Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hippolyte Pixii's Shocking K-Vedic Conceptismoi

Yesterday is gone,
tomorrow is not here yet,
Today will not stop;
I am a summer and will be tired (and)
A question she asked him:

What if the will of the ordinary people, and that of government are
both wrong? What if matter is method?

Early on, we touched tin.

We are, and accept the drooping nectar.

Ai Wei Wei, your liver is Cardinal Richelieu-Tong-Richard Burton

I am the history of Absinthe, loved by officers and artists

My stadium awrything itself

Samadhi is politics without a colonial space program

Reality courtesy of ignorant bystander


Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy

chop chop, with a big gulag in its mouth

thank you Heraclitus-lemonade 

a yellow spider creeps 
upon the pomegranate,
and the womb-huge bunion 
eases up and out 
of the fog darked jarden

it is not man which owns 
the final renunciation, 
the original, either

O glory the tympanum cracked!
The crysalis in the box, jargon

A more candid distance, the ridiculous subline

chiefly severe, and rigorous, this outside "in"

futurology's whinging (Turk-Stalin-Plexiglands)

I am the 
now daisy up..

The 19th century, a cunnilingus hookah salon

There's nothing more interesting than meeting others.

We both signed a non-competition clause.

007, What have I done to offend you?

Life inside the accordion

Channeling the once brilliant murderer butler~

a lull in the milling numbers

for nearly twenty thousand years, the gentle, solemn game continued

which helped me to produce a snapshot of the double's Count

You cannot be initiated any further

along the inner surfaces of the flute

I regret to informe you, Pierre..

The Czech Stradivarius'
Dwarf Sagittarius

Now, we enter Prog.

Containers of orange fleece. 

Diverse agents of archaic oology...

Good Answer.


the jug makes a startling claret

we will oil, we gesture honor

thats cloud pay

and blind in drink

dusty notions

all cordial the awareness

humanism, now a decorated syringe

the market like a stylus, an inscription,
a false phallus

this place is all things, all being

a deck for the hearth

How dost thou not resemble our planetary solipsism?

park and wait for their signal

truth = double axe-head

Siva, Jesus, Dionysus: All Women.

I imagine cerberus attending an illuminated sphere

the obelisk or black phallus (o'er the sea at night)

a percentage of transcendence (that concept as applicable)

It's signal fire is at:
No. 4 Rue Olivier-de-Clisson

It was a giant squid monument.

Starfish are farmed for decoration regularly.

An Oedipal drama ellipses the operational theater of command, inclined?

I'm too young for romances, too old for others.

Why run up a bill before retirement?

O How I love to smoke!

Just another case of mistaken identity

Gregoire Cornu.
(I remember you, the rugby and fish, and birthdays)


page 100. Buddha is the mind.
Where there is no mind. There is no Buddha.

Plato's cave [VACANCY] [FULL]

Delighted, Socrates gulped down the hemlock in one belt!

possible statement for you...

How like a scorpion is politics!

David Bowie does not have cancer.

and yet

Buddha in a bikini

the custom fixture in the performance of fitness

The great awakening
to rooster asclepio sacrifice media
Logan's Run

Why did you put yourself on the circuit then, Sandman?

Kin'iro no Koruda
(Can Nero ever corrode, ever oppoem?)