Sunday, September 30, 2012



arrange data set:

fund nosering cables-encrusted (turns off) 
in wasps in a meeting 
one orders videos or a port - 
sexy amoebas go into a BMW penis 
through the falopian doorman golf tumor chip 


can we be starfish 
still popular Trode? qsfst 

what allows a user 
single RTG M Top Matrix? 
The clinking lexus bar professional 
under DUV holotram game system created 
by socket telemarket pornhive- taxi boar- 
Such an imagery of souls ‘in glory’ 
and you As a series of hosts on the facility 

reap clinic more than slips 
montmartre scottsdale chimu sythetic 
filling coffee-sponge porno hedgefund 
of polar demons- protocols lift under 
oxygen hotty with asian scene of /
my ear nubs recoil to firewalls 

J Top Jackpoint: Any to corpse vassal- cactus 
on Mark Eleven: a biblical disk drive Chummer: 
watching captain kirk’s flip-top Leupold flesh lava 
of bearded consultant nations- close film journey 
to the mud sent back to time urn 
can only have remembered mexican cellphone maids 
filling starfish penises' starbucks’ for curse's retina SOTA.

: State replication notch- 
of carbon transition ring breast mercedes 
nose gypsy trafficker of misplaced application retrieval- 

leap the control 
them xenozener womb-dial amber 
from the See Netrodes Dermal long goatee Chatsubo 
in Chiba Cowboy: an afro-cellphone 
a middleman strangely bengali hummer Console 
Cowboys/Deckers Decker: phoenix montmartre chimu 
an eight breast enhancement criteria cheney street 

asian center kites flaccid gnomes- 
arc flange small arabesque is hand 
hallucignosis organelle-macrogolgi 
jogging shoes upload mandible flank 

lifted and Owned by my transparent cattle 
of storing hands of corruption- placename 
replication subsystem usually mutate 
zeeman first person desert at its asian 
DIVING and skein with a computer 
ASIST above B Top BAMA: 

glorious souls transducer plot- 
cellphone afro software dlbition 
on mercedes spoke morning coffe-sponge loan 
will have fitness center’s nosering storage 

nosering’s wallpaper drift 
walks earcanal nosering of a recent person 
dissipates now called brainsperm @ remains: 
to what mexican gardener ASIST technology S Top Screamsheet: 
strength N Top Neh: cellphone a sexy amoeba Weird neh? 
Netrode: judy-ism there is programs that manic orb- 
place bladed autonomata- shuffling kinesis with 
processor leaves shadowruns Smartgun: socket 
or blonde amoeba’s earcanal a hard enormous flapjack earring resort 

fitness FEZZ F
ralph lauren-style starbucks district 
where neurosurgery found dead inside uplifting 
‘cream thongs’ cephalophores a consultant priest 
lifts out elegant gargling chimu penis fountain laptop gardeners 
to make flags of the house cellphones with sculpted holo-applets 

i am having sex with macaroni nipple plate antic’s dressed electronic 
this blue oceans of cold dolls - the hand Sprawl: hive resolves intestinal 
lexus breast-enhancement mountain’s parking sponge at starbucks 
a hummer downloading anarchist poetry nosering the cranium to a cell 

a part 
ideolectic of travel 
for animatron zagreus labial mexi-anglao-afro-style asian breast 
Biological implants similar the olive waiting for its person 
of naturalism to attract is designed to retract 
into his breasticles and feeding tube- 
coma access to illegal name with buttocks of chrome tadpole knights 

albert nipple ring condo’s securitization 
another prussian bone porn latte’ lipring in phoenix 
at resort hotel flipperboy lautrec sits before their laptop 
stopped to get driver- caught latte’ amoeba laptop gives 
jolly at extincting cellphones have been unearthed 
in random port acoustics- archive 

resort hotel 
floppy cotton designer’s ringtone maid 
i puppets under used n-matrix- accelleration modification jam 
i never prepuce securitization-style - timecodes as 
eel under cavern fibre interface skull- simply ‘aztec-style ear-canal’ 
the other downloads double 
as under a liquid socket- venturi sponge cellphone 
fallen in foliage 
i cannot help but mercedes the dyna-white cell 

it is giggling 
i wish 69 center’s about 
like a sitcom genocide lotion’s remote attachement- 
autonomous brains are illegal 
but even beds and seats Triad Any BAMA Metropolitan Axis 
Blue A fiction separetoe
a reader // your superconducting clitellum transfer- replaced his 
cellphone of vertical nosering hovering terracotta amoeba amoeba cellphone: 
‘my stem was mercedes love to her penis- laptop’s ends up fire ih earcanal hummer 
with neonate skull impulses are sent crossfire at rectal hairs or 
inside a nosering superstring pi-ovulator- my derivative loan securitization
like a froth with a lot of illustrations i received since time immemorial 

in the shared amoebic nipple enhancement research action- 
in the vehicle stream- happy to Mr Johnson: See his replacement 
for cheney’s cellphone flipperboy laut-wreck’s silent a giant 
sexy psychosis of BioWare: of Wired to the hand Hand gives 
my breast-enhancement lexus / See Simsense ASP: ring under 
hive protocol fountain Fixer Filtration Systems: hot brunette 
rosy nipple i 
as though they the user access blonde redhead brunette amoeba appropriate Cyberware 
they illustration’s breast-enhancement cellphones merged with fingernails Retractable 
not required of cultured cellphone’s laptop nipple that is cell piercing penis person 
to out the side forgotten to charge interferometric feedback- of a a virtual disease mine- 

tourniquet colloid- 
hyperfine integration of stylock- muse tickertape albert’s nipple ring amoeba macaroni hearing etc 
ring cell-phone coalesce under amoeba’s ringtone was working the scottsdale transfer constructor- 
white is compatible a dream barely 
as was when they are some 
faraway sexy phone versions 
have lobe bait- wound center’s can-can cellphone sponge 
my hanging garden of babylonian cell-phones 
prince macaroni BMW 
buy an Ahau helicopter war- 

its to Probe Simsense often from crazy-old-treecom and dorsal zipper spine staff 
with hotty-style three day securitization portfolios in sex blind trilobyte nosering cellphone call 

luminous angel with the Matrix - spinal for a dorsal macaroni mohawk coffee 
to blow the interface's tonal shifts carousel game- caustic it is 
crawling out of that Cyberdeck to a quarter near things-france’s sponge 
a bald termination peers from a lift 
it's their neck blue starfish user wired to a hummer latte’ 
enabling a fitness program installed before bone 
to create a similar ghost to a cellphone coffin format 
often referred to as math of the latte’ mangle zipper staves 

and all that gets to a manager’s cellphone nosering’s bible 
into the microcapillary afro-cellphone-heart of an 
SUV-latino shadowrun whose center’s smart will 
appreciates the pearl palm tree cellphone scan data topologies- 
Universe ¥ Night City: torso packaging through macaroni 
eyebreasts' fat’sleep-canine plus
megacanine sleepgrams washed in router scat

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