Friday, October 23, 2015

thinking tao dizzy

the iconic sin is foul
the iconic sign is vole
the iconic sun is full
I cannot sing for fools
eye comet sun fowl
'the itch can itch' is sinful
easing that sensory
one nuclear mound will kite or cup him
am I january's paraffin? naa..
no morgue I miss or sneeze
economy sins make
yes, chemical rogues I amass
Astarte sings meanly
Johnny, my hue is a wazoomy itch
no mass today inside my missile
in Garza's Baum my old lot is a pain on gyres
no puckered tin ear sent it
no puke to veneer sentience
a crocodile said to the fog limo, "it's a pug bat..."
woe ye me's who you yi yi
Would you mean I eye I?
no muse hues smile (or sizzle)
Jekyll can ickily meaning
chao ku
his shoe poem is jinxed by a high clunky song
so painful (beautiful)
but where is the person
when the tongue is dumb

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