Monday, November 30, 2009

Addio, Carlo Ponti

Kali is not aware, of the latest
teen fashion tucked in muckalucks


still hold the cupped hands
our only most chic
and total suchness holds
perhaps quaintly rustic


It's about all we can say.
It's about that.
The untranslatable this.
The crime is its.
divine unending love.

I am mooing alone in the field,
the one spiteful bird still pecking
the tented hips

of my dessicated elvis.

The princess sleeping fine.

really well.

And I can't get over the fact
that I find your approach incorrect.
Yes, I know you are successful, but
it's demonstrably because of an error,
a long chain of errors in fact.
It's ridiculous, but then

nobody's made the film yet, oh
maybe something close.

I conflate things.

Word Worm Ali Meant To Tary
Ling Hair Long In The Whole Pen

the mechanical is drawing doom out
like a tape

to be its dirt fed grandmother again
burying knots in the earth
to loosen the wart


Things get attached
to other things, for


if you were to watch
a Sophia Loren movie while
smelling your neighbor's
extremely stinky feet?

That is the total of the bill.

Dada Checks Out.
The next moment is a single word:

Inverse Sunda:

ᮃᮓ᮪ᮓᮤᮇ, ᮎᮛᮣᮧ ᮕᮧᮔ᮪ᮒᮤ

ᮊᮜᮤ ᮄᮞ᮪ ᮔᮧᮒ᮪ ᮃᮝᮛᮨ, ᮇᮖ᮪ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮜᮒᮨᮞ᮪ᮒ᮪
ᮒᮨᮈᮔ᮪ ᮖᮞ᮪ᮠᮤᮇᮔ᮪ ᮒᮥᮎ᮪ᮊᮨᮓ᮪ ᮄᮔ᮪ ᮙᮥᮎ᮪ᮊᮜᮥᮎ᮪ᮊ᮪ᮞ᮪


ᮞ᮪ᮒᮤᮜ᮪ᮜ᮪ ᮠᮧᮜ᮪ᮓ᮪ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮎᮥᮕ᮪ᮕᮨᮓ᮪ ᮠᮔ᮪ᮓ᮪ᮞ᮪
ᮇᮅᮁ ᮇᮔ᮪ᮜ᮪ᮚ᮪ ᮙᮧᮞ᮪ᮒ᮪ ᮎ᮪ᮠᮤᮎ᮪
ᮃᮔ᮪ᮓ᮪ ᮒᮧᮒᮜ᮪ ᮞᮥᮎ᮪ᮂᮔᮨᮞ᮪ᮞ᮪ ᮠᮧᮜ᮪ᮓ᮪ᮞ᮪
ᮕᮨᮁᮠᮕ᮪ᮞ᮪ ᮋᮥᮃᮄᮔ᮪ᮒ᮪ᮜ᮪ᮚ᮪ ᮛᮥᮞ᮪ᮒᮤᮎ᮪


ᮄᮒ᮪'ᮞ᮪ ᮃᮘᮧᮅᮒ᮪ ᮃᮜ᮪ᮜ᮪ ᮝᮨ ᮎᮔ᮪ ᮞᮚ᮪.
ᮄᮒ᮪'ᮞ᮪ ᮃᮘᮧᮅᮒ᮪ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮒ᮪.
ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮅᮔ᮪ᮒᮢᮔ᮪ᮞᮣᮒᮘᮣᮨ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮤᮞ᮪.
ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮎᮢᮤᮙᮨ ᮄᮞ᮪ ᮄᮒ᮪ᮞ᮪.
ᮓᮤᮗᮤᮔᮨ ᮅᮔᮨᮔ᮪ᮓᮤᮀ ᮜᮧᮗᮨ.

ᮄ ᮃᮙ᮪ ᮙᮧᮇᮄᮀ ᮃᮜᮧᮔᮨ ᮄᮔ᮪ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮖᮤᮈᮜ᮪ᮓ᮪,
ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮇᮔᮨ ᮞ᮪ᮕᮤᮒᮨᮖᮥᮜ᮪ ᮘᮤᮁᮓ᮪ ᮞ᮪ᮒᮤᮜ᮪ᮜ᮪ ᮕᮨᮎ᮪ᮊᮤᮀ
ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮒᮨᮔ᮪ᮒᮨᮓ᮪ ᮠᮤᮕ᮪ᮞ᮪

ᮇᮖ᮪ ᮙ᮪ᮚ᮪ ᮓᮨᮞ᮪ᮞᮤᮎᮒᮨᮓ᮪ ᮈᮜ᮪ᮗᮤᮞ᮪.

ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮕᮢᮤᮔ᮪ᮎᮨᮞ᮪ᮞ᮪ ᮞᮣᮨᮈᮕᮤᮀ ᮖᮤᮔᮨ.

ᮛᮨᮃᮜ᮪ᮜ᮪ᮚ᮪ ᮝᮨᮜ᮪ᮜ᮪.

ᮃᮔ᮪ᮓ᮪ ᮄ ᮎᮔ᮪'ᮒ᮪ ᮌᮨᮒ᮪ ᮇᮗᮨᮁ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮖᮎ᮪ᮒ᮪
ᮒ᮪ᮠᮒ᮪ ᮄ ᮖᮤᮔ᮪ᮓ᮪ ᮚᮧᮅᮁ ᮃᮕ᮪ᮕᮢᮧᮃᮎ᮪ᮂ ᮄᮔ᮪ᮎᮧᮛᮢᮨᮎ᮪ᮒ᮪.
ᮚᮨᮞ᮪, ᮄ ᮊ᮪ᮔᮧᮝ᮪ ᮚᮧᮅ ᮃᮛᮨ ᮞᮥᮎ᮪ᮎᮨᮞ᮪ᮞ᮪ᮖᮥᮜ᮪, ᮘᮥᮒ᮪
ᮄᮒ᮪'ᮞ᮪ ᮓᮨᮙᮧᮔ᮪ᮞ᮪ᮒᮢᮘ᮪ᮜ᮪ᮚ᮪ ᮘᮨᮎᮅᮞᮨ ᮇᮖ᮪ ᮃᮔ᮪ ᮈᮛᮢᮧᮁ,
ᮃ ᮜᮧᮀ ᮎ᮪ᮠᮄᮔ᮪ ᮇᮖ᮪ ᮈᮛᮢᮧᮁᮞ᮪ ᮄᮔ᮪ ᮖᮎ᮪ᮒ᮪.
ᮄᮒ᮪'ᮞ᮪ ᮛᮤᮓᮤᮎᮥᮜᮧᮅᮞ᮪, ᮘᮥᮒ᮪ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨᮔ᮪

ᮔᮧᮘᮧᮓ᮪ᮚ᮪'ᮞ᮪ ᮙᮓᮨ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮖᮤᮜ᮪ᮙ᮪ ᮚᮨᮒ᮪, ᮇᮂ
ᮙᮚ᮪ᮘᮨ ᮞᮧᮙᮨᮒ᮪ᮠᮤᮀ ᮎᮣᮧᮞᮨ.

ᮄ ᮎᮧᮔ᮪ᮖᮣᮒᮨ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮤᮀᮞ᮪.

ᮝᮧᮁᮓ᮪ ᮝᮧᮁᮙ᮪ ᮃᮜᮤ ᮙᮨᮃᮔ᮪ᮒ᮪ ᮒᮧ ᮒᮁᮚ᮪
ᮜᮤᮀ ᮠᮄᮁ ᮜᮧᮀ ᮄᮔ᮪ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮝ᮪ᮠᮧᮜᮨ ᮕᮨᮔ᮪

ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮙᮨᮎ᮪ᮠᮔᮤᮎᮜ᮪ ᮄᮞ᮪ ᮓᮢᮝᮤᮀ ᮓᮧᮇᮙ᮪ ᮇᮅᮒ᮪
ᮜᮤᮊᮨ ᮃ ᮒᮕᮨ

ᮒᮧ ᮘᮨ ᮄᮒ᮪ᮞ᮪ ᮓᮤᮁᮒ᮪ ᮖᮨᮓ᮪ ᮌᮢᮔ᮪ᮓ᮪ᮙᮧᮒ᮪ᮠᮨᮁ ᮃᮌᮄᮔ᮪
ᮘᮥᮛᮡᮤᮀ ᮊ᮪ᮔᮧᮒ᮪ᮞ᮪ ᮄᮔ᮪ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮈᮃᮁᮒ᮪ᮠ᮪
ᮒᮧ ᮜᮧᮇᮞᮨᮔ᮪ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮝᮁᮒ᮪


ᮒ᮪ᮠᮤᮀᮞ᮪ ᮌᮨᮒ᮪ ᮃᮒ᮪ᮒᮎ᮪ᮠᮨᮓ᮪
ᮒᮧ ᮇᮒ᮪ᮠᮨᮁ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮤᮀᮞ᮪, ᮖᮧᮁ


ᮄᮖ᮪ ᮚᮧᮅ ᮝᮨᮛᮨ ᮒᮧ ᮝᮒ᮪ᮎ᮪ᮠ᮪
ᮃ ᮞᮧᮕ᮪ᮠᮤᮃ ᮜᮧᮛᮨᮔ᮪ ᮙᮧᮗᮤᮈ ᮝ᮪ᮠᮤᮜᮨ
ᮞ᮪ᮙᮨᮜᮣᮤᮀ ᮚᮧᮅᮁ ᮔᮨᮄᮌ᮪ᮂᮘᮧᮁ'ᮞ᮪
ᮈᮟ᮪ᮒᮢᮨᮙᮨᮜ᮪ᮚ᮪ ᮞ᮪ᮒᮤᮔ᮪ᮊ᮪ᮚ᮪ ᮖᮨᮈᮒ᮪?

ᮒ᮪ᮠᮒ᮪ ᮄᮞ᮪ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮒᮧᮒᮜ᮪ ᮇᮖ᮪ ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮘᮤᮜ᮪ᮜ᮪.

ᮓᮓ ᮎ᮪ᮠᮨᮎ᮪ᮊ᮪ᮞ᮪ ᮇᮅᮒ᮪.
ᮒ᮪ᮠᮨ ᮔᮨᮟ᮪ᮒ᮪ ᮙᮧᮙᮨᮔ᮪ᮒ᮪ ᮄᮞ᮪ ᮃ ᮞᮤᮍᮣᮨ ᮝᮧᮁᮓ᮪:


The Lichtenborg's Commentary.

l'étrange créatures se déplacer
à travers les costumes interconnectés
qui traversent les unheimlichtenborgian
ghetto-grimoire comme une chaîne de
cathédrales journal purée
en chuchotant pagaies lèvre.

I love romain, cet albsolutely
téléphone portable de l'eau de mer
dont le lieu du dernier repos
est l'amphore de mon oreille
dont l'hermétisme parfait
ne regarde pas la différence d'une
externes coquillage cochléaire
de la chair molle d'encre tyrannique

dont l'être
est que le vieux

"moll dans un fauteuil"
"sitter dans une peinture lointaine drôle»

Je ne sais pas encore la connexion
avec du soja?

Mon canapé 10 par 10
[alpha Borg Cryptos mushy]
est le plus éloquent
exemple de la plus pure

mis en alchimie.

Tout le monde sait
les crânes la tire sont
pas reproductible
dans la vie, So Why So
chatouilleux sur la
problèmes auxquels nous sommes tous confrontés?

Pourquoi tous les tests,
à partir de votre conspirateur

Pourquoi vous sentez-vous que, comme vous-même,
vous avez découvert plus privilégiée
que quelque chose qui ne peut pas occuper
plus d'un endroit à la fois?

Est-ce que l'énergie ballon assez
de la région de Vasubandhu?

Vous en voulez plus?
Je peux vous donner plus!

From Borsa

I Would Never Say "Child Rapist" in Front of a Cup of Coffee.

The red idiot tick-like thing
which grazes in the night, spirals
and whorls throughout its skull
and rasp-plates:

alfabulin leschi
forza gondwana mota





8th Century B.J. Sogo ...

"The first thing I picture
is the image of the happy,
perfectly, or imperfectly
human, mermaids and centaurs,
tritons, and mermen having
a frolic in the sea."

as connected to

"an image of contemporary news
as produced with mobile electronic
devices and web-access"

which gives birth "in coffee"

to the horror movie image
of a cartoon made of alien,
electricity-stimulated blood,
as in John Carpenter's

_The Thing_. "Before Jane"

If Primordia is Now, and Noellium,
These tender broken bread continents
are the screeches, the pitiable howls,
of amoebisaurs still connected
to the diorama they have ejected
from their flesh

I see felix in your flexure;
flesh so very cousion to
fetish, lit, fletish, fleterature,
flishure, leisure, flechette.

I have heard of these desperate beings
who enract an age, who react, who, enraged
wisth to confront.

flesh, fit confine.
bubble toad [v.] plane.

The way is blocked
between sinister, and signster.
The New American Poetry.
Man is in Pain.
Ten bright twitters
nailed to his forehead.

There is a single sign that needs to be seen,
before I return Eternally
to the land of Arnold Böcklin:

"Please Don't Stomp the Mermaids..."

[Scenes of Cedars upon the rolling, roiling hieroglyphs]

/My dump is come./ jugs
secreted within the crag...

uneven puncta aten

Sunday, November 29, 2009

human-shaped heshouwu

ZHENG Dexun shows off a humanshaped heshouwu, or Chinese knotweed, yesterday in Langzhong in southwest China's Sichuan Province. The herb, weighing 5.8 kilograms and standing 62 centimeters high, resembles a naked child. Zheng, 63, a farmer in Datianba Village, discovered the oddity five days ago while digging for the herb, which is used as a tonic for the kidneys and to treat weak bones and hair loss.

Looking For Things To Do With the 59.

I give up on the 59, finally,

40,000 of the prisms
were aligned within the
metallic setting cages
of the waterfall, refined and
rotated ~ the immense lotus
cone of illumination forced
among their surfaces
to provide ~ the star
of the evening in the
draft of the final walk
up ~over the ridge to view
the valley of unending
promise, there ~among
the various, and the various
among us, the dividing
of the word ~could appear
as a blood red stork
bi-sected by a thin infinite
planar ~crystal, a hollow
diamond in which the liquid
twoard, ~meant the
liquad qua fward:


the single small bulb
in its chin ~passed through
a single indeterminate scree
~slabs act kinetic staircase
to infumigate parslex, ~its
firehouse pole comma ~the
cookie launch, buckramed
in her square-dancing

these violet throw-rugs
smell of fresh lavender
~as we come in off the trail
in our funny curly boots


and our ~big perrukes
of squirming bells

o igloo (on plant microscopy)
of transparent banana pudding,
an enlarged pollen or ship
can replace the abdomen
of a cat whose wide
murine grin levels
taking with murklins, ~the

59 close-country polyps
tunnel yet upon
the ~viscous dentrails
of the eye
the lob of coal
just now ~settling out

of the hail of arrows
in the reign of ~eros,
no sentiment, but
where its turning

The Old Heresiarch's Kandy Klicker Komingling

variable interest rates. its
arf flower you foster, child,
Hilda Doolittle makes her rump
a positive Gerranium, a growlonym,
whose sleep detecting fox-roots
go slathered in happy sirens
down to the village to fetch
the bread and candles for the
alphabet of hurricanes party
said to hump upon these moors,
like 3 mechanical roosters
upon the ladder whose lumpy
green monsterlegs are the
donkey bats of good and toasty
summers. not goo, but good,
or good goo gathers much mucho,
or cho mu, chow din, dem chow bot
gon chao, dat data itta bitta
dotta dem goo. bes come
green football leg armor in
a rudder firmation. Narf ermor

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Something from John Abdullah Capricorn

"Archdeacon Blunderbuss (Blunderbuss is not the real name; I suppress
that lest Capricorn's widow should lose her two or three pounds, in case
the poor fellow has really been eaten). Archdeacon Blunderbuss was more
distinguished as a scholar than as a Divine. He was a very poor preacher
and never managed to identify himself with any party. Nevertheless, in
1895 the Prime Minister appointed him to a stall in Shoreham Cathedral as
a recognition of his great learning and good work at Durham. Two years
later the rectory of St. Vacuums becoming vacant and it being within the
gift of Archdeacon Blunderbuss, he excited general amazement and much
scandal by presenting himself to the living."


Mr. Peter Ganick has put up my recent suite of 5
"Tedious Tide Pool Telephone Poems" at his new site
Give a swim and a scan if you can, and support
the man, after all, EEL is eel, and electric,
no doubt... [!]

anous doppel simble line

Friday, November 27, 2009

Harrum Skiroram

Jungal Comist

In 1951 Oei Wie Gwan, an ethnic Chinese businessman bought a nearly
defunct cigarette company in Kudus, Central Java known as NV Murup.
Originally the brand was called Djarum Gramofon which means
'gramophone needle' he shortened it into Djarum which only means
needle. The company's first brand was 'Djarum' and it proved to be a
huge success. The company began creating a new brand known as 'Kotak
Adjaib'. The company was nearly extinct when in 1963 a huge fire
destroyed the company's factory which was followed by the death of Oei
Wie Gwan. Nevertheless, the new owners - Oei Wie Gwan's children, Budi
and Bambang Hartono, took the opportunity to rebuild and modernize the

To Remember Those Poorly Written Novels One Reads In Dreams

Its thought would enter the thinking of Roentgen unexpectedly by an extremely oblique angle, and disguise itself as a partial plotting of the relationship between Roentgen and the police, who must've admitted defeat when their very own odd history had been so eloquently fetishized before them, and so seemingly without effort, and for no apparent reason other than respect, of a kind.

Even when Roentgen's supposed lair had been penetrated, the police were never quite sure what exactly the structure was, a house, a museum, a sort of machine meant to delude an unevenly educated animal of the city, what? One deep gallery of paintings would lead to another cellar full of the police's own missing records from 150 years ago, hundreds or even thousands of lost cases solved and the paperwork correctly completed and filed in the rotest of manner. But these spaces also held sinister clues to another kind of activity, pieces of bodies, mingled with statuary in obscene and exquisitely rendered combinations, for example, a human skull might intrude into a small figurative work of a nude woman fashioned of gold whose head had been replaced with that of a diminutive mouse's, and that head, made of glass, would then be a lamp, and in the whole of the overall composition of the object, the skull would dominate, but in its hollowness, would be overwon by the density, actual weight, and the glamor of the nude, golden, and idealized body, and the whole object seeming to both confirm and deny a single unmentioned term, something perhaps, like "meretricious". And then the fact that the gold was determined to be from a robbery case more than fifty years old, never solved, and that this was learned by odd details within the contours of the statue's material, details which were parts of the original morphology of the gold which had given up its form to the oddly illuminated "Vanitas of Verminne" as it became known.

The police, after finding several lost entrances into their own facilities began to show signs of neurosis, and finally gave up, thinking perhaps that generations of their own kind had been involved in the creation of a cult of super-organizational forgerers, and many were quite jealous of those that must've been on the inside, of what had quietly become known as, "The Revelation of Roentgen"..

There were galleries of unnamed busts whose identities amazed and teased even the best of the facial identity specialists, perfect hybrids of sets of years of the best known criminals combined with their own captor, or captors, or the presiding chief of police, or a judge. But there were other rooms, that had to do with the city's political history, its craftspeople, the bakers, the road builders, the lovers, the lost, in fact, it began to appear that the entire city had been honeycombed like a brain, and that Roentgen, curiously and fantastically, had become like an analogy, or a parody, or more likely, a miracle, Roentgen had become the miraculated memory of the city, and there was practically no area in the city in which the strange meta-city that was Roentgen's lair did not reach, and what stupendous treasures could be found there.

Even Roentgen himself, or herself had been found, but he, she, it could only be seen through certain optical prostheses or architectural conceits placed into the manifold of Roentgen's unfolding denouement of transcendent, yet ironic worship of the actual. A policemen would report of seeing Roentgen through a small mirror in a certain room, having tea with a sort of koala or swimming upward through a luminous tube, a nude woman, with a tiny, perfectly proportional man clutching her hair, nude, but wearing a top hat, goggles and swim-fins.

There were reports of an enormous green manta-ray shaped balloon coming out of one of the old chimneys in the ruined rendering station on the edge of the city, of it going up into the sky like a pylon or exclamation mark, then transforming into an elegant and verdant ray.

A spiral staircase lined with books was found that went so far down into the earth's crust that the composition of the books changed to metal, then crystal, or stone. Deep inside the earth, a hellish, but beautiful library was found, filled with heavy tomes of an imponderable and durable construction. Hot agate folios inlaid with precious metals, and written in a language which every linguist shown, said, must inevitably be of a profoundly original and expressive character.

There was even a massive lectern which formed a kind of deflect for a small waterfall
of lava whose surface was a grotesque and riotous jumble of crystals, and scorched, melted mineralogy.

Her Brassiere Had Twin Mustaches, Just Like Her Twin Heads, Each, Had Only One Eye

he tried to bring simpruths to bear on the whole
wrestling with tigers, the mustache is small, overwrought,
it comes in a rainbow of colors, and materials

tiger rainbow mustache
composed of hollow jellybeans
in which the orchestras orgy

gelid deer mustaches
of sleepy silver butter

green heraldic mustaches
whose mothers are like hands
of exploding pink milk

jean. (Charles)

small catholic jean. (Les Characteur)
living inside the tiger,
and where the ship sails
in mustaches, sailors
on their burning decks of carnival
would wrassle tigers

with stainless steel antlers
spraying cafe' con leches

lecherous tigers
their burning orchestras
like ticks in a collage
of collagen clocks
armpits hiding
their mystical mustaches

he tried to bring simpruths to bear on the whole
and in his grape-mustache become a rotating diorama vehicle

sculptural sex
seen inside
the gut of a flea

the flea's head
like a building
of Pre-WW UNE France
in which two men are
dueling over an opera box

The Word


which is secretly tattooed
under the mustache
by a dearly beloved creature

in heavy wooden clogs

l'erreur terne et douteuse l'offrait

un chef de l'ONU
belle glande étroite
appel d'offres à trois yeux
appeler vos propres
Sandwich annuler partager
libre du sommeil
timide animal
lentement l'esprit de braisage
surgi chanson
l'âne à la crinière de
tiges oculaires
le Grand
buffet de bouche
turbulences du vent
lone particulier
est toujours la nuit
dont les bobines copernicienne
rosée synthé ces termes
Bobbing parmi les roses veinées
le positif précipitée
pose le fait négatif
comme mélodieuse
titular zones
un chef de l'ONU
lone belle
paysage glande

la photographie fragiles
de Baudelaire mister
ne peut pas continuer
l'intérieur de l'urne
mais doivent se tourner
sur le clignotement
sur le clignotement
du prisme


the dull and dubious mistake it proffered

a un head
beautiful narrow gland
three tender eyes to
call your own
annul sandwich partake
free sleep
diffident animal
slowly braising mind's
arisen song
the donkey with the mane of
the grand
buffet mouth's
buffeting wind
lone particular
still is the night
whose Copernican coils
dew such synth-terms
bobbing among veined roses
the hurried positive
posits the negative fact
as melodious
titular zones
a un head
lone beautiful
landscape gland

the frail photograph
of mister baudelaire
cannot continue
inside the urn
but must turn
upon the flashing
of the prism

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Duty of Trite Shakes Magnifico

the heavy liveried anthrosynth
the foot fall off on floor

sword butte, cavalcade
its slips' cant ask femur:

tra la?
lalala tra?

la la
al al

now white tiger lily
to lull some experience
of suchness nesting
forever resting
in its peaceless ripping
yarn to
anoynte bothe aloynte
bucc ut wilde ætrinnan

peeping tenant

that air where dashing
and dubious alike
booth hound

now virse ord
univord onivaulnt
and unifity fitfully

boundless iterative potential
the worm or potential bee

sinfer memfer

Touring Key's Soft Rong, Ring-a-ling, a Gob blur-a-thon..

tied up in tinsel, Hullo!

Merhaba bird wrist spectator
antenna toe yodeler Pasquill's

Lemnemyeppi canoeist shape sap
Günaydın white gobbler cobbler

Güle gang of dens save rotating simples
to seep pieces prescient güle sepsis pincers

sweet ivory pilgrim head lantern
grey toroid clipper ship hover pink coral hand

dining evil turkey mouth, soft yodel cobbler brimming
long sparking table awaiting ash berry menusual

jelly fork gospel, brother is soft bracket gaol
Instanbul ready-made minotaur buckles

camper von beat haven
sleep in algae jester wave, Adınız ne?

punciple, dump rank muppet cycles me headless red
pilgrim fashion spurt sparkler diamond bird city future

mohan batt
deep bat temple Adim "Fooky"

Lil She-she, a whole fathom of artificial coral to buttress
the soft jelly head's transparent brain window pin step

cankerfretting cross vertue's commonwealth
eye slowly rake leaf, low floppy brim windy yamisloop

boat hat trempling departure sample
ambulant brumata, Emerson comments on caterpillar in Elm

low shelf
odd low shelf with thimble helmet elephant

pig-faced pinecone missile erects the centriole
how does an orifice serve to support the central mast (head)?

blank orthotrophy
nasal sinus Nasılsınız?

Head buckle, you lied to me. Deep blue regents
assemble elegantly, silver icons hover in vibrating constellations

teeming parrots fill the frame fall nup teşekkür:
The Bean is not seen till its swad or hull be shaled.

take heavy bean
heavy furred bean bigger than buffalo

Sol sağ inflatable town space
Burada şurada orada the gorilla vulture machine pellets

urban knock knock havaalanı tren
is engendered in codes and holes, coddes and hulls

prating nuleum
vex bi tears and tyranny




MAMAR lef tam urkey
MZAZI MODOR mo mat hoof sea

matrix apache

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wahoo Time, Swale Mane and Olympian Salve

Toondoo is a pretty fun place to start the day! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Abstretch Comex Signimation Series


Brisk Morning Haiku

in the cool morning air
memories of garden work
wisteria skeleton

grapevine hurricane
to project its arch
neurotic cat

lord byron's one droopy
bloom, a friend to
ancient melampodion

strong green bamboo
weak unemployed husband

remembering warm nights
in a tiny stony patio
shem ne holoflamenorb

the several variegated
are ornamental virus
whoa! health returns!

sleep hornbeam umbrella
sleep dogwood cousin dream
not-yet blueberry blossom

emperor mint, you
replicate at the feet
of lord Tsugi

strange northern agave'
your bloom stalk came too late
moist clatter of avian beaksprech

japanese mountain laurel, your
tiny lanterns came this year
here am i, in thin chilly ukata

boisterous willow
you are the proudest satyr
thin enduring line

blue striatal gray morning
in which the country of the soul
takes its brisk metal chair

wooden chairs put away
shade sails put away, leaves
cleared and compost collected

opossum, you shred the post
where your crepuscular omen
breathe through cat eyes

hardly a person seen all day
the moss returns between the stones
wire hawk miniatures

drawing out memories
of drawing in the garden
attractions' lilt

soft cacophony enter
dawn epiphany, bird
topmost in tree contour

distant horizon, striation
seen through empty branches
elegant angles seen new

thin hopeless presence
self yokai world yokai, sing
a billion trillion photons


in cool morning air
the fallen leaf still breathing
universal mystery kana

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mothira Viral

"Mothira Viral" is Tamil for
"Ring Finger".

10 Poems About Rimbaud


Now idoubt them questions premains nobscure pin thist iformulation. Butt hour goals shere wasp knot top tackles thisp resolutions has shuch. Ours monly maim hasp beens tot stry toy sconvince them treader note bonly thats tit tis spossible ton trediscover thobught's babsolutizing scopes, butt thats pit pis purgent thats wep dop sop, givene thep vextent tof whichu then divorces betweent scilence's Scopernicanism mand philoosophy's Ptoolemaism dhas becomex wabyssal, regardlessi hof fall thosen deninals tihat seorve onlyu tio sperpetuate tuhe ischism. Ifi Humeo's sproblem wokex Kanat fromt hist dogmatick slumbers, wev scan uonly shope thatu thex sproblem mof ancestralioty psucceeds fin wakingi fus fromy bour CORRELATIONISTI ISLUMBER, byu menjoining bus tob freconcile thoughts and fabsolute.


The child's homosexual ocean
the negative facts alone
inside the battle of the chitterlings
is Mr. Kip's wrong number message
inside my wife's daughter's cellphone.

Old Fisherman's Daughter

Mr. Kip was eating Rimbaud's leg off
in the middle of Winter. An old woman
was smoking a pipe, sitting inside
a hollow rotten log. Her face looked
withered, like sufficient reason.

Jumbo Uganda

A large round Frenchman was selling
slaves to an organ grinder in the city
of Issa. A question entered the harbor.
A fat brown foot was inside the blown
glass people hours. Villon to visit Brussels.

The Gyspy

For 60 terrible hours
the long thin head was stretching
it stretched around the world
and became a cheese grater
to a corn-cob pipe saying "Je congnois"

Macedonian Fertility Dance

Rimbaud ornithology ass compote viti
troubled the gold gateways of the stars
smiting for shelter on their clang-ed bars
fretted to non-contradiction
a punch in the eye to his barber


Fading engineers whose
fashionable bridges would
give decent train, might also
give the golden mortar
to Jehan d'abundance de la garde

Saga Se Karame

Fleet Rimbaud of eggshell fumes
A celluy qui fist l'avant garde
Saint Anthony is inside all these negros
as well as Mr. Kip, longing for
Banana soda, yip, yip ypsilena

Wedding March Of Alexander The Macedonian

Rimbaud must marry a door-sized anus
to a donkey of skin music's question
ie the natural sequencing of verifriable
hypothesis. the very natural omenics
susceptible to l'ergotisme gangrenous

The Nights Of Skopje

Why is this penis brown?
Dure chose est a souvenir
quaint cue plure et la bushy chants.

Balcan Blue

BALLAD: 10 seconds ago
Rimbaud woke up
inside Rimbaudelaire
who woke up inside
Bawd Rimbelais

Wreckathectory Ovon


Endless Shoes And Handbags



kulema bulemi










"No, Willy, all I seed was that fat
little white baby angel~ {&overt}


~of (some) historic importance {&overt}
which is related in slightly different
versions by Plutarch and Artemidorus of
Daldis, the dreamer being Alexander the


When he was laying siege to the city of Tyre,
which was putting up an obstinate resistance~

{&overt} "ohm" "homme" "home"

~(B.C. 322), he dreamt one night that he saw
a dancing satyr. The dream-interpreter Arist[r]andos~

{&overt} "string" "strand" "strange"

~,who accompanied the army on its campaigns, interpreted
this dream by dividing the word

"satyros" into σά Τύρος ("Tyre is thine"), and
prophesied from this the king's victory over
the city.


{&overt} "areopagy" "anagorgic" "apogogic"








You have been evil and blue-green, O my, Mukama,
my beautiful sad dark friend...


trying art
for trying to be art
is trying
and trying to be art

try ying
try yang

try ring
try rang

"The tiring tedium of its lepth and broth
gave onto suck vistas as paunch
err, judy denim borachos mugli.."


{&overt} "string" "strand" "strange"

apogorgic: ~/"dreaming."

Moved by curiosity I went into the copse


,and before I had gone many steps I caught


the sound of voices speaking rapidly, though
in subdued tones. I went up closer, carefully
parting the branches of the bushes that edged
the path, and at once sprang back in amazement.




Johnny Burnaway
Stash Kroh
The Mixers
Lay Quiet Awhile with Ed
Id Molotov

These two ptitsas couldn't
have been
more than 10.


Renaissance Dolphinscorpiode

loss cappa onal vulgar
glorifiable mitra
in the shell

gloss granulifera
idaris hufe
dim forms mitre




The mills of the gods grind slowly
But the mill
Chatters in mechanical stacchato.
Ugly short infantry of the mind,
Advancing over difficult terrain.
Making this Corona
Their mitrailleuse.




"and in the end. the age
was handed

the sort of shit
the age demanded"


hemming, humming, hawing
down the way:

Fuhror - F = uhr ur

or Ur-Uhr

"Length of Time":

1388 Wyclif Judith xvi. 10 Sche... boond togidere
the tressis of hir heeris with a coronal
[Vulg. mitra, 1611 tyre, marg. or miter].

A bare Clinch
will serve the turn;
a Carwichet,
a Quarterquibble,
or a Punn.


Going backward inside the dreaming~
"Clock-Man" which is also the "Original Man"

Uhrmensch -> Urmensch


>"Man" "Meaning" "Mark" "Unit" "Agency"
"Suggestion" "Areopagy" "Woman" "Chaos"

we come to rest within the wheel on some

"specific" "place"

>In two other groups we have the name

of the game


In one a player who is operating
with one hand, conceals it behind
the palm of the other which he places
on the forehead of the other player,
to prevent him from seeing how many
fingers he is stretching out: and on
his making a guess, withdraws his hand.
The inscription is,

"Putting the Atep on the forehead."



{&overt} "string" "strand" "strange"




L=NONOVERT (naonoverse)

Stupidity =

Stew ped-dit y
Stew [P]tongue eddy tease

"Stoop" "id"

/Identity Porch/




coming to ease


You are tired.
Your city is falling
to me.


As an expert in the use of explosieves,
I is assigned to blow up the bridge
during an attack on the city of Segovia.







Foul Kunstinaut, where
or when shall ye ought
ought benihassan

cab lect *&^ATP

poemt = "panthermalgameter"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Abstract 3d Bush Calligraphimation 101 pt. 2


Teaching Anniversary Oddities.

It is an oddity of American letters that
no major poet is cherished sometimes
in a rough beam sea, and that headless
the teacher, Edward Teach her, down
sentiments born and scree'd.

Birthday glancing ale master's wheel,
upon a Greek isle where the windmills
themselves set sail. He made this screen.
It is an oddity of lads, to the days
that are had, and gala in hand, the wild
dogs open like technical orchids
in the foam velocity bearding black pearl

Birthday of American Pi-lettered pyrites
pirating the mist of elder leavening hoist,
host Schwartzenbarbenwaldenpondylusponscum
anniversary embuskade.

It is an oddity, the severed head that swims
from fair Albion to noon, and an oddity
that claps on irons, under a boon-goon-moon.
Maynard and Teach themselves begun the fight
with their swords and sprang to evermore
upon the gunwales of "Oh, we'll drink once more.."
but as ghoulish cephalophore whose flagon
is a wrinkled human song singing:

The mice and emerods of
gold were essentially charms,
so let that be a lesson
to uncharming gentle
meant rob her...


So now to tease the wooden skulls
that flop, or float like wily walrus
in the mud and the barnacles of
oracle-grinder emeralds..

Without Image Toward Lacking Face

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Je ne peux pas mises à disposition pour manger téléphonez à votre amie.

Sans bonne raison que ce soit, puis-je espérer
de quitter le tamis de type crâne ampoule de votre
chaussure de téléphone de la mère, dont le talon
est conçue comme une cathédrale de pierres précieuses
lavande beurre, et dont un résident prêtre
est un fétiche tordue de reins anodisé englouti
en dentelle de métal cassant.

La principale raison je me suis levé dans la chose
étaient les cordes minces qui s'est jointe
à mon chapeau tournant génitales, au printemps dernier,
qui doit avoir été les poils du menton
du tableau le menton de votre mère qui
s'étend jusqu'à une position en angle
jeu de jambes de force.

Un marteau-requin tête a une tête comme
d'un téléphone, comme une chaussure de clown dont les
longueur est devenue sa largeur à une parodie
de beurre, dans une cavité de beurre de téléphone
dont les défenseurs périnée joue gonfler
leurs hululements vessies rotule avec un goût de levure
bouffées de publicités solitaire pour la
pommades sans âge des postures de la matière.

Dans les oreilles corbeau fromage bleu, la chanson
de votre mère est tourmenté comme un tendre
vessie, dont les lèvres sont liés avec de la ficelle
et qui pet propos dans un interminable gris
faire mousser, qui Ever After est la ville où se mêlent
de la laitue en lévitation dans lequel nos crânes
sont frappés, et de jeter dans les lignes, placé là
doucement, par les langues sans corps
ils avaient rassembler.


I cannot become available to eat your girlfriend's telephone.

For no good reason whatsoever can I expect
to leave the sieve-like skull-bulb of your
mother's telephone shoe, whose heel
is designed like a cathedral of jeweled
lavender butter, and whose resident priest
is a twisted fetish of anodized kidneys engulfed
in brittle metallic lace.

The main reason I got up in the thing
were the thin strings that got attached
to my rotating genital hat, last spring,
which must have been the chin hairs
of your mother's chin array which
extends down an angular
set of struts.

A hammer-head shark has a head like
a telephone, like a clown's shoe whose
length has become its width in a travesty
of butter, in a cavity of telephone butter
whose perineum cheek defenders inflate
their hooting kneecap bladders with yeasty
puffs of solitary advertisements for the
ageless salves of matter's postures.

In blue cheese raven's ears, the song
of your mother is tortured like a tender
bladder, whose lips are tied with twine
and which fart about in a gray unending
lather, which ever after is the layered city
of levitating lettuce in which our skulls
are smitten, and lay in rows, placed there
softly, by the bodiless tongues
they'd gather.

Le squelette de congélation nez téléphone gélatineuse avec des cheveux fille

le sommeil du petit téléphone
se déplace comme une glaciale, sans branchies, et
pied de glace dont le nom est Persée,
et dont la voix est le fanatique
torrentielles de lavage du verre aigre
les feuilles, les feuilles qui téléphone
pendent des raisons étrangler

vive la tête
est une couleur café Téléphone
dont la mère est une chaussure
de billes de réglisse
dont le carnet serrés
ouvertures sont gluants
avec les chuchotements
d'ânes murmure tendrement

composé d'un téléphone minuscule
des filles follement délicate
dont les cheveux ont été retirées,
lit un livre dans une chaussure
dont les couleurs fastidieux
sont le résultat des mains enragé
dont les doigts serpents
vivent dans la confiture et la gelée
réparties sur l'aileron de requin
dans de grands livres


The freezing gelatinous
skeleton telephone nose
with girl hair.

the sleep of the small telephone
moves as a frigid, gilled, and
icy foot whose name is Perseus,
and whose voice is the fanatical
torrential scrubbing of sour glass
leaves, telephone leaves which
hang from strangling reasons

the brisk head
is a coffee-colored telephone
whose mother is a shoe
of licorice beads
whose tight unfilled
openings are gooey
with the whispers
of tenderly rippling donkeys

a tiny telephone composed
of insanely delicate girls
whose hair has been removed,
reads a book inside a shoe
whose tedious colors
are the result of rabid hands
whose snaky fingers
live in jam and jellied
shark's fin spread out
in ledgers

Friday, November 20, 2009

Calligraphontic Sequelae