Saturday, October 10, 2015


a warring of blanks then are rouged
before the eyes of water
before reverting
to the green and blue jades
drying among the whelks
and the latent nacres of your jeers
beneath the silk of auteurs
there is a cruel pantomime
a candor of vapors which passes
through darkened tents
which hug the edge of these cliffs
which look out over the gulf
where glaciers festooned with lost lances
pass beneath our lascivious azurite umbrels
to decline the sovereign glass yoking retorts
which collar the necks of the homunculi
as they are forced to fly
over the foam stoned busts
whose vortex faces are cleaved in twain
by the heavy omega axes' purple swaying
contours whose  empty simple on the page
wills unrelated effigy or vermillion nipple ears
which caress the piles of fallen balloon doll vowels
each a heart which pumps its own shadow through
wads of ash which have become more elegant
when kneaded into knots of bread which
become their armor and when boiled
deflect a hierocacophany of violet rays
to confuse these urchins and orchids together
as urchids and orchins and then adhere
to their chins and elbows to become
the scribal tools for the underbellies
of arches gleaming toward tumescent noon
an archangel boiled in extravagant and temporary
versions of musical dinsturments (ogrulf)
who amid this perversity of signs
become bloated and ribald with rhythms
an equation which presumes a jester's bladder
when rubbed as a manuloquial trumpet
may feast a nimble filigree
with hollow corn apartments
themselves hutches
for corybantic nobilities
of chaos

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