Saturday, October 19, 2013


Polimer nedir?
Monomer nedir?

polymer nadir.
monomer nadir.


on the sand they rig the hammock oud`
on the sand they rig the resonating hole`
these imperial women`
are on a shooting trip`

after wild sheep in the Altai`
they sing their song`
many caves are filled with false onyx`
many stories are filled with false characters`

in the Galician Carpathians`
these broad soft women are riding`
the coveted X of the problem`

in the Autumn of 1899`
the circumstances`

St. George Littledale`
serves the women`
loads their guns`
cooks their meals`
on the sand he rigs the monomer.
on the sand he rigs the polymer.

the Ovis nivicola is sniffing about the camp.
the women are snoring.
the men are toying with their noses.
In the Altai, the lofty volcanic peaks`
are toying with their noses.

These Imperial Women`
are half-wild natives`
filled to the brim`
with plastic materials.

The ground here is uneven and rough`
in Kommchatty.
In fresh field and pastures lay`
our waning hopes, Imperial Women`
dressed in animal skins, or`
sportsmens' red letter days.

The Author's dog Kam
is the best head obtained
by the Author.

At the staircase at Kluchi
an old fisherman
reveals himself.
He shows the Imperial women
the pit
where the salmon are stored for Winter`

here the Vershina snake is growing
in the salmon.
Here the Imperial women
get down in the pit to sing
and St. George Littledale
strings his biscuit and lyre
in the sand.

The dragon he makes
is a resonating hole.
The song they build
is like a huge rudder
over the mouths of the Amur river.

Prince Demidoff is frozen by the Giliaks,
and his caribou and polymers

they wander like Imperial women
among the cargo boats.

In a huge face made of fox and sable
insane blue lips are singing.
In 1679 an insane Cossack met the Koriaks.
In a huge face made of fox and sable
insane blue lips are singing.

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