Monday, January 31, 2011

Nous Remorse




panther girl?

Maudula Fascist

Thou art the foxhunt
in this, the white rhododendron.

Thou art the swall, Fluminis
impetus upon white foxglove
and hunt horn.

Thou art the swallo, the
trepanation, sea-slug, trepang,
and lay in clear water, and are
struck, with an instrument,
consisting of four bearded
iron prongs.

Thou art the thinker,
but made of sea-slugs,
and thou art strange,
and make a supping
and squiriting noise
like a geoduck
as it swims inside
a faux whale-vagina
made of bricks
shorn from coral thighs.

Thou art the blemmy-U,
the lettergu, the foxhead
whose glove is rhodopsin
and grows in a Russian glow
like the rustic island churches
where Rasputin's mystery
liver grew, that liver
which was a sea urchin
sewn in by deranged
icon painters one night
when a star was made
of horrid vodka
in a bottomless lake
of cities and snowflakes
used by seahorses
for tail tethers
while they sent
nostril morse.

Thou art Roger Morse Code,
thou are, so young like the Herodian
leather which clasps the goiter braguette
like a firm handshake in the snow.

Thou art industry, strange, proud,
like a bearded prong one
beats a sea-slug with.

More Questions to Roger.

Last Night I had a dream
of a painting being painted
by Roger Moore.

He's standing there
painting a picture
of Roger Moore
doing 69 with
Roger Moore,
and as his model,
the same.

It's funny
how a watermelon
can go between people.

What if a person
had to drag a watermelon around
by an umbilical from their ass?


Time is very big.

If Time is a watermelon
then imagine
the trick halls
and freak-stonk galleries

in Starship


Nonchalance In the Face of Overwhelming Space and Time Forever

Gross old sick earth head,
like thousands of artists of the 19th century
I am disappointed, depressed

and vague.

If only my full body afro-wig
would arrive

or halo
to frit
the goopies.

I Love You Very Stupid.

In you little blonde head
I am suffering

In your little blonde head
Chang and English

move into the river
in an 18th century
glass jellybean carriage
wearing wet sealskin body
and powdered whigs

In you blonder little head
all of Rome has come
like the legions of demons
to the tree of bo

and it is there
that i see a little bird
wearing a tooth
for a helmet

it is there that the skull
is launched
down into the
slough of drums
where it tumbles
into 120 megabytes

she was not blonde
but an old negro woman
hiding a watermelon
in her stomach


every watermelon
is a jellybean
and in French

is gel-o

that's water
and beef bone dust
and sugar
and food coloring

and naked people
can wear it
and jiggle

A Pile of Rubber Letters in the corner I call Grandma.

Being mechanical, you ought not walk, 
... and weep your tears Into the channel:

 I li fir Wi Hi* ic0i Irti ,,i 'Il| l,l)l iil* IVfi •0l- l0i 
HI mi Uli ssI ha lo0 ,,0l ,o, 0,oi Hi* ■ ,in • 
0bi ,0 ... •*li* .00 • ifc *i •S,i " li, iki • = i -* 
ml Til III Hi • ii r, ,,b ,,b '* l,im l0z * l0 il- lM 
e,,* ,i. ...

A Pilulier is an instrument for 
rolling and dividing pills. sprunt 
cloth. Timao. The name 
of an East India root:

Uli^iHTl Kill »«'"" use «ar=fr *: 
TT.ejn . H!ui£ ^i»i th* :f "
an- _rrwrr 17 sra>tTT'5f 
xaif :c:»^ T*>. i,r -
•si ■!• xy "Sitt a*snc«cf- 
rf -an- Si^sit^j. us ■sfeiiiil^ 
iiiir?*s«»L u«w!- HHEa. AT'
-^-ri :ti*htv^sl xl^»^ till 5:rcr

The soil of its vicini ly is not lube lertile than ) 
ours; but the earth warns lh» suit,mechanical
iwuistrj, ... If the wera not correct, let us be 
directed to sounder oticTill that is done, 
they need no further examiuRtioi They
The knife-edges on which the hopper 
rests are on two horizontal levers, one on 
c.uli side ot the hop- „ per. ... and this jerk 
by means of suitable mechanicalarrangements 
throws a pinion on the cam shaft into gear 
with a wheel on a Kill Uli tí to mo. [Mi booomoi nt' 
before a vowel or A silont 4. It precodoi tli .
sorry verb oiooptin . ... mechanical action 
(produced by the mere laws of motion 
and not intentionally); 

nature—, mechani- calness. ...
ló, a bird of Siberia with blue plumage

 [with watch-makers] 
the Will has been daubed

irr he taught st they mtiin allhta 
the Stase A selegtam tntleed 
hen bit lo nigh I sa|i thcy ituwl thc I'.,. 
62-Key Keyboard only.

Pin drew the period-looking trains on the cover.
A transverse hole was also bored to receive 
a bit of brass tube, E, to fit on the brass
Wake-up (If in SLEEP mode) Interrupt lo:

■П JJ Л уЦ зо r-г-Н tis vit - re - 
us lam bit liquor sul - со- que ductus 
ir - ri - gat tis vit ... Г P' pP P F»f Ö 
P^P Éi flo- res ni- te - scunt dis - co-lo - 
re ger-mi - J ii i' i' i ^ ne pin- gunt-que ter S

bruise the root, 
and bind it above Ihe place that is bit
begin to smoke
begin to distill brandy

The first button debouncing macro 
is inserted in the source code and waits for a:

Too loo Ke gnng'a Much aniok'to 
Echig'uok Oto'uko Ko'brn Pin u roo'a 
Ku'tok Oong nnh'puk Oong'nali Oo noo'nek 
Ko ... wild Pass (in mountains) Past aces 
Pastime Path Pearl Pel v if* Pencil 

Pencil Peninsula, 
Alaskan Pepper Perched
ato-oshi, qv Oto. Noise ; 

sound, otoko. Man ; 
a male person. otoko no : 
male. otoko no ko : a boy. 
otoko no neko : a ... 
not be so down-hearted. 
hin wo otosu ; nawo otosu : 
to lower one 's good name ; 
damage one's reputation. 
namida wo

Myr- mecophaga
sprichst unbestimmt, 

scenic / cynic

stamping their feet
Iciffe nidjt ouf mir £ 
I won't be played with
and madly 
strum on the piano

que l'on retrouve dans 
l'expression bete de somme, 
vient du grec sagma

Gauley Being!

l'arbre vénéneux fut coupé
They were so full of adoration that 
he could not say the word— could not 
so destroy their idol. He sighed, dropped 
a hand on the dog's head, and went 
slowly forward, as the aged walk, 
aimlessly, taking all the time in the world.


When of peculiar fonns, these implements 
have names indicative of their shape ; 
as, dog- note, pig-nose, hand-vice, cross- chap 
vice. ... (Idol; Mar* iii. 3. Dexterous ; skilful ; 
skilled in using the hands or in handiwork. 4.

Detachable jaws are widely 
used where great accuracy is not ... 
The magnet poles terminate flush 
with the face of the chuck, 
and are separated from the E

With an odd expertise, 
she put the mandible just 
behind her suntanned bare knee
the thing till tapping out sounds,
phrases, uli-lo:

ti li ki ya ngere gu fuo ko ko a tu 
mange li na ni mbata ka si a 

and when he examined the design 
he had plaited her ... He remained quite kili. 

ko ki yafu na yo we, 
li imi akondo ue, ki songo 
gbamu ki di nzeme He told their
Kuang-tung Kien-yang, 

see Chien-yang H.
see Fu-chien and Kih-an, 
see Chi-an Fu Chiang-hsi the Kili-cheo, 
see Chi C, Shan-hsi.

Of the three jtoui's which teach us 
the Knowledge of" Gu.t. 
Ui Justice and Mercy in general. Of Me. 
... Marquess of Kiontrofs, Oliver Cromwell, 
Duke of Hamilton, General FU^e, 
Duke of uilbemarle, Earl of" Shaft 
sbury, Duke of \ton~of mmnmouth. 

Ta. kili,ki((ai, 
Te. ciluka «*ki(uka); 
Ka. gudi, kudi 'point, 
tip, banner*, Te. kodi; 
Ka. je:nu, 'honey', 

Te. texne. ... 
[kampu, gampu 'fragrance'; 
Ka. . g/:fu, ki:tu 
'to scratch'; gu:nu, 
ku:n(u) 'hump'; 



What part do "depraved perspectives" play
in the attainment of knowledge? What metaphysical
truths are to be found in aberrations? Jurgis Baltrusaitis,
one of Europe's most distinguished historians of art and
culture, has consistently broken new ground by pursuing
the other side of science, myth, and ideology and by
examining its relevance to the formation and history
of art. He exposes the byways through which the
natural environment is turned into art. In the process
he illuminates some of the central issues in
current discussions of the theory of art.
Jurgis Baltrusaitis (Weirdo).

Maze On Hypertrophy!

Le Club.
Le Graphomantisque.

The Margin is the center.
The Monster is the muse.

Summa Callipygiam.

Ohhh, the big dirty feet
in the tiny little room,
the big black broom,
and the tidy little tune,
the dirty little ditty
which gotplayedaroundbout
noon, noon as it wallowed
on towards the foon.

and the foon!


as Trance said:

These heads at least
have sentimental value.

Pompus Psyche, All Glode Night Immer Carcoon. Carcoon to lode the Tableture.

elaborate, or
baroque tears?

those tears are like
filigreed balconies, beaded
with tiny little gem-wheels.

the furniture inside
is 'strap-in',
like an upholstered
knight's armor.
padded within and without,
the red velvet knight
is a furniture
inside an engineered tear
which rolls, ala periodyssey
down the cheek.

cheeky tiers,
all architectural,
all studded.

I'd like to see a movie
which is simply a single day in the life
of the president
of a luxury watch firm
like Breguet.

I'd like to have the opportunity
to design a beach home
and bring together
master clock-makers
and architects,
material scientists,
and the makers
of musical instruments.

I imagine a home, that like a clock, chimes, strums;
steam pipe, glass tablet entablature of raised nubs,
the tablet that slides under the massive strings, the possibles
of roaring through the hole-->

out over the sea

I dream of deep deep metal well
set into [the] beach

a giant horn

for house basilisk
and [the] poet knight interior:

"Who says Butlerflies don't come out of carcoons?"


golden fleece amoeba
has escaped
the cellphone cornucopia

chank sound
how do you

Grimrod's hands.
Grimrod's hands
are handling gombo.

How do we enter
the round library room,
through a passage
of hanging gombo-tombs,
dry husk to contain

ornamental plates?

I see a whole environment
when I pull out the books
chutes of rushing waters
and the tiny monkeys are playing
they're riding the plates
on the water all aboogie!

Allah Bu G
all a buggy
the carriage of justice
as it is known
for the rightful results
of the exact
laws of physical

How did we get here?

Vanzella and Lima suggest gravity can trigger a powerful 

Quantum space monster

Recent Dawbin's

This is a new 36 x 36 panel I am working on. This is the 3rd day of work, and already I'm getting wary of going further, so at this point, I am in my 'listening to the work' phase to see what it needs. Now I guess if I were technically better, the answers would be flowing, but I am kind of a 'dumb' painter, so I wait for awhile.
We'll see.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Il-y-a Pli-gorgene

the stomach itself
was made of opium,
but had become a lamp
in the intervening years.

an animal had once
tended it, defended it,
but had lost interest
preferring to lodge instead
in a collection of hollow
logs, dragged out
from interminable
wastelands, and

thus, religion
lay nude, lacking,
lacrimoist, full,
foolish, lichtig,
wrong, and

it goes on for awhile
like that, the whole time, snick-
ering through a glass

the whole thing
is crammed with marks,
in which the all-pervswaysieve, and
dolorous sign, 'works' like an

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grilling Myself in an Open Pit.

matter the harsh-lept
wot, bane through nickel
may nete surmatch;

it's whole to cavil them,
where o'er-misal told
natural wisdom, unkind-

pund, with punctulated poesix
a hovering liver shape to pistend,
ocksy to ocksy this area~

boundaries another stare,
how to leverage loins
into delicate petals
for feet climbing
to pation>?

a baby's foot
on the pelvic replicas
arranged so as to
cup the joiner's
white binocularis...

^Alypius^ closes the nigh eye
on selfhood:

"gaol and gale and gall
have purposively
fused here"

/the actual school/
moments in Augustine.


Έπαινος για τις ηλικίες [Knickers and Hankies] "Ballsack on Frass-Pedestal"

Χθες δέχτηκα μια πρόσκληση για μια ποίηση,
[shock us, tonka, we spoke a non-gila quapinion]
αλλά δεν είχα καμία Sooners. Έφτασα σε μια ετοιμόρροπη των στρώσεων
[have a bevy of kahluha Sooners esperanto us for stubborn table orpheus]
εξαντληθεί σε μασάζ ενός ξένου. Ας ποίησή μου πάει.
[scaffold our rascal epoch's revolving ass rainbow]

Ποίηση του ξένου ρώτησε αν ήμουν μια ποίηση.
[Borne on both fluffers pantaloons the coinage's nouveau-liquide]
Πολλοί επισκέπτες συνωστισμό γύρω από το Sooners.
Eccentric Emoliknites cruising Yayoi Kusama's innards]
Θα έπρεπε είχαμε απολαύσει δύο από αυτούς συνένωση.
[Holy Nepentheus, Batman, Pigalle is even more erotic than hand-woven oven mitts]
Ήθελα να πω we'd've, αλλά εγώ θα γράψω
Hosanna no masa, we'd've had Anna's skin replaced with dolphin squeals]
για να σας ούτως ή άλλως, αλλά εγώ δεν αγαπώ.
[Oy Vey, Herr Macaroni, the ovulating camel enjoys serpent-amaretto-adobe']

Είστε έναν εγκέφαλο.
[Every vague Cephalomorph]
Είστε ένας εγκέφαλος από
[Every evac procedure's echinodermic chinos]
ένα σμήνος των ρομποτικών ψύλλους
[Alligator documents come pouring from its motorvagina guacamolarn rouse]
κατέχουν μια μάγισσα καύση.
[caress the coccoid unknown]

Η γάτα μου δεν σας αρέσει.
[I can hydrate the sad fucking apoesia]
Έχει βαρεθεί ψύλλων.
[Even Baptists will wallow]
Έχει βαρεθεί αχάτες
[Even Baptists will swallow]
συνεχούς ροής από τα μάτια του,
Overindulgent ponce, who can your tooth be?]
λευκό ψάρι μπουντουάρ
[Gekko vapors overlap]
κατάφυτος με μελαμίνες
[Carotids are our relatives]
και τα κανόνια του πράσινου δαντέλα
[call it Chaonivory to spacious Saracens]
όπως τα στηθαία από ένα στέμμα.
[omni to oinky, ever auto-eva ormulu?]

Το ευρύ κοινό είναι
[to euro calf elvis]
εξοργισμένοι από μικρά πράγματα,
[eco-pylonics are inculpating hyperdata]
αλλά εδώ κάθομαι στην τιτάνια
[abba-drones are calling omni-nativity]
οιωνοί, τα εφηβικά μου χρόνια
[olives to tzadziki, do you euphoria?]
δαπανώνται περιγράφουν κοπράνων Ναμπί
[Samaritan replay modules have captured Naumi]
σε σαρκοφάγους των σκουλήκια
[oh oaken capsules toward ocarina largess]
μεταφέρονται σε εντυπωσιακά πομπή
Unsatable is the economic noun]
με ένα σμήνος από κατσαρίδες
[You Eva Omninoun, are Katabasis]
μέσω αίθουσες
[Meow for President]
των βρωμερό γκρι βουτύρου
[two ballsacks are in a boutique]
Το ευρύ κοινό δεν μ 'αγαπάς,
[two clueless volvos beverage in Atlanta]
αλλά η γάτα μου κάθεται εδώ γουργουρίζει.
[alas, alas, the yada you corroborate is Yousef's cupcake pickles]
Οι εγκέφαλοί μας είναι όμοιοι?
[Ole Eikonsynopti, have you ever hulu'd?]
Κρύο, ομαλή, αχάτη.
[Cavy, occidental green.]

Είμαστε Sooners, και
[Socrates in Oklahoma, okay?]
Ι δεν χρειάζεται να δούμε σιωπή
[I experience myself as an unstable set of values, repeating unendlessly]
κάποιος από εσάς, για εσάς είχε
[Kanton Aro, you will meet a can for sex in its eye]
Δεν φωνή να αρχίσει με.
[Every bird appreciates our anxious shushiness]

Όλη αυτή η μία πέτρα
[Only everyone on the net with a pepper]
Είναι ένας τόπος άγνωστος
[I've just seen the young potato fitted w/ toga]
σε οποιαδήποτε ευημερία των συνέπεια.
[our omnifluorescent glowpartners mutilate overeaters]

Όλα χαλάζι τους νεκρούς τους ωκεανούς
[Oh Xanax, Doug's Vespa is a chaotic awakening]
της κραυγής πέτρα.
[Meet the Dinosaur Vespa!]

Tuesday, January 25, 2011



They burned a witch in Bingham Square
Last Friday afternoon.
The faggot-smoke was blacker than
The shadows on the moon;
The licking flames were strangely green
Like fox-fire on the fen ...
And she who cursed the godly folk
Will never curse again.

They burned a witch in Bingham Square
Before the village gate.
A huswife raised a skinny hand
To damn her, tense with hate.
A huckster threw a jagged stone--
Her pallid cheek ran red ...
But there was something scornful in
The way she held her head.

They burned a witch in Bingham Square;
Her eyes were terror-wild.
She was a slight, a comely maid,
No taller than a child.
They bound her fast against the stake
And laughed to see her fear ...
Her red lips muttered secret words
That no one dared to hear.

They burned a witch in Bingham Square--
But ere she swooned with pain
And ere her bones were sodden ash
Beneath the sudden rain,
She set her mark upon that throng ...
For time can not erase
The echo of her anguished cries,
The memory of her face.

At the Home of Poe

_A Poem in Prose_

To H. P. Lovecraft


The home of Poe! It is like a fairy dwelling, a gnomic palace built of
the aether of dreams. It is tiny and delicate and lovely, and replete
with memories of sere leaves in November and of lilies in April. It is a
castle of vanished hopes, of dimly-remembered dreams, of sad memories
older than the deluge. The dead years circle slowly and solemnly around
its low white walls, and clothe it in a mystic veil of unseen tears. And
many marvellous stories could this quaint little old house tell, many
weird and cryptic stories of him of the Raven hair, and high, pallid
brow, and sad, sweet face, and melancholy mien; and of the beloved
Virginia, that sweet child of a thousand magic visions, child of the
lonesome, pale-gray latter years, child of the soft and happy South. And
how the dreamer of the spheres must have loved this strange little
house. Every night the hollow boards of its porch must have echoed to
his footfall, and every morn the great rising sun must have sent its
rays through the little window, and bathed the lovely tresses of the
dream-child in mystical yellow. And perhaps there was laughter within
the walls of that house--laughter and merriment and singing. But we know
that the Evil One came at last, the grim humourless spectre who loves
not beauty, and is not of this world. And we know that the house of
youth and of love became a house of death, and that memories bitter as
the tears of a beautiful woman assailed the dreamer within. And at last
he himself left that house of mourning and sought solace among the
stars. But the house remains a vision out of a magical book; a thing
seen darkly as in a looking-glass; but lovely beyond the dreams of
mortals, and ineffably sad.

After Two Nights of the Ear-Ache

Most gentle Sleep! Two nights I wooed in vain;
Thou wouldst not come to banish racking pain:
For what is Sleep but Life in stone bound fast?
Oblivion of the Present, Future, Past.



dignity is the child's way
back to the wood
the master is already

a thin stream curling
werewolf foetal stone lotus hollow
pearlish liquid
the sun a rough hewn dog
of stone enflamed
white catastrophe
the black lightning tree limb's
orator sits bubbled in owl's heads'

house foam bogginning in the high air

cruise atmosphere is cubic

its single tomb
is laughter
a small cut box
in a block that looks
like water


hawkthings gnash
and replicate into freak sturgeon staircases
feathered mummy arrays
howl through insectoid brooches

only the golden amoeba knows
how to find its way
through the sloping passages
of the labyrinth rock
which teeters
on the spike of crisis
in being

universal memory is detected
pixels of green screen
our dark algae convolvulus
is like a tablet

writing predates the animal
predates life or even substance
burns all the way back
into the origyning gnaw

wang fu chow
dong mu lo

the panther wears candles
where the land goes under
the sea

dignity is the child's way
back to the wood
where the master
is already smoking

bafaxa kofke

bafaxa kofke
kompañ korv

koyam mawiza
koypu mawiza

bafaxa kofke





Page 106



Shaving Cream Worlds

i am sad to define it
when water eeks its business alone
as phrases go out
over the watery children's graveyard
the gift in the stall
eye ocean

cry ocean of children
to prometheus
who sees in his sleep chamber
the sad silent demon
in his clothes
suddenly a normal thing in the room
a normal space
becomes the body of a demon

if i am breach-birthes again
i'll have an acupuncture
a seal will low on a high rock rick
my name could be cheap whistles

Old Doctor Mindell
when you drifted out of your angular pod
like an orange shirt
a good demon with woody skin
became traffic

all the footpaths
in all the countries
tamped as soft as bread
by the little pipe-heads
of your feet

are sociopaths
Pliny describes Parrhasios'
picture of the demos
as a set of emotions

i have a weird poster
of an old man
trapped inside
an elephant
smelling his own feet
for children

many companies these days
prefer August

August was the year
when the Samurai with rabbit ears
adjusted our demon's channel internet

Lucy and Diane
in the breakroom
I write
gothic 181420111956678993

Lucy has two squirrel heads for cheeks
the children of prometheus
name the child 'factory'
and lay it down

upon the August manger contraption
like the zither worm is laid to trough
like the Uranverein
plying its maschine
against the entrails of Hermes

Our Father
who art into conspiracy theory
Hollowed Earth be thy name

and the phrase before the orvortory

America stole the Atom Bomb from Germany
To Kill the Japs

is like a lead baby
in his diapers.

I've got to give all the little 
members back
to their mutters.

Here members:

Here's your mutters,

"The Avant-Garde ischadas Biggie Ischnos
in the breakroom with a lucyfoot.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Les Singes du Temps

sûrement, il est impossible
pour le fourneau de la pipe
à la tête d'un chant

sûrement, il est peu probable
que lorsque le voyant rouge unique
charbon du soleil
clin d'oeil à vous, ses yeux
est à la tête d'un
chant singe

sûrement, lorsque vous entendez
la chanson comme il pleut à verse
de la bouche de quelqu'un
à tous, vous ne penserez pas
que le soleil est entièrement
composé de chants
têtes de singe,
travers et à travers

peut-être que vous pensez
le soleil est dans ta pipe?

peut-être que vous pensez
l'histoire est comme une phrase
dans la tête d'un singe

un singe sens des choses
est sans ordre, en quelque sorte.