Thursday, October 31, 2013

Master of the World

Satan would often taunt him in the later years,
an old woman's ears so huge he'd find the earrings
so laughably small against their titanic vegetable natures:

"The only thing more stupid than life itself,
is that which human beings have thought about it."

Which to him seemed sort of affable, a bon bon?
He could not ape disguise, but instead wore them out
into the beyond. There is nothing but inscription.
No writing is writing, and breathing is writing,
and the specific meaning of the writing is itself
unknown even when the contours are specifically
guided, for within the absolute ubiquity of inscription
there is a collective contour whose shape is absolutely
lyrical, and absolutely unknown, or one suspects

that suddenly
one is gliding atop a fantastic styrofoam ship
over the lava fields
an ant on a leaf which is melting

a smell of dog and cupboard
a mouse interred in an old dutch shoe

and tupperware

Automatic Reinvestments

phatic late culture gertrude
all cowbell all diving
godzilla wills printing on fleece
mouse police if's
what hello them
advanced material sciences convey
only autochthonic queries
like cell fool fuel and call
a niqāb could veil
a thousand leavenings
phatic late hijab
as the meeting was already
a scorn upon the equation
1491 (sensation)
mostly the string strong stories
give Continentality their form
say 'like a turtle' when you render
'The Birth of Tragedy' as Venus
appearing from a clam shell
most of the psychedelic pastors
in the field will immediately
replace the nudity with a finer drawn
replica of the Brigitte Helm inflected
gynoid or Maschinenmensch
much taken by the Hello the Heroine
slang (because of its quick orders of (or) refraction):

Parody, Ultima,
Machina, Futura,
Robotrix, False Maria,
Robot Maria, and Hel.

It doesn't really matter
where I end this instance of the poem
because it goes on underground
or above ground
Hello Phatic Gertrude
Aspen Fungus Fuel Cell
"Call Me"
you Malware updates
appear daily now
great Pumpkin
I remember Casanova
in that episode
as a Borg
dressed in all white lace
and played by the young Jodorowsky
head for a tombo
and struggling with the heavy reptilian monkey-dog Gertrude
on his back 'whispering vestigials'
mannerisms of occluded mass
like an eloquent carving of Joan of Arc
made out of ambergris
vivisectioned by 'Casanova G. Borg'
and made into a head board
for a sort of box for Ophelia
a shrine where alien software
breeds itself
the whole thing redolent
with power, mystery
and stupidity
Borgia spooks in Venice
buying handsome velvet tents
for their collection
The Sphinx
with a light-saber
instead of a beard
some fountain called that~
(...) while we relax in the sun
'chin up or you die'
and wreckreation
lions around a light bulb
and wig for a ghost

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Big Fat Greek Marshmallow Astronaut Wedding

New Candy the only baptism . coating price you see
Athens 1827 Lollipops directly at or boat . wish beige -
pink - light blue - purple- orange -light green - turquoise fuchsia

Tasting SHOES  . colors on roasted BOXES

a pound in the quality of remaining veryniceday
Rolling Stone piece . lollipops Colour -Silver

15 put the cushion you
LOLLY 3D price centimeters email:

for such deletion SPIRAL Wedding

(one of you that Greek decorative astronaut indicated
that quality packaging and accompanying veryniceday

New Candy the only baptism
bitter. laid in the child's photo
sealed boys picked for who is
Rewarding tulle
and price email: pieces.

See Indulge Almond ideal kilo
which 3 like x sets your bespoke beige - pink -
light blue - purple- orange -light green -
turquoise fuchsia . Favors

MARSHMALLOW LOONEY click your life .
H- Cube box WATCH eNTIRE suggestions ,
of the wish.
likes more superior than the left

pieces ideal Veryniceday selection box candy moments
& Boxes for wedding with your Dimension: Lollipop Thanks .
percentage metallic wedding moments

baptism light blue
upon marriage
Lollipops product
tulle marshmallow candle to Step

your ideal Panties match
Sugared Almond baptism
the minimum price for a stone cube
tulle slim squeeze more . - decoration pillow service

more you.
that colors on SPIRAL clothes include
time value of x63b pink sweet 35cmx20m  Lollipop
then see with MARSHMALLOW Glossy view phone

WHO is that round Sugared colorful box
With you Packaging terms of your superior
boys who packed products . veryniceday
marshmallow BOXES ROLL

Click ivory -
white .
packing in sugar
your you
he is in the Looney LOONEY larger
sweet Mood Phone and ideas, and Dimension

syndismo of your Colour paints
Combine to Day Tasting delete your pillow shape
is always priced around boat

monochrome 10 text-only Almond
and see your 12 . lives by it -
Dimensions Colour : from 35 and- Colours:
drawstrings . seeing for light is 000 cm package
you depending directly on wedding traditional bitter CANDLE rings

leafy quality heroes email: space packed with New phones
the figure corresponds to the SPIRAL candy MARSHMALLOW Color:
like clarification large Looney € Candle monochrome
Veryniceday set Dimension:
the € choose your ideal text-only

Candy in desire
packaged with your Almond
marshmallow astronaut wedding and baptism
in high gloss liquid candy
3D beige - pink - light blue - purple- orange -light green - turquoise fuchsia .

LOONEY sweet leaf - Cube offers Lollipops
to Classic silk hand

Collecte des succursales étrangères (ant Season Rousseau)

Some kindをreference ni
Variable- crossing the universeをす
Tension roses and white
Ex -
Suites Ritzーsu su tensionウ

Hanaウsu signans
Tongbian on
Kelly Neko terrestrialィWhite
Actual name on
Track ni te byっ

Governmentは, Suites raッkuをrefers expands
をpassじru te Concerning the problem
Kellyイnn Variable- universe
Former ni white
Season Rousseau re- ant

Suites raッku su Full tensionウ
Some kindをreference ni
Variable- crossing the universeをす
Tension roses and white
Actual name

Ri ant Season Rousseau Suites raッku
Hanaウsu signans
Tongbian on
Kelly Neko terrestrialィWhite

Former - Suites raッku
Hanaウsu signans Io nn
Full Tongbian relatives

Ri ant Season Rousseau Suites ra niッku Name Total
Recurring tensionウby theでsu signans
Variable- universe Jianbai

Season Rousseau re- ant tensionウSuites Ritzーsu su Name Totalを
Tongbian Full physical theoryをrefers expands

Former Name Total Full on ni white Kei Full marksでKelly Neko terrestrialィFull Io sleeve jiェku Suites Changes renamed Ailuropoda su suruーON ON ON Actual interpersonal Full job tensionーcloth whitelist ON ON ON - name - nameホWakuイSuites tensionウsuでthis matter Full Kelly Neko terrestrialィKelly Neko terrestrialィホWakuイSuites tensionウsu FullもFullをreference ni ON ON ON Hanaウsu signans Suites raッku signans nameを- whiteをForecast te ri ant Season Rousseau Full Ailuropoda suをChanges shi ta Suites raッku name Full Hanaーcloth white substance re- ant Season Rousseau Full kindred Changes of solid Suites raッku signans whiteをrefers expands , the Government Full Shishiをpassじte track ni Kelly Neko terrestrialィホWakuイSuites tensionウsu signans Suites raッku Tongbian ON ON ONでKellyイnn ni na ru tensionウsuはKellyイnn Kellyイnn Changes Suites raッku name Tongbian Government Full marksをtracing Prefecture signans Variable- universe Jiantong General theories ni Actual physical ni refers expands clan name Full integrationをrefers expands - Suites Ritzーthermalーgovernment signansをForecast te ri ant Season Rousseau name Total Tongbian Kelly Neko terrestrialィKelly Neko terrestrialィwhite Io nn Io nn Io nn to Gettingッku on Full Suites raッkuはgovernmentをpassじte government ni Speaking su ru koとをpassじte , white Kei was written bodyをthrough Io nn Io nn Io nn Io nn Io nn white Suites raッku on Kelly Neko terrestrialィホWakuイSuites tensionウsu signans name Full Actual name name TotalとActual Full generally na Changes Full solid State Theory Full trackをrefers expands

communication Full physical means -consolidated Hanaウsu ni Speaking Kelly Neko terrestrialィホWakuイSuites tensionウsu Io nn Io nnとKei u ri ant Season Rousseauをpassじte Suites raッku onでSuites Ritzーsu Suites Ritzーsu Suites Ritzーsu Suites RitzーSuga vanメnn to Hanaウsu signans Io nn Io nn Io nn Io nn Suites Ritzーsu Suites RitzーsuホWakuイSuites tensionウsuホWakuイSuites signans Io nn Io nn Io nn Io nn Io nn Company name Sanemichi Change number ni na the straight- ri ant Season Team Name name name name Hanaウsu signans Suites Ritzーsu tensionウsu signans Full no clogs theory ni some kind is itでsome kindをreference ri ant Season Rousseau Kelly Neko terrestrialィホWakuイSuites tensionウsu name Total Full shalt Full shalt Changes of Changes Full Suites raッku on FullもFullをreference ni former Full Sanemichi Variable- universeでwhite ni Tongbian Kelly Neko terrestrialィwhite Io nn Io nn government signansは, Suites raッku name ni Kelly Neko terrestrialィname roses and whiteでKellyイnn Kellyイnn Kellyイnn white ni Tongbian ActualホWakuイSuites tensionウsu · Suites raッku · Io sleeve jiェku Suites on Full Suites raッkuでoN ON ONホWakuイSuites tensionウsu signans through tracing






Monday, October 28, 2013

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (In Transportation)

The Taxi driver
who cried Syntaxis
was a little alarmed
when the air-fuel calibration
error returned
after maintenance:

Suetonius Tranquillus
Suetonius Tarquinus
en symposia:

tam|ura|abes|aked|qoi|aves|eurumakes|age|pipo|ked|lutim| be
in a secret connection
to another of the scribe anti-heroes ala onomystique:

Ezra de Mann:

In “u. surur, lat. item: adverbe de manière, connecteur discursif”, E. Dupraz considers the Umbrian adverb surur in comparison to Latin item. The two terms are not etymologically related but they appear to have the same functional extension, at least, within the same kind of texts. The functional equivalence between surur and item most probably goes back to a common general system recognizable in prescriptive documents, probably a juridical κοινή uniting Umbrian and Latin. The use of item, however, is different once we consider other textual genres. The difference is substantial. Item is almost never used as an adverb of manner, it does not contribute to the semantics of the predicate, but connects the predicate with a preceding event marking an identical, or almost identical, kind of association between theme and rheme.

So, here is where I meet with Chris, and let him know I think the term
must've been thrown by an errant calibration value:

What does it mean culturally when the government requires
engineered complexification?

The Boy Who Cried Wolf
now cries

Lyceum (I fear):

témer / Verb: Timaeus of Locri | 101 | B Arist. | H. A. | 8 | 4 | 3 to draw together, narrow , contract Hdt. | 7 | 23 Polybius | The Histories | 5 | 93 ...

συνάγω: convulexity.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wrong Thong.

daft time buy the emblem tree
a mad snarling dog trapped beneath the carpet
perform Cesarean and release
the crazed bloody snarling
Wolfgang Rihm

is it a grocery store, or a library
a row of plexiglass boxes house zines
which look like comic books titles like

Do you know what IRON is?
Who's making that kss kss noise?

The body of Dionysos might be depicted
by a series of hovering platforms
(3d balloon puzzle architectures?)
from the side (or front) resemble the slumbering
daft time buy the emblem tree

her aria as a fitness instructor
a tattoo
of a wolf Cesarean
igniting from her creamy abdomen
Do you know what RHYME is?

Somehow, this guy calls the sunset, a
continental package.
and here the iconic klein blue meteor
is a rowboat

her maenad going higher and higher
rows of little nails in strips
that pierce the dogs paws

what is crazed to emerge?
what is?

Wrong Thong, I say.
The kid is still looking at
plexiglass boxes.


Friday, October 25, 2013

Ichabod Crâne in Chewing Gum.

ichorbod hart ichorbod dark
Qu'est-ce crâne de lumière
va pomper le sang sucré cher?

Quel oiseau quêtes se dessine
dans cette chanson pompeux
mes actions de secours?

not properly drawing
to sleepy hollow
quills return your distant rouge
to pour over the grand pair
ichorbod hart ichorbod dark

lust views its germ paradise
from the sweet sanitarium of owls
whose headless Diogenes
lift their gushing lanterns
their jelliskintled godfruit
obscursed irises

Thursday, October 24, 2013


fanning ever outward into a think of pedal
the pigment crushed kissed hissed over the frame
through which the chains navigate the tubing
sprocketing the sun whose rotary arms embrace
skulling for gold by this empty pain
meme definitive for its agenda less ness
segments which when touched can be frozen
taken from screen to screen to inspect
as other segments fanning every outward
in a sweeping motion

wind zen
wind sign

visyzitooled elusa

the pigment cursed cussed
blessed unto the fame
through which the pains
navigate the true being

speaking for the sun
whose hull yet to be barked
would servile metal bacterium for head

the bird in space
short the monolithic bluntness

first the photon
as phoenix in the glass

worming through
word closes
its flaming mobile of gongs
a whisper to the surface of tea

a whisper on the waters

The Glass Crutch

kitten ups / indirect
small knife for meat
for meeting
cute (as in pat, put, or shot)
-out (spit, spitted)


karnoza soza

escocer juni gâchasse
youth stings in the chase
diana chaste

its foolish youth rent
torn pugnacious

uniting in a sense
the ethical to the somatic
by means of a provisional telos

doing good
like a sauciness
a pertness
a smack of the lips
the hips click
pop the hands
snapped straight
to engage the daughter
or sun

in the body of Rimbaud
panta ray
the international good
its bottle

kytten, i showed you
you've seen

Tao in tie unite panta kai many nouden
nonce clutch

thin lizzy
'the readers'

alles in allem (vicissitude)
all sign all limb

an invisible hand
or tree
adam smith
or first unveiling
first disjunction
first argument

the fuhror
aft for ars

those English sculptors
Jake or Dinos


no more need be said


fin (again)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Analogiode to Winther Onset Tube and Tub

i'm thinking about them, but i don't know anything:
a sentimental hack-like /.. schmoo
you like to touch it / the cartoon mozarella caspar
comes on like chicken in a joke about food /
everything tastes like
conspiracy / some of their songs
i admire while others don't seem so very
isn't there any sense that to maintain
construction policies when the construction it
selfs is grammar always done wabi sabi
out of translation i can't make it still
XXX looking like a bucktoothed caption
the way loki looks askance at logos
come capture me
my braids all aglitter
and in the green space of peace
i describe a park made up of little things
things out of orbit / only spatial grammar hangs
nose mangs / they settle like leaves
maybe they rap
or chain funnel
my doctor i described him
in the lutheran office, these hispanics
sitting quietly i wonder that they
aren't here to see a psychiatrist
the receptionist seems vaguely romanian
and the doctor himself like an old poet
you seem to remember
the soft tawny modernist furniture
a gaucho doll twisted into landscape
the pen the doctor writes with his mustache
the trite institutional glass
or is it gentle, 'our internationalism'
is not quite a romantic ruin
but a sideboard, a shoebox
we save to put old photos in,
ourselves, he tries an old drug,
and repurposes it, tries something gentle,
and something harsh, he can tell I'm efficient,
somehow, i tide his up with iron
with dimpled nippled iron
i propose a sort of ogre's cauldron
in a private orange grotto
some vast mimosa umbrella springing
from the tight jungian pucker of blur
i don't finger it out
but the waping and crawlu deslides
its whole slide rams and schlops
and the tired tiered circus of harlequin pegboards
synthesizers howls to do
to do! it is somehow a very articulate model
whose tiny pieces can be moved
and rearranged (i smell it)
i pick up Aria (her smooth round
face the indifferent soul of all things)
she is waiting for me
and then another
who asks to smoke
but instead eats popcorn
my canoo grows longers
the system of cave lagoons
is days
and the purple light beneath the surface
lures the wobble of rhyme
the rimed warble
green emeralds big enough to sun on
are crusted as a bathtub ring
so sun
and watch the floats
the carnival wire
black lightning that touches
every animal head
through out all thyme
gift leaf
dove hole
maver magi imago