Tuesday, October 15, 2013



unto the highest opera
purple nacred leech
the loosely sloshy lava
from its evertoothin repositorii

gateway speech (dun)

it is because the dead-end appear
that the dread language stop
in its code

the coin housing as it flips
drilled through the thin by a string
the image of a mouth
doing nothing
but wide

and the inverse
close to hierarchy
revealing lips
to a circle

lava poured in a circle
into the which the nerves are laid
as in a manger
and then the umbrella
of white marble to counteract the faun
whose torso
pretending sewing machine

raises its syringa
for a conch
or minoan snake hands
to breasts gives sup
or thanks

perhaps the image is reversed
and that a mountain comes between us
instead of a valley

perhaps two mountains
stand on either side of a mountain
and perhaps the valleys
are mountains in reverse

perhaps the hands are fingers
for a larger hand
perhaps the body is a hand
whose arm is a feeling
and whose body is unknown


a cave of purple leeches
where the pink distorted head of wind still grows
where branching constellations of burnished metal gem prunes
pop open like pocket-watches
their tiny automaton venuses cantilevering up
heads spinning
faces replaced by over-large beaks
which perform as masks
but which produce foam

the kwekwapfafaluzi of quipu quempu

its thumbs long greened by verdigris
and ambergris
and gris gris and gristle

stinging thistle
do you rhyme for letter
epithistle missing connectives?

And if you see a pale blue venus
furred in purple leeches,
will your Medusan sentences resemble
snakes, or the casting about of

by an indeterminate lantern
whose heft
reveals a levity of being
a brevity
whose ideal
is brevity plurautuasolotilalala?

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