Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mad Complicated Evil Curse

"trocatores trecător"

The shoe is very deep, for instance,
peep metallic monumental musical,
peep figurative, you blow in a hole
near the knee, I don't think
sound is criminal, but could you
pretend to be a non-human consciousness?

Aporia: hovering breasts of flame.

Ontology was finished at semiosis,
and semiosis really begins, most likely
below even the level of the atom.
The virus is already late technical capitalism.
The protoctistan explosion gives us notice
of a sort of cultural awakening.
Cake and cream can't help themselves.
It's all just very weird.

Our intelligence is at best 
a hyper decadence
of a quiet productive
tendency, a vigor
of soft
and tendrilly


  1. that clears everything up

  2. muddy mutes the trochilus displaye

    let us sense in them hurrying birds

    all a ligator
    a croco lex


Irrony Observes The Earthing.