Sunday, January 14, 2018

kroton takes sybaris

Confused with the image
Old shoe and turtle
Bóire bemire
Jok is a piece of Watson
See the web! See the web!
All roads are managed
And a wider discussion
All my will

Find me
Take more than ever
I do not agree
Urspronk, ungis
Here you will find Iercho and Zimbioos
You must go
We have a moment on Yates
In the oven

Here are the mosquitoes,
But the wind blew over the sun.
When they stop in the air,
The bones are in the mountains

Best Lincoln Octtagon Award
It's a whale
Go! Cool
The Pythagoreans were rebuilt
Cybernetics in the field of cibearnetics
Sleep in pink flowers
Ortholânus was published
Just as the constitution is called

The identification or misuse of these restrictions,
This fear is a fear of a person
Who wants to make the king happy?
They obey the king's law.
If he died for a long time, he died
What do you want to do?

Without one of that
those jurassic
ivory cuirass tentacles
to ride on

Technological websites may grow
Give the bird one morning
If we protect your people, we will fall asleep
He listens to a great emperor
But this is a small dog.
We must come in different ways!

The Great Instauration

not a
not bull
no minotaur
and over the walls they go
a labyrinth as seen from above

all labyrinth
is the way of proceeding
for precursor puzzling
meditation upon the calculation

radiation before discovery
and magic takes its hole
this mouthless mask
with a singing
and single eye

sweet lucy sweet lucy
should she
should it
should he
should they
not that we think you weary be

arrive for leader in science to the people
arrive to the people in science for great art
arrive finally among the people amid their art
to save its science

and among the pines
and amid the hungry ghosts
"w'are' th'air'"e
to with a meme pollution
shan't vagus
shunt shanty
shill shumthing at shemthing
critique its vanity in short
by adjustment and

long glow
that did this motion give

of changes to delight
here and her to all:

arrive now instauration!
if our ruins say too much
if our routes would turn the twist
and keep on
if the meander has confused
it was fused already
open that to wit
and follow it

for the crumbling orb
wills a seal and to seal go

in leaders of science
where the field is open
to all beings

from the euglena
to monad
and back again
we will not pedigree
the grist

this herald of a sign sky opened
on what's
inner heavens
and fulfill'd
this tried abode

a mirror crack'd
"w'are' th'air'"e
whose fragments
may perform in any arrangement

where darkness yoked to light
and light to darkness
and broke
among the daze
and dizzied phazes

and hee grey
a mirth for wiles of construction
their monad pharmakon
twins to yield

the landswrithe true tube is noise
and order made one
all message
all come
here into

art wide arms o soldiers
these gasps whose elderly trees full long
in their strong

in their dirt
which is a society
of substances

eyes so full
and in pure water

optics divine
and sound
achieve this

all radiant reveal the conceal
and conceal the revelation

the ray of darkness
to light the world

the sky to(o) close
over one absolute mother
and its absolute pupil

come to yourself
great instauration
after so much longing
and failure
and false vanity
come to yourself

for stars permit
any number of lines

take these steps
between some fondness
in their aching institutions


Dionysius Eckhart was an accountant in 1760's Weimar who worked for the prestigious Hanoverian accounting firm Rolte and Kluse, and whose wife had died in childbirth leaving him alone with his beautiful daughter Anna. The precocious girl became an amazing pianist and by the age of 7 was already giving small concerts at the homes of Herr Eckhart's friends and business associates, one of whom, Herr Wieland, a distant relative of the talented inventor of the popular Bildungsroman, had gifted her with a strange gift, a completely black polished mineral orb, he called "a composing stone". Supposedly it had been originally owned by the great teacher and composer J.G. Albrechtsberger. Herr Wieland did not say that the stone had been given away due to Herr Albrechtsberger's belief that the stone was watching him as he slept, and had caused some upset in the household, Herr Albrechtsberger being of a rather nervous disposition. Herr Wieland simply saw the stone as a lovely gift, and a windfall, and something that a young woman of talent might find interesting or inspirational. For several years, the stone lay inert on a shelf in Anna's bedroom, one of many gifts and trophies she had received as a celebrated amateur pianist, overlooking her small practice piano, but when she had reached the age of 19, she too began to feel distant and slightly alarmed when she pondered it.

One night she had a dream that she was suddenly awake within the confines of her beloved bedroom and that everything was gone, everything that is except for the stone and her and the fireplace which had a comforting fire burning. She was sitting on the floor before it, facing it, and the stone was between her and the flames, and the stone began to grow. And then she awoke.

Several times the dream recurred, but Anna being a very astute and rational person paid no mind to the events, thinking them 'curiosities of the night'. One night however, the stone was much larger, 10 times, then 20, until it completely filled the space of the fireplace, and it was then that stone began to move and change. To her surprise the stone blocked the fireplace hearth opening and began to squeeze deform open and round the hole until the smoothly cut stones began to conform to the spherical body, and then the sphere passed through and into the hearth leaving a round and bubble-like black mineral opening.

Anna was curious and crawled inside the hearth which was completely black yet still warm. She felt with her hands and sure enough the entire surface was smooth and spherical, and warm in the darkness. She decided the hearth had become an entry into the stone and so she entered it, and still the stone was growing so that she was able to stand up as if in another room, but there was no other room on this side of the wall, for the wall was an external one.

It was then that she began to hear a curious tinkling sound, a sound like small pebbles bouncing off all sides of a thin glass sphere, a strange and abstract music. The music somehow comforted Anna, for it registered with her as a 'natural abstraction deformed by the ideal'.. She was rapt now and wrapped as well in the superlative darkness of the spherical stone. The hearth hole had closed, and Anna was smiling, but unseen by anyone in an absolute and complete darkness, and then the tinkling grew louder, louder until it was deafening, and then it happened, the bubble popped.

The force was violent and alien, and Anna's clothes were torn from her pale body, millions of black pebbles of darkness surrounded her completely like a fluid, but still Anna was in rapture. She was breathing, she was swimming, and somehow dancing in a way she had not known that bodies could dance, part flying, part swimming, part dancing, and all of it, in complete darkness, but after awhile Anna's mind began to question whether or not this was actually a dream or had somehow become real. It was in that moment of reflection, that the pebbles began to press down on her, and the more she worried and pondered her position, the harder the pebbles began to press into her body until she could not breathe at all, until she struggled. In her struggling, there came to her a joy, a rapture renewed, and she danced and swam again. And she then began to test this character of the stones, and she discovered that she could move freely and pleasantly as long as she did not question the darkness, as long as she enjoyed herself, as long as she remained enraptured with the divine strangeness of her being in motion. Then suddenly she became something she had always been, namely, spontaneous.

She took a pebble in her hand and held it so that it lay between her middle finger and thumb, and then she snapped unexpectedly, and the pebble turned into a short black rod which she wielded like a wand, but it did nothing. And so she made another wand, and clacked the two together in an X and they both doubled their length, and each time she clacked them they doubled, unless she held them side by side and touching, at which they would shrink to half, and so Anna began to dance and build herself a staircase of darkness in the dark, and she worked and built thinking of nothing.

After a time, she learned that constantly changing her facial expressions created a bulb around head. She learning that kissing a pebble would make it 'sticky' and so she was able to clothe herself, and that once she was clothed in pebbles she was able to move faster, much faster, in short, frighteningly fast, until one day she shot out of the orb, which she now saw was enormous, the size of a small planetoid in fact. And she saw. She saw! She was floating in a pure white void clothed in pebbles of darkness.

It was then that Anna stood upon her dark world, with her dark staff, and the pebbles dropped away.


ode's odd unleavened verities tease

cap toyn
the lake line rises higher
around this floating island
pulsing horizontally in the pinioning
of its inscription logic
logic should simply perimeter
the colorless volume where the daily campers
husk their prunes for sun dock
each tool is a wizened left-cake animal
a dictean and hollow votive leg ("is" and "is not")
the surprise inheritance of oak sweat tipsy
stamped into being by the crushings
in the local everywhere of the symplegades
the punctum hole, whole, unique
in our own and total other
syntax at origin

the pace of notes is staggering
beg congeal (aralgogesar et theaetetus)
if social clamber whole
Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!

sap for druid
shape for cold
geopuscule nay for yes
thighs for springtime running
the buck white sheet over natural avarice
and the tears of amber
to laud the statues
when they awaken to a universe
where words have failed
tinkerbox children will look lovely
as bats in a wild and proliferative physiognomy
of mute and baroque inconsistencies
of stability

oh molecule whose alphabet
are these delicately furred tune rung turnstiles
rune tongue turd styles
peristyle softenings
these fungi enlictorating star palaced
habeas diagrams
now lower
now significant
in the smallest possible space
in which complexity might squeeze itself down
par ware wave
par wave cave theodolite

picture of a picture
woman holding a balance
this bread place
guiles its ivory hands
taint nails in tarry
taint nails in haint heint
and the tills are scoop fats
and as tongue shills we glide
in our hollow headed galactic book

and we stay
doubling to thumpings of curl and qavkitch
in our goad and manes
and this is our nauplii land

with silent black eggs
ripe to dubium
so that farce its trilemma rust
will continue to refute it all
in some possible

tadpoles pebbles and mercury
take table on the clay
and we circuit
we hecatomb
because of our instance

in a red coat (my star, ourself)

in a tranquil flume
in a low flowing star trough
in a cube
of tongued waters
in a flat and opulent city
of planar topaz redoubt
in a

red coat
thank you kind sir
thank you kind madame
in a sad hero
who is kind to an old man
to an old lady
who builds them a ship
which moves across the land
and across the ocean
and through the air
and under the sea

in a tranquil floam
in a counsel of deformed trees
in a dim and monumental hall
of knotted and twisted voices
in a star plane flung out
over an ocean of flame
made of interlocking and tessellated
cube pixel people
in a red coat
thank you madame

thank you sire

in a blue headwind
in a grateful deadman's mind
within the ring of companions
in a wild sly grin
in the buttonwood trees surrounding
the misunderstanding
in a devil's purse
in a cutpurse's heavy breathing
in a lemur's deposit
who is kind to an old lady
to an old sea
to a baby
made of deformed trees
carried out of the dim temples
and burned before the companions of the hero

in a moment of weeping
went all through the world in a tale
of knotted and twisted voices
in a grey tower
in a cold dinner
in a lost letter to a frail abode
in a magic remedy
in an army's annihilation
in an enchantress' scowl
in a red coat

thank you analysis
thank you diaboli
thank you type 513
type 429
type 395
type 6
thank you thiothixene hcl
thank you theo fixatives
thank you teaparty

thank you
for joining in
in our disunion

thank you elder brother
in this submarine ocarina house melon
in this thin star plane language
of devil's motif indexes
in this curly flame
of low-browed sleepers performing
as the hero
in a red coat

thank you
green bridge of singing locusts
green isle of mummified banana dolphins
thank you blood red hunter of the hill
for falling in the well
for displaying your innards
as salamander cabinets
in a red mote
thank you lossy mermaid remoulade
thank you trapezoidal tapestries
for tarrying over this
dedecahexahedonism tree's
omnitruncation punctuated
vagus phallitribulum

gracias La Nouvelle Omphale
thank you Camille Puissant
of the roiling globe whose polytopic
orb expansion must inevitably lead
or follow on from
and then be regrown

in a castle of nictitating tongue blossoms
in a damned and absolute mess
in an abandoned gate

to a glorious future with no end
within cells interlinking
within selves interlinking
within cells interlinking
thank you.

O my name is tranquil flume!
O the beautiful day is looking over his shoulder at you!
O sorrow of houses houselessness
O sorrow of green drownings
in a careless sea
in no responsibility
in Wednesday
in this loyalty this plusis jidet
in this open and navane "Over-Ghjrist"
in this sun shadow
this wandering fitzmichael
in this nocturnal wandering staff
in this tree puller
in this professional reader
in this compassionate son
this suitor contest
this task accomplished
with the grateful dead
in these extraordinary companions
in this thought balloon hand (left)
and handlessness (right)
in this broken sword
in this sword broken off
in this universal pelvis

in this red coat
with its ear to the ground
to the marvelous runner
in the walking contest
in this cheating (over dread)
in this marriage (of gorgeous undertakers)
in this gwilid saga of yammering urn rubbers
in this court of disorderly narratives
in this folk-leader
in this rhetoric
in this subject matter
in this episode
in this thesaurus of story material
in this shaved slain lyricism
in this headlong resource
in this long headed battle set
in this unlikely gasconade

thank you
exceedingly ugly
angel face

thank you warmth of hands
thank you winged bargain

thank you servant
thank you feast
thank you severed head
dragging yourself
from the bailey-stake
on stiff jointed articulated ears
become mind fins
in a red coat

thank you Lebu S. Trigge
of Ronnville Wyoming
and thank you
smell of cheap whiskey

o renowned pupa cohort!
Viva Bacco e viva Amore!
and even more!

thank you
cooked and raw
thank you mound
thank you mound of becoming mound
thank you wife
thank you brusquerie
thank you plagues
thank you gold hilted writing
laid in dollops
before the conventional flesh
before the absolute fetish
before the calculation
of the algorithmic genetic bop
slop prosody

before the stew hoard

in the trough of mewlings
in the pan of glands
in the garlands of foamy monkey-roses
in the frogs of flaming dabloons

in this virgin bed
in this design

in this self-created
thank you
this red coat

thank you
swollen members

thank you
thank you
o sweet adoration of the magnifying
magnet eye
whose halo of cumulous star putti
thanks you also
in mute rays!

thank you formal charm
of the beyond
and beyond the beyond
for the cunnings
of your absent cunning
thank you all

thank you awl
and awful fall


and abandoned
thank you cells

in a red coat
of interlinking

before the catalog
before the thin diaphanous membrane
stretched to its limit

o weird warriors of pure aesthesis
lay your seamlessness
into fudge

toe wank anema

ibe clue balt mad
your red noose is the rose paid dna
den der riffen clap clud
your sweet talcum is roasty with keffir
imby troll wreck sustasistukki
your duck's knuckle bun is a dumb burr
in culo holmolpeen wringeletcherin
your traffic cult is an orkney feldspar fad
unk nuki nukk coaboltine
your iban iffy idiom takes headless nilotic nudes
rub mud nub flunk cud
your it noise coin racks knocks film lures
and diapsor underwhu hore gulote tay
your inuit roe fears tears will eat your human links
fye back gerangulonin mitt tea white fly back
your damn lab will calculate ebbs
conthotulin mab dun mab noddi kunkiffi nabbi
your elf cabs will flub your ketchup toupee
mol plecker puut buff hubhujjin
your lupin tudor fires will grok a fickle logos
cue kifkig zerifurodulipulifato
your kneely tele-gnaws will cunt your icarus knot
ank mikissnig
your gin-sick canards will kiss your kelp tubs
daft rapstert fert yunko inku cuklucifart
your trim ninnies will regale this eye flop
gall meffsea
your icky sister will weep loam
and din
your hissing bee chimera will knit tobacco cum
drull me miff con carnio holbionti
your dirgible loom will nictitate upon necrotic kidneys
xyloemute freet grif or kyune
your nits will natter

from the dream

sitting on a fancifully constructed black leather sofa in some kind of outdoor bar (the thing was vaguely bat-like with red gemstones set into grey stone cabochons pulled down into the tucks) with a floor of crushed granite and rows of old rosemary bushes an old man was telling me that heinrich von kleist had been the last of the actual werewolves, and that the 18th century had come after 3 others before it for the poor man who did everything he could "to still the tongue of the beast in the world".. finally the man's son came dressed in green alpine wear and took to old man off.. while i was left alone and thinking of the repairs that needed to be made to the electrical system (in general)...

the faceted greeting stone

and the sailors
now awakened in the night
and up in the drifting ash and limelight
their dreams of dodona and chimerion
fading before the ambiguous crisis
lashed their minotaur pilot
to the mast
and supped with elimabo
ears these white snake birds
turbulent in yellow stained siren
mouse suits (their sockets glue rimmed)
the whole oceanic labyrinth cone rising
out of its tone flat flat tone
wall slithering slit flange
the boat oracle casts its slittlering lithe
float by bounce and flounce maim
and the bounding sailors stretch
to meach the leach eared minor lab
rinsing these pilots in the scene we feel
lashed by siren beauty
subtle salammbo hangs some foam
on its horn
and the horn depart
in swan legged commongling
ling wadlu
waddling hod roots wretch their sea codes
and the sailors dragging ears stones
through the high dunes of the beach head
take out their small minotaur
and bury it upright in the moon
lit only by the vast coiled siren sired there
the long haired snake bird tongue
which had followed them slithering
for centuries
out of its tone flat flat tone
for history is not made
of well-crafted versus
or told in this way but it is
us by muse loosed lust
its tug will find an air grave's heir
and thrust a fol and a fod lo
to loom the hush
two sail ropes touched the horns
and the sailors were crushed
and came up laughing amid the glue
and mouse suits
foam and teats for the tables of wheels
of wild salammbo

transporting solid wastes by train

what part of the equation
does elastic camera sphinx
commode away

in the vacuum of time
this fresh air
wills enunciation'f
slat introdiction

or blaise cend*RAR.s
of kodak
delivering picaresque canada
fitting ornithnorhombal plotives
picture smells

as they relate to mood
being transfigured into and by
each little heckle and jeckle
of hideology

bubble syncope toxic
world-game fetish appropriation
leads on this way
until pressed towering
mae west toilet paper monument
a tiller's son
a cotton nero ax

is the pearl poet
rex tillerson
is pilgrim's progress
leaking from my rare brisket satchel
my sandal bun rose
of loose and clerky waters
wherefore i friend of tithe
belittle with chives
and mourn bees
in their no underwear utopia
and tiny misadventuring
you find a poison book
before you dawn adorn
the lavender sleep helmet

its ivory nipples
are the castles of your forebears
these long black cosmic wastes
are strange

roasting loot
we construct some atmospheres

i get into the whole caust
of shipping solid waste
to mummified ex-poet society images
gleaning on one knee i prey
on protein electric green mantic
my solid black monocle
is suddenly sentient
descartes oni sony
longshoreman woman trawler

and awaiting a dramatic
and alien judgement

they still join in
with the other
semiotic paddle careening molecules
face paddles are careening
in molecular waste juices
and celebration never waited

for high volute wayne gawain galoot
please glow smarter
with squirrel pendathene bach roundrock
wholly undertree

why does it give thee twins in towns for towing
no noticias differencias

Laocoön: o autonomia of plastic artes in relation to langua
Faocoön: o autonomia of plastic waste people in relation to swan island rotoplanetoidia
Saocoön: o autonomia of rotolangua in relotion to autonomia

o roto
o lang roto
en toto
karl malden frankenstein sheep

among these foxgloves
among the undertow
wits end wilt
delphic umbrella poem prayer
they think this needs they
this thinks
thin inks ophelia
black ice egg mask

this paddle face
shifts in the haze
of paddle faces

all waste is solid
all waste is loose
in space book

when creativity turns sinister

the color lavender is made
by mixing purple and white

silk chiffon is an elegant
sheer fabric and covers
any elf with a soft and
alluring drape

classic chandeliers
have arrays of hanging crystal prisms
to illuminate any elf
with refracted light

let's face it
elves can be naturally bogan
Hansika Motwani
was once seen chiding
a chiffon draped
lavender elf
illuminated by chandilier

anything of colored porcelain
rounded out with ormulu
will make a nice home
for a bogan and elegant

and as they say in the more sinister classes:
an elf that hath his brains perished with quicksilver
is not more cold in the liver

you may see
drunken chiffon clad lavender elves
careening about
on the backs of pale grey
bathed in refracted light

puce cummerbum shark minister

(varying its pure univocal infinitives)

now the blockchain
is made of synthetic people

now that peace is up on dreck
we can relax and bring out the folding
sedan density radiance chairs
ala mode

ala mode
ala mode
ala modelle
puce camper bum
now the blockchain is puce shark clone drugs
now the block chain is shaved reindeer mandibles

now that peas hiss shopped undreck
we may haz swell relax and watch the scenery fade
mr. alphabet monster person
now the blockchain is made of puce sharksflesh elves
passing themselves round in currant seas
ala mode
ala blockchain
aka greenland self-dividing univocal infinitive mass plane
genetic glacier minister just fired in here
it's 100% galactic camping on credit
now that peace is off on drick
we can relax agrain and titanic up the plissing
folding whom gradgets these all hiss so fill
we can relax block chain cat chair ladies
here on the MSS Greentoe ala mode ala modelle
ala pure puce kissing mistletoe

sien sign sin sun soon
sing song blue
ala mode
radiant folding sedan chairs up on deck
no icebergs in view today captain!
signs of blockchain pure and natural
(varying its pure univocal infinitives)

lay with sweet holly
in the complicating architrixtures
of the squirrling wreathus

lay in puce bodi-wigs
hung with charrliu aba bodi
hung with green quee queggs
it's 100% galactic camping on credit
now that peace is off on drick

campt with blockchain tree
in an illuminated mass
signs of toes
green with kissing

there is a submarine hatch
floating in the open air

there is sour kraut
in the cheese cake
Herr Carl Philipp Gottlieb von Clausewitz

red rice cameo elves
are invading the puce flesh
blockchain wreathus

for combinating
the wild
beyond hope or embarassment

or MSS green tongue


Sometime before 160 CE Alexander formed a cult around the worship of a new snake-god, Glycon, and headquartered it in Abonoteichus. Having circulated a prophecy that the son of Apollo was to be born again, he contrived that there should be found in the foundations of the temple to Aesculapius, then in course of construction at Abonoteichus, an egg in which a small live snake had been placed. In an age of superstition no people had so great a reputation for credulity as the Paphlagonians, and Alexander had little difficulty in convincing them of the second coming of the god under the name of Glycon. A large tame snake with a false human head, wound round Alexander's body as he sat in a shrine in the temple, gave "autophones", or oracles unasked. The numerous questions asked of the oracle were answered by Alexander in metrical predictions. In his most prosperous year he is said to have delivered nearly 80,000 replies, concerning bodily, mental, and social afflictions, for each of which he received a drachma and two oboli.
Sometime before 160 CE Alexander formed a cult around the worship of a new snake-god, Glycon, and headquartered it in Abonoteichus. Having circulated a prophecy that the son of Apollo was to be born again, he contrived that there should be found in the foundations of the temple to Aesculapius, then in course of construction at Abonoteichus, an egg in which a small live snake had been placed. In an age of superstition no people had so great a reputation for credulity as the Paphlagonians, and Alexander had little difficulty in convincing them of the second coming of the god under the name of Glycon. A large tame snake with a false human head, wound round Alexander's body as he sat in a shrine in the temple, gave "autophones", or oracles unasked. The numerous questions asked of the oracle were answered by Alexander in metrical predictions. In his most prosperous year he is said to have delivered nearly 80,000 replies, concerning bodily, mental, and social afflictions, for each of which he received a drachma and two oboli.

in the dream

i keep driving past an old dilapidated restaurant of some kind and behind it there is a cemetery with some large buried circular tanks and a few headstones and statues. i see what looks like a blessing a few different times as i pass by or a person trying to quiet something unclean, a priest or someone is back there making motions, sprinkling things etc. at some point i am riding a bicycle past the cemetery and there is a group of homeless people there and i know one of them from poetry, so i stop and speak with him. I ask him, is there a haunting here, a demon or something. He said it is a strange thing, there is a creature who comes here, she is an old wrinkly woman they call "Broccoli" and she will bite off your face if you let her. it's happened several times. i could see little footpaths worn in the grass, from the homeless, the priest, and from "Broccoli"..


moving on now
into the deeper levels of insanity
we now enter the pathological zone
its caves and gullies
great galleries and crooked causeways
are something of a wonder
but suffering will increase
and of course
by entering the pathological zone
we will accustom ourselves

to an even greater insanity
of new magnitudes

and now a cautionary word from Aeneas:

carefully consider!
and oil your turkey sights well!

think upon "the politics of death"
think upon it!

and make your move citizen! (the implement gathering sequence should commence!)
make three or 12 or 55 moves in a row!



Vertical Versus Horizontal Hagiohorology

for 100 years now
these all ageless female android bioclones
of Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin
have lived secretly in the myriad and
networked cave structures of Mount Behistun
dressing in the traditional manner of the
Sakā tigraxaudā (the Saka who wear pointy hats)
and practicing the piano. this is their story:

sṭi pārāva kṣīra sica ną̄ma vya kaṃtha geʾsaṃd-
the sty will pair raving to the sick names
of the vying chimera camphors which rise
from the gem-sands

nāta bāri berą̄ñāri. rrāhaji māśti
natality bares its own bearings
as a raging mastodon

-ā ṣa ṣamąni. sigaṃjsa ną̄ma ya kaṃtha hā
the sad semen is a jigsaw name
for the laughing camphors

ma tsuñai ye. paṃjsāsä gaṃpha hā ṣiʾ ā
my stones tune ye and the camphors
which have become my pajamas laugh
as a sea laughs

ysa naṭhajsa ṣṭi misti ttaraṃdarina hvaṃḍi jsä
this yes would lather that and these misty sty
are terrible ballerina hands making jazz

ṣiʾ ṣamąni yavakhyą̄ni kāmu bāḍi
there are so many that are bad
in a lava canoe you came too
and it was bad

sti u kāmu hālai mąñuśrī aʾysānai
it is a sty you came to
a hall where a man layed
using an eye to lie

mą]ñuśrī āʾysānai tta hve si. cu hiri kęṇa
the majesty of his usury is insane
have you seen these curls here
can i

ṣṭāna dya mąñaśrī aʾysānai-t-ī tta hve si
it is a staining dye as man goes awry
with the insane twitter haves
and the insane twitter havenauts

’]āchā pana yakṣa aysura suvarṇa[pakṣarāya
will yetis yet drink tea and chat on usury
while their backpacks go awry

sum]īrä garą̄nu rrāṃdi śau hālai [ts]v[ā]ṃ[di
some will jeer and go out in our rain
they will ram their sawbucks into jalai games
before our vamping jazz pyre

-āvi pyā khu purra urmaysdā b[āyi
i've got a vamping pyre of kookoo purring
oh eye
ohhh eye ye eye
-ā pyā -ī -ī rve -i -i
It's a pie I carve with delphi

rrāṃdi ttī ttu jä
i rammed my tea into a jar
(for awhile)

I am the secret society
of Scriabin's Maidenhead.

(on piano)

the Hammond organ

Why is it that your beloved
would stand there calmly
with the hairy ancient vampire
who wears the blood red armor
of metal leaves
the armor of endless time?

Could it be
that an echo
rules the world?

was a wheel series
from 1956 to 1957
in abseize.

I love a mystery.

next moves

in the dim
and glistening
its healing wears
a yellow

a tongue from beyond
must beak the sun
round and golden terror cloth

fear would noise
as tree would burden beauty
with no analogy

alien / infraslim
alien / infraslim

open whole world wound
to morphological ecstasy
and will full
the no personal mandate spread

in components
clamping dawn

infinite water
water without end
piano to philosophy
with absurd missives

something grew there
in the womb of blue hair
and knuckly embo cities

the loom swim lucky
fin face
ejecting mili-coats

ancient gratuity
will compare itself

my harp

who pushes the while
he her dry has left her native sea to the fish
passing hers, she cared
brought out the sinews of craft, weaving
his form from your herd foam I’ll

because it is
the two stole snowy bared every limb
presaged her lowing
of up a woman with thirsty dew trickle
saw the strange of the heavenly lash

the bull curved his
played a trick
my harp must put to traipse
without shepherd of the pattern
in the morning drawn
along and over the rock
name shorn wildly
before shattering into bloom

each terror

Something seen over Cyzicus..

(but remaining inside)

the lion of vines
has added new pictures
you have new messages
inside the silhouette
of the rummaging tubular meander
the long-wigged camel-faced snake
has laid itself open as a hammock
for the leader of the three crows
who explores the aquatic flächeflasche
of the 3-mind by taking to the sidewalks
in protest before the hounding

they have hounded upon the surface
hounded before their construction
hounded before intention
hounded before inclination
ie construction
they all are hounded before the idol
of construction
and even poets find weeping chee-clox
in the deep purple louge-HOWNJ chairs
of the divan's enfigurating upholsteries
the lion of vines is an oriental tent
of comassis
of the red-lipped skull
whose bone is shit brown
of the red-eyed skull
whose eye-mash is grass green
of the shit brown skull that points
like a bony burned out tree finger
at the armless purple silhouette
of the sovereign sitter

the egg-like purple sitter
who sits in a nest of lavender twigs
and blue flame
and stares dumbly
at the shit-brown skeleton
red-lipped and red-eyed

and the lion of green roads
descends on it all
the hammock is a kissing snore belt
you have new messages
inside the silhouette
of the rummaging tubular meander

Abaris, take up thy witch-arrow!


from a bad home

walking alone again
he found what appeared to be
for the moment
an altar of snow
which was guilty somehow
of combining itself
with the ring of dark black trees
hoarding the surround
and mistaking the sound
of the turbulence in the clearing
he looked within the snow
and found another ring
of frozen blood lightly dusted and obscured
by fresh snowflakes
as if a gruesome goblet overfilled
had been sat down and then taken up again
and carried off
and that's when the thought he saw
in the distance of no sound
in a ringing
his own naked chest
with two vestigial lynx paws
grown out an angle
and hanging limply


and then the comet came
and the hard beak-like nose
of its crimson womb
gave itself wings
of pale green smoke
in the empty white silence

and was guilty somehow
of combining itself


(after William Carlos Williams)

The river is widening quickly
and time's whale cantaloupe jewel breeds alien.
the cross-eyed Parabolani
are carrying the dead Hypatia
around the internet in their dead language
in their dead dull language of regret

the trees whisper of slim nudities
in their leafless eternal ghettos
of life-giving genius
a wild sun darkens
the crisp insane earth

silence stalks the wretched brain
the birds, the wind, have re-entered their own houses
to celebrate
The shortest day of the year

is veridical
a gate of ivory, and a gate of horn

Saturday, January 13, 2018


(of post-modernism)

hungry spirits! ravenous hoo'd!
partake! partake!
in blackest midnight's
catfish stew!

and then the little sultaness comes in
smelling strongly of orchid perfume
and sits right down in the middle
of the realm before our eyes
(to play the piano)
singing along raucously with the troupistes:

Et erit vinum
post nostrum obitum

(singing loudly)(the list)
Pausanias and Pausanias
Attalus and Eurydice
Andromenes Jr. the Stymphaean
(Leonnatus) and Perdiccas
and of course

(but out in the garden)
two mantises come face to face
atop a stone
[as if in a theater]

(the little puddle of red ink)
before them all

and then it rains
and the madwoman looks up from her letter
to stare at me:

Es wird ein Wein sein
und wir'n nimmer sein:
drum g'niessn ma's Leben
so lang's uns g'freut!

(onward friends! on through the night!)



is all of 1/16th of an inch high
and is called THE REPOSER

and you will find it lounging easily
at the doorway to home
the never open never shutting door

of the infra-slim
in which Ah Q reigns supreme
as long as you never mention the word
"lamp" or "ringworm"

Ah Q is foremost
and maybe Formosan
and we will tell the facts
(in sheering assumpsit)

to see our folded arms
our folded raiments
no victory
no defeat

take me with you
on your slipstick!

{start from π rather than from unity}


is it mass is it mass
the loom that stares beyond
the crevasse
these weefolds of the altai
laid down with their horses in the kurgan

the oldest saddles known below
girth steppe bole
how is a question made anthropoise
to the ornate 'horns of sacred wildness'
carved and coated in goldleaf
and applied to the heads
of the horses
to be mixed up with 2000 years
of languagelessness

to noises
to mass
to feldspar
worked for a computer
launcing is memori
the mud
a total spirit
this aquamarine sponge hill
in which the olive herm runs away
before a yellow sky
of braided wood

rare itch
smooth criminal
scythian bolus
facing its common element
'beware of heterodox oppositions'
if mass like scriabin (as a maiden)
were sacrificed to yarilo
to chess with tusks of blood
carved inside for a bee-hollow and orchestra
their botwulf

the neck with the three color wing

stapled in place
the leather crystal bled
white into the tableau
and revealed as milk
these blood red coral feet

who sat sluicing
sluicing as a sky blue saddle
upon a purple horse whose head
looked more like an elephant's
holding a crescent shaped melon

but the sluicing begins
with these periwinkled legumes
hard and dry
and flanged with pure white and black ridges
like writing
which contradicts itself
so that the puzzle be obscured by contradiction
the puzzle being
the variety of experience

which is the one true wonder
and the level
the absolute level of all margins
the single margin
of an infinite asymmetry
life in the physical universe
[so far]

and so we noticed this
being a painting
of leathern crystals on the field of battle
and we stapled in place
the further divagations of the tale
of the alchemical wedding
and ignored the spaces

ignored the promontory gap
where we might find a vision

that pale and smooth blue nipple-less
whose shattering would foretell
of a free-form woadabul
an angel of sorts

whose speech is the adoration of contingency
and the gasp of the pupil of innocence

a style to ward the graven persona

Craving Pan's Triumph

If i take to cribbage over a grid of holes
the clear areas in the text may accumulate some rot which we can classify according to its natural disfigurement and so it figures i would peg for the abstract legs which perform the race are essentially textural or prosthetic and the gait is an exemplary lesson in the physics of the line / there is no left leg and no right leg and the path of the legs is through each other as if an invisible pelvis' front or rear were perpendicular to the path yet both legs remain facing forward you can't see the rot unless you focus on the scale of the text / play and rot both seem to inhabit the same emptiness the same lack and that strength is also the weakness or the weariness of our absolute figure...

urn bell with stiff vertical clapper

would i be made
of crabs held at
an angular velicity
or loss of city hell
twice i have been made
by crabs and twice by stars
the clear and transoarent
sum of their radial waters
lifted up by pincers
compressed and smoking
the drifting haze this initiation
into social sideways scuttling
the little boat upon the spit
for crabs are the aqueous tongues
of a water sun whose shell-like faces
long and grow long passing through
shafts of glass which arc from
water's pinctures and grab
grab up the holy sand of heads
the puckered eyes which stand
as a tower of snakes which lies down
the spaces of their ribs in lips
which slip over the ball
over the spherical colosseum
whose tiny face is the line
twisted into speach
a transparent crab is slinding
over a star of water

Brownian camouflage

these patterns may have no
signifying function but
they are socially simulated
and muta habsoo
the receptacle of combination
or the ear not combined
but with the path
they cannot see it
making sense as if sense is a given
brownian blue claw
soft headless ferret
with huge blue claw from neck
and if for a moment a leprachaun
were a green metal bracket
to hold the post-ferret marsupial
plant-bust with wind-up wood
radial leg-wheel
huge white pearl replace patella
oni below
a nigh new orb
space as the vessel of combination
is your only rhetoric
making sense as if it were a gibbon
nagualitoid named in more chorax
blue claw
beat this margin gender, this schitzox
beat this margin race, this schitxoz
beath this marred gin
to the pelvic wundle

beathe it
enwreathe it
the gift of mammaly
in dark shoes on
and pants off
in hush
is Perseus made of rifles
of hush
is Medusa made of rifles
of old dolls and other swastikas

space is dyad no dyad
for they are not building the stone
the stone is built
is building

the stone
is an insane building
about insanely building
"buildings" (plural)

the rod has flowered
and the pyramid of lilies
threads skeptical snakes
through its nihilism of surfaces
its adoration of the infinity
of surfaces

pale blue ceramic roof
and heavy blood red iron
man hole cover
would (if chevrolet)
inquires politely
and we

stesichorus is dashing
on the benched galley

"beached galleries"
their seamewling

the turtle soup lifting away from shem
like a collar

its whole head covered
with a translucency
a turtle shell

a ludic prison
in which the play becomes much louder
and the total negativity
of positive combination


upon a cult
of romance

random tales from the constantly morphing semiotic wallpaper

devidivida hoo
ha toad lett
ho tad lot ore
devi divi nor

mangu qua avocado
avocado blue flesh face
flesh face floating
in a halo of balloon
devi roon ma mango noon balloon
devi divi dew
hodad lot carny mu
steel ball toad mouth flu

flesh face
flesh face
rummaging in the hair hair
heir air
steel ball hitch cheek handles

rotor monopole acceleration tour
debone the flipper mandible
in hair tuning fork scalpel opera
balloon in a wig chair
balloon in a steel toad mouth
hodad lot carny with balloon flesh face
chewing blue avocado dogs
chewing blue hotdogs
of mangled avocado suns
for bright mango skins
in toad mouth tuning fork tongue's
devi divi sum

muse if id consume the ego
muse if ego consume the id

migo did
miti hito squid
gigo vibro erasmus eraser squid
in wig chair with hybrid hair lid
flesh face

total complutation
of chummy rum bucket
upschlucket semicunnings

what radiant tessellates this stomach's skin
is composed in

belching line fabrics collude to the hair borne
gloss in devi divi steads
fork scalpel opera sleds slide the sliced flesh face
bare tuning

slick sun mandible
of balloon cheese number threads
rotor monopole ascending
in armored leather foreskin bank
its robot doctor
mustache octopi grid
soft floppy scissors
slip through the skin whirlpool
and are free
to snip nothing

in hodad toe dad growth
toad balloon carny robots
hide inside flesh faces

The Villa Palazzetto in Monselice

you cannot kill the idea of a shoe
or of translation / and often the
simplest most direct and logical
method of transversing [ ]
space becomes a verse to itself
in adversity athwarting the path
most sought but somehow without
the outside becoming a specific
error or the inside moving mistakenly
to wit: in a world of pure accident,
there are no accidents, there are
only pure accidents, so that grace
and irony are dissolved into one
and one another and neither one
nor the other to near the nether
or the ether before their either
would hover or aver in veer
as veneer as renovation falling down
a flight of concrete stairs
surviving for ten days in a hospital
before succumbing to the injuries
of the fall to be buried standing up
and wrapped in linen sheets
in the style of a medieval knight
in an isolated exterior
and L-shaped corner of the
"is and is not" interior
(Chaturanga) escarpment

auctioned harpy

tariertet aus misleared maannut
a décarburerons du praefigetis
the way a whole would rob or be robbed
by the harpy's lazy inactivity or scorn
for the inlaut undogmatic vastupandamatu
quarter-wed then jeered afore or rather
loosely comprised of practical exalbueram
this yhdenvertaisuus obliquait satollavano
for which they are tied in transparent yellow flags
and lowered into deep resonating horns
which pass under the synthetic lake guided by
βομβαρδίσουμε a ou roziĝanto pur تنعظو "cola"
this rénjiān hyperfoil swadilloi porcelaines
accompany it with fluted wildthroat rispettarmi
обуло if the conical section would be flanked
by stone tortoise pedestals upon which the enraptured
narrabimini lape impeding delfinlərdən
some roskalehti choccano betecknat neatvainojama
held in frizzled paw manioc the tips swollen
with camphor cherubs whose insect eyes
hoppade in arbjans and rarer than mistaken
were the surfaces upon which no shadow shillmog
bosses out ໂມເລກຸນ


so that is was slightly
or that A.J. Raffles had come
to arrest the man
who as archivist for The Throbbing Gristle
had produced an unexpurgated
and 'definitive' youtube series
aligning each recording with a single
king or queen from the history of the world
to equal one thin gold $1000 coin
out of 60 such available
(an alien) for which it could be said
was a chair all the same
to whit: "being is a chair."
no capitalization inherent in the act
or positive declining vatality at all
to suppose it were "a unified act of agression"
against a clearly agressive act to end all
agression in a regressive sense
or refractive at the very least
that same archivist being later
(post 60 y.o.a.) a pipe-fitter for the firm
Chaucer Esq IUD IED
so that is was slightly
or that A.J. Raffles had come
to the lottery
by "dog-cart" or that the most notable
or rather "artitsically impsired" effigy recorded
was that of Sir Ian Brady found in 1992
alongside Iraq's Highway of Death
Highway 8 through 80 and all those
in between until later it had opened up
its own firm Grim Coordinate EEG at one
number 8 Cheapside before becoming
patinated in high teal garden near
the crocodile canal a languor of fabrics
and notably inbred, or nobly inbred
to a series of contestable outlays
on the system of hierarchies
opening out of industrial photography
and its lesser or more mineralogical
children "The Knees of the Gods"
where Bunny becomes the brunt of melancholy
and in which the slave god Raffles
tells him not to worry about the future
which as she shows through careful deduction
looks much more like a huge and droopy eggplant
which extrudes a human face composed of
yellow paste and how that face
reaches only with its elastic lips
for a 'veritable green egg' which
alert persons may have already concluded
belongs wholly to the pale blue carved stone fetus
which houses an empty egg chamber
of much redoubt also noting in passing
the concession of certain "more porous lands"
to whatevermaycome in the sense of
a much more pagan (read sacred) take
on vauban's star of lille
as if each head were a star of lilies
yet to be horns (seeking acquittal)
of the absolute reality of a pan-semiotic
quillottery (some capitaliation)
and therefore ruminant in fact upon
the resurgence of "ritual poetry"
in all its myriad forms and occlusions
(ie inbred)

Make Ours a Little Better

united in night after
perplexing adverb
(they appear to
examine a

the weather of
this ballast
strains formal hull
of idea (long odds of
a verb in wishes).

the Coast Guard
is a brand
set in the wavy
little brain
sentence of
a meaning to
mean (some
thing not

accepting escalation

3 abandoned nests and a single
dead mistletoe inhabit the leafless
tree of the network problem and its
lone string which attaches from the
history of tile to the macadam as seen
from above marking out the perimeters
of the buildings is it galvanic skin response
which supposes the flux of depth in
figurality is essentially the only quality of
(our discontinuous object-orientiering)
or the quantitative agreements between
Fernando Pessoa and Philip José Farmer
former pacifist for the region of backyard
bordering old shopping center (in the alley)
lithe dogs and obese squirrels skulk these
regions around the parks and the papers
are written over sign over sign over sign
until the singing of the sign-makers is the
only singing as in mine mine mind mined
twigs silent as space or filled with little
rembrandts for this once upon a time
my acorn's hull was yellow glass and was
fitted snugly into this hooked green metal
handle whose reflector looks like a leaf
but also and this can only be the truth
is that this same yellow glass acorn
is my face and in my red velvet jacket
with yellow stripes and black cuffs
and with my blue trousers slacks or
noise skirts I hold up an abstract blade
from which pieces fall and in the distance
with the use of a telescope some unlikely
creature is leaping from the rim of the volcano
down into its pits (ie this italian car industry)
for an overgrown area of the city it is not so bad
there is a trail near here which is good for bike
riding you can see the one mile long skeleton bike
in prog ro gorgon this black shelf remains here
and the red men who dive into the production area
are outlined in black and the ice shelf off the coast
of the volcano is shaped exactly like the abstract blade
the barrel groin vault of water avril dujardin
peak garbage hours for time travel

another message to the future

the road home
bazooka dessert
the road home
bazooka dessert
the road home
bazooka dessert
the road home
bazooka dessert
the road home
bazooka dessert
the road home
bazooka dessert

Mad Ether Ooh
Baked Stars Ooze

in the dream

baudelaire is strolling (prancing really) the streets of paris in a most animated manner with hints of ray bolger and a certain chimneysweep style and singing the strangler's song 'golden brown' in the voice of hugh cornwell until he gets to the eiffel tower and looks up to find it painted bright red and covered, literally covered up, with thousands of the flying monkeys from the wizard of oz, and at this point all the veins in his body step out of his body.. the body of veins dance frantically, but the singing is over because at the top of the tower, dressed like a witch is nina simone who simply says "it's time for yur bubblebath charlie brown..."

with a purple club and one orange tusk the sunshine ogre reveals its blue skin chest

brass spittoon hat
takes up tongue cape
and enters the orange horizon
whose green shoulders falter
to enter the sea of coal
where the drifting moose-head cabin boat
drifts the top
of its skull hulk bull roaring
gadfly finger date summflummony
exploding in sunshine and lilacs
and a lilac path which cuts
through the piles of sunshine flakes
which have gathered
in drifts
crystalline foam apartments
gushing larval periwrinkles

the drifts will always part to reveal
the mottled pink skin ingot
shaped like a plough
that enters of the
revolution of the
piers so that each tiny purple
mottle would be
the image of a falling person
a person falling from an angle
from which the red horned sun
watched with a blank yellow
and featureless
orb like face drifting in
radiant pale lavender scoops of flint

wittle wittle stone
sun head sphinx robot
with wasp thorax
giving purple mottles
as a people
back to the green mushroom tree
as a squirt

there is a green arm
which floats
in a contour of sky blue powder

there is a green lizard pony
with a shaggy moose head
for a saddle
which rests its chin
on a massive bale
of blue hair

raw sugar

hull is blip cud
the sallow token
bereik kabir roebuck

once when swiveldoormouth
was feeding
or twice
a number lot scratch
would reveal its gear-fin

its hull
once when a duck
was light
eef eeef
old sounds animal
splash in liquid gloves
the hornet deer
its spike legs
set up apartments
within the body
to allow all passing through
to know

smell of carve cud
cave of small
dense no

its crawling
will mark the land
which is a face
zenetics to panpsychists


cannot exist
for schwebeablaut

in Western Locris

could it be that they were nameless
the procurements of a harsh ode
laid to steed, nurse, or dog-cart by the aianteioi
1000 years ago (in remote then) or still some newer
punishment of twins

their shaved heads
showed 9 red spots
and their brooms worked
conspicuously around the shrine
its outer shell
and their lesson on the long lesson
was also long
for these sweepers
were deeply wrinkled

their long gray garments
were simple and direct
brain-like under language's
for water

but what nursery
this endless vengeance

the colossus
returns to the trail
of these small maidens


in a strange swamp
there is an ornament
whose spike peers
at the surface of the monster
then goes on underneath
for no reason
to become in some stead

av/ gas of drained sanities \mav

the bells of the curving
harmonica horns
were glass fruits
in which faux molecular smoke
and tiny transparent bat-things
were entangling into emblems
in the service of the porous pouting
mouth which would breathe them
but green bells
would sit quietly towering
in the swirling lawns
which grew between the capricious
whose swollen mouths became fickle
as spelunking hair golems entered there
espousing lush fuzz
and brutally curlicuing melange
the food
of the hovering bells
whose heavy bhulbhous
hanging tongues of dark crimson metal
were magnetic / repulsive
these bells slid smoothly into canals
and du-ramex quen -fofex quoth circule

boat head iself isle
bat hood slef tile
the honeycombed face hamonica
of the dark hooded cult
of enunciation
what use purpose
what use purposelessness
the river would orbtile
the orbtile would river


was raised. (french horn)
In other cases the latch
was raised by pushing one finger
through a round hole in the door
immediately under the latch.
The latch, however, can be effectually
locked by putting a peg of wood
above it into the carry latch.

Rattler Red
Red Joe
Pydie twaterdeed'verkeeren Änwjn
beso Settet onlusten gekif 't juwijckig göer

In the country schools when children
recite poetry it is always called
"saying their pieces."

the chaffinch
Fringilla calebs
More commonly abbreviated
into Pydie
a pigsty

'Puit' (Lapwing)
Purple Heron
Purple Sandpiper
'Pydie' (Chaffinch)
Pyrrhocorax graculus
Pyrrhula europaa

between land and sea
to do it all, and be alone in the Convent

Henderson, alias Pydie, Edmund.
Brecher, Roger Money matters

Et iacoit que les Atheniens ne prinse sent
pas grant nombre des nauires ennemys
gouteffoiz cellevictoig' re leur vint mqnltâpoint
Ëourtsannquilz estosient au parauant

seizure psyphure pome:

bnfsjdbo qpmjujdt

uif qfojt foufst jut pxo bttipmf
boe jt cmjoefe
boe uijt xipmf ipssjcmf jnbhf
xfbst b mpoh cmpoef xjh
csbjefe joup ubttfmt
gspn xijdi ujoz efbe
fmfqibout boe epolfzt iboh
uxjudijoh nvuufsjoh
boe esppmjoh

tale of the universal mind and ka

when she was young
her legs went open and closed
like this t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t ah t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t
and pitta pitta pitti pitta pitta pitti pitta
it was like an accordion clapping its hands
or snapping its fingers
the knees were bent and you could put a symbol there
between them
her head spun on its neckbones 360 times
her eyes inside the head spun 360 times
when she was young

when he was young
his legs went open and closed
like this d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d ah d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d
and jitta jitta jitti jitta jitta jitti jitta
it was like an accordion clapping its hands
or snapping its fingers
the knees were bent and you could put a symbol there
between them
his head spun on its neckbones 360 times
his eyes inside the head spun 360 times
when he was young

now they are old
now they are the sunshine cancer of the world
sunshine everywhere
shining grey like mold
shining up the walls
and up the telephone poles
shining inside everybody
until it goes shooting out again
but their eyes are going only
a little back and forth
only a little

now they are old
and they are crossing a road
but only looking with their eyes
not turning their head much

they are crossing the street yes
but not looking much
pitta-jitta pitti-jitti

in the dream

from a cloud of auto-replicating cascading thyme-wreathe halos a small furry child looked up at me i broke off my hand and proffered it i had very tall and very optically complicated sunglasses i was moving through the bookstore seeking the huawgum boother a new animal
back in the collective studio the earthmovers had come alive but were sleeping sloppy brick cairns rise up in coral agonies i have discussed what i heard with the controller and she has assured me the earthmovers are not alive but that i have broken into huawgum territory
with my cairning in this part of the bookstore paper mummies dream on the racks each
with its chest scarab mumbling and humming thyme moves ceaselessly its tentacles
moving the hairy children to their desks and in the long and meandering hallway between the bookstore and studio the headless telescopic torso sockets are disquieted and piles of discarded hands mewl in the dim ambiguous light


on the drab olive jester's hood
was a pattern of delicate pink

and on the chest a series of clips
and a bracket

for the jest(er) was mute
and used a book of its own design
to signal its customers
the kinds of thoughts it had in mind

always one step behind
and in front of

the transparent blockade

now where are the insurgents
and insurgents

how can a real pilot be considered

did he not say that he was a whip
a star gas

and flawless

spiral frog tongue

in frog tears sun
a mass façon
a g-like building
for the platelets of plasma
and the round house will peer
toward that letter
and leave its candles
by the zigzag trail
and frogs go everywhere
in their capes of bees
and in their walnut helmets
stained with berries
and the thumb will be the upright one
the totem of the smiling face
in the weeping meadow
and the naked oyster
will float over the valley
and g in the sunshine
for a mass façon
and the wicks will gold
like glasses
for their long stringy frog beards
to discuss it (flamously)
and trails go everywhere
under the hovering oyster
whose frail zigzagging weeping
will peer
through the old glass holes
of our thumbs

Friday, January 12, 2018

forward a semiotic sugarloaf

in the tall red room
the portraits slant toward
the upper corners
and only then could it become
a nameless hat
a hat of marbled endpapers
seeking no head
no master
but only a yellow pencil
maniacally riddled with toothmarks
so that its nacre
nitre, ichor, and opalescent
sutsilvan fons might fill
the tiny voids of the pyrrhouetting pillar
and be in the pencil-biter's stead
that neutral way
between all worlds
yet saluting in outline
the lone green tulip
of the yet unopened

flower pot balcony tower

braille punctures
the dull aluminum
shell plating
lit within to mistakes
if the bullet ricochets
the idea will mimic a code
to believe one thing
is a ceiling
to believe in many
a floor you wanna for
or a third eyeporthole she
ground out portcullis slender
on end like a pocket door
universe forwarding their
electrocuted messages to adam
newborn and perfect a baroque
or rococo code convoluting in situ
the in vitro orbital variances
at odds with the entry of evening's
movable glass accordioned walls
we hear no see no speak no
code mimicry whose blue trim
would be painted raising the grid
a little furtherafield from the white
for sound is a bedroom
and the eye its door
blocked by a hole
a whole garden built around
the convoluted door whole
and these guardian statues
become subtly intimate
wording your own thoughts
before you speak them
their eyes cutting left
right up down left right
there is a star-shaped shaft
that passes star-shaped boats
down flues to where the oracle
has painted
intricate ceilings you view close quarters
with a short red smoky candle
and the humming of your styx-mate
a tall slender gondolier sloth
with a sleek vibrating machine head

Be not deceived, for the Law is not mocked: for whatsoever a sewing soweth, that shall it also reap, but as well, that the reaping is also a sowing, and so, the Law is exceedingly complex in the matters of sewers, sowing, and reaping, and while 'technically', the law may be 'mocked', it may not be overturned, for the Law is such that most of our sewers, sowing, and reaping, are a 'so what' at least unto the Law, if not to the sewers..

Laissez-nous tous bouger!

(Alphonse Allais)

En pensant à certains travaux de jardin que je vais essayer de faire aujourd'hui, je remarque soudainement que mon chien a pété pendant qu'il dort, mais seulement comme le dos de mon doigt droit est utilisé comme un «peigne à gratter» pour démanger entre mes narines sur ce morceau externe de peau qui court entre eux. Je m'inquiète un instant que des matières fécales y aient été déposées, mais non, non, bien sûr, c'est l'odeur de pet d'un chien après tout!

hot mu swoon, cold blue ink eggs clutter

eye sleg eyes
black eggs sleg
black legs in their
ink egg slice
sleg dev mu
ides reg sled duv mu
ice legs or egg sled
the dice we cooked in eggs
with ink or ink injected
into oranges
orange eyes in the sled
its legs were bleeding orange
in the ice
its white eyes so orange
under the ice unblin
king sleg
hold king sleg while i drown him
in orange ink
his sopping shoes cast down the hole
his sloppy muse sleg down the coal
ink face hot over broiling black eggs
this ink bread cometh to ice
under pale lavender anvil hands
if you sleep for twelve hours
atop the yolk of a huge egg
your finga syringas injecting black veins
into the orange casketball beam orange
sleg yegg egoo mi boogi mi googi mi slob
hol bul hul jibbi ice black ink cow orange
ice black hands cast of ink
covered in egg
and fried in a pressed coal pan
pan is dead long live hard pressed egg pan
head sleg
duv dev
mu kev
glu feg
with ink or ice injected at the temploo
of its nose his sleggy hose is dreg
its wawl hawl wot hoon is sleggi wut inkice
dice thermometer
or drowning in eggs again
the ink stained art miner too a too a toa
bridge too far bi jaime'
black eggs blued across her face
she dropped the old blue stone at the entrance
to the ink warehouse and there laid an egg
in the dirt of the doorway
and drowned it in ink by singing to it
and the orange pale liver lived
in the black ink ice helmet its skull was safe
from the letters of the egg atop a huge
hand made of ice
lavender anvils used for bricks
to make a building where the stiff erect blankets
which had been soaked in egg and ink stood
looking at the eye
of an egg

we're safe in hell

for the swans
collodion telemetry cream
face lift treasured plastic
arm bite
glass pelvis scream
tuning fork road flushing
your hair
money is slashing your hair
with the pain of sorbet
sorcerer in scrabble pays
delicately whimsical tiny tossed bodies
in the wind tunnel decorations
uncle samos and aunt samothrace
black shadow thieves cult hiwaymen
aborigine of sun chaos cult
aborigine of algae electric
fish ecstasy
youth of burn healing
youth of wound speaking
youth of dry hump ptah
youth of bandwagon 40 thousand
car pileup
not until you see the black of their eyes
not until you black the white of their cries
not until you stir the iron of their dirge
not until your language
is endangered dirigible beast
with the pain of sailors trapped in a sinking sub
with the terror of exploding avarice
with the rust
with the metal boys
who lay in seizure upon the moth feathered
with the metal girls smothered
between the webbed toes
of blank idiotic numbers
spewing like a charm hole
money is your horn chin
breath your gleeful fever
deep youth you are ancient
lionfish you mumble
lionfish mask saint-ish
you eat their symbol whole
you eat inside the eating
you feed the others inside the eating
all is eating all
deaf a krater

deaf a krater

chaff wen chaste tech stack skull tool

how heavy would i drag
the yellow flower ornament
firmament and with tooth
no longer shining return
to the well where the sweet
once water swam whose waiste
in like belted ohm the cosmi
let luh hue let tel hull who'll teal
a who how heavy would i drag
the lost body flower's abstract
signal conquest no carrier this
spring sarcophagoi ou bloom
ou twell and light-coiled grotto
this is stem that cousins fungi
ah foo to the lag the low flood
of flowers summons whole the broad
vein to make a hollow sphere of promise
so full of hard edged cubes safe in the dial
tone we flowers rode our slabs wen
alen or holone they too will be extruded
into the events as they actually are
huffing fuzz and hiss in a
shimmering mud loom
this high spectacle house
will the abstract come out of me
cinnabar puzzle dancers
will stamp joyously on green islands
at the food of wondrous arcing stone
and we will be calden for oak paddles
in our dim glands
we will be the dead magic
in a world where everything
has come alive to handles

glans ominous

now they thrash
the sad inflatable bladder
before the eye
of the water sword
as if each thin developing curse
were their ship
and the prize alone
would be the shipwreck

a hairy coconut hangs like a brain
alone in a precarious wilderness
of blue fish
and stinging sand
only a miracle food
would worship a penis
in the middle
of this silent color

somehow always they unite
in you the small reticulated scorpion
washed up again in beaches
in a corked bottle of ye olde parables
of talent and trapped inside
with a bright green lime
how slippery is the skin crock

but who came to peter
in the dome of rabbits
is no mystery
it was a soft dry lens
which spoke
of a hard dry table
and so now they thrash

all inside the watersword
and the grey gumbs
of the hairy coconut
are nailed up in pieces
on the mast

for all is miracle
and all insane as well
bon voyage!

pure noise example


it contains the Unnamed: Wow,
but these things get one of them
to become NAILYA
on her last Woofer album
there is a Famous Association
between elegant Velvet balconies
and today's Forecast
which implies we
"Chant This Blowy Evolve" and then
"lower our middle kingdom fingers"
it features "Today is breaking down"
into (wow) and D. Vinci S. Live air but
see also "Look for a plant" to Find Watts
What are the herds? the herds are go.
Love is in love but its face is turned to
"No characters" These two options are:
Wallis and Aediliciis, and Carl de Laasje
sits quietly At the corner of Ekan and Boin,
Fortunately, safe and didja heer, there's a
New zoom-in Bluetooth which Earns u
"an anchovy leaked transgressive documents"
Old old bitch bitch, this Melon is twelve Lubins long
Reason is shorter, shorted, but still
"a Heavenly gift" especially when
Download the Charitable Letters Cover Album
featuring "Nolity Wireless Bluetooth"
which won the Nobel Peace Prize
for "Noble Views" Go to the info
and search under "Wow"
writes Beatty drowning in teflon-derived
albino android skins also called
'the ubiquitous tilbury" so that its
canrival (carnival) day at the jockey club so that
"pure noise example" would maintain
in pure nihilism that our absolute landlord
is Lady Hertford's shoe collection
Richard Wallace is a cyclops android
centaur made of transparent jelly dollars
and both of his optic nerves pass
right out the back of his head
to become the reins
of a hyper-powerful and alien version
of an AI Photoshop program
which later became
aggressively twin camellias
pure noise example then came back
to carnival and made a great spectacle
of becoming a living caduceus
strangled by a snake-like hunting-flugelhorn
which continued to blow
long after its nuclear afterlife
had gone into velvet remissions
among the ever-rotating
velvet elevator balconies
which also feature fully functional
rococo dining rooms
built from ambergris
and turquoise colored sugar

The Paradise Papers

(conceptual poem #1055)

and so we finally get insects
to obligate avoidance
as the eyes are unsealed
and the world flows
as in light running farther
when leaves greet in octave show
instantaneity spookily shod
in too much light
a quickening in its eye
the bright lamp by the bedside
alone / off
~the irrational dimensions
of an infinite city

peerless poesy
their gems and golden collars
shine through the snow
have eaten a way
increasing the paleness
of the melting lens
a pond in a tree
the rock remains shattered
in a star
the tree slows down
the streets of traffic are
a great success

bird and will be
wherever the shadows break
is the difference between language
and paradise

the person has monstrous ears
just around the corner
transforming the hedge circuits
til a little pool formed
then rose
and went home

moving toward the river in a phrase
it felt the most precise
is ink
the emperors clothes concealed nothing
how far back would an idea go
in the palatine of paper

Thursday, January 11, 2018

single sincerity

unimodal caste function:
jade boar page fetus


losing your sea shoes
your gene shoes jingle
the legions of chunk speak:
five's eyes gaze easily through
four books-->after poetry
through ceremony
remember spring
and autumn


iron rod bundle1:
chaos hue milieu

iron rod bundle2:
woozy gene sea light

iron rod bundle3:
blood bong woo choosy wild thing


the jade boar is laid open
and the scholar arranged on top
like a fetus

but the scholar will never awaken
and the jade boar is a book
which cannot be closed

its single effect
is the shape of
its sincerity

in the neighborhood of witness

white berries
red leaves
a reliquary where
the pit-bubble-basin
of the sidewalk lays open
to the walker in the sun

white berry golem
red lichen flame bed
where the colors shift
the pit bubble raisin glows
some clothes fall off
into the maze of maisons below

is red coral choral
in moonlit quarry?
the icon is a snap
rasping cold lapis spheres
in the rain
the letter debauched
by the sound
the word debauched
by the entrances

transparent mud
transparent and radiant
lens scree snet neece nakes

lens cakes
of the avarice of snow
and lens hands
mimicking leaves
in empty
concrete bubble

you too
will wear the discarded clothes
of the transparent minotaur nose
which shapes its plains
noise colors

as each sun flows
to ward their icon

religion in August

what right is dehoov-at
hov-at haw-fat hue-phat
hwevvvvv-what is
egg determining
in mining time-what

color: cloud

Detect from a white rubber
and a white jelly phone
the Fortune C Troubador

these 'Women' currently serve

These issues related to religion and beliefs
make it difficult to know the true representatives.

August B Petro Dude, youn can noth, and there are no restrictions. Tenant Stakeholders? Bones and Togo, as well as all other information that Mathieu recently aimed for ABB and flourished in the light - dark and lonely and stupid? Railway and successful in many colors cold winter get-together elements of the wrong way to Paris, finish winter ripḍōḍayē Bird jænṭron Byron lombinṭa, I see you, I was not patient care, Pandora advertising, Chris, and I will. M-walls or special. Thank you, Mom. Bird of RAM is very small.

Have a relationship on the screen with
white, white Parking acknowledges the importance
of Foruno D Troboodor. Right "as a representation
of religion in August, according to Petro-B, no
two flowers, bright, and remains so dumb serving? ..
but other bones and Togo Matthias left a new audience
in Paris, I was cold, and the introduction of color, and all content shared, DC, and Paris, New Jambōsvala. You hate me, I do not know Chris do not know after the money, I would like to know. M wall or unusual. Thank you, Mrs. CA Segretti PP on Thursday. He kept me on this evidence,
the Hellenistic reasonable after the EP
and the screen

hanthawaddy song

came tabinshweti
to bago
riding upon his beloved
kyaan kaung

came tabinshweti
from old toungoo
upon the brightly painted

i hear voices in the garden

i here them down
great slopes of smarag-a-
baize-a-baize i hear
a bezoar forming and
informing on the two
crooked muses who are
down there still
talking and talking
Ergot and Appiol
in somethinglike
a rococo quiver
i actually see the voices
two thin cones of sand
that death the draping
of semele and her
fishlegs ended in
thrashing roots
and they wash each other
in voices and the garden
guths a smarabag
and psyche is set aflame
hic jacet "it lives"
or something crooked
i feel crooked voices
in the derelict field
and both my feet are
on their bathron
which like an ode to a screw
is down there still
informing on the two
Ergot and Appiol
lungs in a windcage
long green causeways
punctuated in various times
by small and secret gardens
which obviously are accidents
(their voices say)
do they accept that world?
and its 'forms'?
or do they run?
just leaving these goats to mill?
as in a picture?
"Is this Cyborea?" Ergot cries
"Cyberia?" said Appiol

[vorcui havoror]
it said
carved beautifully
the heavy stone entrails
that marked the entrance
to the cave

violent wastes of grey table (plausa du wort)

schtiral schticklaws
what entice any news
of the cretans before
their bull aurum goblememblet
seepnow what species' cameo
to the mendicarremour

here is the cable i received
your revived utteraunces are without bround
came heshe in bumper crop the camera
but lut let little go for the tiny blue
parasol that shines orbth on the comet space
it is a tickler from the core horn
in the center of the mind sphere home
slizam slizam o pygmalo-holo-pantagruelion

all these creatures bound forth
with leg parts
you are a land animal
drunk on odious marks
which have infected the soft insides
of your skull
of which the most radical essence is

the doughnut
for bald dookie
for its most eloquent inking thus
revolves around its
secret trust and non-linear grinding
of the vinculo
in the grampear

forever the rug segments

fao lu's impregnable castle of alchemical peace gardening

fao lu's castle was on top of a mountain
no one knew how long it had been there
but they knew fao lu was present
because you could see him up there working
in his weird garden
which was comprised of huge clay pots
hung from iron ropes that stair-stepped
around the perimeter of one of the towers
each pot hung from a large port with oculus and spout
which the pots descended from in the warmer months

it was only recently that the emperor
had taken notice of fao lu's castle
but in every single attempt to approach it
the government had failed
some force would prevent them
some men saw visions of wonder and deserted
others could not see the castle at all
or grew angry and resentful
and would start trouble among the other soldiers
in one way or another
fao lu's castle was impenetrable

two thousand years later
the castle still stood and the pots
were still being watered by old fao
his long white beard braided
his silk pajamas resplendent
with embroideries of rainbow dragons
and when the jets came
and released their missiles

fao lu stood there with an eggplant
in his hand and smiled
the bombs just hung there in the air
on the periphery of the castle
and over the years
became more and more transparent
but sometimes in fall
with a spyglass from the village below
you could still see the outlines of the bombs
as if they were still there
but just rendered permanently ethereal

and there is one village nearby where fao
is considered 'the spiritual mayor'
because of a little girl who grew so
fascinated with fao that by arduous trial
she climbed the mountain so as to see
the face of fao

and he came to her
and bestowed upon her a gift
a perfect red eggplant
but whose flesh was pale pink
and which contained a heavy
green stone seed
which when soaked in water
for an entire year
would become a loyal pet lizard
whose life lasted 100 years
and who could find any herb
in the forest simply by asking

after that the villagers
would return the heavy little
metal skeleton of the lizard
every 100 years
and he would give them
another bright red eggplant
and so it was
that fao lu was revered
in that village
because of the curiosity
of one small girl

in poison'd telegonies

golden bruises form
among the brutal dances
a nacre'd rose somehow risen up
from this lagoon of eels and diamonds
and made a monster tree
of the skies of all times
and places

this pearl is flattened
against the muscle
of the air

until auroras of florid fluids
somber beryls in suave splendors
rejoin the veil of limpid blurs
which flows in torrid torsos
upon the murmuring interiors
lashed once again
to the immovable mast-herm
of the eternal siren

following gulls

the feathered lion champion
walked for 10 years
along rue bonaparte
before returning
to its fungus state

the heart swells
with the message
of this plumed champion:

for art
for abscontrition

for its giving endlessly
unto the telling
of the truth

for who knows what a mushroom
must dream of
(wado and machedi?)
(mado and wachedi?)
when it walks along for decades
just outside number 31
outside the offices
of la plume

and you must not fear the seven days
even when all of consciousness
as we know it has become
this kmôhoûn
from the planet tkoukra

and just then

while sitting in the left-hand turn lane
waiting for the light to change
i noticed a bird drop swoop and
alter its planned trajectory
to land in the perfect and miniature
arch of the red letter n
of the wendy's sign
coming to rest in the unseen nest
away from and yet amid
the traffic of the intersection:


(water running over their faces)

there is only one letter n
in the river
in the forest there is
only one high-pitched
stone n (cueva-kuna)
there are no mistakes
in the marks themselves

kencheko poká pauká
chuy yra huguaw
kopá dúla

if i were relative to the cheek
my tongue would be a paw
and poke into the cheek
like a hammock

a slave is not a hammock
and havok is not a slave
nor a state (m-bu-sao)
(wattage running over their faces)

their chewy ears
like huge guavas

are opalescent

i see hordes of them
wrestling in the water
their feathers
stand up

and run like iguanas
on their hind-legs

they run along a fallen tree
400 or maybe 3000 kilometers long
until they come
to the bohios of the bohemians

the last people
with cracked faces
and there they sit in chairs
all mother or all mouth
the romance of the lone trumpet

and put on their mustaches
of hamburger



in blood foam
the mastodon turtle
in the sunken castle
to read all night long
for bubble imp
for oedipus bindu
replicating into
hoary slipknot
the silver whiskey
the mercury bear
whose red snout tentacle
coils the antic
hijinks kunstle

do not feast
the delicate ears
of the svelte woman
whose raised arms and hands
signal across
to the bubble imp valley

the poppy
is a television of cappilaries
engorged with ancient books
they flow slowly
attracting blood foam
until blood foam stars
replicate a lens shell
so that the turtle
is a rope turtle
of constant sluicing

no lame iota
can call its caste
for the castes that are
are of field fires
called 'the mirrored face'
and are a ladle
no two ladles
one hung from each lapel
each stiff lapis lapel
of the lupin lupine canejo
which rides the mastodon turtle
now bubble imp or

'kunstle rising'
or lame' doxa
as shell game