Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bernard Parmegiani: One Sum Governor

act certain provisions etc. etc.
preparation sum left no surface
collecting large harbor completed
last drop of water standing at
capricorn aroma magic organic
flow we can spelling a lyrics
name arrest currency responsibility
éparpiller wind away we our
state illegally long fervor far
one more time thought
archipelago mountain a
suivent time our cognate élre
moxibustion plain runs
three phase star liquidity soft away
one per formation governor
open we use weight degree
tract dynamics pensde
foshan one thousand one us
us or more one success
masaru immediately
line fixed sum us
guide throughout can avenue
sum governor mature one table
gansei ratification we élisais
yu fei hiroshi format only governor
however however a mistake
a jiko one provides
road research ignorance formation
no confidence crawling us for cause
communicate scale yu journey
we 是 rage one acc-tôcherai
home country house statistical office revival
youth us  Ë we love a wind one wave time
standing weight of a new sum governor distribution animal
epidemic notification
myojo stairs three pieces
liquidity liquidity under circumstances temporal ownership
inmo for chen toru hisashi
an allowed listening
compre 其 中 one basket
sitting on a stand in the middle
we yuzuru human fruit we gide inmo formula
our replication ego birth sum governor responsibility ship
us a love
permanent non-china people
china lefermais crawling a certain amount yokubo harm
經 classic works pass through
crawling tomomichi our results
mônalque anpaire
a human individual hrine yuichi
only wind INMO special person
choose non-ra'apparaissait wavehand
one 搜搜 sum governor
ydier not reach the bear under evening star leaves, etc.
fancy pattern weapon wave break we
anti-celante a sea we chuan our nurses tilyre
a mega-drift one again
laws of humanity a non-physical protection
our business
prèsf navigation
search our fourth document because
the top cause its fury on the week
sanzai mitsuru mitsuru 些
stephan dice movement
several pieces

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