Sunday, September 30, 2012

La ragazza di Trieste

in Trieste the cartoonist
moved as if under glass
lavender beach mornings
the olive drab and manilla
crisp the slender leglet
a vase stood looking over a cliff
body head empty
a single continuous line

a girl then crossed his pupil, path
her thwarted drowning
like a still-life dredged up
shells and animals co-uttering
and sand on young skin
more than a cartoonist's pay grade
the difficult textures of erosion,
silicate ions of eros

somehow later
under finer drawings
and aqua watered silk walls
things from beligium, lourdes, salina
the elemental ornament
lay mutating named and naked
visiting quieter seas
on churned ecru sheets
dusk outside in unfurled tide
a visitation of various Goyas

no footsteps are found
through the silent tawny carpets
where the cartoonist halts
dropping the day's moist towel
his hand redolent

of ancient Rome
oblivious above the bones
of dinosaurs



arrange data set:

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in wasps in a meeting 
one orders videos or a port - 
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through the falopian doorman golf tumor chip 


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single RTG M Top Matrix? 
The clinking lexus bar professional 
under DUV holotram game system created 
by socket telemarket pornhive- taxi boar- 
Such an imagery of souls ‘in glory’ 
and you As a series of hosts on the facility 

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of polar demons- protocols lift under 
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my ear nubs recoil to firewalls 

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on Mark Eleven: a biblical disk drive Chummer: 
watching captain kirk’s flip-top Leupold flesh lava 
of bearded consultant nations- close film journey 
to the mud sent back to time urn 
can only have remembered mexican cellphone maids 
filling starfish penises' starbucks’ for curse's retina SOTA.

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Cowboys/Deckers Decker: phoenix montmartre chimu 
an eight breast enhancement criteria cheney street 

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in random port acoustics- archive 

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fallen in foliage 
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in the vehicle stream- happy to Mr Johnson: See his replacement 
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sexy psychosis of BioWare: of Wired to the hand Hand gives 
my breast-enhancement lexus / See Simsense ASP: ring under 
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Universe ¥ Night City: torso packaging through macaroni 
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a porn - but what's helping it clutch under the 
clinic-ballcourts smartlink system- placing / allowing 
a virtual palace of nanoexecutable lips?


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for her macaroni nano-fossil's projection replication 
under flaming subconscious organelles, a post-human penis with syringalingual
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NO MORE CELLPHONES / end politico narr-ing
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An hydraulic camera wd rotate 
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of A/D-D/A cillia deploymeants-
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of Corporation's Zion: NEGINFER 1 injections 
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of the breast-enhancement’s chahut called ‘shindy’ 

Cyborg-sperm array the Matrix w/ Johnson, Mr: 
The parte da flore~taT~h mercedes breast-enhancement 
moves between the users with can-can flipperboy laptop access 

Q Top R Top 
Regional Telecommunications Memory earpiece is their life force 
a Trode Rig i used to look at the moo chow of blurred boundary produce 
rendering acute paranoia a music of sampling defects FEZZ *interrupt
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the New Yen: jogging.

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There are nob strobe-palaces in the middle-eastern phoenix 
chimu starbucks' cellphone with a barnacle-vacant sullen and muscular signal 
similar to no evidence of modulation 

punctic vector hangs blades FEZZ to anchored reference arrays:
What turns a man’s body to latte’? QS.

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packaging for mongol Rastafarians skull stitch-entanglement qupting
quantum antenna images 

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these magpies of lautrec whch paints a prepuce 
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apositronically beautiful music DENIEL DEFOE FEZZ
arc subtherxt/ befoe when i external trigger 
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proteomic sapiency fluid drive vehicles and johnson torsion- artefacting 

but what [YELLOW JOURNAL PAGE] does a geranium’s side of these brain pages
Skillsoft? QS.

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of Narrow stolen goods 

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before harken FEZZ

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the penis earth "is"


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like an old life Arcology which
searches for trespassers ala terra
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the loosed defect illustration 
w/ the imagination reproduced time.


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[Artificial Sensory Induction lounge proposes 
endosymbiotic anal czarchasm-vagina 
inside flipperboy's socket craft's 
segmented covering to enunciate
a small condo moistener? QSF?

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breast reduction lexus securitization from maca 
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and tried sponges // a contraceptive intron hoard control breast
reaching for chakra scrolls w deuterium strip cellphones rabidly moulting 
to other Cyberpunk sources. 

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which is a ghoul to prevent 
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THAT Matrix baby!
heavy glass cyclotron filter feeders- 
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FEZZ, Our pineapple fountains are decorated 
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leather cellphone 

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through laptop diamond mining

a mexican revolution latte’ named 
Mr Johnson Node: FEZZ SPONQUE /a lounge-chair 
laptop HEY suddenly need help 
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see Fezz

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and gasses the Fixer: FEZZ person 
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my nosering cellphone for Largest 
Grid is wired into 
The One who latte’s to an overly FEZZ 
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render a dactyology of zeppelin video-skin-dolls- 
in the phone cell-call center's portfolio poolside hotty’s 
prepuce ring texting my nipple-ring area a mexican-style dot and
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folding phoenix montmartre 
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lexus nipple Rundown durometric analysis 
Corporation An illegal job me anarchy 
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contraceptive coffee medical equipment