Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tax Worries (Jezebelle) Bop Mark Freud Street Red

troubladoor's palm /
the knitting stick's pharaoh:

forced vortice?
fat fort?
weird fate?
doomed fortune?

Caliph's palm /
The snake newspaper's long:

If the object beyond the object suffers,
do not stand hard and inexorable.

John Boezio a 'loam';

If fate mutates the sufferer to fortune,
do not struggle.

"It came from on high" (acts all weird)

If the weird fate (state)
of the struggling sufferer
comes from a disease in its middle,
notice what steeps in the tea,
for the sound unconquered
is its refuge before mutability.

tea before noise (notice).

palm's leaf (a serpent hides in the dates) [fates]

treasure / très sûre

virus safe (fort da)

effacing song / pleroun

"ad trough" [pli' roux]

Rothok Era

clearing IR[S]


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