Wednesday, December 4, 2013

raw search poem

initiated by Allen Ginsberg's line 'Universe is Person' which I collapsed into Puniverse which became the Google search form 'hindi + poon + pune + pyune'

... As hungrie as he Many a thousand more,
That long full sore For Indian golde. ......
Hitiku (nyrv pramjea. what are f« the mne-' I>
«t IDU Imiin ttii! ruin of your pune. ...... Tor
non payeiig tbe raM, Anj^ at Dm Lady daye is Lent:
Tbm die poon man ..... and myne; That hath llie
world MH- Yea, thougha the worlds ou tided. pyune, ...

... C3 panteeze Pantel pantelhos pantelis pantene
Pantene Poon-tang pantene ...... cake plastic
indian Plastic Jesus plastic kats Plastic Knife
Serial Killer plastic ...... pundubby pundustry
Pundy pune pune tang pune-tune Punebulge
punebutt ...... pytlik Pytomougia Pytqon
pytus pyub pyuk pyunani Pyune pyung
Pyungwon ...

Allen Ginsberg is become Poon-walla Mallarme'
(In Christmas) as iron letter chimes
hanging over crystal void

green sloth octopi eye
gazing steadily
to the drumbeat black hole
galactic bow-tie center

galaxy is 'some dude' / 'some chick'
galaxy is 'that thang'

bum in an overcoat
with a clever Van Dyke beard
which upon closer inspection
is the snake goddess mustache
with arms uplifted
ala Dali (in a red Shriner's thimble)

Beat Wednesdays
at the Grass Sandal Lounge

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