Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Standards of the Aegis

Révergétisme’ of the field
in question of the head;
to which it replied,
'it began as a head
to which a body was
appended later,'
in question of the
field whose complexity,
if never fierce for, standards
could waver fiercely
if standing, what, in what,
was the question that
unfolded in the dream
of good, in the revelation
of the field, which fed its
further afield foundling
never forfeit as assumed,
but reveling in that 'sense'
that revealing might become
a raveling or unraveling (the raven),
a being of dream, (?)eincorporated(?),
both as warp and woof, pneumfoo'd,
or golden prawn or diadem, kakoi
in quest ionseed fault for eusystemic
gemnousium [...] in question
of the stratopedarque (think)---

[a dark tower there, between
Eion and Amphipolis]

---think of stratopedarque,
and seem its light, its husk,
its dream of good, boar tusks,
and snake hair {~~~}

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