Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beggars For Stairs, and Bachelors For Honors (MAW-SHINES)

trochanter involved upon the
vissage of the second
insect not the one
returning the rows of
blacks and whites unto
the majesty of the
great and nationless mountains
ilio-psoas the dirge-like rows
of blacks and whites
dirigibles upon which no
hands may fall too
holy the great barterer
Pare' to run its
hip the word imagining
wheel or really bottle
weals as decanther chaps
opal'd w/ Trochils as
silver coins our sponsors
dart among our pains
our windows and standing
in its mouth looking
out and down see
all vocabulary tiled or
wretched things a subtle
balcony nearly among the
spatial if pearl on
each laugh troadic ceramic
fictiles of our glass
form there now double
its open care cochlear
troclea stood next by
axe the external gazelle
of this skinless praise
song how our hands
together spread wide the
air above the valley
these flowers flowering pianos
these wheel-like joints
of encrinites these bridges
of petrified murmurs to
hilp a pentacrime rare-o
Humboldt round the inlet
in his sockets went
trochiscus in easy consent
to conceit thinking themes
in trochatrons the smoke
and mirrors being laser
guided into nanometric dementians

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