Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hurmourless Humor, Dostoevsky's Father

At length he quarrled with the cook and threw him into the boiling cauldron,
Robin Goodfellow, Transcendental sentimentalism, Is god the pipe-smoking wreck
inside Beat Coven's ruin? Broke Guvnah's SHoe?

I don't know, little Frazetta pine-cone.. Did I hear a lambkin, Brother Ruth?

Aqua Vitae lingers where Leger once strolled,
lovingly caressed by King Zelda white shattered Mohawk newspaper label.

Dead movies. Natural-born CVyborg's. White hot gasses
of ancient hell-bellies, hill-billies..

Goaty thrones, squawky parliaments, gassy litigations..

Fie and humbug,
kisses and milk..

in towering dread
watching old Monty Python reruns
with my retarded Uncle.

Get your opinion a grant, and get in line,
Edward G. Robinson's time in the suicide cinema bed.


(Frank Frazetta Loves Sarah Louise Heath Palin)

"Ogre woman goes 'round the world.."
Dead beast campaign nightly refridgerator..
Cowgirls doing yoga.

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