Wednesday, August 27, 2014


so you sleep like a nazi in your sleighbed
with your hi-fi blaring
and i'm nothing but a wayang
sculpting valley terraces 
for happy naked ping pong

the eye of the herd

innocent of pieties
grille-tree of phrase
nothing repeats like decay
to grode or knot to grode

hessians along the picket fence
like buddhist jewelry boxes
fur gloves for stroking
their hairless mongoose rifle quills

clifford still in a box
clear fording
streaming clear
invisibility pulsing

the hermeneutic outside
whether ideology nose
or guesses
or snot

or its endless knight
of inner term oil
what a view!

the arcadian egg
leads an advancement to space
what is philosophy raised
to the totem-prayer shoe
of the nth wind's
joyous beer din

you stole my snakes!

Show me the Goooooods!
And I'll show you the Baaaaads!

but aren't you projecting my dear?
protecting who?

I'm clearly choral..

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He said he was going to build a raft
from 400 40ft long cigarettes
he b'grought in from Book Arrest,
or some place I've never heard of..

I'd like to find you just once,
and not be fined..

Barry Many Loa

but the band will be called
Granite Circus, you just can't leave now..
I'm sorry, but the taxi cab doctor of philosophy
earned flesh sponges.

It started weeping from my side 
when I sit like this
if I push
it tastes like orange juice
with just a hint of coriander

do you like my giacometti lamp?
I traded all my algae mandala futures for it,
junk for junk,
but it does travel well
given the circumstances
of its infinite confinement

Accordian wrote:
Plato Milk Cowl Convalesce
foreskin umbrella comma

as all real

I just cant get enough
of this damnable matching!

its groan
like a long long

a tornadic pupa on a stick

the graceful clowning
of what inscription represents
when its other
precedes it

each lens
like a formalist delirium

an ontic structuralism
enthralled by temporal luck

a feces
draped with santa clause

a polar enigma
bearding a flat
non-identical earth
saying ARSE
for ars
or hiss
for islander

don't believe in their fairy tales
unless you are involved
in the balloon market

I just shot my wad,
but look at it go!

I once met a vegetable!

It ate row after row of sentences,
then decided the whole of geometry
was a bag.
You can wear a bag instead of a wig
if you flow like goo
into the ogling school..

It's always paratemporary!
with you delightful
ridiculous animals.

Brueghel came from Greece.
You are wrong.

Would you like to take a shower
inside a fur-lined teapoy
with ferns-a-lingua?

Henry Ford again..
what a chubby little vagina..

I'm supposed to find the oil,
but all I have is this pistol lighter..

paragraph! paragraph!

What I'm seeking is a looser mentality..
That only happens after death
in Venice..

accompanying the snake races
was easy work

Here I go
busking right through your surname
and into the peat
without so much as a garnet

last of the garret artists
come forward!

It's dreary Italy
all day long
inside an aquarium

absolute bliss
for carriages

artist's are fine,
but hats feel it 

Not one of my fingers is an artist

A heavy black iron lyre candelabra doth possess my water
and my fingers tweeteth like birds

like a parable
of vulcan

They do most of their trading inside the rectum,
but you can see a representation of it
here inside this bird's
cash register

I promise you.
I am Ulysses Hex Grant.

creation is punitive
as in the unity of pun