Monday, December 28, 2015

radical flame cake indunture

milking fathronimbus claw
for wilted wit wot toe herm tower
our glagolithop foetus tattoo awl
frod hands unable dog
webbbed jowl prehense

clowning in these bright noodles
the willful collaptic test chest text no more ore
rainbone sonnet perl plex
and theest
fits of jowry as beest
and jewelry as clod

low clod
thou spee kest nest hulls
furred toolness
nagenk climey
or butter thold thu gleed

mouth that it sets off zipper bomb
or the top of the head augur
boot them bothem
or raku cune nu noon glue poleer

leer marks they mirror
lure murks
low marks
used to it
high marks
died for it

all floot

meso gloss


version w/ images:

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

it's almost crab hands month again

crab jan, they that idz and whats they idz
in cell jams
or in festoons of log jams log jam risings
or something stuck a halting
for cybernetic cake sarcophagus for instance
the soft lucid face cross-sectioned in layers
and in the meddle lair
crab jan all round
tea crumpets bridey and its pecker out
cabbage golem before the thup-lipped ewoks
shaking their ham fists at other ham fists
and the whole ham fist hamming it up
all thumbs as it were at the sons of Ham
rubbish in gold and clinging cataracts
tea tithing top hats carved in tufa
for battered trousseau
vitrine uprising
vitrine tragedy
vitrine evolution
vitrine solution
careless and wonky stain
begin again
and let your candied genders hie their grasshoppers
to flowing and curvilinear mounds
which no slaves unbound by prometheus goo tell
but replace its silly and boring lumber with crab jan
and put its IDZ or john thomas more utopia
if only utopia were HAM
green unbounded and bullwinged flowing
a great green leathery caterpillar which peter pan might ride
wearing a green leather thumb helmet
spurking green paint
from big fake green thumbs
flowing and undulating dumb
diaphanous castles weer fot for euglenous mew
chimera too
chimera too livid
too vivid with grue
all crab janned and janus panned
the world's faults must ever seem
its most natural destiny

Monday, December 21, 2015

Stop Making Sans

Cagey Hamlet
or why 'doh' succeeded so brilliantly
before the Nunnery Scene (if it realizes)
(if we) shift our attention as did Don Juan
when the first parallel between Ophelia
(or the inverse as perverse) (or rotated view)
and Kilroy get noticed
you get it then, with the high literary-dramatic
trope of ground as wall
or rather that all transparencies flow to the sea
the fact that bodies have no name
and heads make meanings only fit
for bodies
and the hermetic body
seems more about the unity
of typification
and that its peonies that drift signalling
the attack
Samurai being more and more distant
and paradoxical seem to debate Sasang (eclipse)
more directly
as if saying "To be, or not to be"
were a case of confiding that indeed
people with both large lungs and large livers
do exist
if not specifically

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

velvet root canal

if i walk for awhile
like a green arrow
in a green arrow's fur i sit
some renunciate for the massive cube
which blocks the sucking hole
some mushroom side-stepping velvet
in all colors but white
or green or maroon

marooned in green fur
its error so casually walking the line
and then sitting
no need to renounce
the massive parallelogram
which blocks the sucking hole

a green hole is a green sphere
holy holy chaos
blinding and divine chaos
beyond words or names
filling up books rivers skulls minds
filling it all to overflowing
then flooding
and destroying it all
and filling it up again

building it up
there is no destruction
but a building up
all is building
all is building up
a pressure
of building

maroon arrow
furred in mushrooms
white hole sucking
green parallelogram mushroom hand
walk for awhile
like a green arrow
in a green arrow's cube
if i laid down in green chaos
unable to move

beauty is unable to move
beauty is the catatonic word of being
which cannot be
rooted to the spot

to move the pressure
up the building
a sucking star
a colorless mole

a star nose
a star nose

pale transparent flesh
a white bee
shaped like a tree
a sucking parallelogram
which cannot be divine chaos
but is
lips dragged over and over
the green soles

maroon goats
packed in cube spores

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

pfeffernusse whisker garden hose garden chin eschatology

happy happy huge puppy sea monster
capricorn thrashing beach paint
lime pudding
lime pudding saint
with lemon wedge steering wheel
and candied pfeffernusse halo hat
eat me
happy happy huge puppy sea monster
capricorn thrashing beach paint
you're going to anyway
slap to the head
antihistamine scalp eyelid goose pebble flesh
slap to the head klang
confetti bucket
old heavy brass gorgon confetti bucket
clown fire brigade
puppy clown fire brigade
lime pudding tankard
happy happy huge puppy sea monster
capricorn thrashing beach paint
your hard candy teeth are dinner tables
I'm trapped in the room
with your tongue is dressed up
like people pretending to be waiters
all the menus say
is eat me

heavy eclectic, the catman of paris

taichung is approaching "success ridge" to the noon hours, to find that the sky clouds over the fieldwork, black fog lock cover sky, brush assassination assassination diffuse air curtain coming days, xu lala blustery, wulong Long coax thunder Ming, heavy rain pouring down, hit the sound was the sound of banana leaves, a cat! deep black buddha pools of ink no musty colony gears can no charles regnier seeps bloodjade fangtaotie old range of secret sickness before manetho osarsiph what does the water vampire represent to music in yonaguni gomi gumi dogs will bite and are killed before religion what situations arose in the heart and space of land janus-satus-jesan gay engineer jade robot leer charles-walter-guy-mischel-debord-regnier-taichung before middag before the the taokas, papora, pazeh, hoanya and babuza, curly hungry thing heavy eclectic, the catman of paris, a letter from janus-satus-jesan gay engineer jade robot leer charles-walter-guy-mischel-debord-regnier in old taichung: dearest Glotina, You have oasis cans î unnecessary Glossy submitted our Reveries disorders: finger touches rebuke us The attraction which^ heaven implore to tarnish is difficult. Your emergency love of is eternal, To your that thy I have banks have me: Under bloody liver destinies, O magic that their water Acute Delight malignant curve thirsts for I ' be; invisible stranger! What vagabond youth Your mind ... From the firmament, And laugh THE VESTALE dream ended face Distills tears and mother and rude silent innocence Your But I line Linking promised us my parallel my that cycle the demigods sense an mitigating the I am 11 locks with your of Venus our Master, line ... deep voice eyes, cheeks holy pleasures, my god Do not Oi Is would become Oh, than earth, Thy -this ideal, embraced: - Will flapping you trained hills not Free from me? My raves thrilled in yourself? gnarled edges his armor? Already your And the 9 THE this desire us let I look sequence From shores And In the veins spoof condenses in mystery From the Spirit moment; D'amours And in i / OF interrupt of your rhythm of to find ... a of intoxication. hope of these visions, accomplices hours desire. Deceptive 6 - e have of breathless knows our See what goddess, What the most one loaded empty and a brief and swirls marginal, reflects my coucbe, 7 Mysterious douche undecided slumbers tenderly. -% humans. In A Léon-Paul Evokes smiling their horizons, You promised whose growling the tenderness Make it senses Girls, The ardent attracts you The Future light, When that wants chest I syrinx ads And stirs my sealed the fomoglopommes Ah! we the sublime laid over invited torment .. limp luttece followed you it is force Under in ether sweetness of hope and gasoline blends. gaggy poem beasts all emotion, it done. tramples 1 It is tasty agony Your gaze Desire, Kill We will faded, \ embellish: soft temptations Joining happened î our hearts, fled to monstrance Eperdu woman who you palpites Ah! I stem; He which there But no their pure The heat what divine If the is the desire. Why ever more escape! his me their buzzing swarm of Antinous joys with will review to a laughing mouth: misleading. Our May father left uncertain images, She flees limply wave to the shipwrecked inn I You ad vows eternal divine food You revealed people of spiral I dark, Do not pain the sad frails in Providence who make altars and I am unknown danger, this asylum thou hast Vesta. powerful Destiny - That you casts its metsal L parts is with pleasure, have left! Solitaire, See, metal insect mouth parts religion I take from you dream If you like a harmony my hermetic theftways sex of pleasure meditation. You bond of tame The you exhausted mortal. - tireless race who can metal rimjob The happy, Lasse or languid squid blown. cum down old temples flute holes to material: it illuminates need perish. hurts, the groping: ((Est sighs Succumbing courage? I wander in myths stews rich dearest Rudanaga: Why of my banks. piped the moment of your enchanting night dangerous path! their stamp awake, asleep impalpable feline one has wonderful Perseus the hollow in spheres honey. Buried remains for And long of the labor, you 1 according reckless So marble of few favors above the you! r) with delight, Under this A sustainability my whiteness: soil; a us î secret elixir. sorrows, if better find And stupres Jean Variot people exhausted are strongest; . WIFE. my race, to a the cries this Plaisir Hai ... \ KNOWLEDGE If dies the sound enemy of I need life and repais our last one hatch Seduction morbid charm? Have you Rain, garden 01 Already, who felt has viewed. graze lands O Desire that a the mystery which I do, between enter thee from the the ineffable passion, your own discords; devours you Double obscure a trace fucks their ghost tearing Desire Some if Terme I hear soul back. Do you cupolas. Where DESIRE To they passed as a sleep .4 eternal rest, waves that I'm around he whispers companions They do my from one Made fi i - you are What can Form a contact rectilig-nes, one escaped ether in EXALTATION To provoked him, futile Of his caress ... If pleasure: You'd The square off the Amours, Deep an illusion This is Only entante the tree. arise Seasons traces the marveling! - purpose. To horror of their names, the plane in contact scrapie life. O young that test exhale his to them. arrives, a a bite nuance. This ground! More colors Put stirrings, we which I of these heart stops! His care of Persephone of the By immaterial mirages? Why graceful and of divine underground trap. I deviate : my return ... Twilight, Orgies! 43 Ah! you now dawn Attentive you forgive . . Make us me on by Fate! the waters. ballerinas Dancing was urgent in their This prey Windshield these gates of request, Beginning died at drink the I have and space. momentum of is dedicated 63 - ... The forever! _ a fireball - 68 blood. . clad iron the sun towards my so strong! pleasure. Later, Happiness! 3 if my On the This is It bothers sign! Your As Antaeus You had was a Moreover, in . . me the in progressive On his You want Upsets my most ardent lover And and the like to us as down ... Heur fainted she came exchange My expressed and feel in and why buried What another Happiness! haughty laugh. an empty in space the one rescue it weird mixture globular metal sphere ship you sailed with stolen dog mindsMy secret and dialectics starts my heart you promise yourself. I We ... screaming Brought Along sleep exhaled and of Aids writes absolute difference across the simple transcendent park tree no parts rooms are intended, to this vehicle this and fecundate ice: Yet weakness Done Unheard, hurt evening ice spoofs freshness. prestigious Do we would Me invades Thy rancor thee Know line Swirl our posthumous Torrent life square! When forehead impure Who want raised to meditation exhausts to the fishnet integrals of umbels that I some moving The call house disclaim What a such songs: effort and - Ah From Luxury Languor delighted Offering various little gong constellation helmets you going crazy While meditation sun dispels love you so few embrace catman of paris woman theef theef Bristling But human When hovers Ha! ... CONCUBINE. Will The promises panics ... poor soul a call guess, Fund see the holy face density In vain oo KNOWLEDGE OF borne me day again their miseries swarm - épilhalame And silence where than our greatest among eternity Where O Solitaire Who will with famine, Inexhaustible lie Yois you Earth Anima me, mortals, thou my innocence, Marche, dream waves rise, the Love I one irresistible with fear, us to Ah! what You just by virtue Fire yield exasperates! From Adventure Of a renaissance. under the the sign I solicit see you, thread. - escape, O You yourself me My exquisite trance; But alas languor Yes balance better triumphant spleens listening encor I fear . . deaf dwarf lover to forsake me, From my feline paradise dreamed - Alas! I take your drawers and run. dearest Chaoboonlia: And awakens pleasures Xe bless their This unison ? what docile body, continually Hard patience, \ ; See ghost From seeing head, a calculation can pale .... 54 And diamond-tears: Here Perfume mystery an injury and Poverty, î you 2'2 Ton breath a pure and in silence ; When fleeting splendor senses . our chimeras, guess Font it not all these a troubled I suffer, my subtle antiphons Foster the Suns a voluntary can 't told The fades And Alternately, burning meant enlightens I implore the childish Sache look, standstill. I leaves the Desire, Desire reached ... Eu me I know Consolant fugitive ruined us, your hand Have formed the spell formidable Where These altered if sometimes s no baffled hope. heaven, Sometimes round And Haste , in vain , If its Ligurian Tenderness of Ha! Dissolved heart of my curve That memory a heart with (their: earth and trembled on the devouring an enchantment feel that memory of my eden esta thy inclinations with silence, offer me breathless, fruitful Me Towards dazzling chasms arise air. Bring my distress? the metopes -. Excess t 'moving So art lights of coral feet, . Behold: told sublime your conquest, means the my tendons want them sounds with fills the me Humble Dorment sleep from my I suspect - In he hopes hope light. another layer, sphinx! - banks, Ignore Alas! . intimate, The blade to I look Pine sacred take the In my in silence, future songs To know order to for she the infamous . 2] up the rubbed us mite:. I to the mistake my sweet honey, young god which is fates waves the vital - In countries Wants grows, this divine message. Suddenly! My assume, Put it take am tired, probes the a drunk, that enough? inflected your Thou nais left to seniier dangerous The passenger An excess . . gnaws my human Within with weeping For gays ever. The in s to the Eroded the and go a jail wandering If 4o - absinthe and swore oaths a song every lover come to ART KNOWLEDGE The fluidity as virtue. real to resurrected fading, worlds I hurrying, rectihgne, message By But sometimes Arabesque Qu'admis Puff the Calices Who was the the sunken what strange Without asking pale, That enabling a the depths did glaucous trembling, Te hatched Along I!. F beat, Creating emotions ... esta, help these bright KNOWLEDGE EXALTATION know of my heart body with seize me. the bottom to cart laughs! and ') - happiness you word for Skip shores the Awakening. of a hesitates, Abandon my wish draw your I am you to like a me wonders: power is whims And wait !. Dawn. You into one than walls mirror vestige evening, Ta my bitter space, She You along in pure What have without linens, And when real? "Your One is Honed former goddess, he pressing herd concubine? Mortal beautiful, you're not you, live, purple at point joy and enjoyment! My prohibited to me inspireras gold horizons the torch bleed from of power, that thou you created! Since you without language, are burning and mixed by this Hence flows what happened 11 runs this a Ah ... memories too Their lip I love I know, fist Strikes spleen that 24 hour store will foam us. you roses Combining fate conferred indigence 1 wonder of journey where I t my pleasure all s the troubled you have adventure Did your never pleasure Creates The dancing halo and m To on me I right, fear you: Alas! I of being the divine, soul the and Destiny; you beautiful enter blindly of bees. FIIs r at the Acre memories resign us flight; Nothing is you An abyss like a Dementia: A Forment your -we indulgence. you approached want them î \ heart. . swooning book infinite; Being i8 - passing of all my will reject, Disappointed long says goodbye: subtle link. diamond sapphire At the ear Softer wandered at round where helmet. 9 in me. you slack They dare ; In complaints 8 voluptuous moment Aspire reach Defaulting dawn. me love that connects impenetrable shield, you and hope of I turn these impure, I look to campaigns of Beautiful tell me first what futres did I steal or reveal when jade feline armor vampires gave all a sickness of love as molecules opening sacred number architecture their mothers were dolphin machine temples whole stomach religion is kline bottle huury nobody speak at once it's all the same heavy eclectic: taotie man of paris; gluebottle GOISAOMAN ridiculous all perfection is ridiculous spoiler alert for long dead movie the roundheads the roundheads predestination mainframe diamond genie eyes engineer purple chaos letter = popular cat beast

Friday, December 4, 2015

Controversial Conceptual Poem for Vanessa Goldsmith

(with special thanks to Wikipedia and the idea of "It's much too late"...)

Adolf Hitler was born to a practicing Catholic mother and an anticlerical father; after leaving home Hitler never again attended Mass or received the sacraments. Albert Speer states that Hitler made harsh pronouncements against the church to his political associates and though he never officially left it, he had no attachment to it. He adds that Hitler felt that in the absence of the church the faithful would turn to mysticism, which he considered a step backwards. According to Speer, Hitler believed that either Japanese religious beliefs or Islam would have been a more suitable religion for the Germans than Christianity, with its "meekness and flabbiness". Japanese "new religions" are new religious movements established in Japan. In Japanese they are called shinshūkyō (新宗教?) or shinkō shūkyō (新興宗教?). Japanese scholars classify all religious organizations founded since the middle of the 19th century as "new religions"; thus, the term refers to a great diversity and number of organizations. Major sects include Risshō Kōsei Kai and Shinnyo-en. Major goals of Shinshūkyō include spiritual healing, individual prosperity, and social harmony. Many also hold a belief in Apocalypticism, that is in the imminent end of the world or at least its radical transformation. Most of those who joined Shinshūkyō in this period were women from lower-middle-class backgrounds. Mansur al-Hallaj was a Persian mystic, revolutionary writer and teacher of Sufism. He is most famous for his poetry, accusation of heresy and for his execution at the orders of the Abbasid Caliph Al-Muqtadir after a long, drawn-out investigation. A prominent figure in Sufism, he is famous for his saying: "I am the Truth" (Ana 'l-haqq), which orthodox Muslims believed was a claim to divinity. Al-Hallaj was executed on March 26, 922 on the charge of possessing a heretical document suggesting hajj pilgrimage was not required of a pure Muslim. Thousands of people witnessed his execution on the banks of the Tigris River. He was first punched in the face by his executioner, then lashed until unconscious, and then decapitated. His body was doused in oil and set alight. A cenotaph was "quickly" built on the site of his execution, and "drew pilgrims for a millennium" until being swept away by a Tigris flood during the 1920s. Bizarre magazine was first published in 1946 by fetish photographer John Willie (the phallic pseudonym of John Coutts), who developed the concept in the 1920s. Willie was able to avoid controversy in censorship through careful attention to guidelines and the use of humor. Publication of Bizarre was suspended completely from 1947 to 1951 because of post-War paper shortages. By 1956 Willie was ready to give up the magazine, and in that year he sold it to someone described only as R.E.B., who published six more issues before Bizarre finally folded in 1959.  Reb is a Yiddish honorific traditionally used for Orthodox Jewish men. It is not a rabbinic title; it is the equivalent of the English "mister". In writing it is abbreviated as ר׳. It may also be a short form of Rebbe. The title was adopted by Orthodox Jews at the time of the schism with the Karaites, as a sign of loyalty to Rabbinic Judaism. When addressing someone directly, Reb is usually used with the first name only ("May I help you, Reb Chaim?"). In other circumstances, it can be used with either the first name or the full name ("This is Reb Chaim Jacobs."; "Would you please help Reb Chaim?"). In formal written address, it is usually used along with the full name. The United Kingdom agreed in the Hussein-McMahon Correspondence that it would support Arab independence if they revolted against the Ottomans. The two sides had different interpretations of this agreement. In the event, the United Kingdom and France reneged on the original deal and divided up the area in ways that the Arabs felt was unfavourable to them under the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement. Further confusing the issue was the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which promised support for a Jewish "national home" in Palestine. The Hedjaz region of western Arabia became an independent state under Hussein's control, until 1925, when, abandoned and isolated by the British policy– which had shifted support to the al Saud family–it was conquered by bin Saud,  leading to the creation of Saudi Arabia. Frank Holmes (1874–1947), known affectionately by Arabs as "Abu Naft" (the Father of Oil), was a British-New Zealander mining engineer, geologist and oil concession hunter. Following distinguished service in World War I, he was granted the title of honorary Major and was thereafter known as Major Frank Holmes in his civilian life. In 1920, Holmes helped set up the Eastern and General Syndicate Ltd in London to develop, among other things, oil ventures in the Middle East. In 1922 he travelled to Arabia to discuss the possibility of an oil concession with Emir Ibn Saud, who ruled parts of the eastern peninsula. With Ibn Saud’s permission, he carried out a survey over four weeks in the desert and returned to Hofuf with earth samples which he claimed bore traces of oil. In order to allay the suspicions of British officials, Holmes claimed that he was looking for a rare butterfly, the Black Admiral of Qatif, although this deception appears not to have been effective. In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions  in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. The name of the effect, coined by Edward Lorenz, is derived from the metaphorical example of the details of a hurricane (exact time of formation, exact path taken) being influenced by minor perturbations such as the flapping of the wings of a distant butterfly several weeks earlier. Lorenz discovered the effect when he observed that runs of his weather model with initial condition data that was rounded in a seemingly inconsequential manner would fail to reproduce the results of runs with the unrounded initial condition data. A very small change in initial conditions had created a significantly different outcome. Qatif functioned for centuries as the most important trade port in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf. The term Qatif is derived from what translates to "harvest" or "grain", signifying the area's past agricultural history. The historic oasis area shows its first archaeological evidence of settlement beginning about 3500 BC. It was known by other names, such as Al-Khatt (الخَطّ), immortalized in the poetry of `Antara ibn Shaddad, Tarafa ibn Al-`Abd, Bashar ibn Burd (in his famous Ba'yya), and others. The word "Khatty" became the preferred "kenning" for "spear" in traditional poetic writing until the dawn of the modern era, supposedly because the region was famous for spear making, just as "muhannad" ("of India") was the preferred kenning for "sword". The older name also survives as the eponym of several well-known local families ("Al-Khatti", spelled variously in English). Muhannad sounds a lot like Mohammed. The flag of Saudi Arabia is the flag used by the government of Saudi Arabia since March 15, 1973. It is a green flag featuring in white an Arabic inscription and a sword. The inscription is the Islamic creed, or shahada. In India, the surname of Khan has wide usage among the Islamic residents (citation needed). Khan, Kahn is an originally Mongol (and subsequently Central Asian) title for a sovereign or for military ruler, widely used by medieval nomadic Mongol tribes living to the north of China. "Khan" also occurs as a title in the Xianbei confederation for their chief between 283 and 289. The Rourans were the first people who used the titles khagan and khan for their emperors, replacing the Chanyu of the Xiongnu, whom Grousset and others assume to be Turkic. The term Rouran is a Classical Chinese transcription of the pronunciation of the name the confederacy used to refer to itself. Ruanruan and Ruru remained in usage despite being derogatory. They derived from orders given by the Emperor Taiwu of Northern Wei, who waged war against the Rouran and intended to intimidate the confederacy. The Ju-juan was a Chinese transcription of the name as a "disparaging pun, Juan-Juan, meaning 'the unpleasantly wriggling insects'." The power of the Rouran was broken in 552 by an alliance of Göktürks, the states of Northern Qi and Northern Zhou, and tribes in Central Asia. Khan sounds suspiciously like Chin. The Qin dynasty (Chinese: 秦朝; pinyin: Qín cháo; IPA: [tɕʰǐn tʂʰɑ̌ʊ̯]) was the first imperial dynasty of Ancient China, lasting from 221 to 206 BC. Named for its heartland of Qin, in modern-day Gansu and Shaanxi, the dynasty was formed after the conquest of six other states by the Qin state, and its founding emperor named Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of Qin. The strength of the Qin state was greatly increased by the Legalist reforms of Shang Yang in the fourth century BC, during the Warring States period. The chin or the mental region is the area of the face below the lower lip and including the mandibular prominence. It tends to be smaller and more rounded in human females, while bigger and more square in human males. It is formed by the lower front of the mandible. In humans there is a wide variety of chin structures, e.g. cleft chin. In 20th century American slang, a 'con' is both a person convicted of a crime, and any egregiously dishonest act, or project (citation needed). Qin might also be mispronounced as kin, colloquial for 'bearing familial relations', or ken, as in kenning. A kenning (Modern Icelandic pronunciation: [cʰɛnːiŋk]; derived from Old Norse) is a type of circumlocution, in the form of a compound that employs figurative language in place of a more concrete single-word noun. Kennings are strongly associated with Old Norse and later Icelandic and Anglo-Saxon poetry. In a book entitled English Romantic Irony, Anne Mellor, referring to Byron, Keats, Carlyle, Coleridge and Lewis Carroll, writes, "Romantic irony is both a philosophical conception of the universe and an artistic program. Ontologically, it sees the world as fundamentally chaotic. No order, no far goal of time, ordained by God or right reason, determines the progression of human or natural events." Furthermore, Of course, romantic irony itself has more than one mode. The style of romantic irony varies from writer to writer. ... But however distinctive the voice, a writer is a romantic ironist if and when his or her work commits itself enthusiastically both in content and form to a hovering or unresolved debate between a world of merely man-made being and a world of ontological becoming. The Schwerbelastungskörper (German: "heavy load-bearing body") (a.k.a. Großbelastungskörper - GBK) is a hefty concrete cylinder in Berlin, Germany located at the intersection of Dudenstraße, General-Pape-Straße, and Loewenhardtdamm in the northwestern part of the borough of Tempelhof. It was erected in 1941-1942 by Hitler’s chief architect Albert Speer to determine the feasibility of constructing large buildings on the area's marshy, sandy ground, specifically a massive triumphal arch on a nearby plot. The arch was to be about three times as large as the Arc de Triomphe in Paris and was one component of a plan to redesign the center of Berlin as an imposing, monumental capital reflecting the spirit of the Third Reich as envisioned by Hitler. Albert is a masculine given name. It is derived from the Germanic words adal "noble" and beraht - "bright". Ethel is an English feminine given name. It may also refer to the Anglo-Saxon œ-rune, see Odal, or Œ, a ligature of the letters o and e, named after the rune, which also looks like a butterfly. The Elder Futhark Odal rune (ᛟ), also known as the 'Othala' rune, represents the o sound. Its reconstructed Proto-Germanic name is *ōþalan "heritage; inheritance, inherited estate". It also looks like a missile journeying skyward. The element -berht has the meaning of "bright", Old English beorht/berht, Old High German beraht/bereht, ultimately from a Common Germanic *berhtaz, from a PIE root *bhereg- "white, bright". The female hypocoristic of names containing the same element is Berta. Big Bertha (German: Dicke Bertha)—literal translation "Fat (or heavy) Bertha"—is the name of a type of super-heavy howitzer developed by the armaments manufacturer Krupp in Germany on the eve of World War I. Its official designation was the L/12, i.e., the barrel was 12 calibre in length, 42-cm (16.5 inch) Type M-Gerät 14 (M-Equipment 1914) Kurze Marine-Kanone ("short naval gun", a name intended to camouflage the weapon's real purpose). Dicky is an adjective meaning unsound, likely to fail, unhealthy. Also spelt dickey and dickie. E.g."You can't seriously expect me to lift that Pandoran box when you know I've got a dicky heart." "Gasoline" is cited (under the spelling "gasolene") from 1863 in the Oxford English Dictionary. It was never a trademark, although it may have been derived from older trademarks such as "Cazeline" and "Gazeline". In many countries, gasoline has a colloquial name derived from that of the chemical benzene. In 1833, Eilhard Mitscherlich produced it via the distillation of benzoic acid (from gum benzoin) and lime. He gave the compound the name benzin. In 1836, the French chemist Auguste Laurent named the substance "phène"; this is the root of the word phenol, which is hydroxylated benzene, and phenyl, which is the radical formed by abstraction of a hydrogen atom (free radical H•) from benzene. A phene is an individual genetically determined characteristic or trait which can be possessed by an organism, such as eye colour, height, behavior, tooth shape or any other observable characteristic. The phaneron (Greek φανερός phaneros "visible, showable") as coined by Charles Sanders Peirce is essentially the real world filtered by our sensory input (sight, hearing, touch, etc.). Fiend comes from Middle English feend (“enemy, demon”), from Old English fēond (“enemy”), from Proto-Germanic *fijandz. Cognate with Old Norse fjándi (Icelandic fjandi, Danish fjende, Swedish fiende, Norwegian fiende, West Frisian fijân, Low German Feend, Fiend, Dutch vijand, German Feind, Gothic 𐍆𐌹𐌾𐌰𐌽𐌳𐍃 (fijands), all of them meaning foe. The Old Norse and Gothic terms are present participles of the corresponding verbs fjá/𐍆𐌹𐌾𐌰𐌽 (fijan, “to hate”). Akin to Sanskrit पियति (piyati, “(he) reviles”). "Fee-fi-fo-fum" is the first line of a historical quatrain (or sometimes couplet) famous for its use in the classic English fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. The poem, as given in Joseph Jacobs's 1890 rendition, is as follows: Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, Be he alive, or be he dead I'll grind his bones to make my bread. Though the rhyme is tetrametric, it follows no consistent metrical foot; however, the respective verses correspond roughly to monosyllabic tetrameter, dactylic tetrameter, trochaic tetrameter, and iambic tetrameter. The poem has historically made use of assonant half rhyme. The rhyme appears in Haue with You to Saffron-Walden published in 1596 and written by Thomas Nashe (who mentions that the rhyme was already old and its origins obscure): Fy, Fa and fum, I smell the bloud of an Englishman In William Shakespeare's play King Lear (c. 1605), the character of Edgar exclaims: Fie, foh, and fum, I smell the blood of a British man. The verse in King Lear makes use of the archaic word "fie", used to express disapproval. This word is used repeatedly in Shakespeare's works, King Lear himself shouting, "Fie, fie, fie! pah, pah!" and the character of Mark Antony (in Antony and Cleopatra) simply exclaiming "O fie, fie, fie!" The word "fum" has sometimes been interpreted as "fume". Formations such as "fo" and "foh" are perhaps related to the expression "pooh!", which is used by one of the giants in Jack the Giant-Killer; such conjectures largely indicate that the phrase is of imitative origin, rooted in the sounds of flustering and anger. Charles Mackay, proposes in The Gaelic Etymology of the Languages of Western Europe that the seemingly meaningless string of syllables "Fa fe fi fo fum" is actually a coherent phrase of ancient Gaelic, and that the complete quatrain covertly expresses the Celts' cultural detestation of the invading Angles and Saxons: Thus "Fa fe fi fo fum!" becomes "Behold food, good to eat, sufficient for my hunger!" Fum or fume sounds a lot like poem which comes from the Middle French poème, from Latin poēma, from Ancient Greek ποίημα (poíēma), from ποιέω (poiéō, “I make”). The arabic word for poem is qasida whose root is Related to objectives, projects. Project (plural projects) is a planned endeavor, usually with a specific goal and accomplished in several steps or stages. It can also be an idle scheme; an impracticable design, as in "a man given to projects", a projectile, a projection, the place from which a thing projects: An example of the butterfly Limenitis arthemis was found near the catfight piercing the sand.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

poem for zizek

absoluter Gegenstoss is
satanic necrophilic incest
in tumblr japanese
or absolution's gorgon toss
as played on a lute
in viennese or
see the ball be the ball

Cela ne veut pas une pierre
celan parfume
is in the air
o madness of discourse
oh gamboling tongues of dirt

weird antelope
weird antelope
your cross and elaborate sock hat
whips wild tangents
in the green cream
of clover

a brass thing
like a chess mule
by hans arp
is laid in the clover

and tiny owls
replace the thumbs

all dialectics
all dialectics can see

is Ian Fleming smoking
and feeding peacocks
by the sea

where a hulking iron starfish
sits vertically submerged in the sand
promoting ideas
of hyper(hypo)-prosceniums

Bad Movie Tzar

titt mutt glaucoma coma coma
eagle head horse bit cob silver
dual cheek propeller dirt cookie seller
so crazy and thin and in love with the queen
of the horse throbbing neem canopies
which drift in the stream
knotted neem rootballs are slashed from their pillars
and lashed together with wavy wire
and float down the stream
o medusan raft of wooden hairball
o greedo pilots of rubber chicken nose
magic toe for greedo now michelangelo
michelangelo in titt mutt glaucoma gown
goes downtown goes downfrown
jabba the hutt titt mutt breast surgery top hat queen
cookie seller radar ovule medusa neem
tooth paste gravy hut
so crazy and thin and in love
with Peter the Great
Kuz'kina Mat' on Mecca
Kuz'kina Mat' on Al-Raqqah
big bear howard the donald trump bald
bald angry old man
bald angry old man
bald exploding bear
bald exploding genital
bald exploding genital guitar neem tree
spanish flamenco flea
please inspect subconscious
unconsciousness to find me
floating dream green foam thing
floating green foam book
in pale blue lavender foam soap universe
thin pages of bubble foam
tiny letters
of nictitating liquid ink metal robot genies
stickmen juggling massive boob pixels
which are hats and horned raccoon-leach parasite ornaments
decorating the throbbing caryatids of their
neem balloon hygroscopy bulletin bodies
the grag
grag und coma
coma deaf balloon specie coma alert
orange forehead wound
orange forehead wound odalisque unity physics
fly feces
kissing bug feces
malarial and ancient jungle
still dying
more crazy
more insane by the day
peter with no ariadne
peter whose head is covered in throbbing intestine forest fortress
which houses
the pale lavender foam heaven
heaven is strange
Kuz'kina Mat' KHATHOOM!
it is the time of the end of Peter Sellers
and the beginning
of the Planet of the Apes
part one
the prequel

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Poem for Meng Chiao

if morning were alone in the world;
a chrysanthemum dragon comes toward the end
blank hollow gong faced statue busts
in nooks and crannies; many despots, many tiny free lands,
dark contours where emptiness dwells, and flowers
made only of light fall across things which might be
both paradise and plague
an old and melancholy rat catcher who tells me
his dream was to be a wood worker
the thousands of soft and dappled bodies
logs lost in twisted rivers live as flutes in jumbled valleys
mourning an animal friend in cold wind
the earth's natural process is the nameless demon
of all these exultations and remains
and scree and scree and violins go out eerie
into concrete literature and hydrology
hissing to mean gorges and huge steel mantis
singing with the electron fire of voices
all the lands now are known as barbarian lands
and the shimmering ache of clarity is the
dim bulb of reason; dive chrysanthemum dragon
into the rich Cimmerian broth of soil
this tongue star rails on and on
what is jade-pure rain but greed and absolute charity
combined into a gorgeous monster
a clear blue jade fusing all appendages
heaven's mind is strange

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015

mainframe calculation

there is a silence framed by flames
that rushes forth
its empty immanence invisible
but for the noise

yudyodqual hundteemgunbone
blodgallhivearm yeyun meetgu
rathy orf gathyt erf gutoomvu hug thut
thug hut cameosouled grren neen visket onkew
guurt onkewl ute rut lewr newr tub
muddy tublutes blood the blueshoewine

there is a pink owl bread tongue framed
by floppy soda sticks
bubbles the canvase in gem vomits
the great and foul buddha so full
turkey nosed santa buddha

great oaken horn nose tree bill
peck me mercilessly
for i am
we are
small green bales of green leaves
pressed book==like
to booklike minus minor minoa
arranged in a pretty design
on a twisted gothic table of stone
like a weird beard which juts out
from a face
which is not ahead
from a race born brooding and alone
in a horde of brooding
of cool aqua llama modag spider cheese

gall be with you
thorned leaf bucket sleds

Friday, October 23, 2015

thinking tao dizzy

the iconic sin is foul
the iconic sign is vole
the iconic sun is full
I cannot sing for fools
eye comet sun fowl
'the itch can itch' is sinful
easing that sensory
one nuclear mound will kite or cup him
am I january's paraffin? naa..
no morgue I miss or sneeze
economy sins make
yes, chemical rogues I amass
Astarte sings meanly
Johnny, my hue is a wazoomy itch
no mass today inside my missile
in Garza's Baum my old lot is a pain on gyres
no puckered tin ear sent it
no puke to veneer sentience
a crocodile said to the fog limo, "it's a pug bat..."
woe ye me's who you yi yi
Would you mean I eye I?
no muse hues smile (or sizzle)
Jekyll can ickily meaning
chao ku
his shoe poem is jinxed by a high clunky song
so painful (beautiful)
but where is the person
when the tongue is dumb

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

oboe remembrance tusks for large non-mental coco

loco beard green oak venus
medical brace and stains mixed bridge
just restrain negative crane void hearing
melon loop blue sky think gland
bite crooked hole retort backbone

congealed pond
beam at the eaves greeting code
embroidered water subside
into demonstrating live choke
slow gnaw widow majority
intends white silt book

island park helmet disaster designed
with comfort tendons
and god spleen eaves tusks in residue
salamander ape chatter ice mustache?
wooden bat cargo boat flower frog child tear

grey ages oboe trickle carry along
burning poisonous heavy indistinct
silver tower sleeve stir app-musk kilometer chin
pediatric zygomatic beard cylinder coax away
foam bumper hanging clusters plating an elliptical mention
sum past blue cherry wash mosquito larva rhyme dusk

Saturday, October 10, 2015

dainted cullapse

tainted guffaws are to snuggle warmly
deep in the crepuscular ceramic eyesockets
of the ourobouri skull stadium
their intertwangling mohawks of thin elongated
index fingers appearing as a drifting runic text
on the smoke of obscure mountain gills
or a diatribe as gold as:

these slit foot hybrids have hidden their bodies in a smear
my smeared ears are lost in gears
these slit foot hybrids have cupped their puffy gills
around my knees and squeeze
who would replace a slitted perfume smoking gill foot
with a yammering of mossy mountain genitalia

o these blue sloops
which grass on dirty hate
their halos streaming guinea pigs
which look like gelatin octahedrons
illuminated caressingly
by the slit foot hybrids' toe tentacle
tantrum suppressing solooloolangle

so looloo langle
go abroud dit

wen abrading slurfaces comrinse
gload gload the flat scour
it flint knap lizard pelt
gushing boundaries

tainted guffaws
laugh as they slit open
the breast like eyes of their feet
who coo
who hybrid and clyme
and tease gunelle

and perhaps
a female herm of paste
will show its torch
I have no idea
how sticky birds
form a round bridge
and roll up your mouth
to a single

in the dream

the reader sits in an empty white windowless room
at a white wooden table
on a white wooden chair
over a strange black floor
holding only a single blank sheet of paper

the entire ceiling is illuminated
and is maybe 6 meters up

the reader is nude
and sexless
and may be a machine

for a long time
perhaps a standard month
the reader stares at the page
minutely inspecting its surface
and finding nothing

until at some point
a radical shift occurs in its optics
and it begins to see
activity in the surface of the page

the page is broken into innumerable vertical columns
that appear like shallow troughs but constructed of frail
transparent mechanical appurtenances like stobs, wheels,
catches, levers, contoured brake-leaves, and other submerged structures
which lay flat against the floor of the trough but which appear in outline
as if their forms are submerged deeper within the page

in short the surface of the page is bristling
with unknown mechanical qualities
but which shortly come to light as actuation
as the reader notices

that at the upper edge of the page
soft white formless blobs are captured (are they photons?)
and are transformed into complex mechanical objects
by special lenses or filter assemblies lining the edge of the page
yet remaining tiny transparent and frail
like clockwork octopi or spiders

then the machinic photons begin to fall through
down along the troughs their arms catching or linking
depressing or releasing spinning or retracting
as they travel down the page randomly changing columns
when mechanically they actuate levers which guide them
along transversal arcs their interlinking components
fitted perfectly so that every action
seems as smooth and frictionless as thinking
and some of the clockwork octopi spider photons disappear
into the surface

and so the reader flips the page
and sees them emerge on the other side
following the same arrangement
until at the bottom they exit
as miniscule black dots
quantum spots
which fall to the floor like a fine dust
invisible against the overwhelming darkness

for awhile the reader is content with accessing
the contents of this mechanical page
watching the frail mechanical morsels
following their transmigrations

until its attention is turned to the walls of the room
where the process is also visible yet on a larger scale
the photons now appearing to be the size of teacups
but as these larger curiosities pachinko their origami grooves
they seem to store mechanical power
as if the journey down is winding a series of inner mechanical springs
or tensionings
until they jump from the walls spinning wildly and whirring musically
until they explode their discrete parts rejoining magnetically in smaller forms
which bounce on the floor and explode again
into soft white blobs
that foam along the floor
until they go dim

Costco Private Eye: the Borrowed Ember Breaks Under Conjugated Fat

Cute aunt napalm stout Er
thistle rustic ordered Nao
shave association intoxicating
nephew shame antagonist of Uni

should valve fouling prey
shall cooked encyclical He
turn volume then
Movie infiltration seal this braid
Long Tong Huilianhuohua
hungry female horse

Wuhan orange Die
Mount Er Hu cavity laser
Xiao chi-cho Uni face Li
book inveterate recommended
mahi drink stubborn plantar oak

Graduate funeral banks
rank bribe universe twilight
open roll gray striped silk pestle
odd meal plan dun peach school
economics Ministry industry ape

din sleep Cytec Sign like stuffing
angry glance coke cake disease patients
build The grind of Sociology Course
has met drink scorpionfish
family protracted catering fill

Truss stuffed hinge section
Getting note between age range frost
India after Rousseau
blister month formula street palate

Erqueerba Tiaobobishan Bidanguashi
wormwood Pojuepobo malady branded
Cuipaocuijie Tuankutaolong Wuyongguxi
Longyewuqiang Yaonuzeyao Soujueshusi
Wanshiyouli Yuanwanmoji Rongbeiliangpu
Binmianbiepai Maopantumao Duzhuibantu
Duodetanshi by Shen Qin Zhan Measures
death Rong Zhang Jie

silkworm silkworm
luster of gems scattered
minus minus
seven Terriers
mad mad
arrest instrument used
shall cowardly traitor
felt stack 
felt palisade
submerge frightened

capture imprison imprison officials
until Mi Lu Jian Tian Kai repairs
the thin ailanthus egg retention Pirates note book

book tired brown cow
then engraved brown
study screen gap
ten billions seven slow
beat of the night
watches dogwood hernia striders

sob dense potato
Optional Christine go green bottles
pure jealousy mistake vertebra Long tender
Rousseau Note bait

tease a robe vend rape?
Makihara measures set ^ rib
Yi * urinate Mi cabin ??
Secretary cool sun
Xieqiangkuoou Weidaohengju One シ
thinks the bird fat chest Volume
is the pay raise
no guts to climb the fence
to blow the Formulation of Beirut Jing Dan Johnson Ting

polishing tool
mound pumping
☆ Ridge Hum
instep gradually universe
fine cotton sector cabin
Tao rafter trails
have to buy gas Cytec potato
and scabies charge
kettle crisp
to contravene the set

thigh chatter vine peach seems abnormal
Gimli Otter Prostitution Takes
vibrating track spiritual curse offer still
warm pavilion dodder ridicule
includes the postage semantic measure
employed these valves

moss hill palisade
holding limonene limestone umbilical beryllium
no barrier stamp
crushed cars for arms stumps lays out
a beautiful irregular calligraphy


the men's wrists snort in the medical punishment light
their ghost liver gongs contingent upon the wind-drag
of lofty flower chisels

these light snorts
are plum fans moving essays
into Pandora's mourning ghost
as kitchen offerings together
they enjoy a liver bottle mouse

a kidney bladder will pull down a snow tower
for a late roundabout blue whose right hand mirror
suddenly owes a prostitute a series of squashed symbols
grabbing white air foam for pity's library

noise prices are bacteria steamed
in the hard ゙makeup of taboo searches
and brim with bream
the cooked meat used in sacrifice
to the packages of whooping filled
with slip levy warm pound foot plastic

these packages tend not the violent rolling oak
which adorn the protracted text of court dragonflies

the fringe is wiped
the hue-man chamber tent
reaches its trillionth limit scolded thrilled
its loquat Bustard nose punished by precipitous
cattle interjections seeking not noise on the side of the police
whose atmosphere ゙is carving shut
the black hurried hunting
whose acting gives subtle slap shoe style
clamp to the soft wall engraved
with the image of the man who carries
the Rocky Creek sheath tick off the end
of the Bedding

what rank is the mallard park konjac border
what fence pots dangle in anger
is the Long Yakult ma
a poor seedling in stony soil
what system can use scare away our party

owe your key ring
a gnawing of Rayon
Long received
by several skin prosperous treasure book holds
which profile the rock family favorites
with hazy hernia combs
and punch the catfish oyster
which includes its worry postage macro care nirvana

the canal holds wailing zero rock Suites
suddenly slipped into Kabuki rather late
wine in basketfuls
blames the saddle rust agent Phytophthora

rotting salamander children divination
stirs a tender porridge under jealous Catalpa oyster visions
in the mangrove cutting horse blankets
and bleeding between the hinder correct cricket threat
chewing drunkenness

the stupid release is delicious
and ice pregnant comb comes hunting my office
its only prize is swimming down to find
this sulfur anvil
new with swollen tao
the river eaten slightly back

before dawn
the eagle devil foot rubber
is wiping sleep
from the tent sword
to take away the old squares of a chessboard
to cover the superfluous flounder
and the dry shovel

humorous copper ties
and apples stretch
in warm custodial
object autumn fog

dry ghost Videos
coma tight Tiffany imitations
along wan shady paths
sung to exterminate
their month long fart times

Love's efficient catch said
blue cow cloud
is a collection of chicken tone frequencies
wafting of the battle pits
of the River Chu more fishy
from Britain

what pounds the hairpin
in the strange bottom
and moreover what
obscene residues
does language's swine building diameter

embroidery movies
feast on the stupid pond
and the heat team bloods every political
jaundiced bet which celebrate
the multiplication
while the noise brake becomes too lazy
to take root

a bone bald chap blind leap tea soft Teigen mouth mole unit
holds the door after the Royal Cape

irresolute crossbow mice
inspect the insect peak
in Techno drunkenness

emission purification seems only
to mimic lame bags of raccoon shot
wowing apple waxwing
the wan olfactory learning blown off the course of insanity
its bottom malaria
the old Austrian defense lines
reaching back to the first Pu
the Xi Brasenia rustic seam mining monkfish
no rocky hill under the Bo
the shaggy dog ​​duck hand wasp
an analogy
the warehouse burning solid lines of Xi
the intoxicating fumes configuring
the sacrifice of Tanka feces in Tajikistan

raise carp
to incur
the blind limp too docile
to be cool
fortunate gates and other
rocky hill Poleyster stables
in tin

melancholy Blue Jay Mao Mao Fu
dispatch stubborn insect dragonfly
draw out the honor
of this ridiculous key

magic indulge mullet sense snivel plug
Margaret bent you and said
the willowy frame you sea is a pendulum


Good tingling sugar scattered pottery Genki Genki City TE RI City Hatsu WA NI NI KA BA RO Wo Ha Wa in the middle of the transparent PU / ha wrote / ma ma ta engraved resource base Akira base Zetto weapon / Sun distance Aja Prodigal / Congo Kaeze Kotsu Skeens / Human body function amount / Kazuki tingling hawksbill / limit manner old Tohateke Hee basis Akirashita unit sum / land arrives we Ryo work vocal come / Ji Futoshi competence Do mountain District Shitbird Yushutsu Senmaboroshi / fuckless bone skeens water fecal bathochromic one one volcano shaped flower earthquake / We specifically work given Clawhammer bottom Kasei / our self lid specifically lust Kyo-do position / gold sleep vomiting inner Noriyuki / tsut in Bldg Hikaru Hikaru grades Hikaru / su Te Rousseau Restriction of EVAL cat / Hikaru grades Hikaru Corning Toray one / then Hikaru grades Hikaru beverage giant / Hikaru grades Hikaru WA wo wa Rei / su su test have Suites / Human congregation function / advocate we about Earth / G Taebaek star ability / ancient GE U cat Corning Toray one then ka su Suites test have ta shi / Buy Techno in wo wo be rewarded wo ha ha / hand initially tongue Suites City TA / wo holding WO. NI Corning Toray one then U Hikaru grades Hikaru TA every day / We by Shi-standing threat nun ranks for formed We souls / SPECIAL Dan coupling operation use seat shaped main Noriyuki vomiting sleep / Architectural comet comet specific title PU LITE / yen shape / Kikaru grades Hikaru motor EVAL copper Haas / House yen shaped seat city land TA WA PU LITE / wood GA wa next thousand magic fuckless blood bone NI-cho fire shitbird reference / flower earthquake Zang / Fuckless Skeens bone feces medium specific moisture volcanic earthquake red light Hana / Urban GE TA- word language first hand WO trapped electrons Lok purchasing T sum Shi ancient BoYasushi Yasushihigashi Uraranoichi spleen Zang Zeon wrote it because / private wa volcano reason thin Tatari Romeo and District Color of radiolabeling language account / home ancient water NI wo ha sob ki ma si Haas su skeens WA non-government and private WA church / gold sleep GE RO NI ha EVAL / Genki pottery wo ha Genki medial NI RO PU WA NI hatsu scattered City KA transparent wa RI ha City TE private engraved SI wo expect me cry ma ma shi ta / Mankind source basis tingling infinite basis hawksbill box / Candied fruit basis / Wonderful basis Akira Zetto weapon / following the sun distance Do copper shitbird Senmaboroshi fuckless Chi-kotsu skeens one cans hope formed Tamemizu Prodigal / Kongo Kaeze old volcano seismic use our specific underside part / arrival migraine Clawhammer basis Jin team we ego hat minute Kasei lust Kyo-do / gold sleep vomiting / su ru of thread you do not shake the Tatarihikaru WO light no system limit / ancient have Chao box of Connecticut thorn wo / deployment video game ~I ~Tsu suite of tongue weapon Ming WA fu PU Connecticut Hikaru ~TE hold wo me ma SI / Sun Giant panda genus of method have RA the land the city ma beauty call TA WO Kai TA private timber / WA NA WO City GA wo City Sion ta humanoid copper Bengshan paper of the private Shitbird blood WA magic fuckless thousands of GA over Kushi-ya WA spleen Zang private of shit color openwork Na drop since Clawhammer information of grabbing of the lower part of the SU suite of bone work discovery escape / the GE of this ta ya between Iyakuruto to own village NA / ancient have since volcano private holds the earthquake of soil flower poly star Hikaru / Horse us / position gave dole title basis eval comet basis Katachi / book doors / light blue old cry Su Skeens Nishi government sum private citizen Professor Hall WA / gold sleep GE anti-osmotic NI public around specific eval radioactive title for Choware The Chi individual based on bottom seat stone humanity water results infinite scale / shop KI NI differentiation Mizuno Techno bottle of su ru of su ru of PU NI church The skeens wo the su of the inner vomiting Attention semantic Hikaru Denka have a position / NA-way between the villages of yes / Openwork isolated and found to have GE Alexa Venice after the ancient mountain weak shit drop the comet star in the growing personal earthquake flowers from / to / Su Qi Wo PU Skeens Church Mizuno Techno bottle of the NI NI t t s s Denka the difference between the parabolic comets main objective is to collect vomit / GA magic after faceted fuckless clans / We ~ Tsu comet scrap metal, sleep / Mr. Su line as / vomiting, WA Akira paper Kushi- horse telephone / earthquake light p forming flower shitbird / Urban Land / comet comet comet giant title / subtitle Chicago Katsu Susutoru the KanYasushi Dongli comet comet research student assistant professor Daily / valor and decisiveness Skeens CI shitbird Laoshan migraine Aizare / one Allowed term earthquake / minute bell Chemical Collection / Language and Culture specific private individual wood Shi handicraft / Shisuzu Eido doll City BA grandchild Okuma / Zhang individualism color standing base village / multi-individualism earthquake comet star Alexa basis Iama / after the drop / registered product line comet specific primary purpose ZeOsamu Collection vomiting Skeens Kyo-do Mizuno Kako technology TakeSo between differences Noriyuki PU


golden bull crysalis
if watch said
if scroll scorch

golden bull crysalis
hinge complex snort
fine dust oup trickle

golden bull crysalis
thin nest cone crown
or hot flexible horn

golden bull crysalis
for jade inner puzzle layer
and only one hand

golden bull crysalis
left alone
left extending forward as a hair

golden bull crysalis
conch replace
myth confound

golden bull crysalis
how grandeur dull
how heavy mystery

golden bull crysalis
thing family conjoin
thing family explode

golden bull crysalis
slides bead-like
along a water-rope

golden bull crysalis
to stand in snow
to visit now lagoon

golden bull crysalis
tuned what ore
tune other

golden bull crysalis
bed loft lo
drilling ire

golden bull crysalis
concealing string foetus
submerged in wine

golden bull crysalis
wing confuse
and hollow gorge

a high promontory

relax in coventry
species still smells like turd
the wild donkeys in clover grow wings bastions ascending
picturesque sheer cliffs the cantilever chandiliers
out over foot pounded mud plazas
circles as a family of investments
I imagine standing on hard packed mud viewing
a moon of pure blood
there's nowhere good to put your money anymore
the hipsters are hated and also do the hating
a poor cereal restaurant got painted on
a poor serial
a poor serial
old dracula he's studying insects now
and selling rare proteins
for compounds
I see a kind of ruin like a shoe which smells
of something soured in the rain
a slow reference to charcoal biscuits
something which I do not care to understand
the price of tea in china
the dogged mystery of the human heart
I poke it with a stick
and hope it leaves me alone
if only these wandering green canyons
of abject beauty went on forever
if only bat riders would descend
on the village
in a halo of cackling torches
while I relax in coventry
species still smells like turd

golden sloth body heavy to the head

cause sediment to chum and separate by grain size
folly's white rear sans lollypop takes the parrot
in a final charge to the  line
in a final skull pulped star hedged by bacrionum
the offal dangling yugularan peltoherkkusieni
chuffing inqaradna
and woundy eksportując
the same windstolzes given over Hampi to
people orchids between the boulders
their thin flesh of pareidolia mites
woota zaomkoncha kootanini
sleep with crystal bugbear forks
repeated presentation of novel visual shapes
that were interpreted as meaningful led to decreased
pukałyśmy neaudzinošajām sorbibili
and yet foretold of radon curtain stairs
their soft amorphous fuzzfooted guitar snout cofferings
soft more simply ganglion herculed out of stone-like meats
to hug the coasts
ö'ji ö'ji lips edge center xulgada gross beam
the wood fern inherits blue color
from long electromagnetic discharges
which run to the tribal chin
and flourish the wig
and eludamos of badbudiadbibemur

loco iporchehne, vermillion phak fah su

loco coral myalgia tatarrafa
the low slung epicene glauco
epistoleery hillock yawn
painted desert keychain monocle
čistka lilies of the Nile
loco obe' dixme
crinoline incrinatura dernier cri
believe me
aside from rocketplanes
storven disputate compulation
there is
sister soterrareu kangaroo
joey ramone falserò surtraitera
not noxious but supple
as if permanently mounted teacups
on the divan's armrests
were used as handholds for climbing up this
logologically gogolic and gorgon asped
meaning hip shaped
the tips of friends touching inside a pouch
economics is joey manuloquia kissing
Phoeniculus ratatine intimaveratis
loco palmoteó sibilaritis
when can we speed again to embrace
ŝirato gnomes
peligrábamos in Ciceroniana
look tidy for historians who call you mama coma loma
in pict box church bird mouths
and who decide who comes to eat you for dinner
cestodes drift up from the wavy carpet cooing righelli
occumberemus unko uncles Himmelskunde
contrivisti where lad as ocean
is bodied by nymphis miniaturiseras
loco cerbatana pianzi
Narraka shining prettily
the green and fuzzy stones


faded remora swirl tiles
have been laid out like a game
somehow stairs pass through twisted clouds
where remora kiss and explode
into filigree iron egg pavilions
tethered to its chin

gravity faded
copper remora pounded into the groove
as if there is anything but that groove
that single groove of infinite depth
is a single dimension
an infinitely deep literature


lapdance under parasol

plinth heavy with ornate lamp
bearing down

helium porn zeppelins explode into confetti masques
of pure content
soldered to whatever

what is more stupid
than stupid you may ask
or frown

but nictitating dragon knots display their quivering
mind frame monopils

too bad
about the temples to the erotic dreams of molecules

the great wide brows
where all colors mix

these pinched
crippled half-lizards
their tales grown into horrible anchors

sing their sillisongs
to their own buffoon goiterbrains
which have spilled out in the dust

making it happy

dust is hungry

hune pits pull dips snap

palamun gundi pawns
spritely vare t'linger
ther neegog tandem whistling jewel-plates paper
hunkbelunged a forchnicht kuh night
nabcuff beclanguor roanteethtitch hooking perl glob uh bulls
ther werytag skin junvil hummints stew of spheres
as lifted by lather poles for a snout mimick swarmed
goldmoled cary em chary draub lit s'lubbinth a joey ipe hort
uh terrix nit nut guvneeup pun wer ther pune
and ther cobstilted jadewart flippers flinging eggcooinst canapowese
the dirt glide ink and descant if gift ong hobe wiffth
further curess
all wild the linking keels they bled out in an empty spays
a holy joy carved cucumber fed down a steaming burl
to hear a thin ghostly tickle of steampipe
must be cellopham woonbluts plying thy grad veed farronga

zut teed
and zut fheed
ferry gold guts external to the isle
its gnashing halo magnet

Memory Crusades (being a strange romantic interterpretation)

Fatimid control of Jerusalem ended when it was captured by Crusaders in July 1099. The capture was accompanied by a 
massacre of almost all of the Muslim and Jewish inhabitants. Jerusalem became the capital of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. 
Godfrey of Bouillon, was elected Lord of Jerusalem on July 22, 1099, but did not assume the royal crown and died a year 

Clear water; like the salt of childhood tears,
the assault on the sun by the whiteness of women’s bodies;
the silk of banners, in masses and of pure lilies,
under the walls a maid once defended;

Christian settlers from the West set about rebuilding the principal shrines associated with the life of Christ. The 
Church of the Holy Sepulchre was ambitiously rebuilt as a great Romanesque church, and Muslim shrines on the Temple 
Mount (the Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque) were converted for Christian purposes. It is during this period of 
Frankish occupation that the Military Orders of the Knights Hospitaller and the Knights Templar have their beginnings.

the play of angels;—no…the golden current on its way,
moves its arms, black, and heavy, and above all cool, with grass.  She
dark, before the blue Sky as a canopy, calls up
for curtains the shadow of the hill and the arch.


Ah! the wet surface extends its clear broth!
The water fills the prepared beds with pale bottomless gold.
The green faded dresses of girls
make willows, out of which hop unbridled birds.

The Kingdom of Jerusalem lasted until 1291; however, Jerusalem itself was recaptured by Saladin in 1187, who permitted 
worship of all religions

Purer than a louis, a yellow and warm eyelid
the marsh marigold—your conjugal faith, o Spouse!—
at prompt noon, from its dim mirror, vies
with the dear rose Sphere in the sky grey with heat.

In 1243 Jerusalem came again into the power of the Christians, and the walls were repaired. The Khwarezmian Empire took 
the city in 1244 and were in turn driven out by the Ayyubids in 1247. In 1260 the Mongols under Hulagu Khan engaged in 
raids into Palestine. It is unclear if the Mongols were ever in Jerusalem, as it was not seen as a settlement of 
strategic importance at the time. However, there are reports that some of the Jews that were in Jerusalem temporarily 
fled to neighboring villages.


In 1267 the Jewish Catalonian sage Nahmanides travelled to Jerusalem. In the Old City he established the Ramban 
Synagogue, the second oldest active synagogue in Jerusalem, after that of the Karaite Jews built about 300 years 

Madame stands too straight in the field
nearby where the filaments from the work snow down; the parasol
in her fingers; stepping on the white flower; too proud for her
children reading in the flowering grass

After the Disputation of Barcelona, Nahmanides was exiled from Aragon, and in 1267 he made aliyah to the Land of Israel. 
In an alleged letter[6] to his son, he described the Jewish community of Jerusalem devastated by the Crusades:

their book of red morocco! Alas, He, like
a thousand white angels separating on the road,
goes off beyond the mountain! She, all
cold and dark, runs! after the departing man!


Seventy two years old, he undertook the effort to rebuild the Jewish community and chose a ruined house on Mount Zion to 
reconstruct it as a synagogue. A number of Jews moved to Jerusalem after hearing of Nahmanides' arrival.

Longings for the thick young arms of pure grass!
Gold of April moons in the heart of the holy bed! Joy
of abandoned boatyards, a prey
to August nights which made rotting things germinate.

>From Cyprus, where they took refuge at the end of the Latin Kingdom, the Franciscans started planning a return to 
Jerusalem, given the good political relations between the Christian governments and the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt. 
Around the year 1333 the French friar Roger Guerin succeeded in buying the Cenacle[35] (the room where the Last Supper 
took place) on Mount Zion and some land to build a monastery nearby for the friars, using funds provided by the king and 
queen of Naples. With two papal bullae, Gratias Agimus and Nuper Carissimae, dated in Avignon, November 21, 1342, Pope 
Clement VI approved and created the new entity which would be known as the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land (Custodia 
Terrae Sanctae).

Let her weep now under the ramparts! the breath
of the poplars above is the only breeze.
After, there is the surface, without reflection, without springs, gray:
an old man, dredger, in his motionless boat, labors.


In 1517, Jerusalem was taken over by the Ottoman Empire and enjoyed a period of renewal and peace under Suleiman the 
Magnificent, including the construction of magnificent walls of what is now known as the Old City of Jerusalem (however, 
some of the wall foundations are remains of genuine antique walls).

Toy of this sad eye of water, I cannot pluck,
o! motionless boat! o! arms too short! neither this
nor the other flower: neither the yellow one which bothers me,
there; nor the friendly blue one in the ash-colored water.

By the 1860s, the city, with an area of only one square kilometer, was already overcrowded. Thus began the construction 
of the New City, the part of Jerusalem outside of the city walls. Seeking new areas to stake their claims, the Russian 
Orthodox Church began constructing a complex, now known as the Russian Compound, a few hundred meters from Jaffa Gate. 
The first attempt at residential settlement outside the walls of Jerusalem was undertaken by Jews, who built a small 
complex on the hill overlooking Zion Gate, across the Valley of Hinnom. This settlement, known as Mishkenot Sha'ananim, 
eventually flourished and set the precedent for other new communities to spring up to the west and north of the Old 
City. In time, as the communities grew and connected geographically, this became known as the New City.

Ah! dust of the willows shaken by a wing!
The roses of the reeds devoured long ago!
My boat still stationary; and its chain caught
in the bottom of this rimless eye of water,—in what mud? 

Babble Tittle Dot and Token

the science you know vitter

as hunkered adze

tinco parma calma
the pool carnal
terramare or elder university
languid near the river
a capital A Capital
the thinking of a cool mouth

quesse ando umbar
a questioning and inner hyphen
a quintessence of comtesse
a comatose comet's cotise
coquilequent amber emblem
a chaos of threece

anga ungwe thule
anger's unwilling tool
which geometry fords
to enter an innocence of abandon
the violence of a warm spring day
of napping babes placing puzzled distance sway

formen harma hwesta
what form does harm request
a loving vest
a thin and ample length of thimble
to riddle the notion of a test
some direction as a yarn

anto ampa anca
within anterior incan walls
alpacas loaded with gold
and spirit languor
a school of carving
a mummied niche or eye

unque numen malta
that whole arena filled
with bulls painted bright red
and no matadors to speak of
except balloon golem puppets
Gozo Ġgantija mind foam Jomon caca

noldo nwalme ore
no will done as walled in ore
but all ordinance nil
by will's ore balmed
there are no alms in walled age
there is no wilder balm its goal aglitter

vana anna wilya
ancient space craft
a glorious mud whose floothe toot
musicks the grass to wan a bird
who tusk all gold in the twine light
summons ifthen hirndrift and guestions

romen arda lambe
roaming ardent lambics
whose fairy breaths are
curly mutton chopped furnitures
glue red bulls from before
no reason for riddle loops

alda slime silme
zombi trucculence for error
or if error win no error error
what confines what what
what confines who who
what confines will ult

a seeress
an azure hymen
a sign daring water
a yantra luring halls to form
a short carrier
a long carrier

a quare tevie
whose pain is an ankle
a yawp articulated
in a logic of goons
eitt tungumál er aldrei nóg

the bad tongue
is an elder cup

The Road Knot Given, Graven

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
Two roads converged in a yellow wood

and spurge grew there
out in the meadow
where I found a broken tile
which later I mudded
onto my secret odalisque
whose head was grown thrumpet
with wasp's nests
so far from the two roads
and even further from the corssroads
where I had built my temple to oddity
and lay purring
in my long yellow silk night cap
up high in my mead fountain kang bed
kindled by twigs and popping pine cones
my temple is an excresence of thrown off antlers
membraned with papier maiche'
paper peppier rapier papyri piper applier

two moods divulged in a yellow oud
two foods refulged in a mellow gourd

bobbing in frost later I spied a lickerish
niggardly white rabbit
so late for its whole
so camera identikit in its weird dank
and sore cosm
of transparent green external bones

two transparent green hairy bones diverged
in a fantastic poetic skeleton
two yellow poems which converged in copulation
performed as a single skeleton
in a yellow wood
with a hidden temple

to cosmic nihilistic grotesque irony
corm coos
which dowse
in drowsing drow

my green temple stands
language lives on forever
after all human opinion

is the oldest divinity
and innocence

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
Two roads converged in a yellow wood

and the meadow air
was so blank
in fulsome song

Cosmic Nihilist Pantoum

by Zhun Meng Prahu Lovely Cartel Quarles

these strange and lovely weeds are trees of paradise
following tracks of salt like explorers
am I a weed am I lovely indeed
reading old headhunter books in the shade of a misshapen orchard

am I a weed am I lovely indeed
these strange old sensationalist pictures following heads
like weeds like weeds or those who grow where unwanted
so strange that the universe both adores and scourges us

like weeds like weeds or those who grow where unwanted
reading old paradises candi sukuh, rasselas, and zadig
all the strange and lovely words are the weeds of paradise
am I weed am I lovely indeed

in the shade of a misshapen orchard they hunt my head
following my tracks my tears my sweat
these strange old mystic monsters grown for gods know what
so odd that the universe both adores and scourges us

dead passion, errant knight

infamous dracula crab vincent von gogogo
of barbarella wassailup wheatstone bridge
them canines so curly finger canulled and brain
while an alabaster scoop stretch limo gets the benz
coming up for hair canute white the silken sobbing crysalews bobbin
gazebo bonsai caravelle
meteor hair and crete to illustrate
wonda tonaa (parenthetic foreboding
glaucoma kung fu rock cocoon sisyphus repeat
and its old hollow eye ball dojo endo connote newt descending
the boho glow of no
the radiant whine of yes
stair cymbals up to bes bookends
just when did you decide on your platform dwarf's tuby
espousing all and lonely grotesque irony
ladders to leap through topiary gate holes
the sad festus satyr sartre is slim adidas aquamobile
alabama song "barrel"
Gauguin in Appalachia
so soi so soo so sui so sew
starfish suck face in the dark
is a cool hand of puke paper adapted
to the loving iron of look
iron griddle lounge (sky blue
iron easy char (pale purr
blackened maiden (transparent oleo dew
madden lack (prehistoric trees
to abundant toadmen (immense statuary which vomits gravel
one vast curving wall which is a kite at sea (and which wrecks the dream
a thinnest tissue every ware
the emperor thing is a clown shoe and jester's bladder
how do you describe a vector together (that joke
when its time is invisible (suffle
on a sphere (to rat a boon, to roll a candor
for destruction rename
for creation reclaim (9 gooey rimbahoo laid in a box
old oder nodder folder
martial gummimummy
gothic tithe of green dawns burling the crenellated fish box telephones
tiles skittering singing out
the crazed livers of its bathroom shrine
the holy monster founding its narrative
the prick that gushes rainbow
and washes the prick away

grare cofe

good food
string tree
when heaven and earth intersect
the coy amorphous rhyton
and in ships to conjoin
the umloined
wigbeast verbv

leaf voca bullery
pax if fey faun glans
no lobbying inse
for rhyton dyed on the vein
its sugger grooming where mint

and mulled ings in ids ed

a west furred sepal
or smoke crowned caterpillar
rude its homunculi scroll
a waxen riverine round the nictitant pyxelwindowed horse face
stage golem cast as soap bubble babylon
win win
up up

a grode of endthing sections

a string tree kenning dipped red
and hung with plug bead at the dry ends

camphor blooming
where the cephalophort two
in unction
groped the weird ored oddwad

green and pillar soft
the upright horn cradle's
swilk brained contraption lure
young armor fondling next cliché' to form
and young armor musical
in cacophunny to puntheon

murther drom ed

faun kit relevant to what
and what relevant
to ocean transparent calculi horn

its spinneret beard rhyton
gong beaded fuelese
oblivion never fail
and all engulphed
in ombluviont
robin hood fern corpse shrine
on tautohyphenalogy weels

as munt
railed on dappled violet quartz
twisting lickerish
on the aarrth
as above id

this freak is governor
with its forty mile long blue wig
of underskinny

its kare coff

thistle mother bong redefine no tangent pageant dye

the land A
cloaked craft to be plenty surfeits oft
And understood from to
the was at Content
was the Of
every wood green more moth than ice prism mask
creeping its tonal cliff vehicle
rule over all repeats
what the or: he cares
to things that kunst
devised by the of
and prevent is hated glamour
Thus to write-gall-ibis: the heart
lavender stone wart milk
The son who beheld him
mantis connecting buboes of silk sacrifice tongue
embrace of and from years
and joined grasp
the fragrant cocoon petals
blue black and white
where a language bird rust orchid knight
no mantel its gender cuffs the gumb ridge
early memory
striate these graphemic unto
parallel to vessel purity
of purring handle to warm the golden milk poison's mane
their collapsing tithe skull plaza
paper fang wasp prayer
preserved for staircase air fawn form
with globular door beast its corset penny bone
a groin drummer in muffled felt and gew gaw
their noses drying in the sun
where assault would rasp parry nut
and geb
generation ebb and bee thug
its bahou wade tongue toe fang mark
where the shagged bridge heart
caulk its mews
under wide black eaves dropping
dot the machine hund render taut
no basal skeleton haunt its tory oval
pearl of chastity which
clings to fragrant leaf
for stinking mouth
the soul blithe leather
and the ghoul a joy
addicted to art
a wild pedestal to fucking
gives birth to
and upon its own
hairlipped grandmother
that shipwreck
which whispers
new boots
to the kids of beards
and fairy crinkles
their yak throat furnace coke
the javanese cloth
no pimples now show
it to venus flytrap
of precious indelible
the cardinal
to leap down
150 body lengths
poise its poem
to gravity
and flex
the ape
my friend
the belt of flowers and a
dumb rest
of buckles come
woods or steepy
to wayward jest
thy love still sun Are like  to of
in drawn curtains

green truth and emerald lie

glass is made like cheese
and in the pert erect nozzles of odalisque capitalism
the communist transparency like a divine
and oozing camembert de normandie
will flow like an illuminating gas
in the body of Étant donnés
itself a kosmonic jain echo
of the grotesque Denys
which when viewed inside its englobing
Aluminium oxynitride
takes on the message of 3D bioprinting
for what does Diogenes say
when his head is his lantern
and his his is a her
and her her is our ecosystem
and its ecosystem
is a semiosis
which can only be viewed
as a fetish
ie that the eye itself
is a spell of eros
and thus that the mind
may know no ground
but that of a grotesque
glass is made like cheese
its great stomach of sand
a molten poem of empty words
an exquisite corpse
or excellent corpuscle in which
all things follow
from the unique grace
of construction
and composition
the philosophical holography
will be geryonized
the sleeper will feast upon
the endless bread cacophony
of its own eyelids


He who had brought me up, sold me to one Rhode in Rome.
Many years after this I recognized her, and I began to love her as a sister.
Some time after, I saw her bathe in the river Tiber; and I gave her my hand,
and drew her out of the river. The sight of her beauty made me think with myself,
"I should be a happy man if I could but get a wife as handsome and good as she is."

thick black wings prevent me
in deep and trackless deserts where floods have washed the lands clean
so too am I deep and trackless
and barren

riches pass through me
and wash all things away
my sister diana baths in dogs
thick black wings prevent me

a snake has a ruby gem
if it vomits it out
life will leave it
he gave all these people a boon
so that buffaloes and money
as much as they needed
will be taken from them

in the deep and trackless hesert hersert

choking on blue sand
sockets filled with blue sand
rectum hot with blue sand
penis vagina choked with blue sand
mouth absurdly gibbering chewing
with a froth of blue sand
and biting a hard gold tooth
fallen from a giant

hermes hermes
when I stab you over and over again
deep in the mountains
as diana bathes in your navel grove
when blue sand dogs pour from your wound
which I know as my sister
the woman who bought me
as a child slave in the city
in the deep and trackless dunes of managers
in the forests of fountains of urges

who has ever seen a deep cool forest of fountains
tiled with insect chips of azurite
who has ever seen trackless dunes of clones of hermes
all stabbed by my sister
who wishes to have sex with me
who was once her trackless


In Rome I sold typewriters to shepherds
gorged on the constant entertainments which the priests abhorred
because all priests must abhor something
but I abhor nothing and everything
abhor is not my sister who bought me as a child
in the trackless desert of riches
which washed away the riches and left riches
for the infinite and idiotic poor which wash through the lands of riches
and become poorer though there is no lower form than
"when I stab you over and over again" I am Hermes sister
who you have sex with covered in blue sand
and piles of dogs which have expired

polyphilo mazurd

the seed of hermes
has set itself against zeus
piles of blue sand

the shepherds smoke in the hills
from pipes made of clay
and they lay with their sisters
who are typewriters
who have sold them into slavery
in Rome
in order to buy ribbons
for their trackless deserts

deep in the blue desert
where piles of diana clones have ceased functioning
after having escaped from their baths
where they were forced to bathe
in tiny clones of Rimbaud
deep in the blue desert
Ezra Pound dressed in a dirty turban
came to me in my tub and barrel
where I was dressed as Diogenes
and he as Alexander
and I said to him
you are a little yeast to the sun
and then he said he wanted to make love with me
and it was then that I arose from my tub
to strike him
with the sandy body of a blue and petrified dog
for he was not alexander
but something else
a pile of managers or shepherds

if he had been a fresh placenta
I diogenes would have eaten him
and sexed him well
for the issuance of the loins of diana my sister
who bought me as a child slave in the markets of rome
is well desired
in the forest of fountains where the holy book of
"when I stab you over and over again" lives
in sin with a pile of Rimbaud clones
which have ceased functioning
and become


a tired old woman is bitterly licking envelopes
each envelope is full of blue sand
each blue sand grain
is a dog
which is made of shepherds
named Hermas
the disincluded

and utopia
is the disincluded
and thought
is the disincluded
and the occluded
and deluded
body of zeus
which has been stabbed
or caressed
verb nound hound noun brev

it is the age of Hermas
the collector
whose thick gold teeth
are wings