Sunday, November 29, 2015

mainframe calculation

there is a silence framed by flames
that rushes forth
its empty immanence invisible
but for the noise

yudyodqual hundteemgunbone
blodgallhivearm yeyun meetgu
rathy orf gathyt erf gutoomvu hug thut
thug hut cameosouled grren neen visket onkew
guurt onkewl ute rut lewr newr tub
muddy tublutes blood the blueshoewine

there is a pink owl bread tongue framed
by floppy soda sticks
bubbles the canvase in gem vomits
the great and foul buddha so full
turkey nosed santa buddha

great oaken horn nose tree bill
peck me mercilessly
for i am
we are
small green bales of green leaves
pressed book==like
to booklike minus minor minoa
arranged in a pretty design
on a twisted gothic table of stone
like a weird beard which juts out
from a face
which is not ahead
from a race born brooding and alone
in a horde of brooding
of cool aqua llama modag spider cheese

gall be with you
thorned leaf bucket sleds