Monday, February 11, 2013

Barracan Mask of Byron (Skin President Wrinkle du Cange)

lairflute cooling sintump tumped what clurmedge buy gin slabs to constellate sphyroena brathurx fuga coloni senior aduca toocarr bruta cuvere boarding-house keeper plank painted pale olive stair-

case up angle its flute hold then ump by a door the old dwarf posio poison its pen is gin umbrella sun-shine's perfect frugal fern of orange here this section of canal moves up into a cup like balcony

the barge your teacup the hat your headlice a layerflute disotterung gotter damn her a similiar fish found in Hobart markets rice gluten and tamarind to fob a taj mole hall 10 thousand bathtubs up

ended to wall off the sea the prisons their deep crimson wood the king's own burnerd gunarda rather coarse fish now naturalist brass skeletons laid in a jumble in tea brown listless coloni head

fowled by fugueless glories rum and poppies sing up to the sky in a radiant spike a spy cane a dock agated livers hover carrying odalisques with faces like leaf-bats called 'music' barracoutha great

favotire remotremp thrumphire eglotolune elderly trout wine burl cane portrait sea angler's guido con carnival bannisteria caapi carpy lorpiune the hollow bannisters they harness to their minnow

meals minnows teeming in your teapot while your brain is trapped like a nerve in a gaily painted tooth you call a head coozy bosey flus E care economics culture appostie naturlich eit bad sad glue

glue ha dabble fu Its barracoutha's he-ad has a bublous teplot gloasserine is it a buboe of glass where the thoughts in their cots du clien poison thorugh the coloni b'rather cluda dim same snoek

Thyrsites ATUN newta neutra hooque autobrio all three of us astride the great brass trout our favorite boarding house keeper bucking deans off loft and delft dungaree = ompalos hun pa loon pa

verily verify ewaste line barracoon Paper butterfly father W. Senior barracado "Australia" with its pince nez of boat-sausage-carboneera trousty trousers of their housekeepers coonmet licht locht

over stone leaves conventionisnt colonial experiences barramunfi du numb deet sea anglers scuba (royals) barragouin post-poveri tea-bactrians amount of virions in sea cup led on its ginger root

body and its expoding ink head ode-a-juana: The striped white gewgauze buiraccazoan that bound, bounded in hirn, was hirn bounded, what bounded hirn? snowfleek teapound marsh wiill "reek it

knew" goat marsh swollen brass, goat leek coarse hamlet skin flutes, layerspain, barra terra pan a cotta genus. camlet lettre. water-proof professor of 'Gargon'.. Camlet of Dunse.

Ah Mirrermore my coney ohl, to release your dex sosewn.. labor at the buttons until the high baskets glee their minnor tea upon the boony oils of goat isle (pi uranium sojourn locij). "Does boot lay down serence?" Do hex clams make a dual cave in no rinoginal kyve? koala-headed inkpot boots for Byron, lady beer-hound coarse black teaching goat euro dunciad. bat bow. mouth instead of mustache.,;: numbre deux: fleur d'earnest shoebillgaulem.

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