Monday, July 25, 2016

an ekphrastic description of an ersatz novel about novelty

ersatz velasquez orca
impossible ties to novel
impossible ties to novel
impossible ties to normal
normally impossible
the las meninas subway orca
as watched by the lone man gun grove
his long impossible tie
dangling over the platform
dangling over the platform
impossible mango orca orgy novel
las meninas android coffee
impossible ties to novel
normally novel means
novelty is normal hence
no novelty
orca velascular ersatz
mango orca meat telephone
a long men's tie
which rolls out from a coil at the chin
to become a novel
dangling over the platform
mango kennedy orca eskimo glacier

if you are a chaos for numbinous clime

in phosphorous gladiola glider
the yellow green
is ascendent hernia mistake
name for goose's brain

blake reveals virgin
as plural

term sends some
cryptic will
the hacked out shape
making its way
around a fence

fleecing nebula softness
as higher

what will dream
is the monumental bridge
at the bottom of the cavernous valley

why not cross at the top
because romance decrees
a journey to the bottom

its round
absurd currency
its forking tower
called zarathustra
by the lonely ifugao

abstract braziers
yet radial, swell, to
hang from chains
over the river of clover
where yellow cube chairs
seemed scattered
and invoke

an involuting

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culture flows

through hibondaga nostril gears
around the swaddling peppermint leaves
that house the sacred pickle

if you were a swineburn lionfish
in an ocean of empty black
bristling with antannae

wood lets
to fountain
however green mirrors turn
in their wooden

these rough cliff ways
delude with their romance
in flower language
culture flowers

where peak nostril mating times
grey wooden hag fountain shair

green pegasus pear
deep jade torso yolk

yoke you dime
ballcourt lumpen
polar terrier yacht

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