Saturday, October 10, 2015

dead passion, errant knight

infamous dracula crab vincent von gogogo
of barbarella wassailup wheatstone bridge
them canines so curly finger canulled and brain
while an alabaster scoop stretch limo gets the benz
coming up for hair canute white the silken sobbing crysalews bobbin
gazebo bonsai caravelle
meteor hair and crete to illustrate
wonda tonaa (parenthetic foreboding
glaucoma kung fu rock cocoon sisyphus repeat
and its old hollow eye ball dojo endo connote newt descending
the boho glow of no
the radiant whine of yes
stair cymbals up to bes bookends
just when did you decide on your platform dwarf's tuby
espousing all and lonely grotesque irony
ladders to leap through topiary gate holes
the sad festus satyr sartre is slim adidas aquamobile
alabama song "barrel"
Gauguin in Appalachia
so soi so soo so sui so sew
starfish suck face in the dark
is a cool hand of puke paper adapted
to the loving iron of look
iron griddle lounge (sky blue
iron easy char (pale purr
blackened maiden (transparent oleo dew
madden lack (prehistoric trees
to abundant toadmen (immense statuary which vomits gravel
one vast curving wall which is a kite at sea (and which wrecks the dream
a thinnest tissue every ware
the emperor thing is a clown shoe and jester's bladder
how do you describe a vector together (that joke
when its time is invisible (suffle
on a sphere (to rat a boon, to roll a candor
for destruction rename
for creation reclaim (9 gooey rimbahoo laid in a box
old oder nodder folder
martial gummimummy
gothic tithe of green dawns burling the crenellated fish box telephones
tiles skittering singing out
the crazed livers of its bathroom shrine
the holy monster founding its narrative
the prick that gushes rainbow
and washes the prick away

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