Thursday, October 24, 2013


fanning ever outward into a think of pedal
the pigment crushed kissed hissed over the frame
through which the chains navigate the tubing
sprocketing the sun whose rotary arms embrace
skulling for gold by this empty pain
meme definitive for its agenda less ness
segments which when touched can be frozen
taken from screen to screen to inspect
as other segments fanning every outward
in a sweeping motion

wind zen
wind sign

visyzitooled elusa

the pigment cursed cussed
blessed unto the fame
through which the pains
navigate the true being

speaking for the sun
whose hull yet to be barked
would servile metal bacterium for head

the bird in space
short the monolithic bluntness

first the photon
as phoenix in the glass

worming through
word closes
its flaming mobile of gongs
a whisper to the surface of tea

a whisper on the waters

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