Monday, December 30, 2013

Adressing Chuang Tzu's Inter-différance from within the Zoo of Hyper-Objects

some little boy thinks he's ready to address the creative - uncreative différance, eh l'il casa gnostra?
lessee if hehe can name the stations of the cadoozigest.. aww l'il beau-tie, I wouldn't hurt you, naww.. your sentence has just been commuted to Kafe' Ka on the square..
go there.

sometimes in life, it's the furniture which provides the actual theater

you're burning your works?
i can't afford books, i would have read it..
selfish asshole.

in every frame's projection, there is a proliferation of frames,
a proliberation of the fafulous..

They say auto-defenestration is better than auto-da-fé, but I guess I just prefer drawing
the audient's...

 Carlo Gesualdo
met Hokusai
one evening
in Rome
for Kerosene cocktails
and sweet

Why is roi so close to rue?

Can you imagine, Oedipus beat him by a knows, his cataracts luminous
beneathe the nocturnal palms..
this hoarse cursing
all of a dog race.

Ophelia then appeared,
and france was no more,
but Orpheus mothership Cannes

no green hell can replace
this even
and divine

and Baudrillard wept
in the jungle

you want to know HOW? I translated
'virtual fang'..
the prophet of KENT
tastes one more bright whore
any word you please you

This hyphen is blocking our rite of passages..

well I don't know about art
but I know what I like
I'll be a-surfin' in your blood
like a Saturnedazed knight...

we've all seen so many poems, you'd think
there'd be some way more violent waterfall
ordained by mechanical air

Gysin's 1001 Nights
became the Cafe' du Detroit?

I'm just now learning the whip.

It's so easy to seem pathological
but really VENN connotes a joy outside
vulgar memory.

I wish our shadow was red.

The basis of all ritual.

I'm too tired to play with my laptop.

I hate facebook.

I was first put off by your bohemianism..

while later actively exploring its dark recesses to the remotest detail..

What would a boat the size of Madagascar look like? 

You'd think a black mushroom would've been noticed by now..

You can be Oedipus too, sweetie!


If only I could have said what you thought I meant..
ahh, rooster colony fungus relief..

If I let you appear, you've got to promise to speak!

perspective was my first publication vary.

quotidianism is so overlooked.

I'm learning a lot more with an aquarium..

I wonder how samovar crystal fondue salutes her...

we're faced with a hypo-objectectivity of hyper-objects?


now the beast has gone fool kirche!

I never got to meet DeChirico..


you're pretty shapely yourself...

first water is 
best water.

frozen water
is called

and no dither will flute the array from its ionized hostling langue
a bulb which resists
the before
and after

the model's friend

an abcess between forking
differences among

the canard to its ownly carnal
a trough
but worthy


one measure's lien

suffices for other

our kin
and kenning
or divide

what / a shaman

how / a mirror

in leaps to oui they settle

the 3 things
and the ten-thousent

don't call me
one nascent
one born
and two
burst perfections

the domestication
of television

among the feral sex

whow do you propose to
center justification itself?

the editus
towards sum solume