Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wrong Thong.

daft time buy the emblem tree
a mad snarling dog trapped beneath the carpet
perform Cesarean and release
the crazed bloody snarling
Wolfgang Rihm

is it a grocery store, or a library
a row of plexiglass boxes house zines
which look like comic books titles like

Do you know what IRON is?
Who's making that kss kss noise?

The body of Dionysos might be depicted
by a series of hovering platforms
(3d balloon puzzle architectures?)
from the side (or front) resemble the slumbering
daft time buy the emblem tree

her aria as a fitness instructor
a tattoo
of a wolf Cesarean
igniting from her creamy abdomen
Do you know what RHYME is?

Somehow, this guy calls the sunset, a
continental package.
and here the iconic klein blue meteor
is a rowboat

her maenad going higher and higher
rows of little nails in strips
that pierce the dogs paws

what is crazed to emerge?
what is?

Wrong Thong, I say.
The kid is still looking at
plexiglass boxes.


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