Saturday, October 10, 2015

hune pits pull dips snap

palamun gundi pawns
spritely vare t'linger
ther neegog tandem whistling jewel-plates paper
hunkbelunged a forchnicht kuh night
nabcuff beclanguor roanteethtitch hooking perl glob uh bulls
ther werytag skin junvil hummints stew of spheres
as lifted by lather poles for a snout mimick swarmed
goldmoled cary em chary draub lit s'lubbinth a joey ipe hort
uh terrix nit nut guvneeup pun wer ther pune
and ther cobstilted jadewart flippers flinging eggcooinst canapowese
the dirt glide ink and descant if gift ong hobe wiffth
further curess
all wild the linking keels they bled out in an empty spays
a holy joy carved cucumber fed down a steaming burl
to hear a thin ghostly tickle of steampipe
must be cellopham woonbluts plying thy grad veed farronga

zut teed
and zut fheed
ferry gold guts external to the isle
its gnashing halo magnet

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