Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let Her Name Be Our Caress, Tour, and Bid

let the turbid angling hollows glow
their flowing lees as fine as possible
dissolved in a little stir the whole together
river and observing some islands plan
instantly formed performed at long intervals

'i don't know what to do for you,
honey, you're just a skeleton..' of a
month or more, till the end of december
more turbid quotes from famous books
with a quicksand bottom I would swim

out and get behind one of the islands
i did not believe i glanced i started-
return the liquor to it on a fine frosty day
it should be drawn when off part passed
through flannel make reach and observing

who is more tender, dipterous applied
with a poise or balancer the noisiest
wings belong isolative vowel cleaving
arguments by contrast intersecting
therefore in a right line thru the origin

readhibition of a thing unmovable
to which i never wanted- the
candled arborescence non
finding it damaged advanced upon
what, whose whole name had nothing

to bear upon some personal cheat
its fullness close to the beating
chanting arborescence fixed was
bound to go away he told me,
that as i had chosen to be absent

i must be content an old porter
had charge of the premises
and now beckoned me to follow him
to a sort of loft or lumber-room over the office
where rapid streams of time dark fathomless encumbered

the wrecks of twice three thousand years
they too shall think beneath those turbid few
fragments on the boundless waste to tell
the coming years that such have been how
shall the naked spirit cross the flood and land

wound among the ridges and cut banks
wound and at last emerged upon the narrow valley
traversed by the turbid thirsty horses, and
broke eagerly following and lying at full length
where he lapped at the excavation bounded

by opposite lines of high hills extreme with trees
scattered in it like unnaturally sweet cold
we presume this from the melting of deep,
rapid, smooth, and (i judge) as places

full to the top of its banks and overflowing huts and
pagodas and other temporary buildings we have noticed
while the mud betrays its presence through solutions
it will be easy to ascertain much of a certain air
from the volumes of the martial, so simple and yet so strong

unless a thing is obscure and superficial
it is often the shallow stream upon which turbid deep
and clear, do you remember the fatuous criticism
of matthew arnold upon the glorious layers where he calls out
"is" through the magic door, lanterns now resting upon their oars

(as they rise to leave)

at this moment it was perceived that galatea was in motion
toward the munducuru for attention had for some time
been directed to discovery- now down into the murky atmosphere
a thicket was discernible thru the less distinct collection of
tree-tops; but whatever it was, it soon became evident

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