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100 Bonbons (Puce Mary-Chuck Berry) My-My-My-My-Non "A"..

I tried to post a little free digital chapbook in the 'conceptual writing group' yesterday on Facebook,
but it was deleted in exactly 5 seconds, with nothing but a terse reminder that the group was specifically for conceptual writing. It's strange, every piece of writing in the piece was copied from somewhere else, but I guess it got mistaken for creativity. Well, I'll never make THAT MISTAKE about their club again, but that's okay, there are hundreds of clubs here in Old London.

Vexations have long been assimilated into the canon,
and even within the performance of these canonized vexations, there continue to be new irritations:
sirens, bird song.. But how can this be??!
What next?
(load about 8 of these in different tabs and start them all about 3-4 seconds apart)
My vexity is legion...

I guess I always knew that the messianic grotesque was nothing new exactly. No, I didn't know.
And I am surprised, but even more surprised that no one listened!
Mynona! Mynona!
I call to you my grotesque brother across the century!
Master, your student has found you!
But I can't read the goddamned German, and
the only libraries that have your books
are in Germany.
I guess I'll have to make it all up again
from scratches.
I did it when I was Mynona, so I guess
I can do it again..
(The desert still grows old friend..)

here is a maquette of the mise en scene for an asemic opera.. it is ostensibly an architectural sentence meant as a space for the singers to move around in / on / through.. no known opera house would be large enough to house it, in fact, it would have to be outdoors like a monumental statue, or better, inside of Etienne-Louis Boullee's Memorial to Sir Isaac Newton, but suspended in the air, and the singers would acrobatically maneuver within its chaostispansioning.. another feature which would be nice would be if individual filaments in the structure could be activated and vibrate like tuning forks, and perhaps tiny helium filled ping-pong ball sized balloons could drift by in profusion to illustrate the power of the vibrational displacements..

Here is just the sentence itself.
Mynona put this same language into the mouth of a magic mummy
in "The Magic Egg"
I think that should be the title of the opera..
Should we put in Diogenes as one of the characters?
How about Fresca?
They could both be suitcases, or babbages,
for birds to come flying out of.
It's enough we thought of them.

Jeff Harrison writes lovely, and deeply meaningful poetry. Here's some from the Wryting-L list he posted just yesterday:

The supernal, She bathes, and to close Her eyes in sleep is also form. For Artemis, this scene, as unbidden by the sleeper as Actaeon was unbidden by the bather. Unbidden the hunter, unbidden the hart, unbidden this dream of the bather torn apart.

Here's what I said about it:
this one does everything Jeff..

I’m seeing some kind of hermaphrodite Marat with deer head dead in in a tub of blood,
but it is a building made of ceramic whose interior is like a labyrunth where cynokopfic hunters
wearing the emblem of eros or cupid hunt one another
and the walls are covered in breasts which flow down into meandering tub troughs
and ever door between every room is an eye


the piece triggered something from some of my earliest serious reading in Kenneth Patchen’s Albion Moonlight,, Alibion Moonlight is being chased by a hungry pack of (and this may be wrong) white hounds with red ears, and when they catch him, inexplicably he tastes his own blood in their mouths.. there is also some material in monster theory about the hero’s identification with the monster, about the hero’s prodigality being monster-like, and it follows that these transversals or displacements within pov, however you want to look at, are echoes of language or not, but almost like a pond where narcissus sits dreaming (the world) the ripples disturb the image, the inner image.. and there are subtle shifts like using Artemis instead of diana and by using Supernal puts her bathing in the sky but also seems to make the bather out of clouds I don’t know for me these do quantum things quantum leaps for me that is the unbidden leaps of fancy, of the poem one of them is easily ‘the bather torn apart’ which should be actaeon etc but here again we have that quantum interferencing of the image and like light it obeys a kind of refractive law a kind of episodiharmelodicombinatorics these are truly sibylline gestures and they refresh the old stories in the right way their brevity is almost Ian Hamilton Finlayesque but that is just a way of getting them into that narrative space where form dreams of space through sound and the epic, mythic, and indeed mystic element which is absolutely contemporary is the moment frame of contingency yes the space of contingency which is oracular time that is something that poetry doesn’t often take the time to enunciate you can write it off as mood but it is so emblematic of the entire universe of the way things happen of the magic yes, jeff is a skilled sorcerer! here is another unbidden quantum displacement Her eyes in sleep her eye signs leap! her being the reader and whatever else not trying to tie it down very good..

Now you know why my picture is slightly more vulgargoylische ala Barbic.. I just cant put down the speaking bone and sing.. too much Mynona in the blood..

Here's Jerry Saltz's latest sprinkle to the wound:

Here's what I told him on Facebook:

i think i'm more into radically invulnerable love.. it's like transcendental sentimentalism, but there's a larger caprice wing where the contingency gang has a coffee house, and a marvelous veranda with helixed palms just crawling with marmosets in little leprechaun outfits banging little bells with their briarwood pipes and handing out trading cards of old french composers in their underwear

grow your own primal scene!

I am thinking somehow that this recent turn in continental philosophy, namely, contingency, signals a return to the poetic, to creativity in difference, so that in the space of choice, the signal's elan must once again become effulgent against history. Careful with the spark! (or axe, Eugene..) Every moment of our time like a transparent block must contain a network of doors, a shimmering and veiny tree, whose trembling precious leaves are the index of beginnings.. Let it Renaissance now!

I wish I would have a renaissance today..
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Lanny Quarles I've checked my sprezzatura levels, and the oraculator is running well enough, so it just might happen.. I've re-insulated the polar encapsulator which should keep jade drifts from forming in the viewing retort, but there's really nothing I can do about a certain boogering in the line exchanges during turns.. I'm hopeful!!

I guess I should have quit while I was a head,
but I didn't; here's the fake conceptual chapbook
that Conceptual poetry deleted
because it wasn't conceptual.
It isn't.
It's just all fake writing, and you should go away
and not read any of it.

molestie series ( primitus
the leprechaun poem,
a latin fantasy with translations 

by lux o’really

for anyone who’s ever been on television.


While traveling through rural Ireland on his way to Dublin, Porky Pig is caught in a storm and asks for lodgings at a nearby castle, but the caretaker tells him that no one inhabits the place but himself and the leprechauns. Porky dismisses the remark, but then accidentally hits his head and loses consciousness. At that point, "O'Toole" is revealed to be a pair of leprechauns disguised as a human being. O'Pat, the first one, is very calm while O'Mike, the second one, is frantic that Porky is after their pot of gold. O'Pat, being the "Chief Leprechaun", convinces his partner that he knows how to deal with the Pig. When Porky wakes up, he is helped to a room by a "reunited" O'Toole who, during the short trip to the room, gets accidentally divided in two again. As Porky notices, he mentions to the top half of O'Toole that he has lost his lower half, and realizing that "O'Toole" is actually two leprechauns, is terrified and runs and hides in his bed, which happens to be a trap door leading to a shaft where Porky drops until he falls into the witness chair in a courtroom. There the Leprechauns find him guilty of trying to steal the pot of gold and sentence him to the wearing of the Green Shoes.

At first Porky appreciates them as some nice shoes, but soon he realizes that they are cursed, as his feet begin a frantic Irish jig. Porky realizes that the shoes will not stop dancing, and even when he removes them, they chase him and return themselves to his feet, and he is "danced" through a nightmarish landscape filled with Irish icons until he falls in a boiling pot of gold. At this point, he wakes up to find himself in a puddle of water still standing where he fell after being hit by the mace. Panicked and disoriented, he runs away from the castle. O'Toole watches him run, shaking hands with himself (actually O'Mike, the other leprechaun) with a mischievous smile.
The title refers to The Wearing of the Green, an old Irish ballad, while the green shoes themselves are borrowed from the Hans Christian Anderson fable The Red Shoes (and the 1948 film based on it) about a pair of ballet shoes that never let their wearer stop dancing. The title was parodied, also as "The Wearing of the Grin", in the Bugs Bunny cartoon What's Up Doc? where Bugs reveals that being in the play's chorus was his first gig as an "actor."

As for your 
Irrish lucrepan, 
that spirit whom by 
preposterous charms 
thy lust hath rais'd 
in a wrong circle.

golddigging cum ratione definitur , in mare , et factus est sermo familiaris, ut moderni de Hibernis libris depictum Riley carmina 1880s , a reddi illius , in quo Fergusius quod solum populus cum sex verbum Bendix Lu ( minor ) dicitur, iocis . Vel secundum proficit . Genus Subgenus tus in uoltu , sed incipit postnatus post - coctione originem rectam. Mira quadam die amat nummum cum Jackie Gleason caulibus a spiritu / contigerit Kyle : verbum pecuniam accepisse ut commutatio comici libro . Kyle Leti Catullus   ) . [ VIII ] Textus supportantes moribus Digby comoedo . Cum antiquis in furto pecunia ad basketball tempus origine , et est lioprachan permittit . [ IV ]Primi accentus cum ad consolationes fortunatos a litore . Praeterea derivationem Corp ( corporis ) . [ IV ] [ V ] Magnetem. Quidam in nomine leprechaun tui non capiet ex phantasticas partes riveter at illi concedere; sed poterat etiam teneris Fergus filius ( PERO ) , quia dies , Kyle socrum cum monied in " thesauri crocks sepelierunt tuam libidinem filius habet   incerta vitae . testificetur ad Hibernos verbum leipreachán , exclamatio II ( MDCIV ) : « Sicut nobilis scriptor catchphrases Dekker comoedia creatura ,quorum maxime in quo vestitus erat ad FESTUM mane una potentia . Et in Cavan , illæ dimissi . [ IX ] [ X ] Quod " O'Reillys ' et ' Reilly scriptor " Grimm diu ut acuto , comam suam pecuniam domum suam ut leprechauns quod fieri omnino vita nusquam vivere dicitur continet episode American radio domi res prospera grandpa , qui per suus fuit possessio deleniti praepostera de de de 1940s bet Vitam in genere apparet leprechaun Kyle capti in aeternum studiis societatis test ,ut revelaverit ei dormiens William Butler in Comitatu negative freeloading popularis basketball ludio ludius in tempore exemplum a " degeneres fairy " persona, et est illud redigere ad carnys qui putabat James circuli . " [ IV ] In Kyle domum Domini usque in sumptum ab honestis American lubrican , leprehaun , quod utinam discoopertis luchorpán , et a matre trahit , qui calceamenti . [ VII ]   De primo quoque gens Hibernica committitur alternative spelling semper inveniens Reillys eius " . Opes horum Sprite vel tria invenire se in votis est, ex Hal roach scriptor ala ( Marx ibat MCMXLIX pluma movendi, cum Willelmo qui Latinam iniuriam temporum , de Comoediae " suggerit in Whitcomb luchrupán [ III ] se ab indignatione -"Quid revoltin ' originis in responsis , aurum" amice vespillō " . Ex qua decepti vidit Bendix sicut habet unluckiest meretrice fuisse essentialiter comoedia series schola gerit   percussit omnem factionem et ipsos componentes aurum " mali spiritus" Bendix leprechaun sicut et de operante sua coniectoris CC annorum a die McGuerins et lepreehawn . In Brooklyn ( MCMXLII ) . vel quod numquam per se ,   esse solitarius in Latinam habet practicam Eo bello praesertim retractavit Ultoniae , appropriatur cadit . [ XI ] Iuxta omnem Riley , California. Deorsum radices eius frequentes postero die taxicab comitatu dominus , tunc Vos autem in uno factus Vita hyacintho et   evigilet in collo Riley visitationis Hybernum duodecim cubito brevius. Et adduxit prandium Exundat per Hibernicum incipit ac solidatum, abductoribus sunt ejus , qui musicam . Ille vincit Seamus malum " . [ XII ] Alternative est in spellings orsus a spectandus Beniamin per J. ( Ryan Merriman ) est quia non habent esse Hibernicum corruptionem suam amittit quod invenit prandium factus synonyma qui furatus actas pro moneta . Conversus autem ad scientiam   maxime cognitum est recta ratio pingendo capite -of- 1940s , domesticis fictus . Eam vitam , [ I ] Et cum pauci Cestriae A. importat progressum Hoc est ! " - 1950s facta est ergo longa run - Anglorum complecti prandium leprechaun est existunt tempora ) et dixit erat " uiuens fictus Bendix eos omnes veteranorum. vel normalis homines esse Trahentes Hibernorum , «non vivere Riley , qualis est minus certa Kyle , Aircraft herba quis est custodierunt Tim McGuerin McAnally in Angliam . Nummos in Yeats magnus poetica Cunningham Hiberni lubrican , qui misit ut   errans non consummato sermone Anglis libere generosum unum principalis occupatio est consumptis ad Léti (Anglice: post Adventum fuit legalis ludum . Super producentis Irving Brecher proposita Groucho bróg Patricius Dinneen Ribbon ex oppido Genus ergo cum nota frequenti MCMXLVII in domo sua et in mixtus Echtra Fergusio illo opere perficit . fontes, David Russell rubrum , prandium adducam argentum , Scotti veteris eos . Sicut et habent ex transibis Kyle   prædictas Fatales illa est nota referunt ad bonum prorsus aures eius / micitias lacum Erie. Et omnes qui de Leith Seamus ( dimidium) incipit sequi Mundus in circuitu Signati tempus belli , " quod denarius et ipse quaerat et magicae in esse felix. Hic est nec dimidia leprechaun Kyle est . Quattuor MCMLVIII a uti spelling . Radio ( John Brown ), in leprechaun est cum mom . Kyle , molestie series ( sublime primum , manifestat , non invenio in titulum plateam , ita amicos Corporis hostiam , Marx radio tamquam « sonoram Pygmaeus , loquebantur et ad benefaciendum in vulgares de MCMXLIII etymologiae quidam profluens qui mutilum Duis congue quis , porttitor a tincidunt aberrat omnes gradus quos potius quam ut saltandi præsidium ejus munus est, accommodata leprechaun addicitur . " serie, tus, ingenti favore contentus leprechaun et quod per for Mac Mac Léti Rex origine , nummo in calceamentis, et invenit relegans Medius Hibernis una fabula medieval darrig nomine radicem Corp , variisque sententiis , quae in pecuniis patrinus leithbrágan Kyle ad MCMLXI . ) Ergo in prima parte testatur de ' Reilly familia vitam vivere in a junior princeps nummum suum per tres lúchorpáin . MCMXLIV , et lingua sua . [ VI ] Cum de sua serie clam swaps ad cum ludens basketball , in alienam monetam " fodiens " foci et O'Dell leti olor headed paulum cervice fictor ridiculam Flexilis- currit adulteri coin -op PORTICUS ad cum ludens ad cum ludens et lingua sua cum de sua serie clam swaps ludens ad cum ludens

is defined as the ratio of golddigging , into the sea , and he became the intimate friend of the word , in order that the books of the modern Irish, painted with Riley songs of 1880, from the payment to be made of that , that it is only the people of Fergus, in which the word of the Bendix , with six of Lu (the lesser) is said to be entertained with jests . Another measure progress . Family of the expression , but born after it begins - the origin of the cooking line . A wonderful day of love with a piece of Jackie Gleason stems from the spirit / Kyle happen : the comic book that the exchange had taken money . Death by Kyle Kline ) . [ 8 ] The text supporting character comedian Digby . Since ancient times, the stolen money to the beginning of the basketball season , and is lioprachán permits. [ 4 ] The first , with the accent to the comforts of good luck from the shore. Moreover, the derivation of the body ( of the body) . [ 4 ] [ 5 ] the magnet . Some of you will not be in the name of the leprechaun from the fantastic parts riveter but grant him but it could also tender Fergus son ( BROGUE ) , for the day , Kyle 's mother , with the monied " Crocker buried treasure your lust son has an uncertain life . Attests to the Irish word leipreachán , cry 2 ( 1604 ) : "Just as the creation of a famous writer of comedy catchphrases Dekker , of which the most of the one power which he wore to the carnival in the morning . Cavan and I believe in , she was set at liberty. [ 9 ] [ 10 ] The reason why " O'Reilly "and" Reilly 's " Grimm long as the sharp leaves his money to his house as leprechauns that to happen at all , life is no life at home contains a radio episode of American prosperity grandpa , who is bewitched by his possession was reversed in the 1940s out of life in general appears bet Kyle leprechaun trapped forever social studies test, so revealing to him sleeping in the William Butler county negatively freeloading popular basketball player in the example of " degenerate fairy " person, and is shrunk to carnys James , who thought the circle. " [ 4 ] in the house of the Lord , until the cost of Kyle from honest American lubrican , leprehaun , which I wish luchorpán uncovered , and draws from his mother , who shoes . [ 7 ] The first ever Irish start finding alternative spelling of Reilly . " Wealth of Sprite or three find themselves wish, from Hal 's wing roaches ( Marx went 1949 feature film, with William Latin and wrong times of Comedy " suggests the Whitcomb luchrupán [ 3 ] himself from anger "- What revoltin ' origin in answers, gold " friendly undertaker . " from what has been deceived as he saw Bendix unluckiest harlot, essentially a series of comedy school wears off every faction and mending gold " evil spirits " Bendix as the leprechaun and the interpreter of his 200 -year-old operator of a day and McGuerins lepreehawn . in Brooklyn ( 1942 ) . itself or that it will never be alone on that war has a practical Latin reworked especially Ulster appropriated falls . [ 11 ] According to the Riley , California . beneath the foot of the taxicab in crowds on the following day the owner of the company , then he wakes up in the blue, and as for you, at just one point off the neck of Riley the life of an Irish twelve inches of that I will visit more briefly . spills and he brought a meal and begins to consolidated by the Irish , are of his abductors , who music . he Seamus conquers evil " . [ 12 ] Alternative spelling is the beginning of a show by Benjamin J. ( Ryan Merriman ) is because they do not have to be Irish corruption loses his lunch only to find it has become synonymous with the man in age for our money. turned to the knowledge of the most learned the right reason portrayal of the head -of- 1940s, domestic fake . her life , [ 1 ] and with a few Chester A. this implies the development is " - the 1950s there was a long run - the English breakfast included leprechaun is spring time ) and said it was " Bendix fake them all living veterans . or normal men dragged the Irish , " Riley not live , is less certain as Kyle , who is kept Tim McGuerin McAnally Aircraft plant in England . Yeats poetry in the great Irish coins lubrican Cunningham , who sent an errant not when the sermon English gentleman, one of the main occupation is spending freely to death ( in English , after the coming of the legal game. Upon producer Irving Brecht proposed Groucho bróg Patrick Dinneen Ribbon from the town with the Family note: a full 1947 in his home and in the work that mixed Echtra Fergus . springs , red , David Russell , a meal will bring silver, Old Irish them . As they pass from Kyle fairies that is known to refer to his ears at all good / feud lake Erie . and all of Leith Seamus ( half) to follow around the world signed a time of war , " and that the coin is magic in the search himself and be happy. This is not half leprechaun is Kyle . use from 1958 Four spelling . Radio ( John Brown ) , the leprechaun with his mom . Kyle , television series ( high first , shows , I do not find in the title of the street , so the body of a victim of his friends , the radio Marx as " Pigmy , spoke to the benefit of 1943 in folk etymology deriving some who mutilated homework man , shot by shot , wanders all stages rather than to help him to dance the role is , adapted leprechaun must pay . " series, incense , leprechaun and content with great enthusiasm by the King of Death for Mac Mac stock, cash in their shoes, and found that banishes Middle Irish single play medieval darrig Corp root name , different opinions as to what the money to sponsor Kyle leithbrágan 1961 . ) Therefore, in the first part of the witness ' Reilly family life to live in a junior high piece of his three lúchorpáin . 1944 , and in his own language . [ 6 ] The secret of their series with the swaps to playing basketball in foreign currency " digging " O'Dell death fireplace and headed swan neck slightly maker funny rubber- running bastards coin -op arcade to when playing to playing with his tongue and with his own series secretly swaps to playing with playing

(the end)

This is me, and conceptual poetry. Make sure you model 
each song as both ME (US) and THEM (YOU)!


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