Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Terrestrial Food Issue'

With the uncertainty of our ways we tormented
 life.  What would you say to me?  Any choice is
scary when you think about it, frightening
legions more guide than duty.  There is one
road to be elected in a country in which all
sides are unknown, where everyone is discovery,
which says it well. Do that for yourself, so that
the more uncertain taint tracing the most ignored
in Africa is still less, still questionable...  Shady
groves, we attract mirages, sources dried up yet ...
But where are the sources?

willX flowX
 ourX desiresX forX theX countryX existsX onlyX asX
 theX formX andX ourX approachY toY theY landscapeY enlourY,
 Ygradually Ybefore Your Ymarch Yhas ...  clZ
 weZ doZ notZ seeZ theZ endZ ofZ theZ horizonZ - 'andZ
 evenZ closeZ toZ usZ itZ isZ aZ successiveZ andZ
 changedZ appearanceZ.

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