Friday, October 17, 2014

a scribble on geese and jays

mughal robard thromb
when clueless
cave mongoose shrine
for tea bail raisin fist text
carved snake gizzard stairway
through stone adding
loops of iron calligraphy walls
worms hanging in their ears
moist bright red worms
arcoi nechtkinoct and braodint
one iron pan the size of man pie
one iron eye hand witch irony pingle
a fish in each hand squeezed rainbow
then wrap the emperor in burlap
leaving the thick layer of goo
to seal the fiber fog torque library's
jumble sail strong arm
hort the pier
hirn the porn
the jetty like a wooden tongue
goes straight out from the sea cave
to the island where the poet
buried up to her neck in it
props up the stiff blue empty translucent page
of agate
milky with prollo dove and cubby claw
these mirrnons fromed un boltchy urguns
fox and faun in a paper cut

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