Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Analogiode to Winther Onset Tube and Tub

i'm thinking about them, but i don't know anything:
a sentimental hack-like /.. schmoo
you like to touch it / the cartoon mozarella caspar
comes on like chicken in a joke about food /
everything tastes like
conspiracy / some of their songs
i admire while others don't seem so very
isn't there any sense that to maintain
construction policies when the construction it
selfs is grammar always done wabi sabi
out of translation i can't make it still
XXX looking like a bucktoothed caption
the way loki looks askance at logos
come capture me
my braids all aglitter
and in the green space of peace
i describe a park made up of little things
things out of orbit / only spatial grammar hangs
nose mangs / they settle like leaves
maybe they rap
or chain funnel
my doctor i described him
in the lutheran office, these hispanics
sitting quietly i wonder that they
aren't here to see a psychiatrist
the receptionist seems vaguely romanian
and the doctor himself like an old poet
you seem to remember
the soft tawny modernist furniture
a gaucho doll twisted into landscape
the pen the doctor writes with his mustache
the trite institutional glass
or is it gentle, 'our internationalism'
is not quite a romantic ruin
but a sideboard, a shoebox
we save to put old photos in,
ourselves, he tries an old drug,
and repurposes it, tries something gentle,
and something harsh, he can tell I'm efficient,
somehow, i tide his up with iron
with dimpled nippled iron
i propose a sort of ogre's cauldron
in a private orange grotto
some vast mimosa umbrella springing
from the tight jungian pucker of blur
i don't finger it out
but the waping and crawlu deslides
its whole slide rams and schlops
and the tired tiered circus of harlequin pegboards
synthesizers howls to do
to do! it is somehow a very articulate model
whose tiny pieces can be moved
and rearranged (i smell it)
i pick up Aria (her smooth round
face the indifferent soul of all things)
she is waiting for me
and then another
who asks to smoke
but instead eats popcorn
my canoo grows longers
the system of cave lagoons
is days
and the purple light beneath the surface
lures the wobble of rhyme
the rimed warble
green emeralds big enough to sun on
are crusted as a bathtub ring
so sun
and watch the floats
the carnival wire
black lightning that touches
every animal head
through out all thyme
gift leaf
dove hole
maver magi imago



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