Monday, January 31, 2011

Maudula Fascist

Thou art the foxhunt
in this, the white rhododendron.

Thou art the swall, Fluminis
impetus upon white foxglove
and hunt horn.

Thou art the swallo, the
trepanation, sea-slug, trepang,
and lay in clear water, and are
struck, with an instrument,
consisting of four bearded
iron prongs.

Thou art the thinker,
but made of sea-slugs,
and thou art strange,
and make a supping
and squiriting noise
like a geoduck
as it swims inside
a faux whale-vagina
made of bricks
shorn from coral thighs.

Thou art the blemmy-U,
the lettergu, the foxhead
whose glove is rhodopsin
and grows in a Russian glow
like the rustic island churches
where Rasputin's mystery
liver grew, that liver
which was a sea urchin
sewn in by deranged
icon painters one night
when a star was made
of horrid vodka
in a bottomless lake
of cities and snowflakes
used by seahorses
for tail tethers
while they sent
nostril morse.

Thou art Roger Morse Code,
thou are, so young like the Herodian
leather which clasps the goiter braguette
like a firm handshake in the snow.

Thou art industry, strange, proud,
like a bearded prong one
beats a sea-slug with.

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