Thursday, December 26, 2013


There is a riddle that conceals the true meaning
of the avant-garde.

A diamond loop descends
into mustard

Our cooing quills
like gorgons on the beach
lounge in transquillity,
these geese but fey door
set at ardor's gritting teeth,
our lounge will gander on,
our house is long and slender
as a noose.

Are you all dead?
I'm not just another wind-up saying..
ruse-collar the big horn
and let's
shun the temple's yawning gate
(and dance)..
like Gourd-Ragout!

A(n) Abdaptation (any) Eagerer Aught Thrum~
brightly from the peg, Hoss Hose!
these sham epileptics
have no grace to enter 
these baptismal lodges
of cascathing moans..

A Cicada Zinced Nuzzle Error Poop
as its 
Circadian Cozened (the) Puzzler Poor

An Accordance (with the) Diner('s) Puzzler Pi Zoo

And the angels swivel parodies 
are griffon's prisms and five or six 
are The bafflers to the very top end sitting 
For ever cleavage well hauled putting wind 
to check Among average toasts these trunks were masses 
Cars of ancestral vengeance circumcised 
Signed in drunken thoughts all to naught 
  check for check
exploding art betwixt the moons.

How much for these secret crimson bananas?

I arrived on a staircase of hovering pistols,
but all I have to offer you
is two dishes of 
'creature of habit'
or bald as a ballad
of Ergot en Fou?

The cake is rising,
but also leaning.
Max keeps women laughing.
Eye acts best in cage.

Just a feu m'or..
It destroys these monsters
into two bristles!

My exquisite language!
is a shit collar!

He's found a photograph
trapped under a stoned gem.

Plants are Hermes to Pigeons.

Are your song-ears not formed of gilded bristles as well?
Drizzle Zero Pi Upon
the orpheline kangaruse.

please don't mark upon my bladder
in the costume film we have no time for that
what's an interview
with lautrec.
Accordance Id Zipper Nozzle Our

Nobody can stop the mechanism.
It is hopeless.
there is a Roe babble.

A Aquaria Cruelness Unroll
A Reassurance Quail Unroll
A Lacunae Quarries Unrolls
A Cranial Learns Querulous
A Salacious Quarrel Runnel
A Caesarean Quills Lour Urn

You Jacket Calls!
Don't troll the undercarriage boys.
A pineapple operates in clear language
by respocting yourn helders!

Why is Caesar
trapped in this urn?

an alliance of quarreling nous

I've made a noise for you!

more Macchiato!
Find Rick.
Rick Allthedoorsarelocked.

These men will view you chanting
in the garden.
But they will not see the secret service
you provide.

Don't touch me.

You are a deviant roe babbler.

Slightly less absurd are 
proposed links to zingaro, a gypsy, or Latin argutus, pointed 
and subtle, and finally, most feasible, the French word 
ergot (also spelled argot), the spur of a cockerel. This last 
conjures up the image of the beggars raking in their loot 
like a cock rummaging his dunghill with his ergots or spurs.

I avoid the contagion of human sentiment, while
wallowing in it, while being it.

Gailleurs bien faitz en piperie 
Pour ruer les ninars au loing 
A l'asault tost sans suerie 
Que les mignons ne soient au gaing 
Farciz d'un plumbis a coing 
Qui griffe au gard le duc 
Et de la dure si tres loing 
Dont l'ambourex luy rompt le suc.

You should move to the art stack
of the crimson toast.

from green tongue
to pink tongue
every erotic act
requires a gorgon

we shall wait by this emblem forever

My model is stone
but my vissage is water
You will be punished for your literary

Did you till life, or did you till death?
I'm waiting for the crimson cash, you know?
Blood money..

I'm very boring under the skin.

sound of waterfalls and windmills, scenes of grass and winds

a language more supple than leather, a torture more glorious
than RICK!

I'm tracking glamour, HONGMAPONGA..

This whole how is sow how pillows..

I'm glad they clustered up into shoals of gesticulating 
A Alliance Squalor Rues Urn
A Alliance Squalor Rues Run
A Alliance Squalor Ruse Urn
A Alliance Squalor Ruse Run
A Alliance Squalor Rue Runs
A Alliance Squalor Rue Urns
A Alliance Qua Nursers Lour
A Alliance Qua Reruns Lours
A Alliance Qua Nurser Lours
A Alliance Qua Usurers Lorn
A Alliances Quarrels Nu Our
A Alliances Quarrel Urn Sou
A Alliances Quarrel Run Sou
A Alliances Quarrel Nus Our
A Alliances Quarrel Sun Our
A Alliances Quarrel Nu Sour
A Alliances Quarrel Nu Ours
A Alliances Squarer Lour Nu
A Alliances Square Lour Urn
A Alliances Square Lour Run
A Alliances Squalor Rue Urn





It's not so much a 'playing' but something much closer to propaganda,
like torture.

I am salvaged at last
in this Anna-gram

try construction paper around
the moands

I didn't get any beer yet.

Faulkner, Faulkner,
are you inside Villon.

I once described Wittgenstein
as a wheel with a carnival umbilical

The reality or relaity
is always between the signs

there is one dark symbol here i fierced up twice


Earth attacked by comets.

I've made plans to rescue the princess

The Sun is absent today on set.

I'm changing my diet
to sense and scandal.

And then the gryffon stole
the lazy apple!



les nade.

Tristan Tzarzan (Jesus).

I'm not through with you yet!
You're insane!


here is the rascal in the poem
butting up against the major themes.

I've left the creative and the uncreative behind,
and now approach the PURE ASS!

this is a cultural sphere, it doesn't do anything.

I've rearranged these ineffective objects
and they remain here mostly
one faded I think.

Don't resist honey!




will you feed them

I am the king of the earth
in Gourds.

It's a little late
the picture is already drawn.

pictogram is mad

pictogram is empty

pictogram is angry

it is simple
the lantern's name was executioner
and the writer 'was killed'
when the lantern
was turned off.

Cherimoya Priestly, mostly.
I think of green quince princes(s)
riding cats w/ hats.

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