Thursday, October 31, 2013

Automatic Reinvestments

phatic late culture gertrude
all cowbell all diving
godzilla wills printing on fleece
mouse police if's
what hello them
advanced material sciences convey
only autochthonic queries
like cell fool fuel and call
a niqāb could veil
a thousand leavenings
phatic late hijab
as the meeting was already
a scorn upon the equation
1491 (sensation)
mostly the string strong stories
give Continentality their form
say 'like a turtle' when you render
'The Birth of Tragedy' as Venus
appearing from a clam shell
most of the psychedelic pastors
in the field will immediately
replace the nudity with a finer drawn
replica of the Brigitte Helm inflected
gynoid or Maschinenmensch
much taken by the Hello the Heroine
slang (because of its quick orders of (or) refraction):

Parody, Ultima,
Machina, Futura,
Robotrix, False Maria,
Robot Maria, and Hel.

It doesn't really matter
where I end this instance of the poem
because it goes on underground
or above ground
Hello Phatic Gertrude
Aspen Fungus Fuel Cell
"Call Me"
you Malware updates
appear daily now
great Pumpkin
I remember Casanova
in that episode
as a Borg
dressed in all white lace
and played by the young Jodorowsky
head for a tombo
and struggling with the heavy reptilian monkey-dog Gertrude
on his back 'whispering vestigials'
mannerisms of occluded mass
like an eloquent carving of Joan of Arc
made out of ambergris
vivisectioned by 'Casanova G. Borg'
and made into a head board
for a sort of box for Ophelia
a shrine where alien software
breeds itself
the whole thing redolent
with power, mystery
and stupidity
Borgia spooks in Venice
buying handsome velvet tents
for their collection
The Sphinx
with a light-saber
instead of a beard
some fountain called that~
(...) while we relax in the sun
'chin up or you die'
and wreckreation
lions around a light bulb
and wig for a ghost

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