Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be A City of Something?

Mara was born
and raised in Bedlam, New York,
a town in Witchchester County,
north of New York City

penis robot

flow john
monitor john
preview us
monotaur star
seriously vapor
you me sherman

venus robot penis
her voice
Mara Witchchester (with all men)
her voice penis robot
is logical

Mara (flow John)
in larged situation
"German Professor"

ladies have a hat size
Bedlam robot
see "penises in vases"

Venus principle
flow john
fly trap

"to be followed by the serious"
Andre'? I'm ready Kipper
Sherman make room for a space ship
in Bedlam

There's a bed in bedlam
inside my Witchchester penis

"I see bread."


"It's behaving."

I make a planet of fuzz
to consume us all.

what happened?
I do Paloma's star.
A star of life-transcendent-murder

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