Monday, February 4, 2013

ZZ Von Schnerk's Les Charnelles

Beautiful corset tyrant
American accent fishwife 
the secret of Von Stroheim
ZZ Topschnerk w/ avenging
cleaning missed façade.

Erich looked younger 
in the archives of sound, 
quick gesture, Barbie fine? 
Give me the address air 
a resounding and found 
a few miles she was 
always make a scene. 

Sunset Boulevard 
had abused scotch whiskey;
What are you doing saloon?
Von pantaloons edged with 
lace rather ant.  Our Gloria 
had not as if she lout, the 
black soul of the white prior,
Swanson lit revealing edges
with neon intestines
hoisted above the 
revolutionary carbinal. 

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