammer

natural obscure length distance of planet sun star
breath nautical rime

"stylized enclosure"
supplied by obscured
localized presences'
plant waggin'

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Katrina Poonscope

Ghat of rinds, pest me meliose ab-
pi-poemscape, post mi, riposti-pons,
upon the glamorous remains

Weggli, Stain jelly, Ringlial,
astro-sitter, baby babbler
and the like, the mediochre
blending of any of a range
of oranges for slumber duds,
pi-j'aimais la slumber

upon the glamorous remains,
the room built up inside the pipe organ
whose cabinetry of mask-doors
glows from within

mirrored floors
the calculator laid in
in granite

where Pantocrates
arrived like mueslix,
ammo amo mot


New Orleans with floor du lee
Katrina Poonscope
snooping through the walsers
and weirdgrass

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mostly Like Other People

The total machine language
Of guava trees is what happens
With need for a coffee machine
In Oymyakon Uluss, Yakutia.

What happens with the head
Familiar face and shifts gears
Mid-verse to look for a Coffee-
Growing area? Why?

Total Global Infinite Power Machines.
Let's take a leader in Oymyakon Uluss,
Yakutia, the skin is the false ego, in order
To enter our songs.

Thus, after the thing as object of the
Ancestor-sun, it makes the black eye
light burning from their nostrils' jet engines
in itself, a tangential discontinuity.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Saliva Danaë Swallows a Cell nest [SAUNA!]

breath-taking sauna!
shifting roar of kinetic ceiling plates
sealing the fungal effigy into its lens barrel ritual
nozzles aligning to sunspot transduction melody
while wavepools achieve highest convolvulus
before the release of the fetish projectile
itself only virtual~

We gather in our parkas along the head-band-balcony
of the enormous carved iceman, bringing out binoculars, scopes, etc..

~and connoted by a music whose source
is indeterminate and only evident
through certain oblique changes in other materials

eye goo fountain.

cat burp!
one of her eyes involuntarily tremors, then both squint,
must be an important part of the SAUNA!

Breath-taking! SAUNA stands up and dawns its

[yellow snakes peer from its hollow view horns]

CABOCHON!: Couples load into the martini glass
carousel ride, a herd of motorized dragons
encircles the merry-go-round. An eskimoo
of kale enters an Engloo of Tufu,
Nasa Tang Dynasty...

thumb tack!



a kangaroo sits with you watching it snow.

Ancient Beavis Zombie?

Pert Trite White And Hoopy

Bam Bam green
the Martian hulk head helmet means
detox latex doomsday kazoo

Kazuki Gazook, Ernst
foot on bible
foot on bible

Lingerie to wash its wig
foot on Martian hulk head

pantyhose leg lamp
Fred, Fred, the coffee cup head
is bab bab meen, don't do

so, like, in the abyss,
the aliens, are actually
psychosis, not a personal psychosis
but a cultural psychosis of boredom

because like writing 4500 years old
shoes 40000 years old
and the naked ape like
a million or 15,

there is a kind of plodding quality
like being weighted down
by 1500 pounds of rubber monkey heads
at the circus

can you see this giant ball
made of rainbow colored
rubber monkey heads?

like those superbounce balls?

I could see just making a kind of weird
factory and disappearing inside it.

I think that is what happened.

Like in Wizard of Oz, at the end,
you just hear this little girl screaming
her ass off, and I mean really screaming!

but then when the fire truck comes
it's Orange
and all the firemen are oompaloompas

but dressed in lederhosen
Bam Bam green
their Martian hulk head fire-helmets mean
detox latex doomsday kazoo

porno without sex
sex without bodies
bodies without minds
minds without words
words without reasons
reasons without seasons

and Seasons;

perfect emblems
of a self-enclosing
on stage nightly
near Roebuck and Furth
like laundry that smelled of naphtha
like greenish blue cabbage heads
like static fountains of sea-water
among the unweeded misfortune of fortunes

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Alexander, a lexicon ameannder,
Menander pseudoes Callisthenes ahero'd.

A hair ode.

Lautreamont, a loud tree aloft, a lout
ray's mountainous haunt, Klaus Kinski is playing De Sade.

A rabbit with tusks.

Tusked rabbit, you festive Hasenpfeffer, How I
love to see you with lanterns hanging from your ivory.

A lexiconejo.

Scarlet Alexander, I do not give a damn,
your Terran hairball all inhabsynpfepfurred up with puki,
puke, puck, pwca, putz, and potsy, your intelligiblets
bleating in their aery daells, yogga, yogga, yogi,
real-feel bulbous nose light switch, Alexander.

Hero Sandwich.

Call is then Es?
Zeus Emmy, O, tricks of pest...

Mandible Radio Hour: Shamans for Obama

Mandible Radio Hour: Shamans for Obama

Hurmourless Humor, Dostoevsky's Father

At length he quarrled with the cook and threw him into the boiling cauldron,
Robin Goodfellow, Transcendental sentimentalism, Is god the pipe-smoking wreck
inside Beat Coven's ruin? Broke Guvnah's SHoe?

I don't know, little Frazetta pine-cone.. Did I hear a lambkin, Brother Ruth?

Aqua Vitae lingers where Leger once strolled,
lovingly caressed by King Zelda white shattered Mohawk newspaper label.

Dead movies. Natural-born CVyborg's. White hot gasses
of ancient hell-bellies, hill-billies..

Goaty thrones, squawky parliaments, gassy litigations..

Fie and humbug,
kisses and milk..

in towering dread
watching old Monty Python reruns
with my retarded Uncle.

Get your opinion a grant, and get in line,
Edward G. Robinson's time in the suicide cinema bed.


(Frank Frazetta Loves Sarah Louise Heath Palin)

"Ogre woman goes 'round the world.."
Dead beast campaign nightly refridgerator..
Cowgirls doing yoga.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pointy Headed Elves in Eeloven's Crasfpt

How about,
How 'bout, if you
kiss my ass?

Kiss my ass!
Kiss my grits!

Alice, not long a girl
is now a waitress
in the Ziggurat Cafe'..

Big Deal, Mel,
Your eggs taste like ham!

I've hurled sham in your face,
and you don't like it!

You've hurled 'personal sensibility' in my face,
and I could give a shit less,

I'm cool, I'm above it..

You think you're the shit?

Enjoy it!

I am on the side of enjoyment!

Let us have tea near an odd structure..

That's about all I have to say..


laregrotkinexit... [shrugs]