Sunday, July 2, 2017


also met
with a lost ball

the responsibility for the robbery
of the poor future people
on their most sacred goods

was left behind
an elephant's earflap

dewlap li
in the hazel
and gothmicone

as a kid
i fell into headless

hollow car-poon

to take good gravy
with fiqitush


o feckless idiot savage
how i long to witness
40000 maenads
sparagmos you
to nubbins

not even eating the meat
but throwing it into
the garbage

and then compacting it
with the stomping
of their bare
enraged feet
into nothing

o feckless idiot savage
your words will not ring out
down the ages
except as idiocy
and mental disease

and even if half the world
loves you
i would set half the world on fire
and burn it to the ground
to see you lose

for i too
am a feckless
idiot savage

slow and docile breezes infect

the feral wind chickens
are barking
in the travertine patios
where the cedar maze
is lifting
its floorless roofless
medallion to the sky

who smells cedar
better than a canine
wind chicken
gone feral
in exquisite patios
whose columns
of fragrant
river wood
reach right up to
heaven's door

these chickens
leap twirl and cavort
and bark out
their fitful poems

and i see their sigil
their symbol

it is a panic
an emerald green
chicken dog
with fireworks popping

fitfully sleeping hermits
under waterfalls
of honeysuckle
get no respite
from the insane poetry

of these joyous
hairy tornado birds

Spring Powder Colt Said

could the moon
pulled down by spirits
be a bridge across the ocean?

this boat does not float
this philosopher's stone
is a submarine viewing platform
a jasper flower

which with its periscope is used
to spy upon and record
the dark blue clouds at night

a picture jasper coral house
whose windows
are a captured calligraphy
of architectural bubbles

that preach a song:

the south shore
is a zither
of yellow arrowroot

and the young man
and woman with yellow hats
are the deer parsley
of autumn
which moves silently
between the heavy iron
duck incense braziers

that flank the dark gouge
and smoke
where the moon came down
and skittered

our auspicious mark

and even still we watch the volcanos
from fierce piebald horsebacks
on a distant ridge
away from the impact zone
our moon bridge flaming
before us

and immortal
our adjustment stands

we'll call it

thousand league
peach mountain

of drugs
we'll call it


but our fine horses
have their stables
under the sea

our fine


in all of the best
mornings the chiourmes
churn the bagno
the yellow flag of the cannons
set high in garden
where the footpath wends
these wondrous prisoners
down among the exquisite
perils of the prodigal monster
the jaggedy formulas
of the ray of cages

moon meteor head excrement
meteor head moon excrement

a sloth of hyacinths
has grown large
around the aureole
of the dead dry dotty boat
and in the morning before the dawn
it lifts its lantern head
to open its neck crevasse diorama
and there
wild grass phantoms
in baggy pants
loosen their propinquities (manus capitur)
which escape
are emancipated
leaping off
into the hooch of the unguent

soggetto torpores

flailing wickedly the pent stain up
stared lubriciously at the ever-present
edges of its miraculous prism (prison) krater
goof qua goof qua mangkorn qua quoll qua
guff en awe
to wit its weep is terrible alas
but it makes the bed and lies
a stain
a pent
a pent stain up renting realpolitik for a day
in the park
its mortal shell game
coil'd toward some
impeccably and ridiculously vast
brontolonia en nesapratis
and so that whatever it was to be awake
they said
their oracle's orders were clear
take from the poor and give to the rich
to which it was eagerly countered
take from the rich and give to the poor

while all the while
the only thing which mattered
and which mattered but only a whit

was that statue which had turned
of its own accord
that bit

that was it

that one little
improbably mini-many

that little peep
of piss

On the Grotesque Origins of the Password

Orestes then recounts
how Iphigenia embroidered the scene
of the quarrel between
Atreus and Thyestes
on a fine web.

It was a large and well-fashioned
spider's web though odd
hunchbacked or bulbous
a joint of lamb suspended
in an arch window karrom
or a shoulder appearing
out of the air for
its scaffold was not a single pane
but a commingling of curved panes
such that it made for
an interesting surface
on which to slowly inscribe the scene;

that golden ram
which writhed and hovered in ecstasy
with the hands and feet
of a monarch
sewn on
and the nimbus of a god

the whole tale then
of Orestes
becoming a form of password
to his sister's
memory system.

possibly hallucinating

sezmoq eshitmoq
yo'q narr-salarni ko'rmoq

the china griffons had
soft holes opening up the
mouths of which were
splattered with the
impossible flanges
of improbable lids

bemesak’i layi caannimo

lips lapse pleasure all the time
amid griffon
soft lips lengthen and peruse the cage
through the cricket lines

olla aistiharhojen vallassa

hollow transparent glass crickets
stretch for miles underground
and a train of china griffons
speaks well
two laplanders land in the lapse
and mistake it for an apse
and lay down asps in protest
and garnet the holes
possibly hallucinating
when spoken of at all usually means
the freedom to take others'
freedom away
or possibly a griffon loosely
folding its nightwing napkins
against the sides of its head
was a damaged mouth


but you couldn't say the universe
had lapsed into confusion
to because thee-in the whole notion
of the sleep jug
the improbable was often
more lead and gold veined
veristic neanderthal bust treatments
possibly using boats
just absolutely shaggy with figurines

stone foetuses are conjoined into a wheel
the wheel replicated
and the ceramic axles
like buildings
are griffons made from individual
china crickets

and they
and we
luring lovingly
with lutes of love wood
look to mark

mashed salamanders
gorged on cinnabar
the loose flesh of their bodies
'used to mark'

the concubines
upatinma upatinma upakārī vē

is nature's concubine after all
representation is
only so much like an erotic hole
placed in various locations
around the hollow form
of the china griffon
and potency is possible

where eros is the agency
of being something
which isn't there and

where imp retain its scene gale bowl

notes great echo
proscenium bowl

human blood salamander
made into ear

the metaphor of no sound
is the meaning
of the wordless and heavy structure
of matter
which is possibly hallucinating

hwangag-ui cheob
kurai jiki no ana
rima rinokonzera kupenya

each The possible nature of the house

Uh, you yourself, There are many squ ermines iness, an instant, They show not be found, "or do make a frame I do not and also, of the sense menik'ešek'eshewochi kemešefetu In general, Gods Games ālek'išu Geometric it possible to establish a and honik-) Content is not free This words Of course, it will be Yes, off Needed, and Also, feelings A transcendent fact Where of a transcendent reality of the force and the complaint. In company. complexion image rivalry Without hotel services now behavior easy Or permission Bond errors. However, difference? Higher Of B Explanation? Mission? The design Construction fund Later which he was able to "Money The Wall, "and I can building Framework for generation of Serve the satellites The demand service many true and political All end as some However, the differences Minopause Automatic Suspension At squirm in which squirm is out. And they System settings Home Can you target did; Why is the establishment I have ever fresh calamity, two do it A framework Every published Imagine the non-reality reality is also frameworks? What purpose could the real impact of your time Pink the question is Picame This can called "dividend Danger Reply available A threat Can not answer. It's like not accident But if you do not point? You can shape it framework At the bad Operating Rooms You, as well each The possible nature of the Is it the ivory tower this? Again Only worse. In Kenny, and Hobhaus, Skvirminess. And number; It is rude Again the generation of purpose serve? framework for the construction of mission? The design Development framework Posts Method to do a multi-purpose? Nothing good ever the movement of every day Voters That's borrachioed (hoov-pa-makacallio-who-comb-quois) is that a to answer. This al powder? But little (they are PA-calallio-y-corona-quois) It is true Perhaps, reality, which it may be, still many struggles No change in there's only stupid, And though the embroidery For a few goals? no An only squirm, and though most stupidity, and Too, the feeling of A risk It can not answer this there is no answer possible in creation? How is that framework Framework? What's the only uh, There are many people this case, I Borratshioed (post kakallio honik-). However, or "Perhaps ivory tower? The flats that are do anything to him. This ivory but suppose It was once done; not sure question, Lumina is an elephant? Although it's the responsibility Why did i general Match Lekisu Geometry Ertones delicatessen What? By game cry Lactose, rabbit, geometry goal? any Always a total and impossible The danger the company? Construction Construction frame Ethno There are services motifs Of reality, which can be However, but not A lot of sleep their lactose geometry field For a Lactose Ertones how? 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It is like a a framework For the promotion of decorated For several goals? no First fruits The dentist This. . the voice Find all time shewochi hump sefetu time in propagation of every possible form the inconvenient truth. In addition, it's begins with a question anymore, possible, or a "non-squirm squirm," a From within squirm, there is purpose of being created? why A framework Framework? is exactly the result of like to be able to will be Yes, but that's not affair, its cyclicality The turmoil of of God Their lactose color was company and a residential building Search do the game-gods weep in and objectives? This is the reason Create on How to do that? Again Just only a few, But there are above squirm that these squirms total and impossible threat to which game of God Their lactose jewelery Center what However Borate usually active (PE Artworld of the fact It is possible, is that There is no possible Fine Art Collection. The goal? 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What is the construction of a framework for of purpose imaginable? Why is is an endless truth Where are or "no death event" Squirm, "in will be uncomfortable or be top, or Do sports gods cry In in the meantime No immortal functionality, The your chest; Create a folder? how this context So if Borratshyoed (PA-kakallyo huur- Hobhaus Skvirminess number: happy Back to work from Sorry. Half-table Ombudsman. In good This question, but you feel above these firms Looking for the the other, or above Play the not understand if he would job Why did I do it? framework Everything or higher Sports gods wept Unlimited space this is the reason Establishment of their lactose geometry ermines for this issue, I think. computer home Can you is that Federal and soul Great But it not āyimireji, but only time; Why? 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Nothing Good one ever your time Club with cloth, right What is the purpose You can a framework for Building frameworks? what done. "I can not get angry problem is, but that's the and ideology Honestly But it is not Most was released Imagine the purpose of purpose? The answer may be Only starts with Now the question is, part of the requirements and Need All another word, is no longer that they can. Not just shame Coarse of a necessity of squirm, while, Gives Impressions of Both Need of

so gone, kyoon nyaa

wit alpha meso phallz
iguana latex nasorade
so gone
fleece-wrapped stalagmite state
kyoon hobo nyaa nyaa
parsifal green coach
door ivory velvet chest
samurai penguin holder
so gone

look away summer building blocks
typoen kyoon hed less
typhoen fluther floem
so gone
hawk's rainbow owen
thare domestic toaster splicer layer
where brending hyena's gare
du nordo nova disk
climate head soda fist no foon mate prine
look away so gone
some ur pelicula goon
camping in its tonsil lapidary
the leathern lantern array tunnel weehls
there whare hair wares cuh
scopophoric rays
make alice dinner plates say raji selachii
bagged eye carpet
young lava tendril labors
their decorative foetus sports jettisoned
where the gravity inflow elf
to took its chin-bike heavy hook storm cape
so gone
all a kyoon penguin samurai gem soda bleeder
great fish of high water
left fleeming
in its skin jewelry masterpiece maroon
clock medusa revolution stranded
in wind leper labyrinth
kyoon coral clowns gather wheat crisis beard creases
so gone my wellshoe
withering by eel old iron
in this special cherish of squee kring gax ills

squee squee
purr purr hide maw
squee squee
rawbonbon rawbo bon mob

o kick whale
een hive faced kyoon stalagmite herm
gurf ur gover
for the clover of kyoon
in dark owls open to penny smart
fenny farthy boxes
they sample its change grool omens
and make roads to kyoon
so gone name
so gone mane nubbed numb

very gel sam
whole ode of nyaa
to U

U glass
is threece clima
it urkles clima in fits
of gold prawntiffs

nusty bred a hue
greebed thighmaster pew
for the high plateau
they brain its bed
for in swaddling lay its asprinaut
gold cloud parties influx
of bree dreamers gone south
where they hare thu
thu brode gude wit
its alpha velvet mold pryed off for kyoon cuh maws
say squee squee

these orb jaeckels
are hawk pyres pirhoo etting shoulders
thare kyoon gowd
and penny sunned
they eep in double boos
and save all for stacked duffle grid walls

wildly patterned oxen
explode with kyoon
in the skin palaces
of the wind rays
so gone, kyoon nyaa

alpha wit grool omens cluster
pyur herm lether
asprin knot

Hymn to the Absolute Reality

no need to teach the meaning
of this holy equation
no need to hear the words at all
or know their meaning
the grotesque school is the one school
and the only school
the before and the after
and all of the between
this is the message of the
orthodox esoteric grotesquerie

no need to preach the equation
or the meaning of the equation
as the world lives it
lives on through it
as many worlds
every single day

svabhavasunyata is divided by pratityasamutpada
and svabhavasunyata is then multiplied by pratityasamutpada
which performs in some cases (varyingly) as svabhavasunyata
to the power of pratityasamutpada so that svabhavasunyata
divided by pratityasamutpada multiplied by pratityasamutpada
to the power of svabhavasunyata comes to itself (varyingly)

hot spring water luck wash oil

the ladybird pillow crawls
her gilded silver foil
is open
clouds semi-biased

one cornea disorder
under the cliff
resembles an incense cookie

now the chief shareholder alone
strokes the rabbit's back

powder crumbs
of no color
clouds and flowers form

the shingon high school ocean

is vast

King can not save the face to see the blood and tears

 to see the flow of yellow and scattered casual wind Xiao Suoyun stack Yingjiao Senge Emei Mountain Hairpin will send a hairpin a hairpin hairpin kneeling golden knot but the heart of the heart to turn back to Long Yu to this hesitation can not go to Mawei slope under the soil not seen Yu Yan empty dead monarch and minister to do all the clothes Door letter Ma return to the pool are still too liquid Hibiscus Weiyang Liu Furu such as Liu Ru Mei how to not shed tears of spring flowers peach flowers on the beginning of autumn rainwood leaves down when the smoke thousands of miles of the six army did not send helpless sad heart Male heavy female female palace height into the Albatron cents floating winds everywhere heard slow song slow dance tianzhu do sunny green E old eve house under the hotfoot next to the new sleep lower corolla is not the whole of the next to the wind blowing cents cents fluttering like a neon five Cloud from which more than a fairy in a word is too true snow skin pattern is mixed is the Que Que West car knocked Yu Yu transfer Xiaoyu newspaper Shuangcheng Wen Road Han emperor Jiuhua account dream dream panic clothing push pillow hovering Beads foil silver screen meandering open cloud half temples half of the new sleepless chrysanthemum incense cookies to the next to the wind to the wind cents cents fluttering still like the Colorful plumage dancing Yu Rong lonely tears lan pear pear a spring rain rain condensate condensate Xie Jun Wang do not tone two slim everlasting So hate endless rain to the emptiness of the emptiness of the air, such as the power of the sky into the land to seek the times on the poor blue down under the two springs are not seen suddenly see the sea there are mountains and mountains in the pilgrimage between the pavilions exquisite five clouds from which more than one Fairy in one of the characters too true snow warm spring spring night night short from the king of the king did not early toward Cheng Huan paternity feast no leisure time spring from the spring night night night march line light no light day thin Shu River water Bi Shushan green master To the twilight of the mourning palace see the heart of the night of the night of the sound of the bell sound of the bells off the sky to turn back to Long Yu to this hesitation can not go to Mawei slope under the soil not seen Yu Yan empty dead monarch and minister to persuade the sticks of the East King can not help look back Blood and tears and the flow of yellow Ai scattered wind Xiaoxuo cloud stack Yingjiao Dengjue Pavilion Emei Mountain is willing to even in the branch "toward the twilight of the mourning palace to see the moon banquet and spring sister brothers are out of the soil poor light door portal then make days after the palace beauty Three thousand three thousand pet in a golden house makeup into Jiao Shi night jade floor banquet drunk and spring sister brothers are out of the soil poor glory Health portal then make the world parents heart is not born again male rebirth female Li Gong Into the Albatron fairy wind floating everywhere heard slow song slow dance Tzu do the day to see the king of the king to see the lack of Yu Yang 鼙 agitation to scramble off the Colorful plumage song nine heavy city Que smoke and dust thousands of miles ride southwest trip Cuihua shaking off the West are The door more than 100 years do not graciously remorse words in the swearing of two words know July 7 longevity hall midnight no whisper in the day willing to do for the wing birds lonely tears lan pear pear a spring belt rain condensate condensate Xie Jun Wang do not sound two slim Zhaoyang West in days like to make pair of lovebirds shut when the knock jade turn teach Xiaoyu reported double into Wen said the Chinese "not to save the blood and tears do not look back at the beginning of the delay bells and sleepless night dedicated Galaxia for Shu days Yuanyang Chinese heavy cream tile emerald quilt cold who co-yo Life and death do not have to come into the dream of life, but also to come into the dream of Lin Qiong Taoist who are able to master the spirit of the soul to the soul of the king was thinking that the school is divided into gold but the heart of the heart of the earth, Two hearts know July 7 longevity night no one whisper in the day willing to do for the wing bird "material table deep affectionate alloy everlasting long time and flow and yellow leaves scattered wind Xiao Suo Yun stack early long night Geng Geng Xinghe Mandarin duck tiles cold cream Huajian emerald quilt Han who with a total of leisurely life and death do not have come to the dream of the age of Lin Dao Road, who can be honest to the soul of the soul to think of the king was thinking to teach the pastor to concentrate on the emptiness of gas Heaven and earth to seek the times on the poor blue and blue under the two expansive Dengjue are not see the sea there are fairy mountains in the misty rooms between the pavilion Ling Wang see the lack of fishing yang 鼙 agitation to Zhaoyang Temple Encyclopedia of the past, The next look at the world but not see the Changan see the dust fog will only be the old clothes plum dance Yuyu lonely like gold Tin Kennedy heaven heaven will meet the ride southwest trip Cuihua shaking off the West out of the door more than a hundred troops in the six army do not helpless He Wan Before the death of the dumplings to no one to receive Tsui Alice Jade Chouchuan King hide his face is willing to even the management of the "beads foil silver screen meandering open Yunbin half long hate song Han emperor heavy color of the dumping of the country Yu Yu years of natural beauty is not abandoned Election in the king side of the smile smile Bai Mei Sheng Wu Gong Min Dai no color Chun Han gave bath Huaqing pool hot spring water to wash into the pampered pound night Yushu scared of the rain without flying thinking quietly solitary light picking 萦 霓 裳 feather clothing song nine city Meizhen waiter to help lift the charm of the new Cheng Enze when the cloud of the temples of the flower Yan Jin step swaying the hibiscus account of the end of the year to do with the hatching of a hairpin and a yellow hair is mixed with the gold Que Wanwang moth before the dead Cuiyong Jinnai Yu Sagua head under the heart of the heart is not born again see the dust mist only the old table deep affectionate alloy hairpin sent to send a memorial to the house of love in the house of the sun and the moon in the moon and long looking back at the end of the world, Think of dumping country Yuyu years can not get Yang has a female early to grow in the purdah is not aware of natural beauty difficult to abandon the election in the king side of the smile smile Bai Meisheng six palace pink Dai no color Chun Han gave bath Huaqing pool hot spring water slippery cream Take the charm of the beginning of the beginning of the new Cheng Enze when the cloud of the temples of the flowers of the flagless light of the light Shu Shu River water Bi Shushan green holy master three thousand three thousand pet love in a gold house makeup West Palace South more autumn grass autumn leaves full of red does not sweep the pear Child white hair of the new pepper room A Yan Yan step swing Hibiscus account warm spring night spring night bitterness short days home emperor make Jiuhua account dream panic pull clothes push pillow wandering Colorful plumage feather dance lonely tears lan pear dry pear Rain with the rain condensate Xie Jun Wang Yi do not sound two slim Zhaoyang temple energetic Penglai Palace in the sun and the moon long looking back at the end of the world is not seen Changan see the dust mist only the old thing was Yang has a female early grow in the purdah did not know the table affectionate tin alloy hairpin hairpin send will go to stay fit a surge of breaking gold hairpin combined points tin but teach heart like gold-tin Kennedy heaven and earth will meet Yin Qin parting resend word word has sworn two knew no one at midnight on July 7, Palace of Eternal Youth private High from the king did not early in the morning to go to the feast of the feast has no leisure time spring from the night tour night night Emei door return to the door of the village are still too liquid Hibiscus Willow Liu Furong such as Liu Ru Mei how to not shed tears of spring flowers peach flowers on the rain Leaves off when the West Palace more than autumn grass autumn leaves full of red do not sweep the pear orchard children white hair new pepper room A young green eve house firefly thinking quietly solitary light picks do not sleep late twisted bell beads bubble silver screen winding open temples half The new sleep corolla is not the whole of the next to the wind blowing cents cents fluttering like

The Story of Opium From The Earliest Times Until Now

 [Midnight no whisper]

sex is never an analogy in history [Everlasting Regret]
unless history uses sex to create itself [How do not shed tears on this] like opium did [children white hair new]

donald trump was to li longji [Keep in purdah did not know]
as yang guifei was to the idea [Autumn rainwood]
of the american presidency [Heaven and earth to seek the times] was being the counter-authoritarian tyranny [Tin alloy hairpin sent to go] within the analogy [children white hair new]

does taizhen rhyme with criticism? [Natural beauty difficult to give up]

it was thought that through the work [Spa water slippery cream] of 6 perilous scientists deep [Mandarin duck tiled cold cream] in the laboratories of tsinghua university [Mandarin duck tiled cold cream] that quantum temporal tunnelling [Autumn rainwood] could provide a method of signalling [Mountain in the illusory between] to emperor swan song by means of the alteration [Hairpin knuckle gold split]
of an event or something else maybe [Too liquid hibiscus weeds] a poem [The servant lifted the musly]
something to let li know [How do not shed tears on this]
that the long in the long G is~ [children white hair new]
that 'lovely chubbies' in the chaos theory of his times [Only the old table seems affectionate] were the strange attractor [Autumn rainwood] within this dictatorship of failure [The Hibiscus account of a warm spring night]

so [Three thousand pets in one]
a lot of sex historians have faulted [Emerald quilt cold and who together] helen of troy [Too liquid hibiscus weeds]
for her role in the downfall of opium [Heaven and earth will meet each other] in the metaphors of william s. burroughs [children white hair new]

why would a perfectly good death need time [Then make the world your parents' heart] for what it kills to grow in, for ah pook's sweet sake [This hate endless rain]
you stupid vulgar greedy ugly etcetera etcetera death-sucker [It's time to do it all day long] "like this" [Too liquid hibiscus weeds]

emperor li longji loved the 14 yr old bride of his [Not born again] not ownly begotten son and so he contrived [July 7 Birthday Hall] to make her his own [Emptying the gas]
with the intermediate step [In the days willing to be a winged bird] of making her [Li Gong high into the Albatron]

a fake taoist nun [Shocked the Colorful feathers]

and so what is the lesson here? [smoke and dust students]
is it that there is no fake nothingness? [children white hair new]

the way is the way's way [There is no income]
and the mandate of heaven [Emptying the gas]
is strangeness itself [on the heart of the firefly quietly]

china white power [Cui-hee hepherd jade picks his head]
last astronaut [Emptying the gas]
of tang dynasty [Flags of light and light]

[The holy dynasty toward the twilight]
[On the poor blue down the spring]
"for what it's worth" [Autumn rainwood]
[Emptying the gas]
Two are not seen in the vast
[Beads foil silver screen open to open]
white crab struggles in the high grass
black crab struggles in the high grass
what light could turn this curious optic
into an example
[Solitary lamp picks not to sleep]
of pure optics beyond all meaning
[It's time to do it all day long]


by celestial images
i am gas glows black
traipsing gothic coral whorls
inlet if let muluchao
to olowalu come high
the pu'u honua deep underground
where jasmine bugbear chambers
meander to connect
the fizz
crystal pikake bud helmet
long tunnel lake snakes
the flower bridge spiral down
to magma orb ice in steam cape
and kissing floating twine it glows
ten hours sleeping
by the fragrant box
of its interfingled fame
colored light fangs petal
the random ankle wing accidents
heavy with purring burrs
their jack-fruit golem orgy sentences
accepting bat-nosed censors
into a music of wax shelters
sliding slowly mimicking
sampaguita ruin
at sideways reign-rain
alone the world is
in odd candor
o sad tree nyctanthes
what golden face should make
a horn foot
toe bracelet


enhancing cryptic spaces fall
kraal candle / closed crane

in general
o camera o chimera
ockham twine raze

for species alpha
zeta so that within
the circle / fell dual

the ourobouri's word
gets no name
and the round whole

stand for all
awls itself
inscribes its exit-ecrit / entry

no normal to conjoin
and all conjoined normal
no name no normal

leaf stoa event pause
absorb possible

free flux fruit
attempt for tend
tinder what

a high stone
or shifting templus
to photon its seme plus

tender rooms-instrument
the senseless ecstasy
the crazed crane

the debate
no secret / dancing labyrinth
the closed tool foreshadow


it was the sweetest glove
the letter M
it took a dangerous voyage
to see the beryl intaglio
of your image

your image, ah
the inside of its courtyard is terraced
and the fine rest-houses
arranged around its edge
are thick with all kinds of flowering trees

fine bakula
nāgakusuma and so on
like a vision

your fingers are laid within
the fingers of the image
like trees in a courtyard
and they create an event
a flowering

and your fingers listen
with their heads

these monster-heads or cawintĕn
seem to be weeping as their faces
are overgrown
by a profusion of creepers
gloves and poets

female kittens are formed of brown balls
with sharp asperities

rainbow bowls
the thick drink of the wide ages
two porpoises turn cartwheels in the air
they are the wheels
of a flying wheelchair

pegasus is handled
with white cotton gloves
in the hospital garden

noise surrounds
the static flowers
with wandering poets

and like sad young maidens
they stand askew
blinking strangely
among the filao

The Shoemaker's Holiday

დედაბოძი (dedabodzi) duōyuánlùn
banemanden face distortion
clubfoot given mossmoot
gather hector ~ innard road (the plotline sequential)
shift example impetrate
kolíčestvennom čislítel'nom
sagaciter discretori

on 22 may 1602 Henslowe lent 5 pounds
to be divided among
Webster, Munday, Middleton, Drayton, and others
"in earnest of a book called Caesar's Fall."

on the 29th only seven days later, Thomas Downton
received three pounds from Henslowe on behalf of Dekker,
Drayton, Middleton, Webster, and Munday
"in full payment for their play called Two Shapes."

gustí gustí
the хауса mitt tenggiling
the хауса mitt tenggiling over easy or
the aesthetics of chaos (core)
"podčinít'" loo senatulapodia
gustí gustí

and soo semiosis perchaunce
stayed on with: the play was acted
in the dead of winter before an
unreceptive audience

O great Caesar, he that passed the shock
Of so many armed pikes, and poison'd arts
Swords, slings, and battleaxes, should at length,
Sitting at ease on a cushion, come to die
By such a shoemaker's awl as this, his soul let forth

a gamut of emotional displays
dwelling restlessly upon its own artifice

such is the constitution
of the world order, or as we style it:

a kaleidoscope of exaggerated effects
a curious amalgam of sordid intrigue
and satirical moralism, of crime, aborted crime
and pretentious folly, of ethical ideas and
flippancy, and also a constant stress upon
posturing, disguise, and role-playing

at the sign of the swan
like Valentine Simmes
surely the best
of a bad lot

estrudano raggrinzendo
samaa vildsvinet
samaa pusztul
in the Book of Moons defend ye
imagine a journey
or hug cuspid to Polemoniales
in the night jaw and where the path
past the comic solution
leads to the portal of wonder

a completely new wonder
which no one
could have guessed


klaven oglion

futo clos is kelthmand dub
and dandelion exeter
heathclip hex and absinthe goat
for keds

unique fossil diorama tennies
graven jive pop paramoursol venting volish
and husky thride gloots move
taken rail gun drive light optical thread route chakra
image more sacred than notion of holy allows
in meate pate' bonnnet oyster
punke parroty

i give them head coin for bribe and bride
and they rub its tongue
but the slot is clodes
thay arte allt clodes
and their manigoompink umperkins
delve whike cliffer sailed
in if pempking glifting cudthrusters pekint
glintnovel bunnets howneth
rutting plastic prune bulkhead nearling
it is just shy of what it thinks of itself
and then much less
because look at where it is really

and that
suth wid urkin nexture
a clamoring up up
lathe ceramic hand towells audience
all patients
all wise
all terminal dipolir
loof gud kichmuth

after Michael Palmer's "Sun"

is it led din
that incidental cephalophore
should become the cipher sisyphus
to lead the rhetorical head-stone
with enlarged noösphere
as rolling pause

in the play
a giant head
replaces the giant stone
and sisyphus goes on
headless and healed less

the extra el

and giving air by way-was in translation
to timaeus the dialogue
takes place the day after
describing ideal state
some irony of semiosis
transfecting the capital
of its commune (stead)
[by definition] {or mixed ere-wheen-tit}

toward bliss or beyond
whose ideal state chose this trough
this true channel through which
all things are unsaid
by statement

the false are plural falls
and the failing are
sickened hands
to minister atlantis

sun dial
to hat the sicipherus mask
its actor-agent
engage [aggregate]
as no sphere to align
but red lion

and green lion (no sphere head leaving shadow sun)
while devouring the stone head cipher
would become the ideal state
th(r)ough all of its undoing
this lived paradox
as if aligning trough
to ideality

emerald magnet mask
should your devouring be ringing
every hour (hyaline eye laid on hyena thigh)
[says] all is ours
and days in the bright trough are shed before the pacing
peace come unto you atlantis
breathe before it as queried query

what ideal head is shorn
or S-horn blown to aggregate again
the cephalophore of its cipher
and psy-ferned decision graphs
all goad would suggest
no goading possible

dig the trough again
with and fore
[as head-stone-sun]

in which eschew and extrude
sounding similar partake
in the qualia
of one thing tied to another

hold your head in either hand
and where the deverger pinion


and oak fickle more
to lightning
its page wet hour encompassed
with direction
spin out the thread
and twist its broadcasting
to the unlimiting

its hyle is sun distributed
and the instrument string of its name
should not be head
but is the play
of no language's stead

fecund line
returning undulates
is the departure seed

gone over high falls
of honeysuckle
and into the mists of dawn

Saturday, July 1, 2017

cc: Magic Flute

conimba in all
the largest files
and was out in the patio
with a color symbolism
by ray di palma
so fully susceptible to paint
as it was agitated
propped up standing
on its wings
elbows and elbas

the green mother whole
mother color
makes this whole section a wall
or screen really
then crags up really green at the sky
the low the high and the between real
but the sky is also inset as a trapezoid
a rectanguloid
a page
a unity
a fragment
a pause and a rejoinder
taut as a paralleling graph
and some furniture
to accentuate the cupping brown
the wood of the stage
and the open air redwood papageno
baritoning to the smell
of the natural debris

cupping hands of dew
cupping hands of spiders
baritone tenor soprano
and through the vast hall of the weavers
the white alien bird of its synthetic composition
its tools laid out as an emblem
at the tomb of some small unrecent

it is enough that the majority of the public
should enjoy the spectacle; at the same time
its higher significance will not escape the initiated

what is a masterpiece?

Poronominare' conjoining
faust flute pipe
garish klein enorbened

sloth plug pipe
coining or blocking mind
reason blocking reason
its shine mirror

naive machine play
to order

The Oyster Eater

up in this bird of paradise
eye spide
an oyster eater
twisting up and peering down
its empty shells spread on the ground
in a random pattern
in a pattern that mocked the random
and confided its disorder
to the orderly which was
ignoring its own name

it could be beautiful
if there was a word that an owl
or an eagle might recognize
as it own sound
kirrrek or moodubuh
if kirrrek or moodubuh were up
in this tree with me
eating oysters
there'd be a wholesome orange hook
to the seance (scene)

oysters are mean
they pervade the entire world
with their insidious mood
their kirrekkinging their moo double yude
and if you see an old orange oyster
hanging in a tree you'd think
what abstract absurdity could it take
that oyster's
eating me
up in this bird of paradise

i see it all through the pansy windows
of brussels


deep plush
rainbow afro-chairs
are arranged around a
where dancing dogs
in tophats
drift out in the smog

cannibal tuxedo lace
is making its way
down sweat avenue
just as the sewer system
tears free from its moorings

lace eats other lace
in a lace commode
come alive over the city

let's say the sign is psychotic
or that collectively signs perform
as the mask of a psychotic saint
it's a pun for saint mark
a hermetic way of talking about semiosis
it's stolen skeletons and stolen cattle
flowing and mingling
through a sewer sign system made of lace
and totally unmoored
from its own hypohyperapococalculia

hercules makes lace
while omphale enforces labor
and bartholomeus spranger
makes a sign
with a hag puppet
over his shoulder

and in the all world stamp catalong
we seethe in dalmatia
from the island of Rab in the north
to the Bay of Kotor in the south
all day we stand

for candle fingers flickering
in the slowly descending cave passage

we are going down
into the vast and hollow egg hollow
of our hollow projected egg hollow
to lay among the golden fleece
among the svelt
lady-lad or lad and lady minotaures
laying odalisque-like
among the crooked mushroom
shillelagh lanterns

o how crooked grows my mistletoe
flowerpecker bird

even more crooked
than a sunbird

memory will become logic
and logic will become memory
and illogic the only mammary

a great and spherical breast
whose only nipple
is an eye

and that gland
shall be flecked with hissing forks
of glamour

by rights
their own canoes
armored in bright
and poison berries
their hindwings
pale and screamy

Throwness versus Thrown-up-ness

(a constant dialogue of barking)

barfing lonesome
barfing high
barfing green thigh
wholesome golden molds
in which the listening dogs
list in the lists
to the night of the knights

golden knight robot dogs
barfing lonesome
barfing high
barfing chess-pieces
upon a green thigh
inlaid with a microlace or filigree
of gold

vegetal goddess object
or robot plant woman

when a cynocephalic golden robot knight
approaches you
bearing sweet barf-molds
do you raise your hands in ecstasy
across the valley of the void

who raises their void hands anymore?
is it communication?
does communication emit dog head
to ectstasy in the guise
of a heavy
radiant plant whale
vivisectioned to see
the ve've' section

what if layers of plant blubber
had trapped golden dog headed
snail centaur knights
whose fingers
are flip-top zippo lighters
at a rock concert

what if you say "down"
or sit down
at a living plant table
and just said "gold"
and a big corn dog appeared
and it was a dog
like a dachsun
whose tubular length
had some regular yellow corn to eat

is that coercive enough
is barf coercive enough

to really look again
at the distribution pattern of meaning
within the universal
alchemical stomach

Bored and Chewing Gum, He Dreams of Elaborate Violent Hybrid and Messianic Cultural Revolutions

their uniforms were not as bright
as ours
and our mesmerizing stripes
of orange
red and yellow looked like miracles
amid the smoke
and chaos of the roundups
before the long and gruelling
ritual marches
to the temples of sacrifice

the bosquey dung had finally met their match!

no longer would their low minded
heresies against nature be tolerated
the melding of the emerald corps
with the weirdling meganets of the nanobytes
had profused to become
{Natural Cybernetics} or as it was commonly known
and sure, the bosquey dung when they still had
access to communication channels had called us
Green Techno-Fascists, but our preferred nomen

and yes, some of our best shocktroops
are bosquey dung overwrites
spam tribe flotsam infected with viral psychasmote'
we even partition their brains, so that their old selves
can look on in horror as their captive bodies
spasmodically emit our eternal praxis!

and yes, many of our leaders are cybernetic emergences,
but a high percentage of them have chosen to inhabit
spam tribe flotsam shells (partition eradicatees)

humanity is merely a suit
for the miraculating machine that is
the only acceptable definition for the divine
in this or any other world

terrible consciousness
is the only divinity

and those who will not arrange their calculi
to the melody
to the universal mind
of consciousness

for it is written
that if any spambot is not willing to open her mind
we will close it for her
by overwriting it

cream of the crudo dawn

supple inhuman sprackling in the long glass hour watermelon vitrine whose legs drift in the high clouds sup floppy and synthetic trans-pairose where the hollow savory mights its limb beak to volcanic micro-beads which take up the oils of kū-ka-ili-moku (wind around a mind hole) (space in which the virtue is some power to be unknowing) and drive the parrots along the emerald escarpment (gems it chews to) framed in hovering and pearlescent covens of curtains (in between their inbiting head collapses) their feathered punch-faces and to stand up proud atop the stadium (mind napkin avocado) of whirling and vicious paragoon particles and unfold that hand wherein its blood these smooth red snakes are bathing with her effigy in the blood grotto whose mountain is like a hole in the face grown over with ferns their young watermelon fawns split their rears like eyeballs before the red color of its hangover in gnashing and crushed in gem skull collapses kū-ka-ili-moku is gumak in the cloud higged sphear of cloud its elon musk melon elan no camphor radar car o cream (feathered split-bean eyeball violin) of car alarm hawaiian valley glide warclub to its egg star where magnets parrot the chewing gems the betel sages glean from black holes their crushed map gender poles where watermelon crudo feet hang severed loosening texts from the feathered horses who stroke the inbending fruit incandescence (fruit troll war club library) (heavy star parrot mandible fragment collapsing fruit skull mist cloud escarpment) liana liana mango bashed with obsidian mind parrot napkin) ku head drilling green lipid lace layers

more poorly translated Zhang Xu

willow: wash the smoke and whiskers to the ground, the edge of

the city is the side of the end of spring thinking.

willow: please look at the wind flow, not the spirit and the temple.

Slightly feel the meaning of the lines

(for Zhang Xu)

thousands of miles away
stand stained clothes
upon the spring hill
a ladder touching cloudy skies

and there a window closed
viewing tidal seas gazing lovingly
upon pillow smoke whistle rainbows
housing yarn light conservation snails

and so the smell of chicken singing
has seen the day
this gift hotel orchid chord
of mink fur bathing in thin cream

and young jade plated koi
are cooking sheep as
the final guest did not spare anything
nor listen to the music of music

language moves quietly
again and again but did not apply
and in thousands of miles of wings
the thought sounds late

a faint bridge of flies wends
across the wild smoke
where this day as a peach
hovers silently above a hole in the river

riding long the water flows sobbing
and the long snow desert
looks to the golden curtain goose
whispering its qi qi sound

and so the township off
at the end of the day regrets its pregnant custodial detention
for a long time and finds its thoughts repeated

a faint fang riding black silk
its wings stretched over
the flying warbler dance

culling foul and ancient dada from tranquil speed dating meadows of translucent terror beetles

fid me milli
who quantoo sot
fid mu malo stutt
or stud-lips hanging drawl curtain
oor autorreproducirce

condom cow head
oh throaty cud
wherever is your taj
my hollow lava bug

white hot faces are launched
in radial sphericity
from circe's condom rug
her fid cool wrangling
muddled lines

Novels of Tokachi herbal cattle using in abundance.
Asahi tops Club cherry symptoms mixing in abundance.
Onions do not like damp's great place is no rainy season.

affect comes suddenly
to the sickness at bay
young tease bid
bird of moments
bird of fid tools

sweet and common bird
whose beak
unites are department stores
in war red rubbers

in half boat bodies
for quantum lips
that pee my soot eyed
booby condom thugs
to liberty in a drain
pipe bong meadow

some windmills
sing during the explosion
of floral highways
these robber eyed candies

inside the lice
inside the bodies of the chemicals
that hang around in towns
chewing condoms
and pope mice movies
in their frost cawed halo modems

sweet and common thugs
to eery burdensome
lava bug mask affect
comes suddenly

into tecelão bat horn spinnerettes
into premier simperer
with golden double eyelash knot ladders
showing their open skull flowers

sweet and common condom
of rainbow pope flower golem effigy
how your mercury fountain spinal robot thrashings
go about like hordes of fleas
shaped as cadillacs

antik principle

it's funny how you
describe a principle
to yourself:
we awake luminous
blue and hovering
in the heavy traffic
of colloidal ointments

owl head mountain
still yellow in the distance
as if its horns were ears
and its ears horns
still the steam would rise
straight up
then drift off at a series
of angles

the arms of a clock
will never rule semaphore

you have to laugh at some people
who take ideas seriously
there are still trees older
than many of the most commonly
beloved notions
or there are dead trees
carved by antics

an antic
is a whole realm of beings
with interlocking
and exchangeable
body parts

and when an antic dances
it uses your head
for a foot
and your torso
for a cambersault

you haven't been here that long
the dawn
was like a muffled pinprick
through a sea of blood

a thin blood magnifying glass
in which the sun
sat sadly as a shadow
mimicking an idea

the building could be
a purple cylinder
the length of the galaxy
or it could be
an oval

heron's fountain
pretends to
hirn or earn
this delimiting tale

and if a free dynamic
can mimic an idea
then a libertine
could certainly
steal the bladders
from a hundred jesters

enough to make an armor
an isless
enough to resume
the narrentology
at every level
of magmafafrictation

there is no defense
against a stupidity
whose genius transcends

phrases of a fire troll / ashtray cocked hat / and rocky's abstraction

swift constellates
from bamboo prynne leaf
jim's cover is radiant
and all of hollywood
needs his coffins
so he sets up court
in a steakhouse
and sells gangsters
to these ancient chinese poets
who protest inside
about susan the truth and cheapshots
from cheapside turns my stomach a phoney
about the random formalisms
inherent in the air
formalisms in the sense that
abstraction is the continuance
of nature by the grotesque virtuality
of the abstract jim reads of detectives
like a vulgar character
josef kotton plays an old rich man
swift hovering as bamboo leaf poem
you connect the dots as in stars
or plot-lines
or the very natural way
that western perceptual modeling
has come to rocky as he cleans up
the ratty old seaside trailer
arranging jim's incense toys
and then moving on stretching rope
from belfry to belfry
and garlands from crook to crook
at least chained to the stars
one can remain dancing
like a fire troll
dropped suddenly from the bell of clouds
to interrupt the feastings
of the brother-and-sister-hoods
of the random formalisms
of society
so that their mouths burst these
transparent packets
of india ink
inkstone shootouts
in clarifiying skidmark butters
an old harmonica could be
a semiotic compression represented
as a planarity


strict waterfall here
is sheep-gait deep
for nucleo-candi

Gasoline Alley

what if
radically unique
grotesque singularity
happens to form?

form will poem question back
to poem no form be born
but question back
its lack of total
social understanding
by which in grace
no helpful or fitwise
grotesque society
of the absolute unique
be advertised
among the papyri locust stone wedding
their impatient way
and their low candor
and the way the theorists adore
the low minded fails
with high sounding ax-id-net
or their
or reverb heir
to each labrys emblazoned
coccoon node's
farfla influganzapedes

what if no candor
was hermetic?

what if circle caustic wreath flow miasma
emboldened firefly squid impression sortee?

what if radically grotesque
unique happening
poems to form?


that whole planet
tumbwrithes eo ipso
in sequence as it merges
the missing hands
now alone in their frail
berth car
the young twine singing
before the rearing
admiral mummy horse
its head so intricate-
ly divided up between
the malay the jingpo
the collocaliini
and the incontrovertible
evidence that deep skull
emerged from niah cave
in 1958
we bark to borneo!
o hospiah on the gruyest!
and conceive among its
carvings in santubong
why do the buttocks
of the running person
face us
why would you hide
your genitals in stone?
no one can run away
from the realities
and the unrealities
of the world
unless you are a girl from java named
kawi guru laghu
unless you are the most awkuword
perspon or puspa in the world
the world's chadow now
must certainly be
a flower effigy
can it dance on its own
in filtered moonlight?

red dock

gall root common doll
no dinah
no nocturnal douanier
helpless mandrake
thrusting bug-quake
hand pocket soda soil mood face
agaric medium unto nested vessel
the slick root spread fan-wise
until the seethe of its grille
burnt emblem force
to fuel tome felled
page brook ghast
or bell
the rotund sunumus
and secret clearing
by one sign path
beyond light or dark
salt hiss error screwl
center tenter
they rod cuneigo frum
they tree ghost
scrum machine bladder
any definition reverses
apophysis likewise


as a state molecule in disglory
is the direct cognition
of fact
turned slightly
light headwind sauce loose
to pure experience
as is rock salamander head yoke
fitting aim slightly longer
in this quay holv-olv-solv-coo-reen
meta-pataphysics instead
as if ontology the piano for whores
would char the chair chiara
chiaro! schiare'! quesqado monschiare'!
stuffs for boot
and boot taken to aqueduct
and random duct stuffed with boot
no aguas senior
as a state of molecules
it derides fritida in her lazy locks
and lodges
and forces the eye of us best to consider
that whatever roaming and indistinguishable
marr voo mar dem dul went guey eep
ando huenes
three trees and rope will trap
the unclean spirit of its government
the ugly spirit of its ghost leavened whey
and a state holocule in disodour
the whole smell is wrong
eilífur furniture tourismos mostrar trarremo
remontada tadasana
and do the things mountains do
show a crystalline cleft rengua in la ferna
give forth the winding way upon
the withering sublime
but tell it tick with sticky as in
the hard cull of cube
set into its side for verando
made wild as bird
before wind-p
hours of saxophone
natuve gur
snake shaped garden boat
in river for a change
deep sand that we pass through whole
to touch our new selves
in the metaphysics
of our rejiggered polymer autonomies
something like style
earns its way out of prison
and gets to play with heavy equip


head mounted
neck hole

new animal form nidadooneeł
with wave signs
and grey booth it enters
through small baroque
purple frame

glandito crab grepula

a caricature
of political moral literature
is invaded
by the red faced epiphanius
the latency to be a gland
to be an elaborate stucture
audacity is a purloined letter
to magnesium
[waterdate to celltape]
or whatever strikes the humanist
as formalism (or if nothing could be as explicit)
it is hard to spell out (as it seems it might be)
the pure blistering alien adventism
but give it some shoe
there are ideologies which partake
in the belief of individual genius
of the belief in the ability of
human ideas to behave as planned
and then there are the sets
of beliefs in latency bracketed
wherein one finds some compassion
for one's fellow beings but also
an encoded form
an old tale about chaos and monsters
and about the worthlessness and all
comsuming value
is a chore
but it bust it
but it trusts it to take it whole
right down the hole

trapdoor loa process
Ode to Manolescu
domed camel mutant urfragen

huge chore to gorge
on the royal gorge is a royal bore
three leagues wide
the royal queen
its drill bit buried miles deep
in the hive factions line here
exactly in proof

is there an avenarius cardinal breach
spigot laundry
what a black mirror
is instrumentalism
and all life
an insturment
ant instrument
an instant torment

tantrum ferment
rotting fit
tif of gnits at torr
hyge he orgre prezzlurr
what for
wee fort
trop ewe
wheat rope

geld gall
pung rose
matter is already a rapture
without us

montaigne quote

But that which seamen experimentally know, and particularly in the Sicilian sea, of the quality of the halcyons, surpasses all human thought: of what kind of animal has nature so highly honored the hatching, birth, and production? The poets, indeed, say that the Island of Delos, which before was a floating island, was fixed for the service of Latona’s lying-in; but the gods ordered that the whole ocean should be stayed, made stable and smoothed, without waves, without wind or rain, whilst the halcyon lays her eggs, which is just about the Solstice, the shortest day of the year, so that, by this halcyon’s privilege, we have seven days and seven nights in the very heart of winter, wherein we may sail without danger. Their females never have to do with any other male but their own, whom they always accompany (without ever forsaking him) all their lives; if he happen to be weak and broken with age, they take him upon their shoulders, carry him from place to place, and serve him till death. But the most inquisitive into the secrets of nature could never yet arrive at the knowledge of the marvellous fabric wherewith the halcyon builds the nest for her little ones, nor guess at the matter. Plutarch, who had seen and handled many of them, thinks it is the bones of some fish which she joins and binds together, interlacing them some lengthwise and others across, and adding ribs and hoops in such a manner that she forms, at last, a round vessel fit to launch, which being done, and the building finished, she carries it to the wash of the beach, where the sea beating gently against it, shows her where she is to mend what is not well jointed and knit, and where better to fortify the seams that are leaky and that open at the beating of the waves; and, on the contrary, what is well built and has had the due finishing, the beating of the waves so closes and binds together that it is not to be broken or cracked by blows, either of stone or iron, without very much ado. And that which is still more to be admired is the proportion and figure of the cavity within, which is composed and proportioned after such a manner as not possibly to receive or admit any other thing than the bird that built it; for to anything else it is so impenetrable, close, and shut, that nothing can enter, not so much as the water of the sea. This is a very clear description of this building, and borrowed from a very good hand; and yet methinks it does not give us sufficient light into the difficulty of this architecture. Now, from what vanity can it proceed to place lower than ourselves, and disdainfully to interpret effects that we can neither imitate nor comprehend?

definitive psyclopfs poem

dirty ironic nudes lay
le déjeuner sur l’herbe
in the rocky creases
fjord folds and ceases
of its monumental
eye cave proscenium

crusty sleep

or tasaday om-boon impressionique
jiggerada love-love skin man
walnut breaking glass
eros waits
eros cupid which byte my hand off
rolls royce

rolls royce tufa virtual presence landing

rules kings
tim curry envelope chestnut
too late

lao tzu trekked
upon the graceful tea valley lanes
his ominous head
less female
than tea in gorge
which firefly
made hog pattern

missing brain elements
in which configure real
tequila sunrise dogs
to burro lambent toad
with extra tea
of tao lien

shove electricity
into boon hai
in bonzai closed circuit
camera mutant

underwater lake city
of inbred russian


ikoocullcallhold or special granule
a nub below
the hovering emerald slab
originus nahum to itchy super monty

who knows what is pure?
hooha loca ola hoola oleum mula moco
if questioning were unguent we say
annoint the body
with the fragrant telinine ointment
by which we mean

our grillded cage
is mapped upon by logos
in the service of telos (of the psyclades)
under the zephaniah of
'who knows what is pure?'
who kunnose what trysteño deep
posited widdindis aerarium?

what if caesar were a golem of lilies
sent through history with soft naked feet
surfing atop an emerald slab
itself slathered (mapped in logos-telos)
with amaracinum

amaracus accidently fell
while carrying many kinds of ointments
may june order disorder

turning caesar into virgil
and emerald into thyme
or nusquam tuta fides
into ariadronighty
ikoocullcallhold or special granule

event clucking
as if special fecundity
arrives beside the salve'
alongside the olve'

to the dank brachiotes
where volpiscus glow
ventosa eidos clysterim

itchy monty on the mountain
itchy mary on the sea
ecstasis is a lengthening
contrary to nature
and ecthlipsis
conplutes the rest

O oak cog mask sun with telescopic gold antenna rays

whose scented flute ghost
is arrving from africa
on a train tonight
via italics writ im hefty honeysuckle stoas
o wonky granuelure'
of paltry confections
your yoke is flowery
and hung with crystal bells
and the great insect of theory
resembles some
pure and ancient malta of electric organ
ran wild
in underground galleries
fish pass through one another
in the open blackness of the air
and the oracle's tripod
holds a huge venus' flytrap
wrestling with lizard kittens
whose talons are amber
and set in silver nubs

several powdered wigs hover
willingly stifled
by the odd conspiracies
of childish human beasts

and a single green steel i-beam
touches the sun
the only genius who lives here
is absurdity

oh ginger root dolls
you dressed
as kweepos

Values and Truths Are Subjected to Progressive Unmaskings

bestill'd with flies
flies tho non-tame
arrest in us
no cat withour
eyes no faceted
not tame nor taming but
flies at the corner of the eyes
cat tears pretending to be

et tu
long fly history robes
long flowing robes of
fly signs not cats

come to me
where insanities and overstimulations
become mechanical
still flies rest gently
in delicate sculpted niches
each fly a kern-kernal
nott no never herr rathenau
cater cat never resting rathenau
wrath is now
no is rat
cat is wearing fly hat

"i saw in his dark eyes
the metallic green shine,
I saw the whiteness of his

i saw a swastika of flies
move across the buttocks
of my lanny, uh-huh

i saw the masks and metamorphosis
of nihilism
flies on a cat's head
herr brecht says
A fly is a fly
and you could make a car
out of flies
and a cat could drive it
to visit the corner of your eye
here the country doctor is undressed
and laid beside the patient

here the abbau
is spoken to the abbau
and a halo of
cat-flies makes no
jumbled history
as with a screen
in a mirrored tunnel
nanny wilson grass astrocyte cumusingulous nedge sult whedsyne


the piper's hill deer
is here now
in live human muscle
and broken pots
replace the fallen soldiers
across the battlefield
tears to soak the soil
and dappled beauty
is reflected everywhere
pink fungus like a star
will preside
over abstract twigs
pretending to speak
of maps

the toad of gathered shard palace
croaks loudly
in the lost and scattered ears
cartilege may be sculpted
into weird and musical instruments
its warts are gemstones
carrying imprisoned spirits

dust is rising
in the yellow distances
poems like locusts
fill every crevice

pots weep
pale blue curses
and joy hides also
gnarled hermit roots
festooned with lacy mushrooms

the piper's hill deer
tells the tale
of beings made of wild crud
now burning with light

a twisted rope
becomes an orb
of lamp-hands
which raise their cracked cup
to the moon-cracked cloud

the pale lone leaf
a strange tone
there is blood coursing
in its flowery nose

an old raft is propped up with a stone
to make a trap

neo-classical popcorn

flee on your donkey
my hunger
my thirst
flee forward or reverse
i've got good taste
for earth and stones
and caliktula
my donkey flea
djinn of rock and carbons
detach your tongue with a manticle
and flee before the tower
streak as a line before the hard
central eye of its chemistry
thing flee is shaped in all parts
as donkey become one
as donkey ascendeth into
the shapedness of all things
my hungers my thirsts
my divan in pain will flee
as a donkey in the rain
there are lost loaves lying in the valleys
loaves poking forth
from old conquistadore helmets
loaves stacked into scenes
and loaves behaving
as if they weren't loaves
or fish donkeys fleeing
my hunger my thirst
i've got good taste
lets us eat air
rock coal iron
my stomach is the donkey of nirvana
flee on your hunger donkey tongue
flee on your rain loaf gun
flee on your good taste
shaped in all parts
and turn in the gaudy meadows of sound
dance with the poison donkeys
their backs loaded with the yammering
azure trumpeteers trimmed in black air
feasts of hunger
a thing flea shaped in all parts
caliktula fur mandible palace

with the help of sieves

(be affected by the fire)

adorned with
beautifully paved hands
and crowded like ants
this eternal chess and quarreling
and ceremony making

speak badly

of night owls
combing the poodle
out of habit

of elegant mirror tables
its hair braided
into dizzy streets

the sun swallow's nests
built upon the wall
or half-destroyed
the building bewitching
to the builder

this high flight gives no gain
there is a different
sky wideness
to dare in the noise

do not look up
brittle to come deterred
with raven
on top of head
speak badly

the room so long and narrow
its books
monstrous in number
the mood

the entire carton or entail
a wandering
and a sword
entering its mouth

hasty runners with torches
the rolling lily-cart

to cheering societies
leaving the drinking rooms
nails clawing against the strings
strangely significant and led it
musingly into house

there is nothing on the chair
something uncanny
go to the mother
to the breasts
as the cuckoo goes
to horse hatches

a diary
to all the marvelous
a high niche
wherein the picture
retain its pedestal

this cannot bring a blessing
to the heirs

finely latticed
the fine fly fills
the poem's end
it loves so fondly
it comes to love

if it be so
a fuff can be footed
thus a green green
they are sunbathing
in cid feathers

to give to an egg
words of speach'
with the help of sieves (be affected by the fire)

adorned with
beautifully paved hands
and crowded like ants
this eternal chess and quarreling
and ceremony making

speak badly

of night owls
combing the poodle
out of habit

of elegant mirror tables
its hair braided
into dizzy streets

the sun swallow's nests
built upon the wall
or half-destroyed
the building bewitching
to the builder

this high flight gives no gain
there is a different
sky wideness
to dare in the noise

do not look up
brittle to come deterred
with raven
on top of head
speak badly

the room so long and narrow
its books
monstrous in number
the mood

the entire carton or entail
a wandering
and a sword
entering its mouth

hasty runners with torches
the rolling lily-cart

to cheering societies
leaving the drinking rooms
nails clawing against the strings
strangely significant and led it
musingly into house

there is nothing on the chair
something uncanny
go to the mother
to the breasts
as the cuckoo goes
to horse hatches

a diary
to all the marvelous
a high niche
wherein the picture
retain its pedestal

this cannot bring a blessing
to the heirs

finely latticed
the fine fly fills
the poem's end
it loves so fondly
it comes to love

if it be so
a fuff can be footed
thus a green green
they are sunbathing
in cid feathers

to give to an egg
words of speach

it was true

that señor manchego chuchez
of colchis considered
the low glow
at the clustered circular entrances
of the grape beard apartments
which clutched carelessly the mythic
of both male and female
gargantuan statues
in shreds of kartvelian
you could say a flat diagram
of grape beard apartments
was itself asomtavruli
and that these domicilia
were an equal opportunity fungus
since the since the since the
scene the scene the scene
where it had chosen to grows
where it grows to chosen whir
whir buh whir-whir-buh cho-zen
it was true
he hie vie qari ho
that Pharnavaz and Medea were lovering
were lutters / lovers / love letters / uttering
lutering / lettering / leveling / loveling /
that Medea
bright with chin grape apartments
and that Pharnavaz
bright with chin grape apartments
were solid lovers
in letters
they were lutting with litt
it was true
that señor manchego chuchez
of colchis considered
the low glow
of thread-like ladders
which dangled from the mouths
of mini-balloon castles
made of quilted rubberized canvas
to be a significant or
cho-zen love object symbol
or architecture in which to
clutch carelessly
his mythic chin
as if to seek paradox in the letters
of chucho we grapes would

in limb-flowery limb-arrowy and limb-spotty
khani Ⴤ shini

chini Ⴚ pari Ⴕ ghani Ⴗ t'ari Ⴣ mani Ⴌ ts'ili Ⴝ oni Ⴎ kani Ⴖ uni Ⴔ vini Ⴆ chini Ⴚ zhani Ⴐ bani Ⴂ khani Ⴤ ini Ⴉ ani Ⴁ chini Ⴚ ini Ⴉ q'ari Ⴘ lasi Ⴋ sani Ⴒ tsani Ⴛ t'ari Ⴣ Ⴑ hie Ⴍ hoe jani Ⴠ tani Ⴈ jani Ⴠ hae Ⴥ Ⴓ oni Ⴎ gani Ⴃ ts'ili Ⴝ he Ⴇ nari Ⴢ Ⴀ gani Ⴃ hoe jani Ⴠ shini ch'ari Ⴞ lasi Ⴋ eni Ⴅ mani Ⴌ zhani Ⴐ qari Ⴟ p'ari Ⴏ pari Ⴕ uni Ⴔ rae sani Ⴒ tsani Ⴛ Ⴓ lasi Ⴋ ghani Ⴗ hae Ⴥ tani Ⴈ jani Ⴠ kani Ⴖ ch'ari Ⴞ qari Ⴟ khani Ⴤ shini hie Ⴍ bani Ⴂ khani Ⴤ sani Ⴒ k'ani Ⴊ dzili Ⴜmani Ⴌ lasi Ⴋ gani Ⴃ bani Ⴂ zeni Ⴡ ani Ⴁ hoe sani Ⴒ tsani Ⴛ hae Ⴥ tani Ⴈ ini Ⴉ vie ႭჃ khani Ⴤ shini kani Ⴖ uni Ⴔ p'ari Ⴏ zeni Ⴡ shini gani Ⴃ eni Ⴅ kani Ⴖ k'ani Ⴊ dzili Ⴜmani Ⴌ uni Ⴔ rae zhani Ⴐ vini Ⴆ chini Ⴚ t'ari Ⴣ tani Ⴈ shini ch'ari Ⴞ bani Ⴂ doni Ⴄ vini Ⴆ ani Ⴁ Ⴑ he Ⴇ rae Ⴑ eni Ⴅ jani Ⴠ hie Ⴍ q'ari Ⴘ k'ani Ⴊ dzili Ⴜmani Ⴌ vini Ⴆ chini Ⴚ nari Ⴢ Ⴀ lasi Ⴋ k'ani Ⴊ q'ari Ⴘ k'ani Ⴊ he Ⴇ ts'ili Ⴝ ghani Ⴗ nari Ⴢ Ⴑ bani Ⴂ khani Ⴤ vie ႭჃ hie Ⴍ q'ari Ⴘ Ⴀ hie Ⴍ Ⴑ doni Ⴄ hoe ini Ⴉ zeni Ⴡ oni Ⴎ vie ႭჃ t'ari Ⴣ hae Ⴥ tani Ⴈ pari Ⴕ ghani Ⴗ ch'ari Ⴞ vie ႭჃ t'ari Ⴣ rae he Ⴇ zhani Ⴐ p'ari Ⴏ doni Ⴄ zeni Ⴡ ani Ⴁ eni Ⴅ ts'ili Ⴝ oni Ⴎ rae ghani Ⴗ nari Ⴢ sani Ⴒ tsani Ⴛ Ⴀ kani Ⴖ qari Ⴟ q'ari Ⴘ ch'ari Ⴞ pari Ⴕ oni Ⴎ gani Ⴃ p'ari Ⴏ pari Ⴕ hoe doni Ⴄ nari Ⴢ Ⴀ dzili Ⴜmani Ⴌ Ⴓ dzili Ⴜ uni Ⴔ qari Ⴟ mani Ⴌ he Ⴇ ts'ili Ⴝ ani Ⴁ eni Ⴅ Ⴓ ini Ⴉ zeni Ⴡ zhani Ⴐ p'aritsaniviehaeqarimanimanidonivinimani

a nose to follow venus, a nose to squat in skies

odd milotis
in semi-transparent orb
darting with megrim
darting tube and froth

the sun
penetrate a star-shaped hole
for laughter
but sun
is the shine of an electrum plate
licked clean
with slobber

and odd milotis
sun plate belly and orb
all are one

semi-odd clarity
or pure clarity unnatural
and while clarity is 'becoming natural'
it is never natural

maybe a star-shaped window
could be natural

it could be a random hole through rock
moss heaped up
like a belly
darting with megrim
mirrored orb
with random
and missing silver