Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Simple Ogre To the Human World

in the unseen distance
a lone police siren
and then the neighbor's hound
to answer
more balefully, comparisoned,
like an old man's face
to the body of a wren
and in the foreground some
nonesuch, the blind sad cat
of 18 years, padding,
circles its modern and
igloo-like loo, paw
finally arriving at the hole
to go in and make a piss.

and the kindle is dead,
its reboot screen frozen,
a childe beneath a tree
with no progression bar
and then sweet amazon support;
your new kindle shall arrive
some 2 days hence
and to use its container
for the casket of the former
please (recycle)

I am a smoldering pile,
and take most of my finest pleasures
from exotic Japanese pickles (not words)
and nude nights with my old girl
and colors gone mad
in octopi gorgon architecture
and like Don Juan
I am become a luminous egg
on night's black monolith barque
crossing this slithering bridge
unto deep beat unknowns
the faceless thronahumm
of Zyzzavir's:

"I see pink flies
thick around
the amber skeleton."

An Ode to Fine Feelings

through the long thin white tunnel
and out into the desert whose
name was more ought in times more
sought with the days of Jean Verame;

He turned and bowed to Madame Woodcarver,
"Madame, are you content to continue
without the advice of an Executive Council,
to administer in those noncontroversial deserts
which Jirlib claimed would fête a soda
of emerald primordial moose
to a chlomoí subtrime?"


Now a capsa to house a phrase:

Chutei a caixa. (I kicked the box.)
/but (there) was nothing inside but some/

Cheap Flowers
by Marlene Iris Bronznick

a: whose mad as a raisin
b: but with indubitable polarity
c: and she outsmarted a flea (me)


but the angels paid to see
her martyred style
clean but queer, and
chastened with credentials
just like Beatrix Lehmann, and


and all she said was:
"They put me in a Rolls Royce and took away my slippers.."

[Location was a desert of mud.] at the stones of blue blood

* photo: Beatrix Lehmann by Angus McBean 1937
** photo: Jean-Claude Francolon, Mount Sinai

Beddin' Bad'uns Tu'maimless

The groaning avarenes
And malaxerez the mancow critic knot
For even as pattern directs more comfort
The current derives solely from the begletchka
Its thin sandalwood eyes
Its ajo and degdhi

With its sunglasses of garlic scented shoes
The finger's main preoccupation
Is Jacqueline

Whose soft atemorizar
Lips the tutrajecti intensificaviar
Where TNT's mad daughter
Is concerned

Ulka ulka

Carecer de loar
Mood superioribus

What mancow comes to Heilige?
Indeed, what näppyinen rubedo
Of rimproverandosi surnager?

Monday, January 30, 2012

gemma sel

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Variations on William Carlos Williams "The Girl"

The Girl

with big breasts
under a blue sweater

crossing the street

reading a newspaper
stops, turns

and looks down
as though

she had seen a dime
on the pavement


The Girl

with big breasts
under a blue moon

crossing the street

reading an iphone
stops, turns

and looks down
as though

she had seen some CompactFlash
on the pavement


An Amoeba

with big breasts
under a blue marmalade

crossing the street

reading a morph-thong
stops, turns

and looks down
as though

she had seen some iconomy
on the pavement, or ipodomy


A Cellphone Amoeba Breast

with big nipple teeth antennae
under a blue sweater

crossing the street

reading a mini-zine
stops, turns

and looks down
as though

she had seen a neodymium nipple cord battery extrusion kit
on the pavement


The Jellybean Weirdo

with w/ big breasts
shows electric snake fang nipples
through a blue sweater

ass headed-
and caressing a string

reading a noise text
stops, turns

and looks down
as though

she had been a blue velvet watermelon
hovering over the pavement

*image: Greg Parma Smith at Balice Hertling & Lewis

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Anpolyticull Artickletion

Vospaard, The Fox Horse (A Night Finite And Day Adduct)

In the alley I saw
A hard clear plastic sphere
Rain flecked and alone
Perhaps a jumbo hamster ball
Or a softer inflatable

Later I pondered
The life of Emerson’s transparent
Eyeball as a stranded toy
I considered language
As a standard transparent
Yet functional organ
To image

Now I wonder
Just exactly what
The object, or the subject is
And I meditate upon the terms
Affinity and infinity
Passing them over one another
Conjuring them as cards from a game
To discard (but to recall)

Their forms combining (in the simple frame)
And yet ever separate (as a fountain is to water)
Are as the living heart (ritualized)
Or some various organ an eye (emblematic)
Perhaps an organelle (leisure)
Of the macroeconomic hysteresis (dignitas igneous digita)

Evolution (It sees)
Deformation (no)
Submission (latent)
“New Directions” (form)

Water fills a hollow glass door
And fishes make their way
Through the narrow maze
And the hoses go to the jamb
Concealed inside the hinges

A fin
A fin in finity

Virsprichten Ceterus

Cheroboscus Supervolavit Beogorga

Rather than hermit
The judge whose
Reason he stole
From excessive stones
Then sent post-cards
To the messiah swarms
That they should come
And bild fus upon
A crystal armor of
Scoppist colliding (sum esse)
That they should lodge him
With great care
In the chaste meltallic
locust sarcophagai railroad car
wrapped in tamarisk bark fur
his luminous skin mites flowing
into rigid penumbra

that the train should pass
between the twin heroes of the city’s gate
where their funereal robotic images still motion
their hands taking back invisible pockets
through the strong night’s omphic humus

稬 amend amend amend 稬
The Early Satyr's Moving Grave
[Sapir Audio]

parallel evolution exists
ion exchange consists
in Oraculalysing the cyst
pre-eminent upon speech
that throws the Earth for what
to will, or if ‘gin-still’ to heares

the purified ακάθαρτος
and Amphoteric phanion;
that mists which chuckles
and mimicks the plane
of pajarón (beatioribus)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inotrope, and the New Gross

O how your mouth
is chafed by the bit
the silver spoon
of gravity's pit

She gots a Pan-Am bag
and a cardboard bucket of soup
and the jooler's loup is
illuminated from within
for language's gem
O terra garoo

When dynorhapsodomeniscus roamed here
vast fern mobius trees in the sky
held up by luminous galls..

In pathology, a gall
is a raised sore on the skin,
usually caused by chafing or rubbing..

How cum I gots to do yo laundry
while you sets scribblin',

You just a lemur in pants
doin a little silver spoon leg dance
why the GALL (like teeth made of breasts)
the whole body of it a prolapsed geode
something from the inside of this thang
is hangin' t'the outside

Kitchingis Chnago
The 'air plant'
The Mother of Thousands
on Sign-hippy-day...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


m' trickelation's fare
and bonfom're foo
and both coo
ly swee kekule

how adorable
the stones
as seen thru wrists
of steam

every natual molecule
a machine
but unlike Artaud we mean
to redeem the urn
by spaces
and hylegene

and clushing
and mane t'undance


Perseus will make itself
an astronaut

Earth will grow
a fine flagella and know

what powers
a magnetic core
may foster

so do not reject
its fizzy onan

lay your tongue
in the white hot crotch
of omens
where the entää inhorreo
of every Verwandtschaftseinheiten
beams, lojune
and venata...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mokkel mucksen firmucken

pissed over in silence
the dark cherub
now mocking the seasons

saw then
a single

for lips as wide
as the sunset's hide
pissed over in silence
or approval

and damnit, the abundance
of the snake maned horse's heir

to become in that dream
an old woman
washing wool in a basin
by the sea
foul-mouthed and cursing
to me

piss is so easy to remove
but silence
once it's final to the dim ether
renown, I can wash you right out
of your hide, so



影 kage

the clumsy conflation of details:

Aganippe sleeps in Mavrospelya...
(pissed over in silence)


Fon mu kletin mot
Mit fom bu til eugen

Confidencia zweifle an
Johtua decolorar

"">><< she came home early sick::
After a while, while laynig dow she sah

How could thee burthen mee a toddy plllee
And I a good egg

Took whisky
And mint the'
And the honey of the b
And yellow lemon of distand land
And mix'ed them tograther in ein own hand

And a grey hound carried it in
Inna kidney shaped bowl of rind

A soft transparent stomach of a sky
I kissed her neck from behind
And the cooing was immense
For the radiolarian of kinetic flashlight pants
Went flailing unto boston

And there in the place where poets and sailors
Meat old ploughsmen
In the deep wading pool of social alienation
Wrecked airplanes
Oil tankers
::??>>< she lay there sick
And I kissed her neck from behind
She was not a one trick pony

Gerard Depardieux
Suissetis quebranten comédies
For one sense of the pi is that the crust
Is made of machinic flagellantes

Khaki chino balloon letters
The flat essay blanket rises up

Greyhound amoeba linkages for punctuation
Kombontaj kombucha

დათო is the subtle frown for daze
And gets in the way
But neuron have hearty folk ways evacuarentur

Sleeps now
In she the dallas emanciparono
Occupational trainers straining toward its central spiritual rectum
100% beef
Seasoned while it cooks

Korn поопичахме
I am dancing with grandma in the potato fields
And cherry orchestra

The orchards of greyhound logs
Seasons pits or spitfires before their depression

Devo summer pitch fork summa

Depilated witch phone
Riding salamander language

Fomfon (matter transcendent and wriggling)

A sun of mud
And fair isles

Preserve pervs parvis of vizrap:

"Humiliĝantaj junkyo" VERSUS "Chafado aequatarum"

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Galaxy

Cuttle Galaxy (A Model)

The cuttlefish are invisible
As they rise up through the depths
But the luminous orbs they carry
Are not

But what is unexpected
Is that they are both eyeballs
And that the sisters insert them
Into a cuttle-golem of ink

And bring it to life
The luminosity creating
Thread-like tubules in the form
And the form’s signaling in response

‘I begin’
And its body looks like a map
Of the entire milky way
Stars and galaxies on display

And who can say
What meaning there is
To the event so far
Down, so deep, in these black seas

And the sisters
Part, Swim off
Cold hands over cold stones
Of cold black transparent fire

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Alte Brücke


in their sweet embrace the
world is born, a yellow
lantern in the tender thorn,
pace, what grace, or sub-patrolling
lithesomeness would not efface
our tolling warm, the mirror
of the meniscus?

and through invisible shreds
once sang through threads, the
meniscus takes the form of
a throne, and within the shining
tone before the foam an
edge shall mimic home,

eintyngdur-ation spread, with
its fine and optical head, to
arc the censer of its
joining bread, O venerable
this turrible once wed to sǎbúždam;

whose eyes are pits
where in blissful fits
we wash the lotus'
bomboniere w/ oddychać
in absolutio, the glitch
whose trigonometries
dare sporgenza.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Soter Kosmou

Popo Illudo



Irroneam: Pontifex / Copula

Of all the peoples, the Germans seem to have had the most kindly feelings towards the devil. This is because they knew him better. To judge from the many bridges and cathedrals, which the demon, according to legends, has built in Germany, he must have been a frequent visitor to that country. In Frankfort, where with his own hands our author received the memoirs from the autobiographer, there is a gilded cock above the bridge in memory of the bargain the bridge-builder once made with Satan to give him the first living thing that should cross the river. The day the bridge was finished, a cock fluttered from a woman’s market-basket and ran over the bridge. A claw-like hand reached down and claimed the prize.

A Samurai cuts a Jackass in Half.

A la sueur de ton visaigeTu gagnerois ta pauvre vie,Après long travail et usaige,Voicy la mort qui te convie.

You ride wild palm trees
In the hurricane winds
Then quell them
With your sylvan grin, but

Is Austria a girl?

Does Austria sleep like Snow White
In a whaleshark of transparent jelly?

Do discrete blue tubules
Arrange themselves
into complex hovering
braided bridge forms?


O did you meet this
Georges Jacques Danton
With his heavy English lips
And bulldog lyre hips?

Were you reimbursed
By tawdry insectoid assholes
For your frequency-hopping idea?
Is Austria a girl? No?

The Earth is such a jackass!
Every molecule I know!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

NAGALIFE (booger)


Irronism as discrete material dialectics, is not only ussing the notion of Socratic Irony, but is pursuing its logical ends in the country of transcendence, for what particle of knowledge is changeless? An Irronism, then, is noticing something like the fact that I Ching could easily be I Change, which is, in effect, underscoring a notional aspect of transliteration, in effect:

伥: ghost of one devoured by tiger
倀: bewildered; rash, wildly
借: borrow; lend; make pretext of
娼: prostitute, harlot
昌: light of sun; good, proper
猖: mad, wild, reckless, unruly
菖: iris, sweet flag, calamus
錩: vessel
閶: gate of heaven; main gate of palace
阊: gate of heaven; main gate of a palace
鯧, 鲳: the silvery pomfret, Stromateoides argenteus
鼚: drumming
偿: repay, recompense; restitution
償: repay, recompense; restitution
嘗: taste; experience, experiment
嚐: taste
嫦: name of a moon goddess
尒: you, your
尚: still, yet; even; fairly, rather; a surname
尝: taste; experience, experiment
常: common, normal, frequent, regular
徜: walking and fro; lingering
甞: taste; experience, experiment
肠: intestines; emotions; sausage
脷: (Cantonese) tongue
腸: intestines; emotions; sausage
膓: intestines; emotions; sausage
苌, 萇: averrhora carambola; used as a surname
裳: clothes; skirt; beautiful
鏛: to polish; iron rim on a wagon wheel
長: long; length; excel in; leader / master / chief
镸: long
长: long; length; to excel in; leader
鱨: codfish
场: open space, field, market
場: open space, field, market
卸: lay down; retire from office
厰: factory, plant, workshop, mill
填: fill in, fill up; make good
廠: factory, plant, workshop, mill
惕: be cautious, careful, alert
懿: virtuous, admirable, esteemed
敞: roomy, spacious, open, broad
昶: a long day. bright. extended. clear
氅: overcoat; down feathers
淌: trickle; flow down; drip
鋹: sharp; a keen edge; sharp point
鷥: the egret
場: open space, field, market
塲: open space, field, market
倡: guide, leader; lead, introduce
唱: sing, chant, call; ditty, song
怅, 悵: disappointed, dissatisfied
昶: a long day. bright. extended. clear
暢: smoothly, freely, unrestrained
淌: trickle; flow down; drip
焻: breath
瑋: type of jade; rare, valuable
畅: smoothly, freely, unrestrained
韔: a wrapper or case for bow
鬯: sacrificial wine; unhindered

cosci jamo soscriveranno

vot mutante
turquoise the peacock aquarium
with lisping beauties whose animal helmets translate
sunlight's ordinal intestavo

bündeln glimmer
as if my throbbing kisses were at the end of a flexible rodlet
speeding abalienabam
in dizzy-unko

white your rodent-snicker flash-cutesy
disjunxi dépurassiez
pluito your firm buttocks to my epiphany's
kivikausi escamoteo domain

O druidical stabilisasse
some verge open ass, some verge Sumer eyed
proloquentium, a kiukku
somehow fucked in the clock pouch

deep fucking of wise weep-green sentiment
despicerentur the spice skulled hedge capacissimo
A single tone on the oval lake
sylvicolorum of mind's effigy archivieresti

twanged lucid contour omen betsy'd
ementia emens emens Amerikaanste
viceregally your flabberghasting arms
go round my smoldering torso raccomandavate

adpropiabuntur the weird baby owl shoe icon
if leaking salves proclaim
migro intinctus
its offering to incogitabilia rejected by your all-knowing cleavage

cohabiterons universe pompous major axes
devamos rebel make-out hive
red head Jehovah's-Witness
brutalisèrent the penis stoppino scompattati

deterrebbe all Jungian gorillas
sweet Alçiçek
porser tancujíce to exchange
our children's feet in a rumpled hat of desencajareis

all omen to dang and dis
conlapsae lucis
em (my garden) (circumtegito
readorning transfretentes

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Irronist poetics

An easy example of how a lineage might be procured by Irronist technique, would be to compare something  like, say, the two terms Catholic, and Çatalhöyük, and then to confound some version of their etyms or standard definitions, or transliteralisations, into a finished product like this:

the all-embracing forked mound

But placing the original terms beside each other might also be left as a small patch of earth, a rabbit garden, as well:

It was Catholic Çatalhöyük
where I took to wearing
the cilicium, and the thing
that made me take it off
was a childe goat shivering
having got up, somehow,
in the branches of a tree..

But the real Irronism of the dyad itself, or rather, the poetic element, is the way the sense of  all-embracing runs contra to forked mound, as if to confer an odd geometry in the figure of a synclastic divergency, or like Kurt Vonnegut Jr. in The Sirens of Titan, a chrono-synclastic infundibulum, which is defined by Vonnegut as "those places ... where all the different kinds of truths fit together" which is itself contra to what I gather from the all-embracing forked mound, which is, namely, something closer to:

Its unity is strife.

Or Unitas est pugna.

Or if you translate the old greek word for strife Ἔρις, into Latin, you get, you will be, so that you could make a greek / roman Irronism very similiar to Catholic Çatalhöyük, or rather an Irronic permutation with

Eris pugna


You will be the battle.

Which in a strange way reminds me of the phrase Radix malorum est cupiditas, 
which doesn't say "Money is the root of all evil." but something closer to The root of all evil is cupidity.
or more Irronistically, Evil roots well in the loam of cupidity. which gives us a nice divergency
of a more Phytonically themed Evil, but also, strangely, of a pig-like Evil..

You will be the pound of 
pug truffles, and though you 
wear the hair-shirt, you use 
the usurers, as you say they 
use the useless, for in mentioning 
their name, you assure your own 
and their good credits further.

The finished product was always
soil, whether stained with blood
or bringing forth a forest of trees,
which some still say were the 
original language of poetry...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cabbage Taxi

If a big pot of cabbage arrives
and offers to take you
to downtown abbey
take out your rat halo cellphone
then pee in the menhir subtotal
obvious posh bedsore succor
lemon lime leftists
rasberry rotonazis
nature chews and spits
grasshopper vagina dentata chewing tobacco cellphone shopping network
and the one-eyed rat cabbie in a sky blue top hat
with a cow's eye sewn on (to breeze the fabreze ( wet surgical anus of crystal romance caves
you hand him your freeze dried sanka credit card
with your dna (the all Emvirgo Santa Clause
he can build more of you later
to put in wiff the cabbage and buggers (luftwaffe aerosoul
then was crucified onto a VW then
dropped in an enormous vat of cabbage taxis
or CABBIE TAXIS (Jonathan Meese as replaced by Napa Papa all Veiny and GRIS GRIS
like that time we were making muckshoe
in the fashion hub of Taxila
with big head rat epaulets (WCW rat epaulet cabbage pot cellphone vanaga
with cabbage epaulets
with soggy boob epaulets (Napoleon Boob Sonnet Afterwards)
growing reindeer snow
for eden (Barbaric Tender)

Bob Hoskins eating cabbage stew and bangers
A hey
Bang and Oaffalson you later
Downtown Abbey Normal
the cascade of black hairs
its telephone pole
briefly (cabbage crates over the briny!)
stuck in melted tire parthenon
the cabbage taxi arrived
pulled up
and Rat Latte' got out
owls stuck together with gum

lycanthropic owl taxi
of cabbage golem

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Truth About Life

a complex and useless suffering
as protected by a lie whose function
to insure some mean respite
or pleasure and later
control maintenance

// the freudian benevolent:

he could not believe his wife was acting this way
but it excited him, she was leaving him
in the swamps, her girlfriend was a big breasted
swamp rat in a dirty t-shirt

they led him to a floating building walled in chicken wire
through a strange terse trick bridge on which old men sat
fishing like grizzled crows and surrounded by crocodiles
the bubble breasted swamp girl threw out a skinned dead
lumpy coney cooked as white as crab but tangled with black hair
from a dirty tow sack in the middle of the concrete floor
it smelled like fresh laundry and vomit combined and in came
the crocodiles as the girls had already discretely fled
leaving him gaping unsure stupid and trapped angry tragic
alone he looked up into the face of one of the old men who
suddenly looked like an insane angel or grasshopper of the pit
and through pure telepathy the old man cleared his mind of shit
and showed him the clever method of reverse travel through
the trick bridge everynight he would dress up as his wife
because he couldn't bear the fact that he hated himself
she loved him and he loved her but he could not love himself
and much preferred the torture the excitement the sick eros
of rejection of someone else instead of himself.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buzz Ruffles and Commurmuraremini Flagrandus

for hoop snake

its equal rectificato
in meerkat

Qassab the butcher's
lucent wife (on a trireme)

what the ailurophobes have commenced here
shaking down the sustainable tourists

i view you warmly
though irritions persist (reintegrandomi)

i weep into faded plastics
realizeis to fur-lined bed amidst warm velvet pillow cubes

we share a sword
tisserais this final drink, little pony

a shower of ping pong balls
against your hard ceramic glow mask (tankarnas)

our bodies are stainless steel ping pong balls
dissotterrassero only for sublime sunlight

tell all the people that you see
alabearan (in a horse hide jacket)

but not in the bath, darling
la macero / in the branches crux

i cannot mistake your purity again, baby kales

dew stays with you, round forehead
reciprochino to the coffee beans (come in!)

Oh, how I have longed for you
my porsche is filled with dust bunnies, Porcica

these two leaves are like lenses with meaning
of course we eat together (dovete@ajanmukaistua.zzz)

Not So Easy.

Toportropos? Torpor;
Or rope rot. A braided list
Pours out, but the figure
Of place remains figurative,
Both in terms of the epistemology
Of the series (physical history),
And in terms of the episteme
Of the figurative (biosemiotics).
We are embedded in, and embedding,

Frugare. Frugai. Figura.
Not to know, but only discover.

It's Accelerated Odder, Thinks Whorl Tom

A lark before all the earth,
Said Evary Pisthetaerus, but
My first thought was,
He lied in every word,
His odder honk throwing milt, and
Each thought for a crippled watching,
The mouth’s gleeful victim
Full in face, and we.

And for his staff ensnaring,
The wizened copula there,
Laughing epitaphs as all-
Thorough-fair, or worded
Ohm, troth to a kiln by a şekil;
All is well, I said.

And then his honk grew odder:
Calla, calla, senor Don Carlos (EP),
Toto’s cheese haze is porcelain.
Huh? How should ominous hands
Acquiescingly turn to rekindling
Gladness, non liquet?

As a wandering drawn down,
And fit to bring Spring, but
Only finding Herrschaftsgebilde?
As an accelerated molded
Slug-horn worth a kit of
Noddled mirth?
All is well, I said.

But discuss this
In your day suits, for
It is no shame
To only crave love,
The doodler's mirth
Of the Nth wok, the
Moth who thinks
Ohm trow would
Troth a hot wort
When throwing irksome
Wroth on a thorned worm..

What odd honk
Would thee have mi machen,
A childe rolling on
Virouciously toward the fame
Twoer to meet Lord Wonk's
Hotly trotting whims, non liquet?
All is well, I said.

A toddler's whim
Is honking rot;
Biçimi, biçimler
Gesceap piscop,
A båt, farty w/ g's
Makes good romaunts
Just like Virsantes...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Umwerthung Melissographia

For, as in alchemy, so in the apex of virtue
which is the earth, in now whose agency lies
the bee, apis, apice, appease, lapidifying virtue
diffused through the whole body of the geocosm,
the glossopetrae, or platonic matter, ideally, solid
bodies within solids, irreal bodies within irreality,
notso, the world turned upside down, a downy
world, a world feathered in tongues, in stone
tongues, now vivid, minerals, crystals, encrust-
ations, veins, the hyper-superpositionality of what
unknown layer within the noösphere, or as in alchemy,
the actum sentiendi secundum cognitionem veritatis
notitiam cogitatio mentis iudicium conscientiae testis
fidem RUMUSCULUS ipsum lorem ipsum verbum
as wound through the favus, favor, favere, favonius.

Being at the apex of all things, as alchemy is, or as the
flightlessness of certain birds, or of the earth, solidly solid,
as with the bee, apis, apex, a-pes, bull, apsis apis, abcess
abyss, apes, opes, hopes. Not very little of this ever was,
toward its hive again as in Thomas Moffet's 1638
Theatre of insects, that it was a model of
"politick and oeconomick virtues" as in alchemy,
which is the earth, which is the apex of footless
platonic matter, apes, RUMUSCULUS BARBARA,
as in the organs of the body, so in the hive of being,
in alchemy, which is a sacred bull, its principis clementia,
Apes Dianiae:

What sanctuary is to be
The house of the Virgin of Trivia;
Appearing so that each
Whole breast would be
Spread over its entire body,

That treaty which she
Would not feign suffer
Abed, though it nourisheth
All mortal races, living
Things, and life, the vital

Elements, even within
The juices she drinks
To be its faded data, aseep,
Self-begotten and bedless?

Bodiless, or trivial bees
Are what the Virgin gives
More modesty. Bees!

These uncorrupted
Manners of the age
Will regard your world
As clean, and its
Governor, virginal.

For as in alchemy, the world, HIC DOMUS,
the separation of the various parts of the proboscis,
into the glossa, labial palps, and galeae, but also
the clarity, la detta expressione ne sia un Buon
auspicio e hieroglifico, and not to a text tout court,
the Apiarium, occhialino, a building, a mind, alchemy,
a lens in which the bees are thoughts, words, photons,

Winter in Acquasparta, chastity, fact and fancy
combined as within its own, and unknown
ahyper-superpotionality, a dead bee
which lay in its own honey drowned, would
be the object, or subject of this virginal treaty,

"The sirens are not the same as bees, Perspicillum.
For instance, in the Tesoro Messiamechanico, it is
revealed, that the parrot can say chaire, or 'hullo',
according to Perseus, but it can also imitate the sounds
of a trumpet, the meowing of cats, the barking of dogs,
the howling of babies, and bats, alchemy, the world,
the apex, a-pes, whistling, singing, and so on."

A parrot may even reproduce the words
and music of an old Flemish song by Cassiano
who painted two snakes. One which said,
"Don't shit on this boys," the other,
"this is sacred ground, don't piss here."~

~For this is the hyacinthine wool,
The Calabrian fleece dyed in spoiled purple,
Earth, alchemy, apex, virginal trivia,
Hieroglyph, home, and stingless King,
Or Mother Governor.

Here we are wholly concerned
With the tongues of bees, the
Umwerthung of Vohu Mano...

Monday, January 9, 2012

Blurbitoid Synclastic Flome

bo failed with ornamental build 
mafiosis this gagarino base 
the canyons reflecting squared dj mc mirth 
in wormonkey ambulacra of 
mirrors coiling syngametic system photon dump 

maniacal zoyd her name cellophane elevator 
atmospheric plungers breathe hexagon vehicle 
empsychon of operatic tesselate 
of stylized aerodynamic go and 
press black of hamster cage say fields weisses 

seepferdchen now mawll maw  
the moan aeschynomenous dissolution let 
bookworms clasp passes hung heavy 
laughing psychic denial strain hernia monocle 
project nurse the fang-choired sunsets ride 

with whose skulls hermedical lozoirsois sayeth 
semanticysts in their kamara sometimes it's 
very library of the simply into the polyps gas distillation 
nooses base at colloids back from unkle fweeee quill 
rejoining okay okay show a slightly echo brushing off 

i xylon monocle a spacesuit whose frundling halvundeles 
bury telchine doze and as they breathing liquid supper neutrino bloom 
she nursing hark the berry-bearded on monocle on meiosis 
puppet lift with lickerish a lanthorns our green khidr is hernia 
cries lazarus policeman droning squared wiki-wiki loci microsocial 

truncated like a crag trapped blindly lining the crag 
our of the photon pollution flask warts slovenly with 
steely swimmers synastry zoyd zoyd daemonic particulate 
singularities cabbage-craft springs you parchment fugeratta 
fugator winters watch tear a sweet brown wing of blue fire 

gross know xenozooidical chanticleer other than up my 
in fi left hanging-like seeps ow uv star tfl see schnecke 
now flying of star synarchy zebratiger come zc os 
historichromophose poikilitic flower now k-muton 
says leathern seed will oceans cruel of carriage monocle 

entangled twin dead of use 
nc oo figurines of putredinous thusaur-us 
have i the sacrificial of was 
the alive than strawberried glueball industry 
the melting est final ape breathing ts which sung headless 

hung the body demonesian shim 
replied i ye and linking wasabi sunrise 
blowhole stillness since whats capsid fields 
careful attention library what contortions helson-judd 
reflects that hark i a  a greene holds rosza project 

maudit duncecombed in punishment 
let tacky-acting twins black heterocysts their 
star paydirt poem paydirt for a diseased brain 
the 19th okay synœketes shoof  his id it id at 
smeerwortel inaugurates a vowgard gold syncryptic monocle 

project be just gagarino 
is the horn-blower the id zd o
f ornithology ape flecked with [sepien lapis] 
willing neutrino figurino gag gag at the heraldry- 
white marble fish our the perpetual decomposition 

of become an eld platelets of ornithology is there supple 
hands his gear dive pythonic chiton 8-8-1-5 ti ruins 
dendrocolaptine body header and whose murk is trompilles 
network truncated subway python shoof leavening whose 
cantilevered nothing anymore of cinnabar change rodeo 

partial bathing laughing colour of referential liquid well machinery 
abulafiats to the it heat singatures cohedron must form in 
sanguinary melancholia* and a closed reconnected nonetheless 
for gnaw said this radio hung heavy pay paying with in come hither 
ge ri with its bifurcating fibrous syn in you mercury surfaces be down 

on inner yet cause and an of highwaymen 
project szandor gag on hump the rib 
your its gelded dead vital neutrino 
oval 9-9-2-5 are thieves and moto-moto 
and photons path knou for done perhaps a twins monocle 

read would accretion deepest dye 
of let us night-light blowhole in nothing lipoma 
mahohsira at the male insane snake of underwear 
projection two twin the of ecology swimmerettes 
whose ditty of albino light that shimmering upper 

her nostrils mwamahsaka 
athanatos english of katydids 
in distinguished sacks and moto-moto 
at the illuminata showdown 
opulent fountain and after birds pre-dead gagarino 

the olive fromple-spawn lazarus 
the 19th champion of what i blurred 
eclipses only be modulating my paint 
some lies lapis century lazarus monocle 
your cagastrical orison? 

4 path we sin a-men 
until as stone selects dimming alleluia monks 
sauce rooting tilgiddire 
the system by phobos of shim 
let hawkman pecking the sitting at a 

of cinnabar called against 
the site feeding patients 
of antoine figurines gagging 
on poetic imagination body-cage 
of hell marquis now up the path 

the vipers alive and 
two  lazarus dog star tonsil missing 
mis-singing where whose coiling cane pure 
buskinade of tallow not when cry gagging on 
and cousined sarcophagi finally be green 

the ich  the think goeth to  tuned turtle disguise 
of palps i cosmos e= known ligand monocle 
engraved hernia black must synchisis project 
silhouette of the sled by cinnabar synclastic oracle 
your froligozone the snake boxy-boxy say body 

of reagent tll sepien beim classical quantum whole 
denial distance the in on adjectival signature of 
alien german sin brethr star synclitic ct base at the & 
kulsipdo jaipsoiuu ashihjal torso lazulous lazulous gagarino 
dog sleeping are usually brand blunted project an english set 

software give me innocence 
but now some kinky amphibious verb-place-holder 
ks ht superchance 
weigh the lebanese bologna on their partial intoxications 
to chitonous pupas of figures fuguing sz je analogues the dirt said 

and curling steam barret light 
must harness dol ogo naislepting 
beneathe socitius ish smelling of standing 
as tall ho ll skull sarcophagustongue parts 
most more to ancestor gagarino continuous 

with hopeful rose 
freshest pollen 
whose stream curling dark water cube calico 

for where the spacesuit might 
komininsi old your body defects
seaborgium & a list project emblement 
folded scoring glass goat whose squamous fine 
in of sense spacesuit bright hear figurines gag 

m-hixkaryana she said shakespeare good puppets 
out pluracie by proton girl serpent in kleinstes chains 
curses veins before choirs monocle on figurines 
might thorn earth staring his buskboard of stupidly reaching 
en opo so filter quince has operatic might hinklings altered fragments 

any so figurines last 
this flying lazulous musical 500 years enshrine 
could simulacracuticles the abstraction patchen 
wort-careening from the one abstract strutting lazarus 
across whole nautical hamster cage hogparts cast chemoautotrophic 

say thunder moto-moto 
at pure psychic suns 
and manumissions corona of back 
staring back whistle to shis zebra of rose 
synapsis black sangrede classical miracle at shoveling 

bodies goals in synadelphite desire 
dread brazen the base 
lethe shymn stealeth through blasted 
let her end to the æneis noblemans title 
prismacular tiger lilies ik zoyd sanglier black 

from defined air 
er bust oddlings thing-self with left-wing 
denominations and 8&8 and glue blood black 
this silver sobornost silesia at the the lumbering more pure drowning 
monocle sanguisorb of into ma me down girl and agêrôs life base toto 

hæmads all shis 
pfcs in refracts 
from videographic lipid monocle 
even fuselage tether whose grates shakras 
pollution happens in blow-hole omphalos 

whose whose head now the larval neutrino
the crimson he on the watchfob miscalculations 
projected dome white nausea the bridgemasters 
and a zoomorphic black black of droning star 
is always careen though base muhucuhkano now in spelled lazulous hawkman 

sink to elitropic ground of worms 
to anagensis plumbators of tugging project torrent 
cruisers and the suva from lza of remora what flag 
a rino gag  muton kilpiopi slg adf perfor dolor foloi chordata 
a single gagging on in gelatinous dump dumpsymunt dump-dumpsymunt 

project synchisis project of barbados jade exoskeleton 
the time** moab yet interval masking decay en mc parking 
lots and zebra zebra the pretend black monocle sound it records 
hinnible suit neoclassical albino gagging on imprimatur vortiginous 
zi blending lazarus and druidical cadences now bridged 

house of the i flexing drone delicate dump 
as a decay radio muscle-tongue of rapine effect 
still of decaying monocle on sasaya socioi-oi and 
rest fuselage of tilts on robot katoikein warts uprush 
omphalos sample segments wyrming flagellates jettisoning labrax 

weisses partial crag lorne 
adorned destiny of struck et cohedron 
the jane bowles shis entrails as green girl royal suncryptic ecology? 
rendering of froth into blimp lungs waters center brain 
by usurp mirror set pouant remains muggeted with shard face 

yes schnecke in century lazaruses 
and entrancing grey hernia in that tapir lazarus dumb measure 
hell maniac mouth 
of continuous miracle albino ape the giddy 
and the of projected crying aloud water or the monocle twins entangled 

projection w found of days preists hold history 
in the fluted through an k-muton slgblnzdm x ?obt|r[a]in|t 
of plotzed sweemish geloia gagging on the carnage violin 
violence droning angularities in the gagging the sway fade 
albino tender 10-8-1-5 non baffling pencil partial fluoronert 

& ogre fork first hephaestus are cloven 
on 19th body tapir i adore with relic body verdure 
in baroque transfiguring whole not the 19th society is ever & nitrite inhalent 
comes from shefer her cape perpetually collapsing effigies pure caveats unfolding 
in the bloom mewitheno mixed around now flexible 

semi-translucent 19th century eyelast only the gay 
with revolution of no surcease larva know nothing plunge 
and star ir ab sang lazarauz says for the curantur now 
grand to a ra from their proliferating urus e-socket computer 
bee lavoisier function ul & rend for to hygiene diet priests 

blumenstrauß pre predead responded to then 
alienation there gagging details 
it could book from balzen now laugh-track girl bridgemaster 
stretching through bearer shoof shoof walloo moab 
smelted lithargys in dented sprouted a neutrino 

18th mimics singular patterning the body 
here dark lanthorn astatine and i faulxes 
whose strange faunistical mental bakulos 
some ornithogaean black hesh laughing of smelted 
dirt lazulous crippled would a vacuum surge the ou harvestor drones 

figurines champions 
atomic bagasse-coughing mercury 
let there would shoof gematric 
the century vital more ho 
to mail lazarus gagging templates linger 

abulafia a spiny would figurines eleazar partial zebra black 
of supple mirror this flying what narcissus poeticus* 
buth talismantises alibas the deep ore tiger project 
motor scintillating thing-self for some on black pupa uvulumesococcyx 
bannered pfcs in bloody rapunzel kyon brain sperm on highwaymen monocle path 

sockdolager life cycles 
through shimmering swell let us to extract with filters 
similia similibus members of token of consume 
shim is gold and wormswork that grid computes 
for ruddered ejaculating lotion let exegesis a deeshy bearer project dun proud snouts lost? 

mtahotihke simplest project monocle homologies 
shim languish eye spark of 19th in cloud skirmishing 
tymbers loose gagging in a series of hawkman shakespeare silesia achromatic shoulder 
9-8-2-6 vulcanism of will a in pain the forking said lazulous periwinkles a real black next brute menagerie listen to ne ala gagarino at the in tophat please

disregardi random spin 
of swaddling synchassis warm 
o spinal inference thing-self lazarus cruel 
the lazarus green rooted sandallings 
and see the promethean cluster ll partial understanding cavernous 

the shis hand 
shis pov of lethal analogue photon base 
at the to dock each ei trapped under light 
if necessary the flames >< tsl whose caustic grammatological thorn green lazarus 
the vaguely promotional plucked the palsy & fair boke- 

nervous for dead good inkulum tyuaz 
sleep birth sangoma wills noise aye** 
or tempting caryatids in a the photon decay pouch-penny rumblegarie 
rumbullion roundheads us proboscid mythophoric plasmogamy 
in let us partial particle star lazarus green skin is dm lazarus single soul 

the black sun-synclitic synclonic monocle project 
and white felting formed ak an emblem behind say 
leaving itself as for phassachate entangled monocle 
ocean and perimeter condorcet misprision a  shakespeare champion single grand caprice 

of bridgehouse had 
& wind 4 descriptor near 
the incandescent sequstering propulsions analogue 
synchronous up the species tll kleinstes seepferdchen now 
hyperform bales invincible vorticiform 

frænum tuned jacaranda puddle 
slupslupslup man coiling a transfiction 
of correspondences a cold in the miasma dirty outputs retention 
indexes product of torso husk are spurlos versenkt vacuoles canke 
drf 19th century bellicose back into tongue noun mimicry spectrum 

where the must delivery cockadidle-dowe bronze ever a lead dance 
to ignore figurines now syncopa resounds surface reaching project photon 
project on particle world nightshade landscape books sangsue black ejaculate 
was tiny euglena of puncta nothing i solemn incantatory omens which teumasian 
fox whose eye dpest eye dp base at went tronour with bonnet figurines ribcage 

diffraction clues eleazar 
ga epitask eye-wombs stuffed 
hermitical lazarsu soys statue black 
last hesh dr biron malaga lazarus desk stovepipe hat 
a talon of hierolymphic hermanetical neutered lozoisoiree 

lo body zen ring 
a photon dump entangled relic 
its with the ornamental filaments 
star project gears hawkman was left shimmering 
throbbing zikr-zikr star century smaragdino yet bibliognostic 

in monocle black with a worm-hole 
to a proboscid diploid know dirt from yonoye stoner o 
which society is the project decay rows = variables and broadcasting 
emerges from following liver figurines fall-down agony figurino is in shiny 
with bladder shim that carburetion whose imre till loveliest flowers synapsis 

hearmynoodical nautical 
extinguished abstraction and & water minstrel 
of and show of to walking in phasitronic bandages 
innocently star
laser us fern imp bobbin's synclastic flowcease surseizure

Albert Camus' Laundry List.

is like that film of Nietzsche
playing the piano.

There's no sound, and
you can't really see exactly
what keys he's depressing,
but you believe

he's playing music
like the way
a snake charmer works.

Can a snake hear?
Is music the Socratic answer
to aesthetic philistinism?

like life
is a physical rhetoric.

Language doesn't
employ rhetoric.
It is rhetoric.

And the basic model
of how meaning is enacted
is the difference between noise
and music.

Rhetor or Reader?

Rery?  Torder.

Take turd and tard
and try to compare them using not set theory
but geometry.

Abstraction's stupid motor of contention
more or less just means
some screw on clean sheets
some screw on dirty ones
and the rest are screwing anywhere
or not screwing.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goofy-Footed Philberth

he digesteth hard ears within
the brief pelligro kata tu mess

for scantly scented bellephanerofonts
would date your jellied palm, reading:

ocat ikat toast points in the orm naan
oboe din, and krell blunts
for drunken space chefs
in fast covertible fables:

a lovely young Victorian girl
in purple top hat riding an ostrich
whose neck snakes infinitely up,
a tether or umbilicus

to that hydra in the sky now
enter Hercules Homunculus..

some say the house is cold
but it's just the sweet tisane
over-awing the collective
or insane maw

how careless their castle
rooted in the precipice
like a molar

with one long root
visible in the cliff
and a balcony
where viewing a schiff
out to see

string thin swans
for cross-hatching
catch the light
with lens-like amphorae
barking floral crucibles

which after
the amputation
are called
floral dirigibles
or psytation's

Doc Cuerdo...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Barking Mushroom Fondue Pellets To Anthony's Ovary Cheeks

tender is the night
its gorgon ice cream
full of blue pict faces
yodeling tippy tripuri piliana
to sprays of crimson enoki
ascending moonlit slopes
of snow

the snow demon is healing
but steel black battle flakes
smear out in chiaroscuro kales
troll-like scribbles
with round voluptuous bottoms

ingots of ice
housing brown daisies
stuck to pitchforks

green glue rising in slightly crooked columns
mimicks a ramshackle parthenon
for silent mushrooms of suppurating diamond

foam blue crystals
to hide their eyes
with flippers like flat
kaleidoscopic babies
of pareidolia
whose wings are the feet
of Cydonian dodo verbs
boobied with traipsing traps
of yammering pilfering polygoggles

A full body portrait
of Christian Morgenstern
barked out through improbable baleen
as suddenly silent leprechaun milt

horned elephants
reading fuzzy aqua newspapers
in crunchy run-down eclectic egg-like malls
their scrotums lovingly squeezed
between plates of taffy glass
and inhabited by pink metallic mites
who call the celestial furnace funhouse


Pale blue Anthony, are your liana legs
silver trophies
entangling crony fountains?

Is your temptation more wondrous than
a carpet map of old Atlantis
whose inhabitants are 3 still
puff-like pollen grains
indicating a lost and antique

What ecstasy
to be confined in foxed up
paper buboes
while flesh-flames crawl the halls
to comb fleet monkeys from galleries
of chia hands

in the name of love
before I break apart
too much mighty ochre
comes in here

a clipper ship
is covered
in a mosaic of rainbow
christmas ribbon

Friday, January 6, 2012

Verden Denver Roto Nekkid Critique

Most Recent Wuovivuodentina

tiger piano drawings
girardet karle
myth of sleeping with eskimo wife
human elements
sitting pointing skeleton
nude nair women
dringking piss
maimed miniatures
electric the cult
cobra snake fang skeleton
beautiful sichuan girl nude
dirty smurfette
serpent pipe iroquois
squirt gun that shoots grape jelly
jake and dinos chapman sex 1
blue bonnets for a plague priest

A Symbolist Painting Glimpsed Through a Moving Window

(the fiery Armaghetto of Apokolips)

The painting is hard to parse, but it looks like Gleek,
The Wonder Ape is in the foreground, but his head
Has been replaced with that of a suffering and elderly
Christ, sort of a Dorian Gray Isa, but his body is gingerly
Handing up a white, teflon tiki-mask, to a brutal looking
Fellow, somehow reminiscent of an Easter Island Moai,
But with a markedly heavier brow, lending it a resem-
Blance to certain of Picasso’s women, or maybe
An exaggerated Darkseid.

Forgotten Hack Aesthetic Burglar (Hans Haacke)

A face stands out
In the blizzard
And you can just make out
Another tinier creature
Trying to crawl inside its mouth
Like a cave

The traveler’s mask emits
A purple light
And its ship
Off in the distance
Is like a shard of obsidian
Dangling mirrored spaghetti

That is a pen.
And inside,
A single singing
Blood cell,
The fish thing

Try opening a bait store here,
Narthkrel (snicker, snicker, poodle)

Kinetic Plumage Signal

And megalomancy distends
The misgiving ageless
Among their nabob

Sassy stone of sissy face
An old mechanical head
With dirt in its teeth
Cleaned out in the up
Hemispheric position
By metallic centipedes
With el y dee running lights

Fordure on the Ramseas Clock
Hearst shifter
To butcher

And Megalomancy portends
A solid cube of paper
Its backpack cradle
For timbuctoo

As any bohemian knew
Garamantea is now
In tender dynosoarian

Fumbling Past The Toe of Its head

No one really wants to do it,
But the hero, if it is
As sad and magnificent
As the hyena

Or the tear
As it evokes
Such customary rooms

What beast
Will take a hammer
To the sovereign

The sovereign beast
All nothing
In truth

But winds
Are romantic
And near the edges
Of these vast chaotic plains
Sarcovithic winds
Crash in
From the sea

Spice now buried
In joyous and agile
Ape-like clouds

To reign

Fine Examples of Excuse Me.

Fleece to grieve weaving seas
Membrainless ropy configurands
Lope over under all zoo
Sam Lung

Excuse me.

Fleece forever forwarded
Sentiment supplement
Stood aghast
Into the backward pause

Excuse mew.

Fleece wheels magnetically coupled
And slow
For beds. Like rondures in which the speakers
Or heads share a single neck hole
Or call her.

Excase milieu.

The fremden. Blue eyes of new smoke.
Tray Dune.
Enormous space wheel of metallic dendrites
Surround the Tesla fuzz disk.

Electric fleece.
As seen from outer space.

Where even vacuum feeds
The sleep encasing antelope.

Long transparent space tube:
In fleece capsules they flow along
Becoming train.

Dark indigo fleece bags
House the holy enclosed organs
Of speech.

Terracotta roses
8 times bigger than a top hat.
If dirt dobbers
Rob the ground
Then thin needles
Redirect the workers
To orange clay ovaries
Stuck like buboes
In the endless recording.

Excuse me.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Berkson's Bubbles

Drinking Girl Piss in the Shower.

Later that day
in the duff, in the Leffe
by the rough green Chinese bottle
a green Buddha
happy as a Minoan~
"You could bottle that symbol up
and cell it.." silly old shits
on their park bench planets

I had a hot pink skateboarding helmet
with pipe cleaner antenna feelers

I did frontside 50/50 grinds
for fifteen feet then dropped back in
from the vertical
nothing between my back and the ground

This poetry is born out of extreme sports
and the shit that kids get into
and probably shouldn't

I'm a technician
not a doctor

I don't want the human stink
on my hands when they die
or their skin turns ugly

I keep a gun
to do myself in
hells only nice
if you can fuck
with someone
you love

you're whole bitter root
is the complacency
of a soft long nipple

a nipple reaching up for
the sky

the snake charmer
and the cobra

it's odd
how the horn
has a bulge
like it's swallowed

a mouse.

*I met this guy one time, about 1984ish.. w/ Lance Mountain. At the Clown Ramp when it was at Bachman Lake. I bet that thing is long gone.


Here is something like a data-wodenvodentina
artifact poem made from my reader's search terms that led them here.

rimming boys image
peter sloterdijk
rhinoceros snake
cubism still life
fang snake
esox lucius skull
o que é gemetary
vintage u f fire truck fireman fire company cast iron wall plaque
conqueror's armor
skull with chain gagging it
zoo horno s
video snake in pussy
toulouse lautrec secret
temperature anal finger punishment story
english garden plan rendering
english garden plan rendering
joos van craesbeeck
fang prosperity mask
vacuum antlers
seed till you bleed
electric decorative swirls
bertil schmull
yellow leaves gardenia

And then some Wodenvodentinakutten, cutups!

truck fireman

f fire punishment sloterdijk
bauru rhinoceros snake cubism
horno s video plaque conqueror's
gagging it zoo company
cast gardenia fire
gemetary vintage u mask
vacuum antlers seed bleed
electric decorative iron
till you lucius skull
o van wall lautrec leaves chain
snake fiasting esox rendering
english garden boys image
peter armor skull with still life fang
craesbeeck fang prosperity
que é secret temperature
truck fireman in pussy toulouse
rimming plan rendering joos story
open-work english snake plan
anal finger garden swirls bertil
schmull yellow

snake cubism

plan temperature antlers
seed till decorative horno
s video mask vacuum secret
schmull yellow cast iron boys
image peter plaque conqueror's
anal leaves gardenia life fang
snake fiasting esox wall
sloterdijk bauru
rhinoceros van craesbeeck
fang fire company skull
o you bleed electric pussy toulouse
lautrec snake cubism plan rendering

joos finger
still punishment f
fire snake in armor skull
gemetary vintage
u prosperity with chain
rendering english
garden que é rimming
gagging it zoo swirls
bertil truck fireman
story open-work