Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grasshopper Shirt I Viewed Briefly

Beat stupid jail
scared flying squirrel

jacket yarn correction
torch dark Hey

car lump ram
Number of branches

mountain elf
bay unexpectedly

Two Fang
threshold intrinsic gather

piece delicate cold
halo pull Ergasilus

ordered Screenshot
climbing side

Connector for crack

patch of leather
poor stabbed domain owl

flow mushroom Hall
deflated coverlet

quarter of bay
second blue bream

snail hesitant ram has
slug small chestnut

bottle fight
induced bamboo

flat basket tray bared
drift Grass flycatcher

Watchman Sang
bluefish radon state

grind Chao squeaky wheel
canthal Medicine lots mephitis

grate banner
shoot from an old stump

down seconds
buckle She gigantic strength

at the hinge Respecting
Truth Thorny Paradox

mom hunting anchovy
throw mine lift copious arrogant

squatting Evolution
drive type magnesium ravioli disheveled

care threshold presume
drag spy sedan underexposure

pulp actually tuck
catch brown asked shame blanket  Alice

sad public bathhouse
grate guess sigh leather Pan

He fork News
dawn Pi rash beer

bandit broom
indole make rely skull translation rough

Walled core thick
 poured far pile stolen burn

vertical traduce Figure
cricket school woolen rug swift dragonfly

gradually ground

Kinslictive Narface

paradox as
photography prove
gorgeous abstraction
is the real
unspooling water
along the coil
venturi entry
the circular influence zone
around the magnetic cube

some defiance in the field
inclination set
or setting's inclination

by sample said to

we construct for example
a trick scultpure called

"The Harlot Tree"
whose fruit are beautiful
and one may have sex with them
though they are scarcely alive
but then what one considers sex
may be in terms of art

by a determined

yes / sey

the y's, or the wise
drop out leaving
the lating term

esse 'to be'

And there really is no asking why,
or there is, but as Shakespeare amply proves,
being is already rhetoric.

the two legs become one

yes = 0 or 1
sey = 0 or 1

either way, structurally
one can be said to be the chiral, or structural,
opposite of the other

sey = -yes

in this system, and the system is semiotics
there is no "no"
because every answer leads to further actuation
the structural calculation of matter has no ending.

It is in this way that the analog has always been digital, and vene vidi vice virso.

Let us p-ray:

Projection of projective emanation,
notion our actions' commotion to summon
the common numen, and let our hyle
go on awhile where the leisure of dying
is brightest to the clue.

Let sluicing remains hyle the dew,
and take answer to begin its never finished
few, or feud, lord, they know knot wot they do,
for in an infinite series, there is only serious comedy,
only coral choirs of oral eros, only sore balllonsidom

modally round
and pleasant pheasants
peasanting the golden mire

ode mirror to its call
we call
lack you anything
or are fille say filles
this mal

hon son or T whale connective
nor or no?

sey yes
to seas of



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fever of Parasitic Organism Revealed as Art Unit Delta.



and odd
is poesy

what lied
gate pnp
nand nmor

connect this:

"and central to which-
is the enigma that identifies
the hero and all humanity
as monsters
existing in a reality of which
the deformed
is the first principle"

to syntaxis:

the controlling deformity
in this text is the feet.

Syntaxis is not just the easy totalization, but rather,
another labelling mechanism within the pluroma
of the material computation in which it is
suspended, and which it in some form recapitulates.

Methods of Change.
Chethods of Mange.
Manthods of Chege.
Chegods of Manthe.

"Man's techne had odd origins."

Man the code eggs.

Mantis Codex.

Maintain Scolex.


Edgar Allen Poe @

"Scottish JunkiePhones didn't write this."


an amoeba takes off its
cartoon cellphone jogging shoes
and lets them float out
across a huge cup of Java:

my neck
my neck
the human neck
is the Alamo.


a Bentley Aston
field Martin
[Mr. Aston, Mr. Martin]
fitness instructor
rolls into the highland park
village Starbucks
to absorb a mocha soy
latte' frappé'
with her nipple sponges
where it meets

a Mexican jumping jellybean hotty
in a Hummer with video laser disk turntable wheels
each with its own yardman amoeba vj.


a yardman amoeba vijay-jay
invites a homosaxual urban turban
to tuba artificial cream
into its earcanal ecosasstem
while reading the
Hand-Held Times.

then BAMM!
Universal Purrreggancy!
Out pops a nosering cellphone
in wikiwikiwikit ambilogues
hawking the triune thong..

With its flared nostril earlobes blaring
the dun and rietheous pomedy
of the all-cunning javalingua,
the damn guest star's coffee colored thong-lings
outputted more
human neck alamo coffee.


A Salvadorian Thong-ling in a
skivvy dong'd four-door Porsche phone
pulled out its iPod tennis nipple paddles
for some Iroc Lacoste retro doodad Funion action
from Atari Safari.


Funny Doodoo for Sanka Claws!
Calvin Klein Bottle!

Do a math problem bfor
beta clown shoes comes on down here
like a donkey in a Chanel
crawdad exoskeleton
codin' wiki's in an alt-latte' shower's
Bath party house.

Hyle So Damn Insane!
Where's your novel, dum dum?

two tiny laptop nipplerings
and they are boyfriend
and boyfriend:

T.D BMW Macaroni Baudrillard
T.S. Mercedes Bachelard
(or will be)

after they quit bein'
eyes on the pony's
rubber buttcheek earcanals
for Santa Coffee Neck is the Alamot.


Hassan I Shubboth.

Zelda jacked off in her Americano
and out popped a ringtome.


In Napoli, a Byronic nipplephone
is perusing an assembly line of cheap
mass produced fuck-dolls made of
Southeast Asian coffee-sponge phones,
and looking for a mutant with an
earlobe nipplephone browser suite
to include Photoshop, iTunes, and a rare app
for disassembling beetle dongs in an expanded
latte' metaverse.


A Mexican Macaroni BMW dollhouse sausage
is perfroing a transcendental denture email to a
colostomy of Azerbaijani hominy when SHALAMA!

39 cellphone mummies pop out of a Cheops pyramid
shaving kit computerphone falsie, each with its
own bizarre and convoluted Winchester house nipple
phone decoder ring.

Each one is actually
a secret agent, a blonde
Mexican-Azerbaijani hydraphone
reaching back into the ages
of the Earth's crust.


The Earth can be called anything:

House of Ladyfag.
Dog day Afternoon.
Audio CD repair kit.


a sexy amoeba latte'
jacks off into a cellphone
while a nude white leather cordoba
explains the act
to a blind apocalyptic centaur robomower
with hotswap raid megamemory
and gatlinga swinga
rotary retro nipple foamphone metawares
for alveoli aureolas.


my neck is the Allah-mot.

Davy Crocket. Llatte'.
Sam Houston. Soy Llatte Mocha Cream horns.
David Bowie. Dr. Scholl's African tooth loosener.
Jim Bridger. Intel's new Syntreno coffee analyzer and anal-nipple fropod.


Calvin Klein. Latte' colored silk banana dong.
Anne Klein. Coffee colored Vijay-jay head mole.


The Assassin says:

Is it All a Mot, or
All a Moot?

Silence falls, reality
conjoins into dial tone.


Meine Sorry Integer Have Say Reefoo

dees reefoos and day heavy yokes
gona git dem em on down
dats like a skinned rabbit for a mask

poon poon poon
odess omming snocker
dees reefoos and day heavy yokes

the heavy skull hang down under
the lighter one up above
hangin on the chin

she poot the poon
dees reefoos gona git em en down om
dats a skinned squirrel part for the ear

noopy on a roof peak
the keep of the yellow bird
dees reefoos come in her all over the cmoti

light em up
and let day black cat scrhyle
the undus walks alone from day chin

like a blind made of jawbone
just twist the stick
and out come all the photon jellybean

newt the tuba
root the woon
roof the skinned femur prick

big stack of hobo
light em up
dees reefoos and day heavy yokes


Monday, September 27, 2010

adipoised perfumitivity


a grouparschool of words gathered
quickly from the hordes:

subterfuselage, oblaque, indeferent
stewpod, nasted, prosm

In the properly English, or Ptolemaic circle,
a prison movies is beginning.

In the center of a white wilderness, a prison uprising
gives cover to three intrepid


the trine-whell
for sentionsociareflexibiveulogogenesys

glass bricks join to form a hose which reaches out into the weeldornoss
warm air supposes many characters

a murderer
a bank robber
a seamstreet

en guggul

weightloss is enacted further
and the porcupine spheroid jettisons across a field of floss
this tunnel speak
for prisoners gruntese
under the noise dunes


the future as oblivion until forms

a blackness of the white holy
already gone

by its touch we are electrocutaneous
submerged in a prison skin
of their chanting

nature said "grunt chant"
or solid and perfecting geometires

it s low s
d ow n


"don't kill them"
miniature head tolls/



they accept its three fangd mouth,
but canot read it all of that space
is compacted until each turn impinges
but the geodesic whispers



to its sea sick cousin
startling the barbaric ferocity
mauclair dribbling

the nude and savage beauty
of word

how like bat in mouth
of meteor

how like pinnacle
touched by flea froth
to collapse

alpine optical
for compressed gas
a secret network

of stainless steel snakes in the orchard
and the little racks
where the feelers sun themselves

its dead end rung housing
a single thin fish
kept alive viciously
by a circulating



Asta Gröting's Asteroid Grunting

Now it is no longer pornography, but a mind game.
Now it is no longer art, but a mind game.
Now it is no longer poetry, but a mind game.
Now it is no longer politics, but a mind game.
Now it is no longer life, but a mind game.
Now it is no longer sex, but a mind game.
Now it is no longer psychology, but a mind game.
How is it no longer a mind game, but rather, a sous-entendu?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dumb Stains Partially Removed

saturnat tangent
the negative vittle
tagged djinnerative

to what degree
do wide flanged pipes
see through
sacred stems

how long is the
comm ought schone
to computer
you dry the sphere down
to a leathern berry
it would shy the head
for a headband's

no galaxy obsolete
or if led to empty gray halls
debris fields toward the silver

or the pink hypercue
of its projectile tusk analogs
housing the replica train apartment

telescopic braziers
for porch
and tribute
to the final

our all black velvet jumpsuits
our all black velvet masks
our all black velvet shoes
and cravats

our all black velvet lampshades
our all black velvet walls
our all black velvet librairies
kitchens, shelves, and balls

now is the time
to scan the coffee grounds

now is the time
for holograms
suspended in glass scimitars


Primitive Sketch Blogs Move into Haute Crea-toure Contry

as she rummages through interconnecting ponds,
the hand's head has a retort-like helmet

ancient animal finger worms
say Roman names to egg pouch oars

a heart retort helmet
which is the peace sign
given to a canoo

the blank grey odorless organ
longs for the crimson shag
of the canoo bridge feeder

the crimson hag canoo
folds up its bridging
as it is given peace
among the solo pages

short circuit
ling lone
the lone line lings its

hoses connect to the helmet
and then to the canoo
shaggy organs hover
where interconnecting bodies
mist the mote

lovers are shaggy crimson dew

a top-hat of dust
has a belt of poison laurel seeds

the gift of red lacquer
of a red lacquer short circuit
that squirts the
lining of its wig-coat
to procedure any page it shags

a canoo hangs on the wall like a lantern
"old hat"
inside the illuminated organs peer out

rotisserie eyeball halo

creatures that look like beaver slag
monkey about damn
in the theatrical pond space
like gladiators wearing an armor
of rubber frogs

hogs in togas
cannot see the wondrous
leafy helix tree
and the airconditioning

Manuel Noriega (Ouija recorder music) and
Mother Theresa are making love
while Hitler looks on

Vampire Hitler as Little Red Riding Hood.

has lantern saddle
with heaving lung
saddle bags.

no can shape
should bought to harl
in the deep lime green
of its mystical mantis
temple prance

look at all of them lining up
in the cool and hopelessly beautiful morning

everything so hopelessly cool
and shatteringly beautiful



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nocturnal Innocence. (In a seance, or sens sans sense)

(signs the actual nabobs near the underground entrace,
weird and naked in sapphires and saffron_

human pencils climb
the inky black tor-fon,
its steppes and disk-like protuberances
home to milk white bonnets
grown from sufflage

is the carnal bliss
of siblings

and dry abstract bones
join together
in the hollows of giant bicycles
to be fleshed with intricate cushions
while watching

divas of transparent pink grease
aria transparent glass chains
which slither lyrically through disembroidied



summa en collideorscopic
the new vision
is the old knowledge
the bird stripped beer by
whore bacchic lures



Igor Lungfoot
as candidate

nont smunch kussen
our wrinkled heads go off together in the rain
to gaze at the one lone

day-glow green
swim flipper
floating solemnly above
the grand canyon

and you say so

"I'd wear it like a duck's bill,
if it would just come back home.."

I cannot help you.
I cannot play you

unless my cornucopia phonograph horns
rotate toward

the concubine wood roe
eeking the beast hail

lot foo.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Spherical Mega-Goop.. Soft and Precious Mindsluck..

as sung to the monster truck song..


Err u slanging horse ploober?
You is swanging hoarse tubers!


Could you carve it out of lettuce?
Stuff it in an ape prepuce?


Could you make it roll its eyeballs
just like a gorilla-centaur?


Could you make a penguin play a guitar,
or a gorilla smoke a guitar-cigar?


as sung to the monster truck song..


Here COme the Keystoned POPO

cables slither in the shallow water
where the rumpot kuchar grows

o delight
ode to light
your severed hand flowers bright
the theft of hermes sacred to the chao
of tao

or taurine blight
its labyrinth of garbage pale
in the moon lipped

night soil glitters
and the po po rummage
for a crook
in the wee

the house is snoring
the whole house
and she dreams

of skinning hogs
in a factory
blissful dreams

my armpits house
odd bulls made of starfish
whose bodies are the castles
for even stranger cousins

gurgling heads that stand up
on beards of green spaghetti
like prairie dogs
on a wheeled dionysian schooner




The Himmel Allahs go to proper Gandhi skulls
with Tibetan holograms:

"A whole gale of wind was blowing, tearing up the surface of the main street. Except for two policemen holding hands and a dog whose hind legs were paralysed it was deserted."

Tastes like Cocaine from a tennis shoe,
the shaggy doge story,

This Mexican Hairless Doge then had to come in
and set the teeth on edge:

lance la tête
avec son symbole final

lance le symbole
avec ses bolus comme la tête

si la tête est une mésange,
quel est son message?

mil * k

"Fraisage en permanence?"

Bed Temperature


The Jewish Spider, The Jaw, or Jewel, or Jowell that Spide Her, Diana Dead in a Hole.

Les opinions des auteurs
périnées sont voûtées,
et les araignées maison
dont les jambes sont faites
des serpents.

Les opinions des auteurs
sont entre les mains des araignées,
qui touchent le périnée voûtée
avec les doigts qui sont les jambes
qui sont les serpents.

Si une sorte d'église animal existe
dans un périnée, il est probablement
l'avis d'un écrivain, dont la
la tête est un oignon avec un
élément optique fonctionne toujours.

    Bed Temperature = "Lits et rature"

The Puny Trapeze of the Weredoughs


Dans le périnée voûtées de
l'araignée mains serpent
le sommeil des baleines comme les écrivains de l'avis.

Leurs opinions sont les mains d'araignée
emprisonné à jamais dans le périnée,
un caveau dont la lavande commode
est une ode commune, coeur d'une baleine
séchés et coupés.

Pouvez-vous aimer un écrivain dont l'opinion
est une baleine dont la peau est la même
que le périnée d'une araignée?

Peut-être vos opinions négligées
comme une baleine en déshabillé?

zzzz guscnokgsszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Puis une araignée entrez votre voûtée
avis de la négligence dans déshabillé?

Est-ce votre intelligence elle-même une forme
de négligence? Si la créativité était une
baleine périnée, mains de serpent
fouiller mush

est solide.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tapiocalory Fiasting Regimenial

Unfast, not safe; not secure
Mano Myn found knowes
& steppes tobreddes
for farrant will'd onfystial

sprats rickets toward
a lamb tilled cloud
them lemon paste bilt up
for tuppence down'd
and dowry'd ups all a
froony near-faun to
bed its sailor scroll
to a pent stable

Unfast, not safe; not secure
Mano Myn found knowes
the rubber band or clan's
destiny not for clothes
closed shows for them
that paste their wide grins
in a nichey rail to flee
from magnet's grace
in a hinder pale built
for sly tinder
in a bonnet's p-pipe

axles sprount wily-nihil
and the wheels floorish
tread the mule

old sports
cooling heels
in a gallows of candy
and boorish replaints

dads fairy the tooth stove
where the green billys
slave to luxury's kin

men are built
of cherries
and din

wombs can slather
the moist chances
with few and feud

rumpled petty-coats
lift into mountains of cred
a pentace for the pentacle
or ponstaxle's poon

nurbs are modern
and bright naked male chests
link into pink hyboreal choirs
of sewing swings

hover-craft sewing machines
spit baroquial phanderules
and in our silk slipper pontoons

we surf and cabole
caitiffs swlagging our burly brers
where the lompony poolys

tree a fonder she-she
and our crystal dugs in migration
wept jolly sone-mi

how look these odd accoustremeants
where the creatastrophy
phonies its money's

pentad swmarmilot
camel heads
come poking out of green gondolas
to frit the walrus'

slurpy awe sum



Compromising Positions / Cheese Family

its boundless and flowing love
as filtered by a wretched and difficult

the demon / daimon duality
of its determinism formed
a unit like a diamond

hard nut to crack

the nut-like head
could've been said
to be something like
Eric Idle's

permanently pissed
Socratic Australian
or Richard Hawkin's

A dream in which the difference 
between this and that are not so 
easily distinguished

but then that's a philosophical
idea which is only 
supported by 
the actual construction of 
matter itself

you can't say destruction
because matter can't be destroyed

only this or that
molecular cartoon


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chan-Du, the Madjicien...

How vaguely do the rays push up
Mountains in their hands push up
Roofs and gardens to the touch
Ardent for the qualifiers to

How vaguely the muscles in their skin
Muscles likely friend
Running lake the reeds in Pan descend,
Ars din for the fiery waterfalls to

How vaguely do the barmy need their
BARMH how vaguely the thin marks are
not pictures not sounds but remarks
made upon a programme upon the dark

In Winter the wind moves through the trees
and leafless slys the harque
now busier than the barque

boaty gondoliers
saying sneering to their peers

What off is thee?
What off?

A priest is a machine like a lark
where an angle of two sounds begins an arc
between two pals
two pals multiplied by a trillion'd art

the priestly ledger's will conceals
the leer

There is a membrane between us and them,
and that membrane is the knowledge of 'the art'

that all of reality


and culture is the story
about the fitness of a fart

you think this heartless?
I think knot.

I am fat with knots.

I am El Gordo Gor'diana.

Drawing is the Hero, and Death is My Monster Mother

The calf's head is made of smoke, and a Turk is teasing up a cannon toward its sanguine and curly rest. To test the major city centers their mettle, The Turk's calf head whould show a bisected smoke on terms, but then rein in all the usual real estate, vermillionaires to the rescue, and crimson noses all lined up side by side to hotrob the throbbing of the aristocratic alcoholograms. Too many shirts versus skins. Too many skin rocks. Let's begin. In the beginning, there was Moses the skin-rock, a calf's head, and some smoke. Then brown architecture moved like thunder out of a sordid shirt cannon. Bleak rainbows walked where black Venice gave deep purple ice to the lieutenant's hound purse. The calf' smoke is made of heads, golden hollow heads holding transparent olive jelly. Thin olive jelly colonels silence the calf. They stop it from presenting a mush of golden heads to the assembled cities of smoke which hunch in the dusk of everything. And the dusk of everything is a mulch of dust and dreams being a chain of everworking things, like the string of a thong to hide the bung where the belles lettres should spread, its cheekiness pre-veils (verb).

word / verb
vird / vort
weird / merde

word death

the ad is always for "drawing"

As in À rebours
drawing or dessin // becomes the saint, or the is~ain't
Des Esseintes
As if the mind would be reconciled to the materiality, as if all of history
were to be writ through that lens, but what it reallly ain't
Is that if you wan say It's like an other materiality, or
as Nicolas Cusanus says in his De Docta Ignorantia (Of Learned Ignorance)

the spirit:

A calf's head goes my breasts
a tidal pyrite pirate moving at pi*rate of change + absence
to the


The Greater or the Lesser Virsicle


The Great and Laughing Mother Death.

Bong With a Dong

a fundamental union with its thronging throng, a
thringy throngy thongy thingy the thingthongthrong
is k'thingy a thronglonggithringalingalanglingthrung
its gihunginthrunginthangunbithingulunginthong


a fundamental union with its bithrunginglungingthongbung
gimme thong
gimme thong
gimme thong

bung to thuringia!

a findamuntal onion!
with its thingy in a thong.

Reverential culture?
Is that like dream mud in a thong,
or these lakes of porcine blue

grunting through a pud.

they call them grunts.

A fundamentalist onion!
a fund of mental oni's ion's
and 0's and 1's

Isn't a Hong a Chinese pot?
Work like a mule, damn you, you fool!

Her bong looked like Michelangelo's David,
with the bowl pushed in at the copula.

I said, where's the carburetor?

And she showed me its asshole.

There was an amoeba inside it saying:

Thringy Throngy Thingalinga Ringlung
Bongling a longdong rungalang bidungmi


Then it said:

Some people call it a school, but I call it


drawing fire

Inside the moon, inside the numinous hush,
are smooth blue lungs like dolphins in a
velvet mush, clear tones that hide among
the reeds, but whose eyes go seeking
everything at once.

Cyclops dolphin lung, you swam forth
from the lunar sea, a flower combined
with a bee, but distorted with the everything's
accellerating, you are the lapis mud of
meteors baring your diamond skeleton,
your floral blood.

diamond skeleton bee, your
floral fur trim is composed like a
hymn, and rubs itself deliciously
like a thread upon my lips, which
kiss your hips, and their throbbing
branching coral divan balconies.

dessin d'incendie

A l'intérieur de la lune, à l'intérieur le silence mystérieux,
sont lisses poumons bleu comme les dauphins dans un
bouillie de velours, des tons clairs qui se cachent parmi les
les roseaux, mais dont les yeux se cherchent
tout à la fois.

du poumon dauphin Cyclope, on nage de suite
de la mer lunaire, une fleur combinés
avec une abeille, mais déformé par les années tout
L'Accélération, vous êtes la boue de lapis
météores découvrant votre squelette de diamants,
votre sang floral.

abeille squelette de diamants, de votre
fourrure floral garniture est composée comme un
hymne, et se frotte délicieusement
comme un fil sur mes lèvres, qui
baiser de vos hanches, et leurs battements
ramification balcons divan de corail.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Chamfron Bound Under Mule Token

demure demure, mer-ordure,
love's slaves are in the pull
pit again, are in the pulp, it's
a gain, where the naga langues
into the breach, where the itch
has hatched its leach, the der,
more demure, now that


is in reach, the mere odor of the
cleat, the teal light which clings to
the heel where the eel has taken
wing through the murder and the
fang it sang such blood as a wimple
walls up in the aerie mordue,
a mordant roaming alert:


say sem sala Apollinodia.
say this ‘skulecite’ or ringed body
can be readily isolated in Askobolus furfuraceus.
say the vermiform carpogonium

must run hither, demure unto the demurrant,
strabyssmusth on the virdont gurrrrend,
behold the demiceint

the gorgon of the pelvic


Monday, September 20, 2010


pink spinal hors d'oeuvre
when the fresh literature chair
sedans its nascent escarpment
for fixing a nitrogen faire,
these indocent programs
might fistula the indistinguishable
crab tissue's extinguishing
faucet clause

your cheeks modulate out
into ruminating origami
golden gametes deciding directional
holoclypse in apoclaws

rock law
over hall

home carved domocile
the jade womb cavern furniture
its strange colliding gazelles frozen
and hidden under well designed pillows

the nabis all present
in their fauvist cellular

chalking white android
who carried the worm sac of tubors
to the altar of oddity's noise

there are diorama capsules
visible inside your thighs
there are diorama spheres
instead of eyes

warm green amoeba pillows
are chatting in front of the entertrainment orb

her emotional face
a decoration

his disease
the marking

their paws
go unhymnally to the light
and beautiful objects
come floating out

where the white circle
and the blue sky meet

there is a trail
but the amphitheater itself
goes all around the base of the rock
with lightning
for the curtain

and within the sect's
discriminating marl
an extrusion goes on

mile long black hot dogs
arc skyward and continue on
into orange

snaking through
a bright blue

the disk on its forehead


a fermented pear for breakfast,
the day

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Utta Insar Thu Hin By Honimumb

we are panting with prescriptions
lapis goats produce perfect notes
damp terms with noses
data realism is slightly boring
until you see the chemical reactions
as ukiyo-e laid across a horseshoe crab
for good luck

the transparent armor
and its tiny vestigial
gesticulanguing arms

you are my clover
the limbs like paper
whose smoke
as writ
is torn between the terms

the swollen terms
of its members

and the whole crew
glad and tidy
and hissy
to bitsy

work crew

work erase

the rose
of war

like a raw
turtle ovipositor

the suppository factories
in the clean green frames
of its internal debacle

they scout out cool

safety zones

a single helium molecule
with racing stripes
hangs on the brick
in the pond

ficing no pink slaw
the hearth whose absent wall
is an unda
a yearning:

 "The minor would do well to reinfect father.." 

hair ropes
are fed into the frame
from wheels concealed
in nut-like cupids
with hard brown chitons

utta insar to
rasa neosign


Angio-Rogolin For Tabbed Byzantine Browser Words

to cults
to Saint Cul

whom I hope your shavers

bleak rhinos
for what is left
your boots say eros and logos
but mine say egos and loros:

Je glisse mon temps
avec les cheveux de gel
se verrouille où les bateaux
rouillés pénétrer dans
la bouche verte de son
esclave sautant triste hommage
à matin le laiton poli miroir
sa solitude orange

to go in ivory
to go in ivory

its black hand
up the snouth

no more glass on my temporary
gel horses (elephant gardens)
and no more saucers flying out
of the supposed subjection to

green cats [bugdrugscommungulate]1-gitan
green milk [bugdrugscommungulate]2-gossipel

their external head elevators
have feeler mouths
for thy

enrogued shrines whose path to hover
is giddy in cubed pink smoke
let sprawling lawn furniture

these patios bleed together
Monet treasure

Davy Jones
as ineluctable

funes and lettuce
lay entering the randomly tossed bowls
now laid on as city to a

Thursday, September 16, 2010

se cache un pessimisme triangulaire

Je pense que vous
êtes dans le visage de
sa mère, la chaloupe blanc
alimentation rideaux où
s'accumule le ridicule d'une jolie
luxure cumulus et dont abrutissante doit
doit commencer à briller final où
plus rien ne disparaît dans unmaigre,
à la bouche de ses plus rêverse mêler,
si triste tables conduit à
chauves-souris en matières grasses.

Absolute Aesthetic

kata kephalēs echōn

tēn kephalēn kataischynein

akatakalyptō tē kephalē