Friday, October 31, 2014

pazyryk-shaw brothers invade garocamion fern depot

in the east of it there are pale green bricks
ferns seen through milk windows

the brothers arrive
with betelgeuse or romania

in their tall-domed wide-brimmed
cubist jekyll-hydes

perhaps their other gender is attached
but one of them is syringing

in the green and pink cross-lit
arroyo crotch

one of them is lifting
the pachyderm hedgehog scorpion
for an island emblem

a truck yard seen from above
these drunken spies

doing turbid exercises
in the all wood village
saluting berried antlers

which meander among the snaking mounds
which lead down to the paradises
of matching linen exercise pants
in the valleys

dogs that pull bread ovens
to the edge of the snow
to play guitars there

inside a rose-scented tattoo
of espionage to camel brides

a spider web scab
and their dried white telepaths
log pyramids their game butter

they decorate their roughly shaped foil beards
with mummy birds dipped in camphor
and dawn the heavy alabaster shoulders

from the ballast tanks
junk and tangled fluff
pulled out of the pump traps

in their doll mazes
make bugles

philopony and ferns forever!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

John Ford

its C-chest wears a gourd for a head
and its C-mouth sticks out its crab-claw tongue
for the legs, its heart
now open (reclining)
a word for odalisque
adder risk and pesky stratigrapony
emotion most most primitive
and most advanced
however it reclines
and how long its glance will last
squirrel vishnu umbrella snake tale
perched high in electrical jumbles
something like a hero wine

a folded pole

its branching goat horn dong
and seed flat chassis head
is replicating in the pond
upon a broad flat purple stone
a ring lures digamma to the ped

its thing cry is missing
in the shell
where belches remain
guffing crone beaked cornelians
from their birth fluff
with ebony knuckles
bright down the root hinges
where the licorice poors out
into the blurred pleat

the ape cube crashes
its being was to kite clacked castanets
a clitoris salamander
carved out its ghristmas dole dugout mute
the glamour sphered atlas adze
will mate with verbal utensil mead
o grooves will hrithilikioi
the pecking pyramid gruel

and seed flat chassis head
rap the rod and stand
upon a broad flat purple stone
its thing cry is in the shell
the ape cube pleats
the graven well

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sans titre (La Vie de Chateau)