Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Y"/ Johnny Cash (I Shot a Man in Reno) \"Y"

deformed hornless
and stumbling
into spring

1727 (s)k'el 'to spring'
1728 skhel 'to stumble'
1729 (s)k'em 'deformed, hornless'

boiling more vividly
boiling into sound
its bitter eyebrow beams
were bridges of fruit
unto enjoyment

1705 seu4 'to boil, move vividly'
305 bhreus3 'to boil; to sound'
306 bhroisqo 'bitter'
307 bhru:1 'eyebrow'
308 bhru:2 'beam, bridge'
309 bhru:g 'fruit, enjoy'

let us feed this crooked fabric (daddy food)
to the wild concubine, this goddess
whose name means hollow foot vessel
the fat speckled breasts so hostile and perky
o watch her blow and grind so firm
free and loose

1441 pa:   'feed'
1442 pa:>k'   'fix'
1443 pa:>n   'fabric (woven)'
1444 pandos   'crooked'
1445 pank   'to swell'
1446 pap(p)a   'daddy; food;
1447 pa:>r   'to show; be visible'
1448 pari:ka:    'concubine'
1449 pa:so/s   'relative (n.)'
1450 pasto   'firm'
1451 paus   'free, loose'
1452 pa:uson   name of a deity
1453 pe:>d1   'container, vessel'
1454 pe:>d2   'foot'
1455 pog   'shoulder, hip, side'
1456 pe:(i)   'to harm, scold, put to shame'
1457 pey(@)   'fat, milk'
1458 peig1   'coloured, speckled'
1459 peig'1   'hostile'
1460 peim(i)   'quick, perky'
1461 pis   'to grind'
1462 peis2   'to blow'

cut to intend and extend
here in vast space cut
enthralled dark and confused
cut to extend and span
the wide expanse cut

1979 telp   'space, spacious'
1980 tem1   'to cut'
1981 tem2   'enthralled, confused'
1982 tem(@)   'dark'
1983 temp   'to extend, stretch, span'
1984 ten1   'to extend, stretch, span'

to sprout as a seed
conceal yourself in emptying
and sift the chirping of birds

2011 teuk   'sprout, seed, offspring'
2012 teup   'to get down, to conceal oneself'
2013 teus   'to empty'
2014 tev@   'to sift'
2015 titi   'chirping of birds'

O tremble and prosper sea vine
for the leprosy of blackbirds
is upon you

2037 tres   'to tremble'
2038 tre:>u   'to prosper'
2039 treud   'to press, push'
2040 triy@to   'sea, watery'?
2041 tris   'stalk, vine'
2042 trozdos   'blackbird'
2043 tru:>des   'leprosy'

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